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What A Wonderful World

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling. The characters are hers, but the plot is mine as are a few other characters.

DISCLAIMER – This is a gay love story between Harry and Draco. If you are uncomfortable with gay rights or homosexual innuendoes, then I humbly ask that you not read beyond this point. Thank you for your consideration.

DISCLAIMER – "What a Wonderful World" is sung by Louis Armstrong. "Roses" is a poem written by me personally. "To Love Somebody" is a song by the Bee Gees and later remade by Michael Bolton.

NOTE – Thank you all for the wonderful reviews. I am hoping that the new twist on characters has caught your attention. It will make this book go a little easier with the plot. For those that have been begging for the next chapter, I humbly give it to you now.

Chapter 4 – What a Wonderful World

Sometimes when you want time to fly, it doesn't. At other times you blink your eyes and you realize that days and weeks have passed you by without you knowing it. This is true for the occupants of Hogwarts. The incident in Harry's office with the Creeveys was behind them. Dennis was prospering in Hufflepuff. Harry reduced his detention yet again down to a month. When his detention was over, he was seen wandering around looking sad due to his actions. Harry could be seen from time to time talking with the young man. True to Harry's wishes, both Colin and Dennis admitted to their actions in public and apologized to Harry. Tears fell from Dennis's eyes as he told the school his role in the tragic story now unfolding. Colin gave his apology without passion. There was no light in his eyes. Whenever he looked at Harry, betrayal and loss could be seen in his eyes. Harry and the staff knew that he was going to have to be watched. Harry did not trust Colin for the moment to not do something stupid. Minerva did a check on his room every other day. So far there was no more paraphernalia regarding Harry. What Colin did not know was that Harry had cast a spell on his room. The spell made sure that Colin could not bring anything with Harry's name or face on it into his room. The reason behind the room search was to ensure that Colin realized he made a mistake. Gryffindor was outraged with the Creeveys. Colin ended up in the medical ward to undo a number of spells and hexes that was used on the young man. Dennis being in Hufflepuff did not have the same problem. He served his detention with fierceness. He knew he messed up and was determined to prove that he was a good guy. After the two months, Harry lifted his restriction about not being allowed out of his dorm for anything other than meals, class and use of the library. However Hogsmeade visits were still prohibited. With a grateful smile to Harry, Dennis fell into a routine. He studied harder and made life for himself relatively pleasant. Colin however was a different story. He showed up for detention and did not say a word. He did what he was told. He no longer smiled. He no longer participated in class. Harry and the rest of the staff observed the young man with concern. It was as if the young man had nothing left to give. Harry had also stopped Colin's house arrest, but Colin stayed in his room. He was passing his courses, but he did not have the fire in his eyes that said he cared one way or the other. Harry felt bad for the young man. He hoped that there was something that he could do to lighten the man's spirits. He hated the punishment he held for the young man. Colin was a friend. Harry knew he had to be strict. Giving information to an outsider was bad enough. Now he had to watch to make sure that the outsider no longer received information on Harry and Draco. Harry knew that there was no way that Colin could have stolen one of the tomes or wands. It was the principle of the matter that Colin had actually tried and was caught.

"It would appear that even after the last month or so that Colin has not recovered," observed Harry. "Christmas is just a month away and he just hangs his head. There is no joy in him anymore."

"It will be hard on him for awhile yet," said Minerva. "He had a crushing blow when he realized that the two of you would never be together. He is still in love with you."

"Maybe we can set him up on a date with someone else," suggested Harry. "If we point out to him that I am not the only man in the world for him he may brighten up a bit."

"While that makes sense," said Severus. "I am not sure he would accept it."

"We have to try something," said Harry desperately. "He isn't eating much, he doesn't sleep much, and he is losing weight fast."

"I know someone that is interested in him," said Draco. "Maybe we can set it up for my friend to start courting him."

"Who has an interest in Colin?" asked Harry amazed by the information.

"Blaise Zabini." said Draco nonchalantly. "We can arrange something for them."

"I didn't know Zabini was gay," said Severus with surprise. "In addition I did not know that he would be interested in Creevey."

"Well now that the house rivalries are lower due to the program that Harry started, it makes things easier for those who want relationships with people outside of their own house," said Hermione.

"You do make a good point," said Pomona. "I will help as I can. Even after everything he has done, he still deserves to be happy."

"With him in sixth year and Blaise in seventh," said Hermione. "It will make things easier for them to date. Both are still students."

"So let's set up a date for the young men," said Harry. "I think we will start out with a small candle lit dinner for the two of them. I can even sing them a special love song. Where it goes from there will be entirely up to the two of them. With any luck, Colin will find some comfort with Blaise. Who knows? They may even turn into a couple like Draco and me."

"I will make the invitations," said Ginny. "I will get Dean Thomas to help with the art work. You need to write a pretty poem to put in the card Harry. We can give it to Blaise to give to Colin."

"Not a problem," said Harry. "When do we want to set up the date for these two?"

"How about tomorrow night?" asked Pomona. "Minerva and I can set up the table for them. Hermione can talk with a couple of house elves about food."

"Harry and I can act like waiters serving them," said Draco. "It will give us a chance to wear our tuxedos again. Plus it will show support for Colin and Blaise if we are seen as a friend. It will encourage Colin to make a decision about what he wants in life."

"I like the sound of that," said Minerva. "This way it will show the young man that life has not ended just because he can't have Harry Potter as a mate."

"Thank you," said Harry. "I am not giving up my Dragon for anyone in the world."

"Nor should you have to," remarked Severus. "The love that the two of you have for one another is a rare and wonderful thing. It is a delight to me that you two can show your love to one another. What annoys me is the fact that you don't argue or fight. How can you two be so lovey dovey all the time?"

"Oh be quiet Severus," said Madam Hooch. "Just be thankful that these two powerful young men don't fight. The amount of damage they can inflict would be devastating."

"You do have a point," said Severus.

"So let's begin," said Harry pulling out quill and parchment. "I will get to work on the poem and you lot should get everything else started. Time is of the essence here."

Hermione and Severus stood and left to go set up something with the elves. Minerva and Pomona left to go set up a pretty table with flowers. Even Madam Hooch got involved by letting them borrow her antique place settings and silverware. Harry looked up into the air for a moment before he started writing. Draco went upstairs with Dobby to have their tuxedos cleaned and pressed.

The next day, Blaise and Colin both had an odd look on their faces when they entered the great hall. Draco handed Blaise a special invitation while Minerva handed one to Colin. Colin opened his card slowly. Dean had drawn a horse and carriage on the front of the card. With a little bit of magic on the part of Harry, the carriage moved. Ginny had done the colorful design on the inside of the card. Gold letters were printed there.

Dear Mr. Creevey,

You are formally invited to a special candle lit dinner this evening. I hope that you are interested in fine dining and some carefully extended warmth. Dinner will be served at seven this evening. Afterwards I hope that you will agree to go on a wonderful carriage ride with me.


Your Secret Admirer

Blaise saw Colin open the card. Draco had already informed him of what was going on. He watched the reaction of the Gryffindor. He kept his face neutral. He did not want to give away the fact that it was he that was the secret admirer. He opened a second card. In it was the poem that Harry wrote for him to give to Colin. When Blaise finished reading the card, he quickly had to wipe tears from his eyes.

The day went by agonizingly slow for those that were in on the plan. Dinner came and went without Colin and Blaise. Both were in their rooms getting ready for their secret date. Harry and Draco rushed upstairs to get dressed.

Seven o'clock rolled around. Colin walked up to the door of the Great Hall only to find Draco standing there in a tuxedo waiting to greet him. Colin looked scared at first. Draco merely smiled and bowed to him before escorting him to his chair. On it was a card in elegant script. He opened the card and his face got flushed at the words.

They say that a yellow rose represents friendship

So I give to you a dozen yellow roses

I have hopes that we can be friends

They say that a white rose represents innocence

So I give to you a dozen white roses

I have hopes to claim your innocence and you claim mine

They say that a pink rose represents beauty

So I give to you a dozen pink roses

So that you will know how beautiful I think you are

They say a blue rose represents health

So I give to you a dozen blue roses

So that I may help heal your heart

They say that a red rose represents love

So I give to you a dozen red roses

So that you know that I have been in love with you for some time

The doors opened a second time to admit Blaise. Draco escorted him to his place and he sat. Both Colin and Blaise looked at each other. Blaise was looking at Colin with a small blush, and Colin was looking at Blaise with something akin to astonishment. Draco opened a bottle of wine and poured the two a glass. He stepped back and Harry came in and placed a plate of appetizers in front of the young men. He watched as Draco served seafood stuffed mushrooms to the young men. Harry came back in a few minutes later and placed a salad in front of each young man. With a bow he left again.

"So you are my secret admirer?" asked Colin breaking the silence at last.

"I am," replied Blaise. "I have been watching you for about three years now. I just did not know how to approach you."

"I did not know," said Colin a little flustered.

"Thanks to the Head Master and Professor Potter I am able to tell you now," said Blaise. "I have very strong feelings for you. It is my hope that I can bring the light back into your eyes. I think you are one very handsome man."

"You arranged all of this just for me?" asked Colin astonished.

"Honestly no," said Blaise. "I was talking with Professor Potter and we got to talking about you. He has known for a long time how I have felt about you. He in turn brought it to the Head Master's attention. From there, we now sit here. I hope that you are ok with all of this."

"It's beautiful," said Colin. "Thank you. I am very flattered."

"I am happy to see you smile," said Blaise.

Colin blushed at the praise. He and Blaise finished eating their salad. When they were done, Draco cleared away the plates and Harry brought each man a small bowl of soup. He bowed to the couple again and left.

"It isn't every day you get waited on personally by Harry Potter," giggled Colin.

"I agree with you there," said Blaise. "When he does set something up, he doesn't do it half way does he?"

"No he doesn't," said Colin looking shyly at Blaise. "Thank you for the beautiful poem. It is well written."

"Ah again I had help," said Blaise. "Harry wrote it for me and Ginny and Dean helped create the card and the invitation that it is in."

"It is still beautiful," said Colin smiling. "I will hang it up in my dorm room."

"I am flattered," said Blaise.

The two young men finished eating their onion soup. Draco whisked away the dirty plates and Harry entered with their main course. Both young men's mouths opened at the spread before them. Harry served them sirloin steak with lobster tail. Fresh green beans surrounded the plate. Small potatoes were set artfully on one side and shrimp was set up on the other side.

"I am not sure if I can eat all of this," said Colin. "I will feel like a whale after all of this."

"A cute whale," said Blaise. "It is a lot of food. Thank goodness they will proved us with a small bag to take this back to our rooms with."

Colin laughed. Harry and the professors on the other side of the door breathed a sigh of relief. Colin was adjusting and was getting more comfortable with the situation. Harry had cast a spell on the wall. They were able to see and hear everything. Ginny was giggling behind her hand as Hermione had her arms wrapped around her waist. Minerva and Severus were smiling. Pomona and Rolanda were grinning. Tonight was a success.

"Just wait until he gets back to his room," said Harry with a grin.

"Why?" asked Severus. "What did you do?"

"You know all of the roses I wrote about in the poem?" he asked.

"Yes," said Severus.

"There is a dozen of each rose mentioned in the poem waiting for him back in his room," said Harry with a mischievous smile on his face.

"That is just like my husband," said Draco with a soft laugh. "He is a hopeless romantic all the way to the end."

The rest of the assembled people laughed. They continued to watch the two men in the other room for a few more moments. It was then that Harry decided to sing for them.

I see trees of green, red roses tooI see them bloom for me and youAnd I think to myself, what a wonderful worldI see skies of blue and clouds of whiteThe bright blessed day, the dark sacred nightAnd I think to myself, what a wonderful worldThe colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the skyAre also on the faces of people going byI see friends shaking hands, sayin', "How do you do?"They're really sayin', "I love you"I hear babies cryin', I watch them growThey'll learn much more and I'll never knowAnd I think to myself, what a wonderful worldYes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world, oh yeah

When Harry was done with his song, both Colin and Blaise made a grab for the other's hand. Harry watched as the two men stood up. Harry sang them another song and watched as the couple danced. When he finished singing the second song, he watched as Blaise led Colin back to his seat.

"That was a beautiful song lover," said Draco. "Who sings that?"

"A man named Louis Armstrong," replied Harry.

"It was a beautiful song Harry," said Minerva. "You are really gifted with that voice of yours."

"Thanks Minerva," said Harry. "Did someone remember to have Hagrid set up the carriage?"

"I took care of that," said Pomona. "Do you think the young man will recover and be alright now?"

While they were talking, Harry could see Colin blush from time to time as he looked at the exotic looks of Blaise. When they were done eating, Draco went in and cleared the plates.

"Without a doubt," Harry said as he picked up the desert plates and brought them to the young men.

"Desert this evening will be strawberry cheesecake with a side of fresh strawberries," said Harry.

"Harry," said Colin. "Thank you for everything. This evening was just what I needed. I am so sorry that I did what I did to you."

"You are forgiven," said Harry. "Glad to have you back on the team. Now please enjoy your desert. When you are finished, your carriage awaits you at the entrance hall. I expect to see you gentlemen back in the castle by eleven at the latest and heading back to your dorms by eleven thirty. With that, we wish you a pleasant evening."

Harry left the hall then. He was met by Draco who tugged silently on his arm.

"I think you deserve a reward for this," whispered Draco seductively in his ear. "How about we go upstairs and let me give it to you?"

"I think I can handle that," said Harry wrapping his arms around Draco.

Within seconds, Harry had apparated the two to their bedroom.

"Young love," said Minerva with a smile. "I hope that Harry and Draco never have to worry about their love dying. They make each other so happy."

"Love is a very powerful tool," said Severus. "It seems that Harry and Draco paved the way for other young couples. Miss Granger and Miss Weasley have disappeared to their room it would seem. Now we have Mr. Zabini and Mr. Creevey starting on that road."

"I feel so old," said Pomona.

"You are still younger than I am," said Minerva with a smile.

Harry's voice came out of the walls again

There's a light, a certain kind of lightNever shone on meI want my life to beTo live with you, to live with you

There's a way everybody saysTo do each and every little thingBut what does it bringIf I ain't got you, I ain't got you

Baby, you don't know what it's likeBaby, you don't know what it's likeTo love somebody, to love somebodyThe way I love you

In my mind I see your face againI know my frame of mindYou ain't got to be so blindI'm blind, so very blind

I'm a man, can't you see what I am?I live and breathe for youBut what good does it do?If I ain't got you, if I ain't got you

Baby, you don't know what it's likeBaby, you don't know what it's likeTo love somebody, to love somebodyThe way I love you

Oh yeah, you don't know what it's likeBaby, you don't know what it's likeTo love somebody, to love somebodyTo love somebody, you don't know

To love somebodyThe way I love youYou don't know, you don't know

To love somebody, to love somebodyYou don't know, oohTo love somebody, to love somebodyThe way I love you

Harry and Draco were wrapped in each others arms. Their love flowed even more after the beautiful rendition of the song. Passion was in the air that night. Harry and Draco had indeed paved the road that would make it easier for couples to be together despite house insignia and differences. Hermione and Ginny were in their room listening to Harry. Blaise and Colin had slow danced as Harry sang. Neither could look away from the eyes of the other. They left the Great Hall and entered the carriage. Hagrid drove them around. Blaise discretely put up a silencing charm and he and Colin kissed for the first time. Passion flared around the castle that night. Back in the Head Master's office, Harry and Draco were headed for round two of their love making. Harry did everything he could to show Draco how much he meant to him. Draco responded in kind. The snow started falling as they made love.

Around ten thirty, Colin and Blaise made it back to the castle. After standing in the hall kissing long and hard, Blaise reluctantly let go of Colin. When Colin entered his room, he saw the roses. Next to them was a picture of Draco and Harry. Also next to it was a picture of Colin dancing with Blaise.

Dear Colin,

We hope that you like what we have done for you. Hopefully we can see you smile now and move on with your life. Times have changed and so have we. We wish nothing but the best for both you and Blaise. If you ever need someone to talk to, know that you can count on us.

Friends Forever

Harry and Draco

PS: Look over your bed. There is a framed copy of the poem.

Colin walked over to his bed and looked over the headboard. True to Harry's words, a copy of the poem was hung there. Next to the poem, there was a picture of him and Blaise sitting together, eating dinner.

"Thank you Harry for a wonderful evening," he whispered with tears in his eyes. "Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you for forgiving me."

Colin climbed into bed and whispered the word nox. Smiling to himself, he fell asleep dreaming of the slanted eyes of the Italian Slytherin.

The next day saw a happy smile on three sets of people. Harry and Draco were looking at each other like they were falling in love again for the first time. Hermione and Ginny were behaving in a similar fashion, but were trying to keep it under lock and key. Colin astonished the students by going sit with Blaise at the seventh year table. He and Blaise locked hands. Harry watched this with a smile on his face. Things were going to be alright at the school for a while.

Back in his office, Albus had a smile on his face as well. He had listened to what was going on. He was very proud of the changes that Harry was making in the school. It seemed that the founders knew what they were talking about when they stated they wanted Harry as the new Head Master. The school was not only in the safest hands possible, but also the most loving. Albus always kept and ear out for when and if Harry or Draco started to sing. Songs from the Potter duo were a highlight for the older wizard. He knew that before long he would have to go visit the school to let them know what was going on. He could not keep it a secret for very much longer. His time was running out. He was able to keep it from Harry and the rest of the group for now. The pain in his arm jarred him out of his thoughts. He sighed as he recast the glamour on his hand and waited until the pain subsided so that he could get back to his work. He knew he had to appoint his successor soon. Time was running out for Albus and he wanted everything set up for when it became to unbearable for him. Tears came into his eyes as he looked at all of the loving and generous faces that passed in front of him. He smiled at the way Harry and Draco looked at one another. He was crying harder as he remembered the wedding of the couple. It was the best day of his long life. He obtained a copy of the poem that Harry wrote for the newest couple. He mailed it to the one man he thought about on a daily basis.

A few days later, Gellert Grindelwald received a letter for Albus. The words of a poem were enclosed. He smiled as he pictured each rose. He smiled when he remembered the time when he and Albus was a couple.

"If only I could go back and change my ways," said Gellert. "Things would have been far different for us my love."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Another twist I decided to throw into the plot. We got the Creeveys back on track. We know that something is now wrong with Albus. Thank you for your input for my stories. Stay tuned for the next chapter as I have many surprises in store for you.

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