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The Fast and the Furious

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Chapter 6 – The Fast and the Furious

Draco worried about Harry. There were times when he looked for his husband and saw him sitting at the gravesite of Albus Dumbledore talking to the grave as if the old mage could hear him. In truth, Draco had no doubt that Albus could hear him. The death of the old wizard hit the wizarding community hard. It was harder for Harry as the old man died while holding Harry's hand. As a last request, Harry told Albus about his honeymoon. During Harry revelations, Albus passed away with a smile on his face. Draco felt bad for his husband. He just didn't know what to do for him. He turned to the one person who could possibly help. He went to Severus' rooms and knock on his door. Severus opened the door and was surprised to see his godson standing there.

"Draco," he said. "What can I do for you?"

"I am concerned about Harry," said Draco entering the plush quarters and sitting down.

Harry had ordered that each suite of rooms for the professors be fully remodeled and redecorated. He wanted to make sure that his professors were comfortable in the castle.

"What is wrong with Harry?" asked Severus. "Is he injured?"

"No," admitted Draco. "It is just hard for me to look out of the window and see him talking to Albus' grave. I just feel so helpless trying to figure out what to do to help him."

"Draco," said Severus kindly. "Let me let you in you a little secret. You must promise not to tell anyone except Harry."

"I am all ears," said Draco.

"Harry and I are related," said Severus. "James and I are cousins once removed or something like that. Albus is a relative as well. He is just a distant one, but a relative none the less. The bond that Albus had with Harry will transcend even in death. Albus told me that even when he passes, he will be around to watch over Harry as best as he can."

"Will he be a ghost or something like the Bloody Baron?" asked Draco.

"Yes he will," said Severus. "He will not be seen like the Bloody Baron, or the Fat Friar, but a ghost here in the castle none the less. He was able to bind his spirit to the castle. He will only leave when Harry and you pass on."

"How do you know this?" asked Draco.

"Because I told him so," said Albus.

Draco looked around, but did not see the ghostly image of Albus.

"No sense in trying to find me Draco," said Albus with a chuckle. "I am not a corporal ghost. I can not be seen. I am here."

"How can you do this to Harry?" asked Draco becoming angry. "He loves you. He is currently sitting at your grave right now talking to you. He has done this every day for the past week. He cries all the time."

"I know," said Albus. "There is nothing I can do about that. I am allowed to observe, but not to interfere. My portrait in the Head Master's office is the only way that I can communicate with Harry. The reason I am here today is because I need you to get Harry to sit with the portrait and have a talk with it. It will help Harry move on. I have a very special job for you."

"What would that be?" asked Draco suspiciously.

"I need you and Miss Granger and Miss Weasley to help watch over my tomb," said Albus. "By placing all three Hallows in my grave, it stands to reason that if someone else knows they are there, it will be desecrated."

"I thought they couldn't be used anymore as the Elder Wand died with you," stated Draco.

"The legacy died with me," said Albus. "However the wand is still powerful. It is just as strong as any of the wands of the four founders."

"So why don't we just take the Hallows back out of your grave and secure them as we did with the three wands we have belonging to the founders?" asked Draco.

"You may have to do just that," admitted Albus. "For now though, it would be best to not open my grave until Harry comes to terms with my death."

"What can I do to help my husband Albus?" asked Draco with tears in his eyes. "He seems so lost. I want my happy, smiling man back."

"I think it is time for a joke on the school," said Albus.

"What do you mean?" asked Draco.

Albus chuckled as he proceeded to tell Draco what he could do to ensure that a joke would be placed on the school. Severus lifted his eyebrows in amusement as he listened. The more Albus spoke the more the two living men were intrigued.

"You know," remarked Severus. "I think that might just be interesting. I for one would love nothing better than to see the outcome of something this devious. I did not know you had it in you Albus."

"You think after everything that the marauders and then the Weasley twins did that I could not learn how to pull a prank?" asked Albus in amusement.

"You do have a point there," said Severus with a smile. "When should we do this?"

"How about you set it up for tomorrow at dinner?" suggested Albus. "That way you can plan it accordingly. Get Miss Granger and Miss Weasley to help you. Keep it a secret though. Let Harry get the full impact of the surprise. I am afraid, Severus my boy, that you will be the object of Harry's revenge though."

"If this plan helps bring our Harry back then I will accept it," said Severus with sincerity.

Draco nodded in agreement. All of a sudden he could feel Harry entering the castle.

"I think something else is going on," said Draco. "I just felt Harry enter the castle."

"Ah," said Albus. "I was waiting for that to happen. The bond between the two of you has grown. The castle has accepted you as Harry's mate. Therefore, you will be able to feel people passing through the wards and such. As far as feeling Harry enter the castle, it has something to do with you two being soul bonded. Harry will know you are down here in Severus' rooms."

"I better go greet him then," said Draco. "I trust Severus will talk to Hermione and Ginny about the plan."

"I will see to it at once," said Severus standing also.

Both men left the room and headed in different directions.

"Harry," said Draco coming up to his lover and kissing him on the lips. "I felt you come in the castle."

"Yes the portrait of Albus said something like this was soon to happen," replied Harry wrapping his arms around Draco.

"How are you feeling Harry?" asked Draco looking into Harry's eyes. "I feel so bad for you. I know that you miss Albus. I wish there was something that I could do for you."

"You do plenty for me lover," said Harry smiling warmly. "I am so happy that you love me. It makes my world complete to be with you. I thought you were tutoring today."

"Neville is doing that instead," said Draco. "We have more people that need help with Herbology than with potions."

"That was wise thinking," said Harry. "Neville always puts himself down. I am glad to see that he is doing something that will make him feel important."

"He is slowly coming out of his shell," remarked Draco. "I for one am happy for him. He seems quite confident when talking about plants."

"Who can we set him up with?" asked Harry suddenly. "We have Luna and Dudley together. Ron and Hannah is a couple now. Who is left?"

"What about Susan Bones?" Draco asked. "She and Neville have things in common. I know it is bad things, but it is still things in common."

"I had not thought about her," admitted Harry. "How about we set something up and see where it goes. If it doesn't work out there is always the Patil twins. I think Daphne Greengrass is an option as well. Doesn't her family own a nursery?"

"You are absolutely right," said Draco slapping himself in the forehead. "It is the perfect match. They both love plants and are almost a match in Herbology. I think Neville is just slightly ahead of her in our year."

"Then lets try them first," said Harry smiling. "It will be nice to pair Neville up and make him happier."

"You got it Lover," said Draco. "I will get Hermione and Ginny to help us. Why don't you go upstairs and wash up? I will be up in a little while with their answer."

"Ok my love," said Harry. "Please hurry. I feel the need to hold you right about now."

"I promise to be quick," said Draco pushing Harry in the direction of their rooms.

Harry laughed and headed up the stairs to the Head Master's office. Draco headed the other way to find Hermione and Ginny. He spotted them whispering to Severus. He approached the trio and told them of their next conquest. Hermione squealed in delight and Ginny giggled approvingly. Severus scowled at the three and called them a bunch of nags. He turned and walked away with a smile on his face.

"I can only pray they do not try and set me up with anyone," he muttered to himself. "Then I will be forced to hex them into oblivion."

"I heard that," said Draco with an impish smile and took off running before Severus could fire off a good shot.

Hermione and Ginny also took off. They did not want to feel the end of Severus' wand either. Harry meanwhile, had made it up to his office. He sat down and looked around at all of the former Head Masters and Head Mistresses.

"Albus," said Harry. "How is it that I can feel Draco where ever he is?"

"As I told you before, that would be your bond doing that," said Albus. "As your love for one another grows, so does the bond. I am surprised that you are not telepathically linked yet."

"Is that even possible?" Harry asked surprised.

"It is," said Albus. "I think that the two of you are what is keeping that part closed. As much as you love one another, you don't want to invade the mind of each other. You are both to good of heart for that."

"I think you are right," said Harry. "I don't think I want that link opened. It might be good for us to not be so in tune with each other that Voldemort can hurt Draco by using my link with him. Besides, I think it would be a small invasion of privacy if we were in each others thoughts as well."

"I can imagine," said Albus. "Harry I want to ask a favor of you."

"What is it?" he asked.

"I want you to stop grieving for me," said Albus holding up his hand to forestall any complaints. "I know you are saddened by my death, but it is not doing you any good to badger yourself over it. I am honored that you have taken my death so seriously. I truly am. You are hurting yourself by doing this. Please remember the good times and let go of any guilt you have. I led a long and prosperous life. It is time for you to do the same. I will always be in this frame to give you guidance and advice when you need it. Do not let yourself become sick because I am no longer physically able to touch you. Would you do that for me please?"

"All I can say is that I will try," said Harry. "I miss you so much. You were a friend and father figure to me. You were one of the few people that cared about me. It is hard to let go of that."

"I am not asking you to let go of those feelings Harry," said Albus. "Life is full of good times and bad times. Happiness is the twin sister to sorrow. If we never have to let go of someone because of death, then the world would be overwhelmed with human life. For a new soul to enter, an old one has to move on. It was my time to go Harry. Life does not end because one dies."

"I know that," said Harry. "I just was not expecting you to go so soon. We still have so much work to do. How am I going to finish it without you?"

"Harry I am only one person," said Albus kindly. "Look at each and every former head. We lived our lives to the fullest. I lived longer than most. It was my time. My body was tired. It is time for your generation to step up and finish the work that we started. To be able to pick up the pieces and move on is your greatest strength. You will never be alone. Severus, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Neville, and many others will step up to the plate to help you. Your husband loves you more than his own life. All I have done is laid the foundation. It is up to you to decide what design you want this to follow. You are only seventeen. I know when you are young that things feel like they will never end or that it is too hard. I would not have moved to my next stage in the journey if I felt that you and your mate and your friends could not pick up the pieces. I have faith in you. Now it is time for you to have faith in yourself. So once again I ask you to stop mourning for my death. It is time for you to rejoice in your life. You have much to do and a long life in which to do it in."

"I love you," said Harry. "Even if you were a senile old coot, I loved you anyway. You are right. I will work to live."

"That is the best I could ask for," said Albus with a smile. "Make me proud by finishing this war. Your goals and ambition for peace in the wizarding world is admirable. It is time to put your plans in action."

"The fast and the furious," said Harry with a smile. "It is time to get things moving. I still need to find Rowena's wand. Do not be surprised however if I still sit at your grave and talk to you there. I actually feel peaceful there."

Harry turned around and grabbed Draco. He felt his presence and knew the love of his life had stepped into the office.

"I see you have been talking with Albus," remarked Draco. "Are you feeling better?"

"Yes I am," said Harry honestly. "It is time for us to get to work. We have an asshole who thinks he is beyond our reach to destroy."

"Well for the moment," said Draco with an impish gleam in his eyes. "The only asshole I want you to concentrate on is mine."

"Ah," said Harry. "I think I can arrange something."

Harry grabbed Draco and with one last look at Albus, he apparated the two of them upstairs. From there, he and Draco spent a few hours basking in the warmth and love of each others arms.

The next day saw Draco with a mischievous smile on his face for most of the day. No matter how many times Harry asked what he had going on in his mind, Draco would ignore the question. Previously, Draco, Severus, Hermione, and Ginny set it up with the house elves about the plan they had in mind. Upon learning that it was for the benefit of Harry's happiness that this plan was formed, they were all too happy to assist in the project. Harry went about his own projects for the day and left Draco to what ever mayhem he was planning. He knew his husband would not do anything that would harm the students or faculty. So he let him have his way. Harry had a sudden inspiration hit him. He walked over to the fireplace and knelt down. Flicking his hand, he caused some floo powder to hit the fire and he floo called the Gryffindor Manor.

"Mother Molly," he called. "Are you there?"

"I am right here Harry dear," she answered. "What can I do for you?"

"May I come through?" he asked. "I want to talk with you about something important."

"Of course you can," she answered and moved aside for him to pass.

Harry stepped through the fire and waved a hand to clean himself off. She sat him down and asked a house elf to bring them a cup of tea.

"So what can I help you with?" she asked.

"I want children," he stated turning red from embarrassment.

"Have you discussed this with Draco?" she asked.

"We both want children," he said. "We do not want to have either of us getting pregnant. We want to do this the normal way."

"As in you want a female to carry your child for you," she said with a smile.

"Yes," admitted Harry.

"Do I even need to ask who you have in mind?" she smirked.

"I was hoping that I could have your blessing to ask Hermione and Ginny," said Harry. "We both know that they are a couple. We also know they both want children as well."

"Both are of age Harry," said Molly. "I could think of no one better for my daughter to have children with than you and Draco. Hermione will be like another daughter. I have thought of her as such for a long time. I am hoping that she agrees."

"So does this mean I have your blessing?" asked Harry nervously.

"Yes Harry," said Molly beaming at him. "You have my blessing to ask them. You might want to check with the Grangers. I know Hermione talked with them about the relationship with Ginny. If they agree, who will you get to artificially inseminate them?"

"Madam Pomfrey should be able to do that," said Harry. "Severus and Draco can give them each a potion to ensure they will be fertile."

"As long as you promise that I can be at the birthing," said Molly with a chuckle.

"I doubt that I can keep you away anyhow," said Harry laughing. "If you will excuse me I have to go talk to Hermione's parents."

Molly stood and hugged Harry. When they parted, Harry turned on the spot and apparated to the front door of the Granger's home. He knocked and waited. Mr. Granger beamed when he saw Harry and led him to the den. Harry quickly outlined why he was there. Hermione's parents were delighted by the respect that Harry had in asking their permission to be made Grandparents. In the end, both heartily approved of the idea. After hugging both, Harry left and apparated back to Hogwarts. He was so excited that he was barely able to contain himself. He went to his room and showered and got dressed. From there he went to his closet to choose and outfit. He decided on khaki pants and a blue button down shirt. He put on his loafers and left to head down to dinner.

Draco, Severus, Hermione, and Ginny were all sitting on pins and needles. They knew Harry was back in the castle. Draco had informed the trio that he felt Harry when he apparated back. Harry was a few minutes late. The students were seated at their tables waiting for the Head Master. Harry would not be long. Draco was sitting at the staff table. Harry walked through the door with a smile on his face. He walked up to Ginny and asked to speak with her in his office after dinner. She nodded her agreement. Harry made his way to the staff table he whispered the same request to both Draco and Hermione. Both looked at him oddly for a moment and nodded their agreement as well. They both raised an eyebrow to each other. Harry was giddy. He had done something when he left the castle.

"Students," said Harry standing up. "Times are changing in our land. It is time for us to be the fast and the furious. Many of you believe in things like peace, love, and happiness. Therefore it is with great pleasure that I announce that I am feeling better and will start up again with the dueling classes and wandless magic classes. I do apologize for my emotional welfare the last week. The loss of Albus Dumbledore hit me hard. It is time to prove to the world that we are the new set of heroes. It is time to prove that we can get things done. It is time to prove to the world that the darkness of Voldemort will not take away our happiness. WHO IS WITH ME?"

The entire student body stood and applauded. The faculty was floored by Harry's words. They too all stood and applauded. Each was relieved that Harry was back and in full control.

"Professor Potter," Harry said. "How about we sing a duet for the entertainment of the students? You know what song I am referring to don't you?"

"Why yes Head Master," said Draco smiling. "I do believe I know the song."

Harry twitched his hand and the music started. Harry and Draco held hands as they started to sing.

Who knows what tomorrow bringsIn a world, few hearts surviveAll I know is the way I feelWhen it's real, I keep it alive

The road is longThere are mountains in our wayBut we climb a step every day

Love lift us up where we belongWhere the eagles cry on a mountain highLove lift us up where we belongFar from the world belowUp where the clear winds blow

Some hang on to used to beLive their lives, looking behindAll we have is here and nowAll our life, out there to find

The road is longThere are mountains in our wayBut we climb them a step every day

Love lift us up where we belongWhere the eagles cry on a mountain highLove lift us up where we belongFar from the world belowWe know, up where the clear winds blow

Time goes by, no time to cryLife's you and I, a live today

Love lift us up where we belongWhere the eagles cry on a mountain highLove lift us up where we belongFar from the worldWe know, where the clear winds blow

The students were still standing as they all formed a line and as they passed the head table, they saluted Harry and Draco. The faculty taking their cue from the students all did the same. The message was clear. Love was a valuable tool. It was their greatest strength. All worry that everyone had for Harry was completely erased with that one powerful song. Everyone knew there was a fight ahead. They also knew that the road would be long and hard. With Harry and Draco leading them, they knew that they would succeed. When the song ended, Harry raised his hands and the food appeared on the tables. Everyone sat in their place and began to eat.

As Harry was eating he saw the strangest sight. A pie was floating from the door. The students were intrigued by his look and searched for the reason behind it. They spotted the pie and then they too stopped eating to see what was going on. Harry's eyes got bigger as more pies appeared and floated into the Great Hall.

"What in the hell?" asked Harry as the pies floated in front of him and Minerva.

When he heard Draco and Severus giggle, he knew it was a bad sign. Severus stood and flicked his wand. As one the pies started pelting the faculty and students. Harry and Minerva were the first ones to get hit in the face with a pie. Both sat there to the amusement of the students. Laughter rang out around the hall as both Harry and Minerva were speechless sitting there with pie on their face. Harry stood up. He turned to see Severus, Draco, and Hermione with Ginny all rolling with laughter.

"YOU think that is amusing?" asked Harry as he wiped pie off of his face. "Do you think that Minerva and I will not retaliate?"

Minerva and Harry exchanged a look. When Severus, Draco, and Hermione saw the look, they all had a look of fear across their faces. Both had their wands out and were doing some fancy casting. Soon pies, bowls of gravy, potatoes, and other food were flying around the hall.

"FOOD FIGHT," yelled Pomona.

Soon all students and faculty were flinging food at each other with unerring accuracy. Ginny was giggling as she was standing out of the way.

"Did you think you would be getting away with this?" asked Harry apparating behind her. "Oh no, you will not, my lovely little Potter House Head Girl. For you it will be worse."

He and Minerva conjured a vat of mashed potatoes and gravy and lifted her up screaming and dunked her head first into it.

"As for you my love I will get you with every thing I have," said Harry yelling at Draco.

He and Minerva took aim and with speed that was impressive to everyone started flinging mud pies at Draco. Draco yelled in indignation. It was common knowledge that he did not like getting dirty. Severus meanwhile, was trying to sneak out of the Great Hall.

"Just where, do you think you are going?" asked Harry freezing him in mid step. "For your role in all of this I think a bigger punishment is in need. Don't you agree Minerva?"

"I think you are absolutely correct," she said. "Let's see. Pink is a good color, don't you agree?"

"I think you are correct," said Harry. "Something lacey and see through."

"You have read my mind," said Minerva flicking her wand.

Severus' robes were transfigured into a bright pink baby doll nightie. He stared in horror at what he was now dressed in. There was nothing he could do as Harry had him immobilized.

"Students," Harry called over the turmoil and fun. "I think I will give each and every one of you a shot at Professor Snape. Make it count as you only get one. Colin I would like lots of pictures of this."

"You got it Head Master," said Colin pulling his camera out of his bag.

"Hold on Harry," said Minerva to the quickly hushed students. "I think the other three should share in this as well."

"Good thinking Minerva," said Harry.

He waved his hands and all of a sudden, Draco, Hermione, and Ginny were all dressed identically to Severus.

"This will teach you a lesson on picking on the most powerful wizard in the world," said Harry as he and Minerva sat side by side. "Let the fun begin."

For a good hour, the students and faculty threw food at the quartet. Harry and Minerva laughed loudly. When it was finished, Harry had Colin take many pictures.

"We will post these on the entrance of the Great Hall," said Harry. "It will be a reminder of what you will get if you take any more orders from Albus."

"How did you know?" asked Draco letting his mouth fall open. "We did not know you could see or hear him."

"Oh I can't," assured Harry. "However I know his spirit is here and I know he is behind this. That old coot is just lucky he is dead or he would be joining you four in the punishment."

Harry waved his hand and released the four. With the help of Minerva, they quickly cleaned the Great Hall. The laughter was not over however. Vernon and Petunia walked in. They were still covered from head to foot in food. Dudley took one look at his parents and started laughing. Soon the rest of the students were laughing. They were quickly joined by the faculty. All knew that the Dursley were neat freaks. The school had never been so clean. Harry finally took pity on his relatives and cleaned them up.

"I will want the names of the ones who started this," said Petunia. "I will wring their necks with my bare hands."

"That would be those four who are running out of the Great Hall," said Minerva pointing behind the Dursleys.



Harry and Minerva sat weakly in their chairs laughing. If the Dursleys got their hands on any of the four, they would make their threat a promise.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I wanted to add some humor to the story here. I will wait until the next chapter for the conversation between Harry, Draco, Hermione, and Ginny. My moral in this chapter is that no matter how far down you feel about events that are beyond your control, you only have to look inside yourself to see that you can make a change in your actions and decisions. Let love and light enter your heart and make you the person you want. Don't let something you can't do anything about bring you down. Hold your head up high and be confidant about yourself. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for the reviews.

QUICK NOTE – I had a little trouble with the time line. So if things are a bit odd it is because I miss calculated and lost a year. So I will just say that we have a sixth year Head Girl. I was able to fix part of the problem but not the rest.

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