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Who Let the Dogs OUt

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Chapter 7 – Who Let the Dogs Out

After a delightful food fight in the Great Hall, Harry was feeling better. It was fun to know that there were people in the world that were determined to care for and love him with all that they had. As promised, once Colin had the pictures developed, Harry hung them at the entrance to the Great Hall as a reminder of what can happen when you pull a prank on the Head Master. Severus was seen in the portrait trying to sneak out. Harry had to freeze him from the waist down to keep him in the picture. Scowling at any student that would point at him, his image was just as fierce as his regular self. After dinner and hours after, Hermione and Ginny met up with Draco and Harry in their office.

"Harry," said Hermione. "You wanted to talk with us about something?"

"Yes I do," said Harry. "As you know Draco and I want children. We need surrogate mothers for that. Ginny you won't be seventeen until August. I know that you two have talked and also want children."

"Yes we do," said Ginny. "We were wondering what we can do about that. You have obviously come up with an idea."

"I spoke with Mother Molly," said Harry. "I told her my idea and she approved it whole heartedly. Then I spoke with the Grangers. They were delighted by my idea as well."

"I think I am beginning to understand what you are talking about," said Hermione. "You are fixing to ask Ginny and I to be surrogate mothers aren't you?"

"I wanted to make sure that your parents would approve first," said Harry. "If either family said no, then I would not have thought more on the subject. Yes, I was wondering if you and Ginny would consent to being the mothers of our children."

"Harry I would be delighted to be the mother of your children," said Hermione. "I am guessing that you have a way for us to be artificially inseminated?"

"Yes I do," said Harry. "Draco and I can mix our semen. We can have Draco make a potion to ensure that you are fertile. From there, Madam Pomfrey can use magic to inseminate you."

"That is a brilliant idea lover," said Draco speaking for the first time. "As it stands, I already have the potions made and in stasis so that they don't go bad. I was hoping that we could find a willing female for our idea. I also have the vial containing our sperm in stasis so that it is usable."

"When would you like to do this?" asked Hermione.

"As soon as you are willing," said Harry. "It is late January now. If you do it in the next few days, that means out child will be born sometime in October. And depending on when you go into labor, you may end up having the child Halloween."

"Now that would be interesting to know if Hermione has her baby on the anniversary of your parent's deaths," said Ginny. "I know that would make you happier on that day. I assume you would like for me to carry also?"

"Only if you are willing," said Harry. "You still have next year at school as well. We can wait until you graduate."

"Either way if fine with me," she replied. "It would be so cute to see a little one with Draco's hair and Harry's eyes."

"Well it will have to look a little like me also," said Hermione with a wry grin. "After all, I will be the mother of the child. I do have to admit a blond with those vivid green eyes will be beautiful. Or even one with dark hair like Harry's with the silver eyes of Draco would be beautiful."

"I won't care what the baby looks like," said Harry. "As long as he or she is healthy is all that matters."

"Not to worry lover," said Draco smiling at Harry. "You know that Poppy will do everything in her power to ensure that our baby will be healthy."

"I need you to give me the potion and the vial," said Hermione. "I will go see Poppy this evening for the procedure. I will tell you after if it was successful or not."

"Thanks Hermione," said Harry kissing her on the cheek. "You are the best."

"I have to agree with my husband," said Draco kissing her on the other cheek and handing her the bottles. "We will make a beautiful baby."

Harry and Draco went about their business. They had other things to do during the day. As promised, Hermione went to see Poppy. Within ten minutes, she was inseminated. Things were faster and more accurate when you could use magic. When she left the infirmary, she headed to where Harry and Draco were sitting talking with Ginny.

"It is official," she said. "I am pregnant. Poppy says that I will be due around the thirty first of October. We are going to have a Halloween baby. She wants to see me once a week for awhile. I have certain potions that she wants me to take. So, Draco and Severus better get to work on those."

"Yes ma'am," said Draco. "Did Poppy say if the magical infusion of our sperm will result in a gene combination of both Harry and me?"

"She said you guys did it perfectly," assured Hermione. "This child or children will have some of all three of us in it."

"What do you mean or children?" asked Harry.

"She did say that the fertility potion was a strong one. There is a high chance that I will have twins."

"We know that twins run in my family," said Ginny. "I have no doubt that I will have twins when it is my turn to carry."

"There will be so many people wanting to be in the delivery room," said Draco. "Mother Molly, Mother Narcissa, Aunt Petunia, Mother Granger, Minerva, Pomona, Rolanda, and of course me, Harry, and Ginny will all want to be there."

"We can not have that many people in there," said Hermione. "Poppy will not have enough space to work. We should narrow it to Narcissa, Petunia, my mom, and the three of you. When Ginny has her baby or babies, my mom will be replaced with her mom. It is only fair."

"You are right," said Harry. "Who are we thinking about to be godparents?"

"I was thinking about Severus and Minerva," said Hermione.

"I was thinking about Ron and Luna," said Harry.

"I was thinking about Severus and Luna," said Draco.

"I was thinking about Ron and Minerva," said Ginny.

"Well this has gotten us in a fix," laughed Harry. "I have an idea on how we can fix this. If it is twins, Ron and Minerva can be godparents of one, and Severus and Luna can be godparents of the other. If it is a single birth, we can have Ron and Minerva for this child. When Ginny gives birth, we can have Severus and Luna as godparents of that child. Now if both ladies give birth to twins, we will have to come up with four other people to be godparents. I was thinking of Dudley, Neville, Pomona, and Poppy."

The other three thought this over for a few minutes. In the end, they all nodded their heads in agreement.

Days passed into weeks and finally Hermione was a month along in her pregnancy. During her checkup with Poppy, it was indeed discovered that she would be having twins. All in all, she was delighted about this. She did not want to hurt anyone's feeling about not being able to be godparent to one of the children. Harry, Draco, and Ginny were thrilled to hear she was pregnant with twins.

"What are we going to call them?" asked Ginny one evening.

"I was thinking if they were girls of calling them Lily and Rita," said Draco. "If they were boys we can name them James and Alexander."

"I was thinking about Rose and Rachel for girls and John and Donovan for boys," said Hermione.

"I like Lily and Rita," said Ginny. "I also like Alexander. However I think the other one should be Antonio."

"I like Lily," said Harry. "I am thinking of the name Chyna for the other girl. For Boys, I like Alexander and Donovan. So we can combine the names. Chyna Rose and Lily Rita can be names for the girls. Alexander John and Donovan James can be names for the boys."

Everyone thought that was a wonderful idea.

"What happens if we have one of each?" asked Hermione.

"That's easy," said Draco. "We use the other names for Ginny's babies."

The quartet talked late into the evening about the babies and such. Harry placed his hands on the floor and had a second set of rooms a little further down the stairs for Hermione and Ginny made. He also had a nursery built so that each set of parents could have immediate access to the nursery. Everyone went in and stared in awe at what the castle had decided to do for the four. A second miniature tower sprang up along side of the first one. They were interconnected with a nursery that could later be turned into a bedroom for the children. When it was time for Ginny to have her babies a second room could he added to the first one.

"When did you all want to tell the rest of the school?" asked Hermione. "I am thinking that tomorrow would be great. We can announce it at lunch."

The other three all agreed to that statement. The next day at breakfast, Severus and Minerva were just two of many giving Harry, Draco, Hermione, and Ginny odd looks. They all knew something was going on, but had no idea what it was. That the castle had decided to move Hermione and Ginny to another part of the castle raised many an eyebrow. Breakfast ended and Harry ushered the students to their first class. He sat with a smile on his lips as he anticipated the looks on people's faces when they found out what was going on. Finally the lunch hour was upon them. Harry sat in his chair and waited until everyone was seated. When they were all in their seats, he stood up. He motioned for the others to do the same.

"We have an important announcement to make," said Harry. "Professor Granger, Miss Weasley, Professor Potter, and I will become parents around Halloween time."

The excitement burst out around the Great Hall. Many knew that Harry, Draco, and the girls wanted children. Now that dream was coming true.

"Oh Harry," said Minerva. "I am so happy for you all."

Severus was shaking Draco's hand while Pomona was hugging Hermione.

"We have more news," said Harry. "Madam Pomfrey discovered yesterday that Hermione is pregnant with twins."

By this time many were jumping up and down with excitement. Harry waved his hand to get the attention of everyone. When he had it he dropped his next bit of news.

"We would like to announce the godparents we chose," said Harry. "Each one of us will ask said person. Each one of us will ask a godparent of our choice. Minerva, I was wondering if you would consent to being the godmother of our first born."

"Oh Harry," she said through her tears. "I would be so honored to be the godmother of your child."

"Severus," said Draco. "We were wondering if you would consent to being the godfather of our second born."

"I would be honored to do so," said Severus shaking his hand again. "I am pleased that you considered me."

"Ron," called Hermione. "We were wondering if you would consent to be the godfather of our first born."

There was a thud as Ron's eyes rolled into his head and he passed out and hit the floor.

"Now he knows how I felt last year when you all made me pass out so much from shocking news," said Harry with a laugh as Poppy rushed over.

"Last but not least," said Ginny from her table. "Luna we were wondering if you would like to be godmother of our second child."

Luna squealed and grabbed Ginny in a hug. The others laughed as they took that as a yes.

"As a treat," said Harry bringing everyone's attention back to him. "Afternoon classes are cancelled for today. Go out and have some fun."

The students all cheered about this.

"Head Master," called Luna.

The hall quieted immediately to hear what she had to say.

"Yes Miss Lovegood," he said with a smile. "What can I do for you?

Her eyes glazed over as she fought for air. Harry, Hermione, Draco, Severus, and Minerva all rushed to her side.

"Harry we have trouble coming," she whispered in a strange voice. "Someone let the dogs out."

"Who," Harry asked. "Who let the dogs out?"

"Fenrin Greyback," she whispered in that strange voice. "He is no longer in prison. There is a pack of deranged werewolves coming this way."

"How many?" he asked.

"About one hundred are coming," said Luna. "They will be here in about three hours."

"Harry," said Draco. "Minister Weasley just passed through the wards. He is on his way to the castle with about ten Aurors."

Harry snapped to attention. He watched in his mind's eye the approach of Arthur Weasley. When the new Minister of Magic was at the door, he looked to Minerva who headed out to greet him.

"I suggest to all students that you not leave the castle," said Harry. "We can stop them from entering, but we have no way of stopping them from getting onto the grounds. Members of the DA and Team Potter are to report for instructions. Ron, get to work on a battle plan. Draco, summon the swords and hand them out to the appropriate people. Susan, please get the rest of the prefects to help make sure that no one leaves the castle. Severus work with Ron on a plan. Rolanda, please attend to Luna until she comes back to herself. Poppy get a temporary medical ward here in the Great Hall. Get a few students to help you. Hagrid, I need you to go to Aragog and see if his clan will help us stop the werewolves. I will not have anyone in this school hurt because of them. How dare they interrupt our day?"

Everyone sprang into action. The students understood the necessity of remaining in the castle. The older students left to go find younger students that had left the castle and brought them back in. Hagrid left immediately to get the aid of the acromantulas. Arthur, Moody, Kingsley, and Tonks along with seven other Aurors all appeared on the grounds.

"Harry," said Arthur. "Fenrin has escaped from prison. We thought you should know."

"We already do Arthur," said Harry. "We are preparing for battle. Moody, I need you and Tonks to go to the centaur meeting place and let them know that werewolves will be invading the forest soon."

"I will get right on it," said Moody motioning Tonks over.

They left to do as Harry asked. Harry was in his element. He was young in years, but he was battle hardened.

"Harry do you know who is leading this attack?" asked Arthur.

"Luna said Fenrin was," said Harry. "She did not say anything about any humans. Maybe we should ask her."

Together they walked over to Luna. She was sitting in her chair at the table. Rolanda had gotten her a cup of tea and was rubbing her hands.

"Luna," said Harry. "Are there any humans accompanying the werewolves?"

"No Harry," said Luna. "This is strictly a werewolf fighting force. However it will not hurt to be safe. One never knows if I have overlooked someone."

"Thank you for the warning," said Harry. "Are you going to be ok?"

"I will be ready for battle," she said looking at him with a sad smile. "I am sorry that this had to happen on the day you gave us such wonderful news."

Harry wrapped the blond in his arms and rocked her for a few moments. She patted his cheek and stood up. After thanking Madam Hooch, she took her place to listen to the battle plan. Draco walked over and handed Harry his sword and wand. Harry quickly put both on and walked over to listen to Ron and Severus. An hour later, everyone was ready and in position. The doors to the castle were shut. The combatants were on the parapets outside of the castle. All in all, there were about fifty defenders of Hogwarts to battle about one hundred angry werewolves. With luck, the centaurs and the acromantulas would assist in the upcoming battle. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny went around the grounds and placed bobby traps that were sent from Fred and George. Each student had a few potions that Severus, Hermione, Draco, and Harry had made from the notes of Rowena. Some produced fire, and others produced ice. It was decided that they would try and freeze or burn as many werewolves as possible before they could really cause havoc. Draco and Hermione had finally mastered the art of freezing a person in place with the spell Harry had created. That would be a plus in the fight.

Soon the sounds of howls could be heard. The defenders of Hogwarts quickly got into place. Within moments, the grounds were swamped with snarling and furious werewolves. They waited as some of the wolves were caught in the traps that were set. Others however came barreling through. They were not worried about the traps. Many had sensed or seen the traps and was able to avoid them. Each defender of the castle was paired up with someone else. On Harry's command, potions where thrown at the wolves. Of the hundred, about fifty were either frozen in place, or on fire. Harry and Draco charged in first. They led the attack. Waving their wands, they caused a number of the werewolves to freeze in place from the waist down. Others armed with multiple silver daggers stabbed a werewolf and left them to move on to the next. The battle raged for about an hour. Luck was with them and no one was seriously hurt. A couple of people were scratched by a lucky strike from a werewolf, but no one was bitten. Harry and Draco were weaving through their attackers with lightning fast strikes with their swords. Within moments, a good fifteen werewolves were lying on the ground dying from wounds inflicted from the deadly weapons. Hermione, Minerva, Severus, and Luna were not as fast, but they were just as deadly. Between the four, they brought down another twenty wolves. Soon, Harry spotted Fenrin Greyback.

"Let's end this once and for all you mangy mongrel," shouted Harry.

"With pleasure," shouted Fenrin and changed into wolf form and raced towards Harry.

At the last moment, Harry transformed into his lion form and the fight began. Draco meanwhile transformed into his Dragon Animagus and went on to finish off the last of the werewolves.

The fight between Fenrin and Harry was a spectacle for all to see. They raged back and forth between one another. At some point it looked like Fenrin was going to win. Harry had no trouble in letting people think that the werewolf had the upper hand. When Fenrin had him pinned to the ground and was about to rip open his throat, Harry apparated out from under him and appeared on his back in human form with his sword in hand. With one mighty swing, he severed the head of the werewolf from his shoulders.

"I didn't know that Harry could apparate while in his Animagus form," said Arthur with astonished eyes.

"Really Arthur," said Minerva. "We are talking about the heir of the four founders. He is the one that taught Draco and Hermione that cute little trick of stunning parts of the body causing it to freeze in place."

"I would not mind some of my Aurors learning that trick," said Arthur. "That was very impressive. Where did Harry learn to do that?"

"Believe it or not," said Severus. "He created the spell."

"No way," said Arthur. "How is that possible? I knew Harry was powerful, but not that powerful."

"We are talking about Harry Potter," said Hermione with a laugh.

"Well at least we know who let the dogs out," said Pomona with a grin. "We also know that Harry and Draco make a great dog catching team."

Everyone laughed at that statement.

"Hey everyone," said Harry when he was finished decapitating the last werewolf. "How about we all sing a song?"

Many of the others were ready. Those that had choir with Draco were delighted to get to sing with Harry and Draco. Harry flicked his hands and the tune started. With Draco conducting and Harry leading the song, the choir started.

I've paid my duesTime after timeI've done my sentenceBut committed no crimeAnd bad mistakesI've made a fewI've had my share of sandKicked in my faceBut I've come throughAnd I need to go on and on and on and on

We are the champions - my friendAnd we'll keep on fighting till the endWe are the championsWe are the championsNo time for losers'cause we are the champions of the world

I've taken my bowsAnd my curtain callsYou've bought me fame and fortuneAnd everything that goes with itI thank you allBut it's been no bed of roses no pleasure cruiseI consider it a challenge before the whole human raceAnd I ain't gonna loseAnd I need to go on and on and on and on

We are the champions - my friendAnd we'll keep on fighting till the endWe are the championsWe are the championsNo time for losers'cause we are the champions of the world

We are the champions - my friendAnd we'll keep on fighting till the endWe are the championsWe are the championsNo time for losers'cause we are the champions

When the song was finished, Harry summoned Dobby and Winky and had the elves start a feast for the night. Both elves were delighted by the thought and popped away to get it started. There was a small pop and an old elf appeared beside harry.

"Kreacher," said Harry. "How are you?"

"Kreacher is fine Master Harry," said the elf bowing. "Master Dumbledore left me to come back and work for you and Master Draco should something happen to him. If you is wanting me that is."

"I would be delighted to have you on the team," said Harry. "Welcome back. Right now the other elves are preparing a feast for the victory. How about you go and help out."

"Thank you Master Harry," said Kreacher giving him another bow.

After the elf popped away, Harry turned to Arthur.

"I take it that Draco and I inherited everything that belongs to Albus," commented Harry.

"Yes that is true," said Arthur handing him the paperwork. "You once again own No Twelve. You also own the Dumbledore home. Your Gringotts account has increased by close to twelve million galleons. He left some things to his brother Aberforth, but that is it."

"Figures," said Harry. "The old coot has done it to me again. He is so lucky he is already dead."

"Oh one last thing Harry," said Arthur. "He left his journal to you as well. The forty Hogwarts students and professors will receive an award for today as well. We will let you know when the awards will be presented."

"Thanks Arthur," said Harry. "It is appreciated."

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end on that line. This chapter went on longer than I anticipated. I am sure that many of you are disappointed that I did not include the Who Let the Dogs out Song. I am not particularly fond of that song being a Louisiana native. But I wanted there to be a fight. What did you think about Luna seeing what was going to happen. It was pretty clever huh? Thanks in advance for the reviews.

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