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Can You Feel the Love Tonight

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DISCLAIMER – This is a gay love story. If you are uncomfortable with, or dislike gay rights or homosexual innuendoes, then do not read any further than this line. I thank you for your consideration.

DISCLAIMER – "Can you Feel the love tonight" is sung by Elton John. "Have I told you lately that I love you" is sung by Rod Stewart.

NOTE – Thank you all for following along with the story. As I have stated before, there is a discrepancy with the time line. I have fixed it to the best of my ability. If you still notice that the time frame is out of place, I ask you to forgive me. Somehow I added a year that never happened. This caused the story to advance. I apologize for the confusion. Thankfully no one has complained about it. For this I appreciate it.

Chapter 8 – Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Arthur contacted Harry the following day. The award ceremony would be within the week. Harry was to have the school ready for visitors and reporters. Harry accepted this with a maturity that stunned people like Minerva and Severus. Both older staff members knew how much Harry hated being the object of the press.

The day arrived and Harry had the students assembled in the Great Hall. The house tables were removed and row upon row of chairs were placed in their place. Harry had instructed the prefects and seventh year students to stand guard at the back of the hall to help keep an eye on things. Arthur was bringing a couple dozen Aurors, but Harry did not want to take any chances.

Finally everyone arrived and took their seats. Among the visitors were Molly, Narcissa, Charlie, Bill, Fred, and George. Mr. and Mrs. Granger as well as Mr. and Mrs. Creevey were in the group as well. This was a delightful surprise for Harry. Colin and Dennis were animatedly talking with their parents about the news going on among the castle. The Creevey parents were thrilled to see the happiness within their sons. Colin looked over to Blaise and nodded. Blaise walked over and took his hand.

"Mom, Dad!" said Colin with a happy smile on his face. "This is Blaise. He is the one I have been telling you about, that has made me so happy these last few months."

"Blaise," said Mrs. Creevey. "Thank you so much for bringing the light back into my son's eyes. He speaks very highly of you."

"Thank you Madam," said Blaise. "I love your son very much. I am glad that I have been able to be the one to help him move on with his life and be happy. I would do anything for him to make sure he has a smile on his face every day."

"For that you will always have a place in our family," said Mr. Creevey extending his hand to Blaise.

The two men shook hands. Harry and Draco watched all of this with a smile upon their faces.

"Can you feel the love tonight?" asked Draco. "I am sure we were never that gooey with one another."

"HA!" said Minerva loudly. "If anything, you two are stomach turning sweet to each other. One could go into a diabetic coma with the sweetness you two pour out all the time."

Harry flicked his finger and a small hex hit the floor where she stood. She screeched and took off running.


Reporters were snapping pictures like crazy watching a laughing Harry Potter chase an equally laughing Minerva McGonagall around the room. He caught up with her and gave her a full kiss on the lips. When he let her go, Draco turned her around and planted a second one where his lover had been just moments before. She was speechless for a few moments.

"That will teach you to pick on us," drawled Draco.

Laughing Minerva and Draco sat down.

"Rita Skeeter," said Harry scanning the hall and spotting the beetle on the back wall. "If you print anything other than the truth about what just happened, not only will I fire you from the Daily Prophet, but I will press charges against you as well. I suggest you transform into your human body this instant before I blast you where you sit."

"How dare you threaten me Harry Potter," she said in a deadly voice after she transformed. "I will be filing a formal complaint on you for that."

"You will do no such thing," said Arthur Weasley. "You are already breaking the law by being here. You were specifically told to stay off the grounds of Hogwarts. Now that we know you are an unregistered Animagus, we will be pressing charges on you."

"Do not think about transforming again," said Harry waving his hand freezing her from the waist down. "You will hand your information over to Mr. Dugruise. He is the new chief editor of the Daily Prophet. I personally want your quill confiscated and destroyed. You and that thing have caused me no amounts of heartache and headache in the last seventeen years."

"Orelie," said Draco. "If you could please remove Skeeter's notes I would appreciate it."

"No problem Professor," said Orelie.

Everyone watched as Orelie walked over to Skeeter and opened her purse. He pulled out her notes and quill. He scanned the parchment. After looking at it he crumpled it up and threw it on the floor. He pulled out his wand. It was a wand that was striking. It was made of ebony wood. It had the core of a gryphon in it. He pointed his wand at the parchment and quill and burnt both to ashes. Harry knew immediately who that wand formerly belonged to.

"Mr. Dugruise," he called. "If I could see you in my office after the ceremony I would deeply appreciate it."

"Of course Head Master," said the man. "It would be my pleasure. "I will have my best reporters taking notes here today. I enjoyed the show of affection between you and Professor McGonagall."

"Thank you," said Harry. "We are one big family here."

"Excuse me for interrupting," said Arthur. "We need to get started here."

"Sorry Arthur," said Harry sitting down.

"Ladies and gentlemen," called Arthur when Harry and Orelie sat down. "We are here today to honor some people from Hogwarts today. Last week the school was attacked by approximately one hundred werewolves. Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of the members of Hogwarts, not only did they devise a plan of action, but successfully defended and beat the wolves. I have had a discussion with the Head Master and he has told me of the roles that were played by certain members of the Hogwarts team. The Aurors that have assisted have already been given their awards. Please give your attention to Head Master, Harry Potter."

"Thank you Minister for those welcoming words," said Harry. "Miss Luna Lovegood had a vision of the werewolves coming. She was able to tell us how many as well as who was leading them. I am not one to doubt things when she says it is to be so. I immediately went into action. I had Hagrid alert the Acromantula, Aragog to get his family to assist us in the fight. They caught about seven stray werewolves in the forest. I also had Alastor Moody contact the centaurs. They were able to bring down around ten more werewolves. From there I had Ronald Weasley draw up a battle plan. With some potions as well as some spells I created, we were able to stop about fifty of the werewolves before they had a chance to get near us. From there, myself, my husband Draco, and the mother of our unborn babies Professor Hermione Granger, we were able to use a spell I created to freeze people in place just like I have done to Rita Skeeter. Before anyone asks, no, I will not be sharing that secret with just anyone. Please forgive me for that. It is a difficult spell to undo. Even Hermione and Draco have not mastered the counter charm yet. The potions will be shared with the Ministry of Magic in due time. With the plan that was devised, we were successful. The swords of Potter, Potter, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin were an asset in destroying the wolves. Though it grieves me to have to take a life, it was either them or us. Thank you all."

Harry sat back down. Arthur returned to the podium.

"When I call your name, please come up and accept your award," he said. "To Miss Luna Lovegood, for the vision of the attack as well as your part in defending the school, we award you the Order of Merlin Second Class and an award for Services to the school."

"I will award one hundred points to Potter House as well," called Harry from his spot.

"To Mr. Ronald Weasley," said Arthur. "For the plan that helped the students and faculty win the fight, I ward you the Order of Merlin Second Class and an award for services to the school."

"I will award you one hundred points as well," said Harry.

To Miss Hermione Granger and Mr. Draco Potter," said Arthur. "For you courage to face the werewolves in hand to hand combat I award you the order of Merlin First Class."

"I will give you a special award later," called Harry to the snickers of the assembly.

"To Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Hagrid, Rolanda Hooch, Poppy Pomfrey, Remus Lupin, Sybil Trelawney, Bathsheba Babbling, Charity Burbage, Pomona Sprout, and Aurora Sinistra," said Arthur. "For helping to defend and fight for the school, we award you the Order of Merlin Second Class."

There was applause for the faculty of Hogwarts. Each professor bowed as they accepted their award.

"To Professor Hagrid," said Arthur. "As the records show that you were innocent of what happened to Myrtle when the Chamber of secrets was opened, we hereby have a letter of release for you. You may go to Ollivanders and buy a new wand."

"I will even pay for it," said Harry as a blushing Hagrid accepted his letter.

"To Ginny Weasley, Terry Boot, Zacharias Smith, Padma and Parvati Patil, Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zabini, Colin and Dennis Creevey, Hannah Abbot, Susan Bones, Daphne Greengrass, Daniel Richard, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, and Lavender Brown," said Arthur. "We award you the Order of Merlin third class for your contribution to the war effort. You will also receive an award for services to the school."

"Each person from each house will receive one hundred points," called Harry.

"To Mr. Harry Potter," called Arthur. "For finally ridding us for good of the terror known as Fenrin Greyback, we award you with an Order of Merlin First Class. By right of conquest, his vault will be added to yours."

"Great," said Harry as he accepted his award. "That is just what I didn't need. More money. Give his vault to the orphanage for magical creatures and children and to St Mungo's. Draco and I don't need it."

"Head Master," called a lady that Harry wasn't familiar with.

"Yes Madam," said Harry looking at her. "And you are?"

"Jeanette Dugruise," she said. "I work at the Daily Prophet."

"Ah," said Harry. "You must be the lovely wife of Orelie. What can I do for you madam?"

"Is it true that you sing to Draco and that the staff and students can all hear when you do so?" she asked.

"Yes," said Harry chuckling. "The castle being sentient does appear to like the sound of my singing. She broadcasts it to everyone in the castle for their listening enjoyment."

"Would you be willing to sing for us now?" Jeanette asked. "We would love to hear a song sung by you. It is ok if it is a song that you sing to Draco."

"I think that I can do that," said Harry with a smile in her direction. "I learned a song by an artist named Rod Stewart. It goes something like this."

Harry looked at Draco and lifted his hand to make the music start. His voice rose in song.

Have I told you lately that I love youHave I told you there's no one else above youYou fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadnessEase my troubles that's what you do

For the morning sun in all it's gloryGreets the day with hope and comfort tooYou fill my heart with laughter take away and make it betterEase my troubles that's what you do

There's a love that's divineAnd it's yours and it's mine like the sunAnd at the end of the day we should give thanks and prayTo the One, to the One

Have I told you lately that I love youHave I told you there's no one else above youYou fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadnessEase my troubles that's what you do

There's a love that's divineAnd it's yours and it's mine like the sunAnd at the end of the day we should give thanks and prayTo the One, to the One

And have I told you lately that I love youHave I told you there's no one else above youFill my heart with gladness, take away my sadnessEase my troubles that's what you do

You fill my life with gladness, take away all my sadnessEase my troubles that's, that's what you do

"Head Master," called Jeanette. "That was amazing. May I print it in my story?"

"By all means Madam," said Harry. "You have my permission to print it. Do you see how things work Rita Skeeter? This wonderful lady asked my permission. Not only that, but her articles are on the truth of the matter. I have been following her articles closely. She tells the truth of things. She doesn't slander people. She doesn't lie about people, nor does she hurt them. Oh she has brought down some people with her stories. Don't get me wrong. She has dug up some dirt on quite a few supposedly well groomed people. However she has never once lied about someone. The people she brought down fell because they were dirty rotten scoundrels."

"Please Potter," sneered Rita. "Who wants to hear what some wanna be has to say? No one in their right mind would listen to the shit she writes."

"Are you saying that I am not in my right mind?" snarled Harry advancing on her. "I happen to like what she writes. Mrs. Dugruise, please make sure you have this printed in your story as well. We will call it "The day Harry Potter Choked the Shit out of Rita Skeeter for her insults"."

The Great Hall erupted in laughter. Many made derogative remarks to Rita Skeeter. Molly stood by Harry's side.

"I happen to enjoy Jeanette's articles," said Molly. "She is the best reporter that the Daily Prophet has ever had. Her articles are a lot more interesting than the things you print. I only read your smut to make sure that you are not talking about my family wrongly anymore."

"I also enjoy her articles," said Augusta Longbottom. "She has a knack for finding out the truth about people."

"When I tell the owners of the paper about this, they will fire her," said Rita Skeeter. "They want the paper to make money."

"Oh, now there, you are actually speaking the truth," said Draco. "The owners of the paper do in fact want the paper to make money, but they want to do it with the truth about things. They do not want to hear your nasty lies anymore."

"How would you know?" snarled Rita Skeeter. "You don't even know who the owners of the paper are."

"Wow," said Harry. "For all that you like to dig up shit about people; I guess you missed out on something important. Draco and I own the Daily Prophet. We bought it months ago."

"YOU LIE!" screamed Rita.

"Actually he is quite telling the truth," said Orelie. "I am the one that has been cutting your articles the way they have been published. I am tired of your smut."

"You are fired," said Harry. "It is plain and simple. You no longer have a job. Mrs. Dugruise in three months I would like you to interview Rita Skeeter. I want an inside view of life in Azkaban. I am sure the readers would enjoy that story."

"It will be a pleasure," said Jeanette.

"I believe this concludes the award ceremony," said Harry. "No offense, but the rest of us, has things to do. Minerva and Severus if you could see to the replacement of the house tables I would deeply appreciate it."

"No problem Head Master," said Minerva. "We will get right on it."

Arthur and the Aurors started escorting the guests out of the hall. The Grangers could be seen offering their congratulations to Hermione. The Creeveys could be seen talking with their sons. All in all, it was a pleasant day. Orelie and Jeanette waited patiently for Harry and Draco. They knew that Harry wanted to talk with Orelie.

Harry and Draco escorted the couple up to the Head Master's office. They were delighted to see the portraits of the former Heads. Harry went around and introduced each portrait. He ended with Albus.

"Albus do you see what Orelie is holding?" asked Harry.

"Yes I do," said Albus. "I think we can safely assume that he inherited that wand somehow."

"Orelie where did you get that wand?" asked Harry pointing to it. "May I examine it?"

"Please call me Lee," said the man handing over his wand. "I found this wand in a secondhand store in New Orleans. I have been having minimum success with it. My original wand was broken by accident when the house I was living in got hit by a tornado."

"I would like to take you to Ollivanders to procure you a new wand," said Harry. "I would also like to offer you one million galleons for this wand."

They all watched as Harry held up the wand and a blue glow surrounded him.

"What I don't understand is how this wand ended up in the United States," said Draco. "Mr. Dugruise do you accept the offer of one million galleons?"

"Of course," said Lee. "As I said this wand does not work for me that well. It feels sluggish to me. I am curious as to who owned this wand that made the Head Master glow blue like that."

"Jeanette you are going to burst with this one," said Draco with a laugh.

"This wand belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw," said Harry. "I am uncertain as to how it ended up in America, but I am glad to have it back. Do you see over there?"

Both Orelie and Jeanette looked to the case where he was pointing.

"You may approach, but I suggest that you not touch," said Harry. "These wands belonged to the four founders of Hogwarts. The reddish one belonged to Godric Gryffindor, the greenish one belonged to Salazar Slytherin, and the blackish one belonged to Helga Hufflepuff. This wand belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. Upon my death, my wand will join these four."

"Why?" asked Jeanette pulling out a pretty pink quill and setting it to parchment, letting it write what was being said. "What is so special about you? Forgive the lack of understanding. My husband and I lived in the States until recently when we heard about the post at the Daily Prophet."

"There are others in the school and out of the school that have blood lines connected to the four founders," said Harry. "Draco is in fact a descendant of Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Albus here was a descendant of Godric and Rowena."

"Harry is the first and only one discovered to be the heir of all four founders," said Draco.

"You are right," said Jeanette. "This is a good story."

Harry and Draco stiffened for a moment. The castle had somehow sent them a message.

"Your story has just gotten better," said Harry. "Come with me. I now know where Rowena's secret room is. Draco, grab Hermione, Pomona, Severus, Minerva, and Ginny. I am sure they will want to see this as well. We will meet you at the entrance to the astronomy tower."

They left the office and made their way around the castle. Orelie and Jeanette were in awe of everything. This was the first experience they had in this school. Harry felt like her quill would explode it was moving as fast as she dictated to it what she was seeing. They were met at the entrance to the astronomy tower by the others.

"What is going on Harry," said Hermione. "Draco said something about Rowena but he wasn't very clear."

"We know where the entrance to her secret room is," said Harry. "I knew she had to have one. Now that her wand is with the others the castle let us know where the room is."

"You found her wand?" asked Severus.

"No," said Harry. "Mr. Dugruise did. He bought it in a second hand store in New Orleans."

"Wait," said Minerva. "Are you telling me that the wand of a founder ended up in the United States?"

"Yes ma'am," said Orelie. "It was in a shop in New Orleans where I bought it."

"Where did you and your wife learn your magic?" asked Pomona

"At the Dragon Moon School of Magic in Louisiana," said Jeanette. "Our son is the Head Master there now. He was a star student."

"Shall we visit Rowena's room now?" asked Harry smiling. "Congratulations on your son's success by the way."

Harry turned and placed his hand on the wall. Upon his touch, a doorway appeared.

"I often wondered why this tower was so oddly built," said Minerva. "Now we know."

They entered the room. Harry was hoping that everyone could enter. So he stood in the doorway just to be safe. He was relieved to find that everyone could enter as long as he stood there.

"Harry look," said Hermione pointing. "It is a picture of Rowena and she seems to be stuck."

Harry walked over and examined the picture. Magic was keeping the image of Rowena from talking. He tested the magic carefully. It flared a few times, but nothing happened. Draco was shielding the others in the room just in case.

"This is Voldemort's doing," said Harry. "If he found this portrait then he found the others as well."

"Can you undo the magic?" asked Minerva.

"Hmm?" asked Harry coming out of his thoughts. "Oh yes. It is easy for me to fix this."

He pulled out his wand and waved it in what would appear to be an obscene gesture. From there he caused his wand to levitate near him while he touched the picture with both hands. He mumbled a few words and an eerie green light surrounded the portrait. Harry seemed to grab the light and pull it away from the portrait.

"Draco," he gasped. "Kill it."

Draco summoned his sword and with a swift cut, sliced through the light. It shrieked as it died. When he was done, He raced to Harry's side. Grabbing Harry's wand, he quickly pocketed it.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yes," said Harry. "That was harder than I thought it would be. I wonder how he even found this room."

"I can tell you," said Rowena. "He found my portrait hidden. A former Head Master removed my portrait from where it was hanging and moved it. He threatened to destroy my painting unless I tell him where my secret room was hidden. This is the only painting of me in existence. So I told him where the room was and how to access it. I would imagine he has done this to the portraits of the other founders as well. Who are you that you have the power to undo such a spell?"

"Harry Potter," said Draco. "He is the heir of all four founders."

"So the prophecy I made is true," she said with a smile. "A son of the four of us will come and save the school. It appears that he has done just that. Who are all of you?"

"Well," said Draco. "Orelie is the new manager of the Daily Prophet. Harry and I bought it and he is in charge of it for us. Jeanette, his wife, is the star reporter. Hermione Granger is one of your descendants and is carrying an heir for Harry and me. Minerva is a descendant of Godric and Salazar. Pomona is Head of Hufflepuff House. Severus is a descendant of yours and Salazar. Ginny is Hermione's mate and a descendant of Godric."

"Who are you?" asked Rowena.

"My husband and soul mate," said Harry. "He is also a descendant of Salazar and Helga. We are soul bonded. I have your Book of Shadows and I must say that I am enjoying learning from it."

"This is indeed good news," said Rowena. "By freeing me from that spell, you have the ability to also release my spirit. I came back as a ghost in the castle. Were you able to kill the horcrux that was in my diadem?"

"Yes grand mother," said Harry. "We have one left and it resides with the one who captured and imprisoned you in this portrait. Severus, take her portrait down. I want it to hang in the Head Master's office. I am sure I have a lot to learn from her."

"I too would enjoy hearing what she has to teach," said Severus.

"I promise to not stop anyone from talking with her," said Harry. "How about we hang her in the Great Hall instead? That way anyone who wants to can talk to her. She does have other descendants in the castle."

"Oh yes," said Hermione. "I forgot about Luna. She would enjoy seeing her ancestor."

"Grand Mother," said Harry. "Can you tell us where the other portraits are hanging? I would like to release the others as well."

"Of course," said Rowena. "I suggest that you get some rest for today though. You look tired and you will need your strength to release the others."

"She is right Harry," said Minerva. "You look dead on your feet. Pomona and I can show Orelie and Jeanette out. Jeanette can come back tomorrow to continue with her story then."

"I will go and hang this above the staff table in the Great Hall," said Severus. "Where is your ghost now?"

"It will not be released until all four portraits are freed and touched with our wands," she said. "Do you have our wands?"

"I have all four of them," said Harry. "Draco, please help me upstairs. Pomona, please contact Gringotts for me and have two million galleons transferred into the account of the Dugruise family."

"We agreed on one million," said Orelie.

"True," said Harry. "By giving me the wand, you have just saved the four founders. So one is for the wand and one is for saving Rowena. You will receive a million for each freed founder. I will not accept no for an answer. Besides you have a newspaper company to clean up and get rid of the bad people and replace them with good people. I know you will do a great job."

Orelie and Jeanette looked at one another and smiled.

"Tell Ollivander to try a wand he made of mahogany and phoenix tail feather," said Draco. "He will know what wand I am talking about. Jeanette I suggest you take him to Ollivander's soon so that he can replace his wand. For now I bid you good bye. I have to put my husband to bed."

Ginny rushed over and put herself under Harry's other arm. Between Draco and Ginny they got Harry up to the Head Master's office and then into bed. When Harry was sleeping, they sat in the office and talked.

"Harry does such a great job with the school," said Ginny. "I for one am very proud of him for what has done to improve things in the school."

Draco looked over to the map and saw couples getting together. Colin and Blaise were sitting together on a bench in the entrance hall. Ron and Hannah were off together. Luna and Dudley were taking a stroll on the third floor.

"Can you feel the love tonight Ginny?" he asked. "So many couples are happy now."

"It is all because of you and Harry," she replied. "Sing for us choir master. I am sure that the school would enjoy hearing your voice."

"I am not as good as Harry," said Draco.

"That is just your opinion," she replied. "We enjoy hearing your voice as much as we do Harry's. Now sing please."

"Fine you red headed whelp," said Draco fondly tugging her hair. "I have a song sung buy Sir Elton John that would be perfect."

There's a calm surrenderTo the rush of dayWhen the heat of a rolling windCan be turned awayAn enchanted momentAnd it sees me throughIt's enough for this restless warriorJust to be with you

Can you feel the love tonight?(Can feel)(Tonight)It is where we are(Ooh ooh)It's enough for it's a wide eyed wandererThat we've got this far

And can you feel the love tonight?(Can feel)(Tonight)How it's laid to rest?(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)It's enough to make kings and vagabondsBelieve the very best

There's a time for everyoneIf they only learnThat the twisting kaleidoscopeMoves us all in turnThere's a rhyme and reasonTo the wild outdoorsWhen the heart of this star crossed voyagerBeats in time with yours

And can you feel the love tonight?(Can feel)(Tonight)It is where we are(Ooh ooh)It's enough for it's a wide eyed wandererThat we've got this far

Can you feel the love tonight?(Can feel)(Tonight)How it's laid to rest?(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)It's enough to make kings and vagabondsBelieve the very best

Oh, it's enough to make kings and vagabondsBelieve the very best

"Now that was beautiful," said Ginny.

Others around the castle were all smiling as they heard the voice of Draco. Each hoped that some things would never change and that the love and compassion that Harry and Draco had would carry them through this war and into the future.

Harry meanwhile rolled over and smiled in his sleep. Even asleep he heard the voice of his true love singing.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will stop here. I want to span each and every founder finding in their own chapter. I enjoy that I was able to bring in my special people in this chapter. The moral of this chapter has multiple meanings. One must not always assume that you know everything. The other is that what has been done can always be undone by someone else if you do not do things correctly. Thanks for your interest.

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