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Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts


This is the 3rd book in the Hogwarts series. Read on as the fight continues and some people fight for their lives.

Action / Adventure
Stormy Lee
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The Summer Blues, Harry's Plan

Disclaimer – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling.

Disclaimer – Merlin and Morgan Le Fey are characters in History and Myth. They do not belong to me either.

Disclaimer – Sun Runner abilities are the property of Melanie Rawn.

Chapter 1 – Summer Blues, Harry's Plan

The end of the year approached. The N.E.W.T.S. and O.W.L.S. were upon the students at last. Fifth and seventh year students all sat their exams in the morning and had their practical exams in the afternoon. Harry sat in the Great Hall during the practical exams, as he did not want to pace his office for hours on end. He wanted to see how certain members did. While he watched Luna he saw that she did her practical exams very well. He had no doubt that she got at least and E in DADA. Ginny on the other hand was a different story. She totally floored the examiner. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Ginny had gotten an O in DADA. He watched their charms and transfiguration exams as well. He thought they both did remarkably well. By the end of the week, Harry, Ginny, and Neville were all breathing easier. They could all relax now as the exams were over.

Harry had other things to contend with. The school year was drawing to an end and he had to award the quidditch cup as well as the house cup. He decided that he would do something a little bit different this year. As the night of the feast arrived, Harry had the Great Hall set up and arranged so that all of the students could sit together in any way that they desired. He had the house elves prepare a special feast. The elves delighted in taking requests from Harry. Each elf in the school loved Harry. He treated them as part of his family rather than slaves. Six o'clock rolled around and Harry was sitting in his chair waiting for the students and staff to come in. He pushed back the time of dinner so that he could do his award ceremony first. Finally everyone was present in the Great Hall. Slowly Harry stood up and made his way to the podium. Next to it was a table that had many awards on it. The students and staff were all intrigued. They knew it was awards, but they could not see what they were. Harry looked around the Great Hall and smiled.

"Good evening to all," began Harry. "Another year has gone by and it is time to say goodbye to some of our students. To each of the seventh year students, please know that you will be missed. I hope that your careers are fruitful for you. I would like you all to stand and please give a round of applause to the seventh year students."

Chairs scraped as each student from first through sixth year stood and applauded the seventh year students. When the applause died down, Harry surveyed the crowd again and smiled.

"It is my privilege to award the quidditch cup this year," he said. "This year I have the honor of awarding the cup to Pomona Sprout. Hufflepuff won the Quidditch Cup this year. However, I have a surprise for all of the Hufflepuff team. Would all seven of you please join your Head of House here?"

The seven Hufflepuff quidditch players looked confused for a moment, but they followed Harry's instruction and approached the stand and stood next to Pomona.

Harry raised the plaque that showed all of their names on it. He then handed it to Mrs. Figg to put in the trophy room. Next he lifted the cover from the Quidditch Cup. It was Yellow with an onyx badger on it. Turning he handed the cup to Pomona, who took it with a delighted smile on her face. The cup was beautiful. Next, Harry lifted the cover and showed seven more identical cups with the students names engraved on them. He handed each student their cup to the applause of the room. This was a break from tradition and they all knew it. After giving them all a handshake, Harry gestured for them to have a seat.

"It is also my duty to award the House Cup," said Harry. "This is how the points stand. Hufflepuff is in fourth place with 372 points. Therefore the yellow of Hufflepuff will be on the bottom of the house cup. Slytherin is in third place with 396 points. The green of Slytherin will be above the yellow. Gryffindor is in second place with 404 points. Therefore red will be under the winning blue of Ravenclaw who had 421 points. Well done Ravenclaw House."

He gestured for Hermione to stand and come receive her cup. When Harry lifted the cover, the sapphire blue was on the top of the cup and the eagle was emblazoned on the side. There was also a sapphire above the eagle. She accepted the cup to the applause of the other staff members and the students. Harry turned with a smile and lifted the cloth and there sitting on the table were identical cups for each student of Ravenclaw tower. With a wave of his hands, the cups lifted and floated to each student who took their cup with pride.

"Congratulations to Ravenclaw house for their victory," said Harry waving his hands causing the Great Hall to be decorated in Ravenclaw colors.

"I have two more awards to give out this evening and then we can all enjoy the feast," said Harry. "I still have to award the Student of the Year Award as well as the Teacher of the Year Award."

The Great Hall quieted at this. For it was a coveted title to receive these awards. They waited with baited breath for Harry to continue. He picked up the envelope for the Student of the Year Award and opened it. After reading the parchment, Harry smiled.

"As you all know, the teachers get together and vote on who should be the Student of the Year," said Harry. "Also as you know, I have no say so in the vote. So therefore it is with great honor to announce that the Student of the Year Award goes to Colin Creevey."

There was a thunderous applause at this. Many thought that Ginny Weasley or Luna Lovegood would get the award. Colin went up red in the face and claimed his plaque.

"This last award is one that you as the student body voted on," said Harry. "The Teacher of the Year Award is tallied up by Mrs. Figg. She then encloses the results in an envelope. I now have the honor of announcing who that award goes to."

Harry opened the envelope and read it. He worked really hard to school his face to keep from crying.

"The Teacher of the Year Award goes to Rubeus Hagrid," said Harry with a catch in his voice. "On behalf of Hagrid, I thank you all for your choice. I shall have Mrs. Figg place this award along side his picture at the entrance of the Great Hall. Thank you all for your vote."

Harry looked around at his fellow staff members. There were tears in the eyes of many of them. Harry made his way to his chair and turned. With a wave of his hands, the plates on the table filled. Talk and laughter rang out in the Great Hall as students and teachers started eating and chatting.

"Are you ok Harry?" asked Severus leaning over with a worried look on his face.

"Yes Sev, I am fine." replied Harry. "I should have known that the students would vote for Hagrid. It still hurts from time to time that he isn't with us any longer. I think I'll send a letter to Madam Maxime and tell her the news."

"I think she would enjoy that," said Severus.

Finally around eight the Great Hall started emptying. Students and faculty alike made their way back to their dorms and rooms. Many of the teachers were leaving for the summer. Certain members were staying with Harry all summer. Among these were Draco, Albus, and Severus. Hermione and Ron decided they would go and spend a week with the Granger's to announce the news and then a week with Molly to let her coddle them. Ginny would be going to the orphanage for a few weeks, but would be returning to the castle. Minerva was going visit family for a few weeks and she too was coming back. Neville and Luna were going to visit Augusta Longbottom. From there they were going to get married and then return to the castle. Pomona was going visit her family for a couple of weeks and then she too would return to the castle.

The following day saw the usual hustle and bustle of the students as they got their last minute packing done and their trunks in the foyer. While they were eating their breakfast, a dozen house elves were busy loading the trunks and animals into carts. From there, they would take them to the train where they would place them beside the train to await their owner. No one was worried about theft, as the luggage was being watched by a very observant Dudley Dursley. After breakfast, the students all made their way to the carts and from there, they went to the train. After waving goodbye to the teachers that accompanied them, they grabbed their luggage and boarded. Thirty minutes later the train left. Neville, Ginny, Luna, and Severus were all on the train. They were there to make sure that none of the students would get hurt.

Harry and Draco made their way back to the Head Master's office. It was a set of rooms that they had shared for a year now. They sat down and were about to start discussing what to do about Terry Boot and the Dark Runners, when there was a knock on the door. Harry waved his hand to find that Ron and Hermione as well as other staff members were there to say good bye. Harry and Draco both got up and gave each member a brief hug. Within a couple of weeks, they would all be back. With that, the others departed for their vacations. Harry and Draco smiled at one another before they sat down again. Harry looked over at the marauders map and saw Albus approaching. Harry left the door open and waved him inside when he got to the door.

"I think we should wait for Severus to return," said Harry. "This way we can all discuss how we want to handle the Dark Runners."

Both Draco and Albus nodded in agreement. A few hours later, Harry looked over at the map as the dot of Severus Snape appeared near the gates and began making his way to the castle. Finally Severus made his way into Harry's office and sat down.

"I take it you were all waiting on me?" he asked.

"Yes," said Harry. "We felt that it would be best to wait for you so that we can get your input on what we should do about Terry Boot and the rest of the Dark Runners."

"Don't forget that we don't know who the heir of Morgan Le Fey is either," stated Draco.

"I didn't forget," replied Harry. "What I would like to know is what can we do to find these Dark Runners?"

"I have a theory," said Albus. "It may or may not work, but it is possible that we can accomplish this."

"What is your theory Albus?" asked Severus curiously.

"Well let me take us back to what Harry said," began Albus in explanation. "He said that in his phoenix Animagus form, he could see the colors of a runner as well as those that had the potential to become a runner. Is that an accurate memory Harry?"

"Yes Albus," said Harry with slight confusion. ""When I was in my phoenix form, I could see what colors you had and how many. Please continue with your idea."

"Well Harry," said Albus. "The idea is simple in itself. You, Draco, or Hermione, can all see this because you are what we call magical Animagus. Therefore I suggest that from time to time, you or Draco fly around and search for possible runners. If we happen to come across a runner that is not one you recognize, then you stop where you are and send us word as to their location."

"And from there we go and pick them up," finished Draco with a nod. "If it is someone that we know was in league with Voldemort, then we can have them arrested and put under Veritaserum and have them tell us who the other runners are."

Harry sat in shock for a moment as Draco called the Dark Lord Voldemort for the first time. Draco noticed this and shrugged sheepishly.

"Very good Draco," said Albus. "I could not have stated that better. However, the danger lies in that, if we hit upon a powerful dark runner, would they be able to hold and possibly cause one of us to go shadow lost."

Harry sat there thinking about the impact of what was being laid out before him. He smiled with a sudden manic glee in his eyes.

"Not if I teach you all how to shred ones runner abilities," said Harry. "I can teach you three as well as Hermione, Alastor, and even Ginny how to stop a runner."

"How difficult is that to learn?" asked Severus.

"Not that difficult," said Harry. "Tomorrow at noon, I will teach you all how to shred a runner's abilities. I know shred sounds harsh, but I have no alternative word to use for what I am going to teach you to do. Ginny has the potential for a fifth color, but it is weak. She would have to tackle a very low level runner to put an end to their abilities. That is just fighting their weaving ability. That is not counting their normal magical attack. However Ginny can handle herself quite well in a duel."

Draco and Severus laughed.

"She had the highest test scores in my class," said Severus.

"Mine a well," said Albus.

"She was in the top three in my class also," said Draco.

"I will work on her fifth color," said Harry. "Amethyst is one of my colors and it is her weakest. If I can strengthen it then she should be a moderate five color runner. Knowing Ginny, she may surprise us all and become a strong five color runner."

"That sounds like a great idea Harry," said a chuckling Albus. "We will meet you tomorrow at noon so that you can show us this new ability. Until then I suggest that we have some fun. I forbid you to hole yourself up in these rooms all day every day, and worry about things that you have no control over."

Harry laughed at these words, but promised Albus that he would do as he suggested and have some fun. He looked over at Draco who nodded with an impish smile. Harry walked over to him, wrapped his arms around him, and apparated them to Hogsmeade.

"I really wish I knew how he was doing that," said Severus. "Plus it would have been nice for him to take us with him."

"Well I think we should head out if we are going to join them at Rosemerta's for a drink," said a chuckling Albus.

Together the two older wizards made their way to the entrance gates of the castle and then made their way to the bar. Harry and Draco just sat there with a rogue smile on their faces. Rosemerta brought Albus and Severus each a drink and sat with them.

"What took you guys so long?" asked Harry as innocently as he could.

In reply, Severus just upended his mug of ale over Harry's head.

"That should teach you to respect your elders," said Severus as Albus and Draco rolled with laughter.

The four of them sat for a couple of hours just having fun. The joked and played with each other. Finally it looked like everyone was starting to get tired. Su Harry grabbed a portion of each wizard and transported them all to the entrance the castle. From there, Harry and Draco headed to their room and Albus and Severus made their way to their own quarters.

The next day dawned bright and sunny. Harry woke up around seven that morning. He untangled himself from Draco's arms and made his way down to breakfast. He instructed the house elves to serve the others breakfast in bed. The elves smiled and scuttle away to beat the wizards before they got up. An hour later, Albus, Severus, and Draco made their way to the Great Hall.

"Thank you for that wonderful idea Harry," said Albus. "That was a very nice treat. I have not had breakfast in bed for some time."

"Nor have I," admitted Severus. "Thank you."

"You are more than welcome," said Harry.

He was about to launch into the plans for the day when they were interrupted by Sybil Trelawney.

"Head Master," she began. "I wish to speak with you."

"Of course Sybil," said Harry politely. "Please have a seat. What can I do for you?"

"What I have to say is not private so Albus and the rest can stay," she said eyeing the other three. "I will come right to the point. I wish to retire. I have been here nineteen years and I wish to go home. My brother passed away and I was asked by his wife to come and stay with her. I am the last of the family. So I told her I would."

"Wow," said Harry. "I am sorry to hear about your brother. I will more than gladly honor your request. However, I must ask if you know of anyone that could or would fill your post."

"I think Miss Lovegood would be a good replacement," said Sybil to the astonishment of the group. "She has scored high on all of her exams as well as getting an O on her O.W.L. She is also the one who made the prediction that my brother would pass. She was 100% accurate in that prediction."

"Who would have thought," said Draco in astonishment. "Well Harry, this will solve your dilemma of what to do with her now that she has graduated. I know you wanted to keep her here in the castle. This is the opportune solution."

"That is true," said Harry thoughtfully and then turned back to Sybil. "When do you wish to leave?"

"Immediately, Head Master," she replied promptly.

"Very well," said Harry. "Albus, would you assist Sybil in getting back home?"

"Of course Harry," said Albus. "Sybil, are you packed yet?"

"Yes I am Albus," she said. "I want to thank you all for the wonderful years here. It has been a pleasure to work with you all. I state again Harry, you were never a good seer when you were in my class, but you were a great study. Now that you have the abilities of Helga, I know that you will be well prepared if you need something."

With that she got up and left the Hall. Albus rose and followed her out. Harry sat there and looked at Draco and Severus.

"One down and one to go," said Harry shrugging.

"What do you mean?" asked Severus.

"I now have to find a job for Ginny," said Harry.

Noon rolled around and the four men met in the entrance of the castle. Together they walked out into the sunlight. Harry quickly grabbed the rays of light and wove the pattern he wanted. When he had it the way he wanted it, he flung it to the other three men. They had already prepared themselves on the light, so when Harry flung the weave to them, they easily grabbed it. From there, Harry showed each of them how to shred the ability of a runner. He used Albus as his example so that it could be seen by the other two. He brought Albus' colors down to the barest of ability. One more little twitch would have knocked Albus' ability to weave the light right out of him. When he finished showing the other two how to do it, he quickly repaired Albus' colors. Then he turned and did the same thing to Draco so that Albus could benefit from the lesson. When all three men had the ability down, he let them try it on each other. All three caught on quickly to what Harry showed them. Harry kept a close eye on them to make sure that they did not accidentally knock out a weaving ability from the other. When all three men proved to be proficient, Harry grabbed the weave and rearranged it. From there he flung it with ease to the rest of the runners that had five colors. He even sent out a message to Ginny that he would be working with her personally. When he was done, he untangled the weave and set all three of the men back into their own pattern. When he finished he looked at the other three. They were all standing there with an awed look on their faces.

"What?" asked Harry a bit startled. "What is the matter?"

"We now understand why you are such a powerful Runner Harry," said Albus. "That was the most extraordinary bit of magic even I have ever witnessed."

"OH," said Harry a bit embarrassed by the praise. "I thought you were going to tell me something bad was happening."

Laughing the four men headed back into the castle.

Summer continued. The rest of the group made their way back home to the castle in slow trickles. Luna and Neville came back to a new suite provided by Harry for their own use. Hermione and Ron came back tired, but happy. Minerva and Pomona came back and fell into their normal summer routines. Ginny came in with Ron and Hermione and was a bit lost as to what to do with her self.

Harry meanwhile took her to the side and whispered some information to her. She looked at him for a moment and then nodded her head in acceptance. Harry took her and Hermione outside and he taught them how to shred a weaver's abilities. Together he and Hermione worked on Ginny's fifth color. Harry's prediction came true. Ginny was a strong solid five color weaver. Moody appeared a couple of days later and Harry taught him how to do the same. Being the veteran he was, he had no trouble catching on to the concept that Harry was teaching him.

From there, Harry called a meeting of all of the Light Runners. This meeting included Amelia, Remus, and Tonks. Harry, with the help of Albus and Severus quickly outlined what they had discussed as the best course to take in finding the Dark Runners. Amelia quickly approved the plan. The documents were quickly drawn up that any Light Runner could contain and hold a suspected Dark Runner. If the Dark Runner was a former Death Eater, then the power to shred the Runner's ability was granted. From there the use of Veritaserum was approved for all runners that were under suspect. This was to ensure that they got the names of the other Dark Runners as well as the Heir of Morgan Le Fey. When the meeting was done, everyone went about their normal duties. After all Harry still had a school to run.

The Heads of House could be seen working together to send out letters to new first years. Book lists were made and sent out to the students. Albus could be seen writing letters to the new muggle-born students that would be coming to the school.

Ginny and Luna got the results of their N.E.W.T.S. Ginny got an O in DADA, potions, charms, and COMC. She got an E in transfiguration, Herbology, and astronomy. Luna got an O in divination, DADA, and charms. She got an E in transfiguration, Herbology, and COMC.

Overall, Harry was proud of both young women. Harry asked Luna if she wanted the job as Divination Professor, and she accepted graciously. Ginny was offered the job of substitute teacher as well as tutor. She also accepted.

Over all, summer was not that bad. There was a lot of activity in the castle as the new school term drew nearer, but everyone was happy.

Each waited patiently for the first day of the term to arrive. Time flew for them and it was there before they knew it.

Author's note – I will end this chapter here. I wanted to set up a portion of the plot as well as fill in a few gaps. I had to work on a way to get both Ginny and Luna as teachers. The easiest way was for Luna to replace Sybil. Let me know what you all think.

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