Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

Seeker vs Seeker

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Chapter 10 – Seeker vs. Seeker

Ginny went back to Gryffindor Manor. She decided that for now she would leave Arthur with his siblings. She was saddened by the loss of her brother. She had one job and she failed. It was time for her to make up for her blunder. She would not fail again. She wanted revenge on the people that put her children in danger. She wanted revenge on her brother's murderers. She would stop at nothing until those that threatened her way of life were opposed and destroyed. Ginny made her way around the manor and thought out different ways she could get even with the leaders of the Dark Runners. Everyone knew that the leaders of the Light Runners were Harry, Draco, and Albus. The leaders of the Dark Runners were Lilith, Terry Boot, and Viktor Krum. What really pissed Ginny off was Cho Chang holding Alexander. She had no right to be touching the child. Alexander was the highlight of Harry's world. He loved his son with all of his fiber. Harry loved all five children equally. Ginny knew that Harry would lay his life down for any of the five children.

"Of course he would," she thought to herself. "This is Harry Potter I am talking about. Even though Octavia, James, and Destiny were not his by blood, he would give his life for them just as much as he would his own sons."

Ginny smiled at that thought. Harry was one of the most unselfish people she had ever known. She had been in love with him since she was ten years old. She knew that Harry loved her in his own way. She also knew that she would never be his. So she did the next best thing. She had children for him. Draco was his soul mate. While neither man was gay, they had a bond that was unrivaled by anything in the world. Each young man had saved the other from themselves. It made sense to Ginny that the two would be so close. She was not a jealous person. Like everyone else she accepted what it was and went with it. It made her feel better to know that they had each other to lean on when both had such miserable childhoods. Draco may have been a rich Malfoy growing up, but with Death Eater parents, how could he be a happy child. It was a wonder that he turned out to be the wonderful person he was now. She knew that Harry and Draco had been bitter enemies since the first time they met. That all changed when Harry saved Draco. Harry knew nothing but neglect at the hands of his relatives. It all ended when his uncle knocked him down the stairs and tried to kill him. That same muggle uncle was barely hanging on to life in Azkaban Prison. Vernon Dursley was the first muggle to ever have to serve a prison sentence there. He was sent there by her father and the namesake of her third child Arthur Weasley. Thanks to Harry, the person that had killed him would never hurt another human ever again. Bellatrix Lestrange and her husband were both given the Dementor's Kiss. She passed away within three months after being administered the kiss. She was buried next to Draco's parents. Draco had denounced his parents in favor of Harry and the rest of the group. He even went so far as to change his name to Potter.

Ginny snapped out of her reverie. She wondered briefly how she could sit here and drift off in thought while there were Dark Runners to stop. Harry was furious with her for attempting to challenge two Dark Runners single handedly while she was supposed to be trailing George. Thanks to her the enemy knew of the abilities of her children, her mother was recovering from a heart attack, and the brother she was supposed to be protecting was dead. On top of it all Cho Chang had Alexander in her arms. Cho always wanted Harry for herself. Ginny made a snap decision. She would challenge and defeat Cho. Ginny sat at the desk in the study of her home office. Harry had given her this manor for her own. She wrote a letter to Cho.

Cho Chang

I am furious that you would be holding my son in your arms. You have no right to go anywhere near my children. You will pay for turning to the side of darkness. You will never have Harry, and you will never have my children. Therefore I am offering you this challenge. Meet me in the Forbidden Forest Friday tonight at seven. You and I will fight there. Winner takes all. I will bring no back up and you do the same. Just you and me. Let's finish this once and for all. If I win you have your runner abilities shredded and you go to Azkaban. If you win I die. I can't get any plainer or more to the point than that. Send me a response soon. I grow tired of waiting.

Ginny Weasley

When she was done writing the letter, she sealed it with her insignia and sent it with her owl. Ginny paced back and forth as she waited. She had no idea how long it would take Athena to find and deliver the letter to Cho. She went to the practice room that the manor had and practiced her wand work. She was about to cast a spell when she noticed that instead of one wand, she now had two. The wand of Godric Gryffindor had separated from hers. She was so used to it being together that she had forgotten that her wand actually consisted of two wands. She remembered that the children would carry the wands of the founders. She set the wand aside and went to work. Her wand was not quite as powerful as when it was combined with Godric's, but it was still a powerful wand. When she was done with her work out, she went back to her desk and sat down. She grabbed a fresh sheet of parchment and wrote another letter.

Dear Harry,

My wand separated. This is probably due to the fact that our children will be getting the wands. By now I am sure that Draco, Pomona, and Hermione's wands have all separated as well. Therefore I am sending the wand of Godric back to you for safe keeping. I know that which ever of our children receives this wand that it will make them an extraordinary witch or wizard. Please give the children kisses for me.

Love Ginny

When she was finished writing the letter, she pulled out her own wand and conjured a box. She gently placed the wand of Godric inside with the letter.

"Rico," she called.

"Ma'am," said the elf walking in the door. "What can I do for you Mistress?"

"I need you to bring this box to Harry Potter," she answered. "Please make sure you place it directly into his hands. By all means this box is to be kept safe."

"Yes Mistress," he answered. "I will see to it immediately."

Rico took the box from Ginny and with a small pop disappeared. He appeared at Hogwarts and searched for Harry. He found Harry in the Great Hall eating lunch. He walked up to the staff table and gave Harry a low bow.

"Head Master," he greeted. "Mistress Weasley asked me to make sure that I delivered this package directly into your hands."

Harry looked over and accepted the package.

"Thanks Rico," he said. "I appreciate the care you took of this."

Rico gave Harry a smile and with a small pop apparated back to Gryffindor Manor. Harry opened the box. He saw the wand lying in it along with a letter. He quickly read the letter. When he was done, he looked at Draco and handed him the letter. Draco read it carefully. He pulled out his wand and held it up. As he did so, the wands separated. With a knowing smile, he handed Harry the wand of Salazar. Pomona and Hermione were watching with curiosity. When they saw what Draco's wand did, each witch took out their own wand and watched as their original wand separated from the wand of a founder. When the separation was complete, each handed Harry the wand. Harry took out his own wand and waited for his to separate as well. His did not separate. He looked at Albus with the question in his eyes. Albus merely pointed towards the direction of Harry's office. Harry met the eyes of the others, and they quietly made their way to the Head Master's Office. Harry, Draco, Severus, Albus, Hermione, and Pomona entered the office and they were not surprised to see the four founders standing there with Merlin.

"I am sure you will tell us about this," said Harry holding up the five wands.

"Yes Harry," said Godric. "Please get the children. It is time to see who will get which wand."

Harry sent a summons to Remus and Tonks to bring the five children up to the Head Masters office. Within ten minutes Ron, Remus, and Tonks came in carrying the five children. Hermione took Destiny, while Ron held Arthur. Harry took Alexander and Draco grabbed Octavia.

"Why did my wand not separate also?" asked Harry. "Everyone else's wand did."

"Your wand will not separate," said Merlin. "Upon your death, the wand you now carry will be passed down to another."

"That makes some sense I guess," said Harry. "What do we do now?"

"Albus," said Rowena. "Do you still have your original wand?"

"Yes I do," stated Albus curiously. "Why do you ask?"

"I think it is time to pass on the elder wand," said Merlin. "After all, it was my secondary wand."

"Accio my original wand," said Albus.

A whistling sound could be heard. The wand flew into the room. Albus made to grab it and missed. Harry and Draco both reached out a hand and grabbed the wand. Laughing they handed the wand to Albus.

"That was odd," stated Albus chuckling. "I know I'm getting old now. I missed."

Harry had placed the founder's wands on the desk. Albus placed the Elder wand next to them. Merlin sat in Harry's chair.

"Harry hand the baby to Albus," directed Salazar. "Only the Head Master can do this."

Harry handed Alexander to Albus and walked over to the founders.

"From here all you do is pick up each wand and present it to a child," said Helga. "If the wand chooses them, they will glow."

Harry picked up Godric's wand and walked over to the children. He placed it on Octavia. Nothing happened. He then went to Arthur. Again nothing happened. He tried James next. When James touched the wand, he and the wand both glowed a golden color. Nodding to himself, Harry walked over to the desk and picked up Salazar's wand. He walked over to Octavia and placed it in her lap. She giggled as both she and the wand glowed. Smiling Harry walked over and picked up Rowena's wand. He walked over and placed it in Destiny's lap. Again the wand and child had a brilliant golden glow around them. Harry picked up the last two wands. Helga's and the Elder wand remained. Harry walked over to Arthur. Here he hesitated. He did not know which child to give the wand to. He felt that either wand would be good for either child. These were his sons after all. Draco gave him an encouraging smile. Harry placed Helga's wand on the lap of Alexander. Nothing happened. He moved the wand to Arthur and both the wand and the child glowed. Harry looked down at the last wand. This wand had caused so much grief in the world. Merlin walked up silently to Harry.

"Never fear for the history of the wand," he said. "It is not an evil wand. Only the actions of the witches or wizards who held the wand are what were evil. Not the wand itself. Do not fear for Alexander. His heart is a pure as yours is."

When Merlin said that, Harry confidently placed the wand in Alexander's lap. The glow that emanated from the wand was so bright that everyone actually had to shield their eyes from it.

"You must keep the wands safe until they come of age to use them," said Rowena. "There is one place you can put them that no one will be able to access but you."

"Where is that?" asked Harry.

"Dolt," muttered Salazar. "she is referring to The Chamber of Secrets of course. You are the only known parseltongue on the planet."

"Oh yeah," said Harry a bit embarrassed.

He quickly conjured up and box and gently placed the five wands inside. When he was done he muttered an incantation. When he was done he instructed each person to place the hand of a child on the box. When that was complete the box sealed. He turned on the spot and quickly popped down to the Chamber of Secrets. A few moments later, he was back.

"The spell I cast on the box is simple," said Harry. "Only the children or I will be able to open the box."

"Very clever Harry," stated Rowena.

Harry took Alexander from Albus and sat with him. Draco made room for him and together they held their children. Remus handed Arthur to them. Albus quickly started taking pictures again.

"He may be old," said Draco. "But he sure can move fast with a camera when he wants to."

The room erupted with laughs at Draco's comment. Even Albus had tears of laughter in his eyes. Harry looked around the room. Every available space was taken up on the walls by either a former Head Master, or a picture of the babies. The portraits of the former Head Masters were fiercely protective of the baby pictures that were placed near them. Each had specified which shot they wanted placed near them. Some even wanted the picture placed in their frame with them. Even the sharp tongued Phineas Nigellus had a picture of the children with him in his frame.


Athena had returned. Ginny opened the letter and read it.


I accept your challenge. You were never good enough for Harry. How you were chosen to carry his children is beyond me. However change the meeting place to the yard in front of the Shrieking Shack. We will do battle there. It is time to get rid of yet one more Weasley. I always said that your parents were so poor due to having too many children. See you at seven.

Mistress Cho Chang

Your superior

Ginny fumed with anger. How dare Cho feel that she was superior to her?

"I'll show that bitch who is superior," she muttered.

Ginny carefully braided her hair and got dressed. She had about an hour to go before she was due to meet Cho. She gathered all her documents and handed them to Reyna.

"If I do not return tonight," she said. "Bring these to Harry for me."

"Yes Mistress," said Reyna.

With nothing else to do or say, Ginny wandered around the home that she only had for a couple of weeks. The elves had made short work of the cleaning. The house that was over a thousand years old looked as fresh as the day it was built. With a small sigh, Ginny turned on the spot and apparated to Hogsmeade. She walked over to the Shrieking Shack and sat down. Apparently Cho had the same idea. Moments after Ginny sat down, Cho walked up.

"Hello loser," taunted Cho. "Are you ready to die Weasley? I am ready to end your life."

"I didn't know you were going to make me laugh to death," returned Ginny. "I thought this was supposed to be a fight. Not who can tell the funniest joke."

"I'll show you who is joking," said Cho pulling out her wand.

Ginny also had her wand out and the two women took their battle positions.

"At least you kept your word and you are alone," said Ginny. "I didn't think you Dark Runners had any amount of dignity or honor."

"Like you Light Runners are any better ganging up on people," returned Cho.

Ginny was stunned by that comment. The Light Runners did not do that. Harry usually faced them alone. However this was just what Cho was waiting for.

"Aveda Kedavra," screamed Cho.

"NOOOOO," screamed Fred.

Ginny crumpled to the ground dead. She had not even tried to defend herself. Cho was laughing at Ginny. She turned just in time to notice Fred hit her with a stunning spell. When he had Cho disarmed and stunned, he turned and sent a patronus to the castle. Within moments, Harry, Draco, Severus, and Albus were all at the scene. Harry did not fully understand what was going on.

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE," he yelled tears falling from his eyes and he and Draco made their way to Ginny.

Ginny was lying on the ground dead. Fred was howling in grief. He was attempting to attack Cho and kept getting intercepted by Albus.


Fred collapsed on the ground. Percy was in Azkaban for life. George was dead. His mother was recovering from a heart attack. The mother of his nephews and niece was dead on the ground.

"Obliviate," said Severus pointing his wand at Fred. "When you wake, you will remember that you have to be strong. YOU will remember that you have to help the rest of your family."

"Nice work," said Albus.

He turned and summoned the Aurors. Amelia came with them. She took one look around and went into action.

"What is going on here Albus?" she asked. 'I have one girl dead, another stunned, and a memory modified grief stricken young man. Harry and Draco are in shock."

"We are not really sure what happened here," said Albus. "Harry was with us in the Head Master's office. A patronus from Mr. Weasley summoned us here. This is what we found."

Reyna and Rico popped in. Reyna walked over to Harry and gently tugged on his sleeve.

"Master Harry," she said. "Mistress Ginny asked me to give this to you."

Still crying, Harry took the letter from Reyna.

Dear Harry,

I am sorry that this happened. I purposely challenged Cho to a duel knowing I would not survive. Forgive me for failing you. I was a bad mother, and a bad protector. I have failed you, my children, my family, and my friends. I was so angry that Cho had her hands on Alexander that I went crazy. With my death, I hope that you have captured another Dark Runner. Please forgive me. I ask that you remember the good times that we shared. I also ask you to remember that I loved you more than life itself. Enclosed is my will. I know that you will always watch out for the children. Please give Draco my love. Tell him that I am happy that you have him in your life to watch out for you. I can no longer do that. I am sorry that this hurts you. Please tell my family that I will watch out over them always. Do no grieve for me to long. Know that I have always and will always love you. All I ask is that you tell Alex, Octavia, and Arthur that I loved them and that I did this for them. My sacrifice will keep them safe from attacks by the Dark Runners now. I can protect them like I was unable to do so while alive. Tell Draco to continue to stand by your side. I know he loves you and you love him. Tell Albus that I appreciate everything he did for me in my second year. Tell Severus that I appreciate all the help that he gave me during my pregnancy as well as my first year as a staff member. Tell Hermione that I have always been envious of her book smarts. Tell Ron to not be as hard on his daughter as he was on me. Tell my mother that she has to stay strong for the children. Tell yourself that this is not your fault.

Love always and forever

Ginny Weasley Potter

Harry sat there reading the letter. He read it a second and then a third time. Draco sat there with a concerned look on his face. Harry looked over at him and then handed him the letter. When Draco finished reading the letter, he gathered Harry in his harms and held him as a fresh wave of tears started. Albus and Severus approached the young men. Draco handed them the letter. Both older wizards read the letter. When they were done, they too wrapped their arms around the young men and stood there in a huddle.

Amelia and the rest of the Aurors quickly cleaned up the situation. When everything was finished she walked over to Harry.

"I know that this hurts Harry," she said. "Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. What she said was correct. She will be able to watch out over not only the children, but you and the rest of her family as well."

The image of Ginny appeared. The group gasped. Harry stood and stared at her. She did not seem to be able to talk, but Harry understood what her expression was saying. He gently raised his fingers to his lips and sent her a kiss. Draco, Albus, and Severus all did the same. She smiled at them with a sad apologetic look and faded from sight."

"Where did she go?" asked Blaise.

"She is standing guard over the babies," said Draco. "She will be able to do that forever now."

Harry and the rest of the occupants from the castle grabbed hands and apparated to his office. Amelia had seen to the care of Ginny's body. Blaise had seen to the shredding of Cho's colors, and Moody sent her to Azkaban. She would have an extra guard in the prison. They would see to it that Cho suffered more than normal prisoners. Fred was sent to St Mungo's for some counseling. Harry read the contents of Ginny's will. She had 40 million galleons in her account. It was to be divided between the accounts of the five children. Harry sent the parchment to Griphook. He knew that the goblin would see to it at once. After all both he and Amelia had signed it. The thirty day waiting would not matter now.

The next day, a memorial plaque with a picture of Ginny was placed on the wall next to the one of Hagrid and George. During the day, students or teachers would walk by and place a rose on the floor under the three pictures. Harry had Severus see to the final resting place for Ginny. She would be buried next to Hagrid and George. A carriage containing Molly, Petunia, and the orphans came to the castle. Ginny's body was due to arrive at any moment. Harry and Draco walked over to Molly and gave her a hug. She patted their cheeks.

"Don't worry boys," she said. "I will be fine. I received a letter from Ginny before she died. In it she asked me to watch out over you two and the babies in the event that something ever happened to her. I think she knew she was going to die soon and made sure that I would be around to help. Therefore, I am moving to the castle. Petunia and I have talked and we both agree that she is more than capable of dealing with the orphanage alone. This way I can assist Poppy as well as tend to my grandchildren while you are at work."

"That sounds like a great idea Mom," said Harry with a sad smile. "I'm sure that the babies will enjoy you being here."

"Don't worry about it mom," chimed in Draco. "We will always find something for you to do."

"Why you little…" began Molly, but the rest of the group saw the impish look on his face and chuckled for a moment. Molly smiled at him and then kissed his cheek.

"I'll make you pay for that one later," she threatened.

"I look forward to it," he said hugging her.

The carriage with Ginny's body rolled in. Harry walked over to it and gently lifted her out and carried her to her final resting place. When he had her arranged, he placed his hands on the front of the tomb and sealed it. The difference was that Ginny would be seen from the outside. Harry had made sure that her tomb was sealed with a glass front. Her body would always look like she was sleeping. This way the children could see her. Over her tomb was written the benediction.

Here lies Ginny Weasley Potter. She was the Master of the bat bogey hex. Now she is the protector of innocents.

Author's Note – I was getting tired of dealing with Ginny. However I wanted to send her off in style. I hope that the way she died makes sense to you all. I gave her the honorific of the Potter name. It was only fitting.

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