Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

Dudley's Dilemma

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Chapter 13 – Dudley's Dilemma

Days passed after the professor wrestling match in the foyer. The students still talked about how they could not believe that the men and women professors were rolling around on the floor like children for the amusement of the students. That Professor Sprout managed to pin Professor Snape had won many students a few sickles in the bets. It was such a favorite that Harry and the staff decided that they would make it a monthly activity. Madame Pomfrey was against it at first, but after the rest of the staff banned together and agreed that they would be careful, she relented. However she said she would be there on the sidelines to patch up any accidents that occurred. Harry had the castle prepare a room in the form of an auditorium so that they could leave the mats and such up. He then created comfortable seats so that the students could sit and watch. Molly and Tonks would join Minerva as referees for the future events.

Harry was sitting at his desk one afternoon chuckling to himself at the memory of that fun filled evening. He looked across the room to the desk normally used by Draco. Draco was down in the dungeons teaching potions to his third year students. Harry gave a sigh of contentment at the changes at Hogwarts since he became Head Master. When he was a student, things like Professor Wrestling and food fights were unheard of. Severus Snape rolling around on the floor was unheard of. Minerva McGonagall throwing an egg at a student was unheard of. Harry often wondered if the older professors enjoyed these forays even more than the younger professors. It certainly seemed that they were more light hearted and fun to be around now. The students also were easier to deal with. Now that the professors weren't so hard faced and stern all the time, the students were easier to handle and behaved more. Detentions were almost unheard of these days. That's not to say that points were deducted. There were always minor issues that called for points to be docked, but the hourglasses were always filling rather than losing gems. Harry glanced at the secondary hourglasses. Gryffindor was in the lead for points, but not by much. Slytherin was hot on their tail with the other houses just mere points behind. The rivalries between the houses were still there, but the hatreds that were there when Harry was a student were gone. The competition between the houses was purely that. It was just a competition to see who could win the cup. The students no longer hexed each other between classes so that they could get an edge for their house. They played a lot fairer than when Harry and Draco were students. Harry watched as five sapphires rose up. Someone must have done something wrong and lost their house some points. As Harry watched he saw that Gryffindor also lost a few points, thus losing them the lead. A minor infraction must have occurred. Probably some first year students were doing something foolish. Harry leaned back in his chair and picked up a piece of parchment and began reading it. When he was done, he made the necessary changes, signed it, and sent it with an owl to deliver to the appropriate professor. Apparently Pomona wanted to take the students on a field trip into the Forbidden Forest and she needed permission for that. Harry went to pick up the next piece of parchment, but was interrupted by a knock on his door. With a wave of his hand, it opened. Hermione entered looking a little flustered.

"Harry," she began. "There are some

Dementors outside wanting to speak with you. I think you should go meet with them."

Harry was about to respond when Severus entered.

"Harry," he began. "There are Dementors downstairs."

"I know Severus," he replied. "Why don't you and Hermione join me so that we can deal with this before anyone else finds it necessary to tell me what I already know?"

"You knew?" asked Hermione.

Harry pointed at the enlarged marauders map on the wall. Both Severus and Hermione nodded in understanding as Harry grabbed an arm of each and apparated them to the entrance way. When they spun into sight of the Dementors, Harry realized that it was his special service Dementor group. He approached them and waited. They glided forward and opened their arms. One held Mulciber, and the other held Gibbon. Harry quickly grabbed a thread of light and sent a message to Albus. Twenty minutes later, Albus, Moody, and Blaise appeared. They walked over to the Dementors. The Dementors glided back and waited for further instructions. Meanwhile, Moody and Blaise entered into the minds of Mulciber and Gibbon and shredded their runner abilities. When that was finished, they conjured manacles.

"Take them to Azkaban and put a heavy guard on them," said Moody.

The Dementor did not respond. It merely looked at Harry.

"Did you hear what I said?" asked Moody a bit grumpy.

"Alastor this is one of Harry's Dementors," said Albus in understanding. "It will not react unless Harry tells it to do so."

"Oh," said Moody. "That makes sense. I forgot that he has half the Dementors working for him. Harry would you please?"

Harry went to relay those orders when Severus stepped up.

"Harry I was wondering something," he said. "Would you allow me to use one of these Dementors as practice for my students to use the Patronus Charm on?"

Harry thought about that for a moment and then nodded. He turned to the five Dementors.

"You three," he said pointing to them. "Take these prisoners to Azkaban. Make sure that they have heavy guard. Feed on them often."

The three Dementors bowed to Harry and grabbed the screaming prisoners and glided away. Harry turned to the other two Dementors.

"Not all of you cooperate with us," he said. "There are still some rogue Dementors out there. It is necessary for my students to practice the charm that will repel them. I want you two to act as the object. I warn you not to feed on anyone in the castle."

The two Dementors bowed low to Harry.

"Follow Professor Snape," he said pointing to Severus. "He will lead you where you need to be."

The Dementors bowed again and glided towards Severus who led them to a special room on the ground floor. Albus and the two Aurors all nodded their heads in encouragement.

"That was interesting," said Moody. "I like the way the school is being run. It keeps the students safe."

"Well with Harry as Head Master and Albus as Minister," said Hermione. "It helps to keep things from happening. Our students are safer because the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts is working together instead of against one another like it was when Fudge was Minister."

"Succinctly put Professor Weasley," said Albus with a twinkle in his eyes. "How are you enjoying teaching charms again?"

"I love it," said Hermione with a big smile. "It was always one of my favorite subjects when I was a student."

Albus and Blaise both chuckled appreciatively at this. Moody just nodded his head. Harry wisely didn't say anything.

"Before we go Harry," said Albus. "I was wondering if you have been into the Forbidden Forest recently."

"Not recently," said Harry. "Is there something going on that I am missing?"

"I can not say that anything is wrong, but something is definantly not right," said Albus. "Do you mind walking us into the forest? I think it would be a good idea to check on things."

"Sure," said Harry. "What are we looking for in particular?"

"Well I think we should check on Aragog's family as well as the centaur herd," said Albus. "As the owner of the forest, you have access to more areas of it than I do."

Harry nodded his head in understanding. He turned and led the party to the forest. When they passed the tombs of Hagrid, Ginny, and Dean, they all bowed their heads in respect. They walked together for about an hour before they met the first centaur.

"Hello Ronan," said Albus pleasantly. "How are things for the herd these days?"

"Someone has been kidnapping members of the herd," said Ronan irritably. They have taken Firenze, Magorian, and Bane."

"We will work on getting them returned to you as soon as we find out where they are located," promised Albus. "I wanted to pass on to you the importance of sticking together and helping us keep the forest safe. What other types of beings were taken from the forest?"

"Well we found a couple of unicorn foals," replied Ronan. "Their parents are missing. A few hippogriffs are missing as well. We find the young, but the parents are missing."

"Why didn't you send someone to tell me in the castle?" asked Harry. "You should know that I would have acted immediately to help stop the intruders from harassing the citizens of the forest."

"We did not want to disturb you," said Ronan. "We know you have your hands full with running the school and keeping unwanted visitors out of the school."

"Things are not that bad at the castle," said Harry. "You should have sent word to me. After all the forest is under my protection as well as the castle is."

"In the future we will keep that in mind," said Ronan.

"We have other places to go," said Albus quickly. "I suspect that other families are in trouble as well."

Harry and his party gave a nod to the centaurs and then turned towards the part of the forest that held Aragog's family. When they got to the glen that had the spiders in it Harry walked forward.

"Aragog?" he called. "May I have a word with you?"

"Of course you may Harry Potter," said the old spider coming into view. "What may I do for you today?"

"I am here with the Minister of Magic Albus Dumbledore," he said. "We were wondering if anyone has been killing or kidnapping members of your family."

"As it is," said Aragog. "You concern is accurate. Members of my family have been found dead in the forest. They are my children that went off to feed or to bring food back to the nest."

"Were they alone or in groups?" asked Harry.

"Alone," said Aragog.

"I suggest that when your children go hunting that they go in multiples of three or more," said Albus. "This way they can defend each other."

"A wise idea," said Aragog. "It is no wonder that Hagrid was so fond of both you and Harry Potter."

"We will take our leave now," said Harry. "If your area gets threatened, please send word to me at the castle."

"Not to worry Harry Potter," said Aragog. "We will be more help to you than you are to us."

Harry walked up to the giant spider and put his hand on Aragog's leg.

"Just please be careful," said Harry. "You were Hagrid's best friend here in the forest. You mean a lot to me."

"Thank you Harry Potter," said the spider. "Please visit more often. Now, I must rest."

Harry walked back to the others. As he passed each one of Aragog's children, they would lift their leg to him to touch. He obliged each and every one. Oddly enough the spiders did not attempt any harm to Alastor, Blaise, or Hermione. All three were grouped together looked extremely pale, but otherwise not harmed. Harry grabbed the arms of the nearest and they in turn grabbed each other. Apparating around the castle grounds was only something Harry could do. His bloodline let him do more than any other wizard on the planet. The group all sat in Harry's office and discussed what could be done. Albus promised to send Aurors in to help keep an eye out for anything that might be unusual in the forest. He also promised to have all unknown persons apprehended for questioning. Harry graciously accepted the offer. He knew that there was no way the occupants of the castle could do it alone. With the backing of the Ministry of Magic, Harry knew that those responsible for the abductions would be caught soon. It wouldn't hurt to send an envoy to he werewolves that were left to see if they knew anything. Harry had no doubt that Remus would accept that quest. He sent Hermione to talk with him. He knew that she would take care of it. She came back an hour later to inform him that he would be absent for a few days and that he would see to it immediately. Harry would personally cover his classes for him. When everything was discussed, the Ministry officials left. Hermione also left saying she had exams to grade. Harry was sitting there at his desk reviewing in his mind everything he learned over the last few hours. As he sat there in thought, Hedwig flew into the window and landed on his desk. He looked over at her and touched her beak. She held out her leg so that he could remove the letter from it.

Dear Harry

I was wondering if I could talk with you about something. It is a matter of importance that I discuss this with you immediately. If you could come to the orphanage I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Now this was a surprise that Harry was not expecting. He quickly went to the fireplace and threw in some floo powder. He shouted out the name of the orphanage and spun out of view of his office. He arrived at the orphanage to the delight of the children there and stepped out of the fire. He quickly brushed the soot off of his clothes and used a cleansing charm to clean the mess. Even here, Aunt Petunia was a stickler for neatness. When he was done, he looked up and saw the three Dursleys sitting at the dining room table looking at him. All three had happy looks on their faces. When the children started getting loud, Vernon quickly settled them.

"Harry," he exclaimed. "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

"Hello Uncle Vernon," he said. "You look better. How are you enjoying the place?"

"It is great Harry," Vernon replied. "I can't thank you enough for the second chance you have given me. It is wonderful to be with my wife and son again."

"I'm happy then," said Harry. "To answer your question, I am here at Dudley's request. I got your letter today. What did you need to talk with me about?"

"First I want to thank you for getting Dad out of jail," said Dudley. "It is nice having him around again. The change in him is outstanding."

"Glad I could be of assistance," said Harry. "Moody says that everything has been going very nice here."

"Oh it has," beamed Petunia. "Vernon is doing so well with the children."

"This is indeed good news to hear," said Harry. "Now Dudley why don't you tell me what is wrong. I am happy that you all are doing well, and that you all know you can call on me for help, but there is trouble brewing in the forest, and I need to be near the castle as much as possible to keep the children there safe."

Dudley sent the kids out to the play ground to play. He had the oldest one act as the babysitter. When all of the children were safely in the yard, he started pacing nervously in front of Harry and his parents.

"Dudders?" asked Petunia. "What is bothering you?"

"No matter how bad it is son you can tell us," said Vernon. "It will not change the way we feel about you."

"That's what I am worried about," said Dudley. "I know that for the last 18 years, you never liked Harry because he was a wizard. I am glad that you have a different outlook on things now, but what I am about to tell you will personally affect you."

"Dudley," said Harry. "If you don't tell me what you are talking about soon, I will be forced to go into your mind and see for myself."

"You can read minds?" asked Vernon amazed.

"In a manner of speaking," replied Harry. "Just tell us Dudley. What ever it is we can help you with it."

"I have magical abilities," blurted Dudley. "I noticed that I can do certain things that only someone like you should be able to do. I know when trouble is coming. I can sense when the children are in danger from something they are doing. I always know ahead of time when we have a visitor. Plus I can make things move without touching them."

"Really?" asked Harry. "I never thought to test you. Do you mind if I have a peek inside your head?"

"No I don't mind," said Dudley.

He sat down and looked Harry directly in the eye. Petunia and Vernon looked nervous for a moment, but they did not say anything. Harry walked over to Dudley and took is face in his hands and delved into Dudley's eyes. He studied Dudley's abilities for a few moments and then pulled out. When he was done with that, he transformed into his phoenix Animagus form, and looked at both Petunia and Dudley. With a nod of his beaked head, Harry transformed back to the delight of Vernon.

"I love that," said Vernon. "So is what Dudley saying true? Will he be a wizard like you?"

Harry placed a comforting hand on Dudley's shoulder and looked at his Aunt and Uncle.

"Yes Dudley has the gift," he said. "He will be a wizard. He also has runner abilities. He has three colors and Aunt Petunia has two. I should have realized when I found out that Rowena and Salazar were in my blood line on the Evans side that there was a chance for Aunt Petunia to pass the gift on to her children as well."

"So Petunia is a witch?" asked Vernon confused.

"No she isn't," assured Harry. "However she passed the gene down to Dudley. "With training, Dudley will make an exceptional wizard. No offense to Dudley, it will not be anywhere near what I can do, but you will be powerful in your own way."

"What do you mean Harry?" asked Vernon.

"I am a direct descendant of all four founders of Hogwarts and of Merlin himself," said Harry. "Dudley is a descendant of only two founders and is a weak descendant of Merlin. The blood that flows in my veins came from both of my parents. Dudley on has part of that through the Evans line. I guess Salazar was wrong when he said that I was the last of his descendants alive. I guess he thought you would be a muggle."

"So what can we do for Dudley?" asked Petunia. "Can he be trained and such?"

"Oh he will be trained," promised Harry. "I will have someone from the Ministry of Magic come here once a day Monday through Friday and give you the teachings you need. Tomorrow is Saturday. Why don't I come back tomorrow and we take a trip down to Diagon Alley and purchase all of Dudley's books and his wand and such? This way, Uncle Vernon can see the sights and learn some more about our world."

"Is he allowed to leave the grounds of the orphanage?" asked Petunia. "We don't want to get him into trouble."

"I'll take care of that right now," said Harry walking over to the fireplace.

He threw some floo powder into the fireplace and called to the Ministry of Magic Auror Division. He spoke directly with Alastor and told him what he wanted to do and why. When he was done, Harry stepped to the light and found Albus. He quickly outlined what was going on and got permission from him to do what he needed for his family. When Harry was done with Albus, he turned and faced Petunia and Dudley. He quickly wove the light and sent to them what he was seeing. They both recoiled slightly at first, but when they realized what was going on, both were delighted to learn how to be able to run on the light.

"Aunt Petunia, you will only be able to receive messages on the light," explained Harry. "Dudley you will only be able to send messages on the sunlight. I suggest that you use the brightest part of the day. I'll have Hermione come over Sunday and give you a full lesson on running with the light. Why don't you get a bag packed for the children and you all come sleep at the castle tonight? It will make it easier for us to travel tomorrow, and this way you can give Uncle Vernon a tour of the castle."

Everyone jumped up and Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley started issuing orders. Harry watched in amusement at the way Vernon and Petunia complimented each other's actions. Vernon truly was enjoying life more after his two years in the wizard prison. He did not hesitate to hug a young witch or wizard or to give them a kind word. When one of the children fell, he was the first on to pick her up and ease her suffering. He wiped her tears away and pulled out a lollypop from his pocket to give to her. Harry could not help but to grin. Harry briefly explained to Uncle Vernon that he would apparate the whole group to the school grounds. He warned his uncle that it would feel odd, but to not panic as he was perfectly safe.

"I trust you Harry," was all Vernon would say.

When the group was assembled, Harry had them all hold hands. He offered his hand to his uncle who did not hesitate to take it. With a twitch, Harry apparate the whole group to the entrance of Hogwarts. Molly met them in the foyer and she and Harry led the children to the nursery wing of the castle. Vernon was absolutely delighted to hold Harry's children. Molly smiled behind his back at the change in the man. Harry just grinned back. Harry had Molly see to the comfort of everyone and left to get some work done. Dudley went with him. Harry sent a message to Draco that there were guests in the castle and to tell the rest of the staff not to be alarmed. He got an affirmative response. Dudley followed Harry all the way up to the Head Master's office. He was in absolute awe at the moving pictures of the former Head Masters and Mistresses of the castle. Harry called out each portrait by name and introduced them to Dudley. That night, Vernon got his first experience at eating dinner that was served by house elves. He was trying hard not to stare. Harry laughed at him and told him to relax. Vernon was at ease and the rest of the staff at Hogwarts championed to the cause of making him feel welcome.

The next day Harry and the three Dursleys apparated to Diagon Alley. Harry showed them around the street. He warned them which streets were off limits and which streets were good to be on. He took them to Flourish and Blotts and bought all seven years of school books for Dudley. He explained to Dudley that these were the basic classes for each year. He also told the trio about the different electives and what they did. Dudley immediately was interested in Divination. Harry bought him a few books on that subject as well. Oddly enough, Dudley and Vernon both were interested in Care of Magical Creatures. Harry had no problem buying them all the books they wanted. He even bought a copy of Hogwarts a History for them to read. Petunia was interested in some of the healing books and cook books. Harry laughed and bought her anything she was interested in. When they had all the books they were interested in, Harry signed the ticket and with a wave of his hand made the books disappear.

"Where are the books?" asked Vernon.

"At your place," relied Harry.

"But I didn't see you use your stick thingy," said Vernon.

"It's a wand Dad," said Dudley. "He is right though Harry. I thought you needed one of those."

"YOU need one of those Dudley," said Harry. "I only need mine for complicated magic. Being the most powerful wizard in history has its advantages you know."

From there they went to the apothecary so that they could get the potions ingredients that Dudley would need. Harry told Dudley that if he wanted to be good at potions, that he would have to talk to Severus or Draco. After that, they went to Ollivander's. Here was where Dudley was really excited. He would get a wand.

"Good afternoon Head Master," said Mr. Ollivander. "What brings you here today?"

"This is my cousin Dudley Dursley," said Harry politely. "He is of my mother's ancestry. We have discovered that he is a wizard. We are therefore, here to buy him a wand."

Ollivander thought for a moment. He took Dudley's measurements and went to the back. He came back with a couple of boxes in his hand. He opened the first box and in it was a handsome wand.

"Phoenix tail and mahogany," said Ollivander. "All you have to do is give it a wave."

Dudley waved the wand and Ollivander's hair caught fire. Harry quickly extinguished the flames and took the wand away from Dudley closing the box.

"Apparently not," said Ollivander opening another box undisturbed. "Try this one. It is Cherry wood and dragon heartstring."

Dudley waved the wand and Ollivander's clothes disappeared. Vernon and Petunia laughed as Harry quickly conjured some new robes for Ollivander to wear.

"Tricky customer," said Ollivander. "Harry must have tested every wand in the store before we found one that chose him. Never fear, we will find one for you. Try this one. Oak and unicorn hair."

When Dudley grabbed the wand, a glow surrounded him. He waved his wand and red sparks flew out of the end.

"There you have it," the wand maker smiled. "This particular unicorn was the first to be born in the forest when Hagrid took over as game keeper. Hagrid sent me the first hair that fell out of Titan's tail."

"Then I want you to take special care of that wand," said Harry. "Hagrid was a good person and a wonderful friend."

Harry paid for the wand and a holster and quickly taught Dudley how to use it. From there, the quartet made their way to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch. Dudley asked Harry if he could come to the castle to learn. Harry was surprised by the request.

"Wouldn't you want to learn in the comfort of your home?" he asked.

"The best teachers are at the castle," said Dudley. "Not to mention the world's most powerful wizard in history."

Harry and the Dursleys all laughed at this. Harry reached over and handed Vernon a sack.

"What is this Harry?" he asked as he opened the sack and pulled out the galleons and sickles.

"That is your first paycheck," said Harry. "Aunt Petunia has hers directly deposited into her account. The bank already sends money for supplies that she gets from Hogsmeade. I felt that you should get a stipend for your hard work as well."

"Thank you Harry," said Vernon. "You show me more compassion than I have ever shown you."

"That is in the past," said Harry. "This is the present and the future. I watched you with the children. I made the right decision by putting you back with your family."

Petunia and Dudley beamed at Harry and Vernon. They made their way to Madam Malkin's and bought Dudley some school robes. Vernon asked if he could buy some as well. Harry laughed and told him to get what he wanted. Harry signed the bill after all three Dursleys were outfitted and had robes in various shades of blues and greens. Dudley of course had the black robes that he would need for school. When they were done, Harry apparated them back to the castle. There was still one more thing that needed to be done. Harry summoned the four heads of houses and had the quartet all meet in the Head Master's office. Draco was already sitting there when the quartet came in. He offered to leave, but Harry sat next to him. They waited for a few moments until Severus, Hermione, Pomona, and Minerva entered the office and sat down.

"It would seem that Dudley Dursley is a wizard," said Harry. "I offered to have someone teach him at the orphanage, but Dudley asked to come here instead and train with the best as he puts it. I took him and his parents to Diagon Alley and purchased all of his books. I am not familiar with the precedent on what to do when an adult comes to the castle for training. Do we set him up with special quarters? Or do we place him in a house?"

"I want to be placed in a house if that is ok," stated Dudley. "I know that there is not a lot of school year left, but I want to start at the beginning just like you had to."

"Severus?" asked Harry. "What do you think?"

"I say sort him and let him start at the beginning," he replied.

"Minerva?" asked Harry.

"I agree with Severus," she said. "As long as your cousin knows that he is to refer to all of us as Professor and you as Head Master while in front of the other students."

Harry looked over to Dudley who nodded his agreement.

"Pomona?" Harry asked. "Do you have anything you want to say?"

"I am with my colleagues," she replied. "I agree with sorting him. He can always finish first year during the summer and begin as a second year when school begins."

"Hermione?" asked Harry. "What are your thoughts?"

"I too say sort him," she said. "Even if some of the professors leave for the summer, there is still you and me to teach him. Not to mention Draco. He will definantly have all the training he needs."

Harry stood up and went to the shelf that held the hat. He walked over to where Dudley was sitting.

"The four different houses look for different things in its members," said Harry. Gryffindor house is known for their courage. Their symbol is the lion. Ravenclaw house is known for their intelligence. Their Symbol is the eagle. Hufflepuff house is known for their loyalty. Their symbol is the badge. Slytherin house is known for their cunning. Their symbol is the snake. Just because you are a descendant of Rowena and Salazar, does not necessarily mean that you will be placed in one of those houses. To find out which house to put you in, all you have to do is place this hat on your head. It will tell you where you belong."

The three Dursleys nodded in understanding. Vernon and Petunia got up and stood behind Dudley. Each parent placed a hand on his shoulder. The four heads of house watched intently as Harry placed the hat on Dudley's head.

"Ah," said the hat. "This is an odd time for a sorting. It seems that when he was young, he was missed somehow. Never fear. I know where to place you. There is plenty to choose from. Just like your cousin, any house would do. However unlike your cousin, I can see clearly where you belong."

"Where is that?" asked Dudley.

"Why Hufflepuff of course," the hat said to the room.

Harry introduced Dudley to his head of house. She smiled warmly at him. Harry let her take him to the dorm and explain the rules of Hogwarts to him. Dudley being an adult would have fewer rules than the actual students of Hogwarts, but she went through the list with him anyway so that there was one more person watching out for the student body. Dudley listened very carefully to her every word nodding at certain points. Harry offered Vernon and Petunia to stay the night again and they accepted. Everyone assured the Dursleys that Dudley would be well looked after.

Author's note - I kind of got carried away with this chapter. I gave more thought to detail. The next chapter will let you know if Wormtail gets caught and such. Please send me those wonderful reviews.

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