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Off With Their Heads

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Chapter 18 – Off With Their Heads

The fury that Molly possessed lingered for days. Antonin Dolohov was arrested on so many charges that it was impossible to record them all in one day. Molly wanted him dead. He had desecrated the one place in the world that Molly would defend with her dying breath. His trial was scheduled for a few days from now. She paced regularly back and forth. When anyone approached the nursery, they were met with her wand in their face. Harry had enough of that.

"Molly," he said. "You can't keep opening the door with your wand pointing at whoever is on the other side. You very nearly singed me with that last fireball. Enough is enough."

"I am sorry Harry dear," said Molly. "I am just so jumpy these days. I can't believe that man was able to get through the wards and into the castle. How dare he threaten the lives of these children?"

"Mom," said Harry trying a different tact. "I understand your fears, but there are a dozen Aurors here in the castle at different key spots. No one gets in or out of the castle without someone reporting to me who it is."

"Yes, but they don't see what is going on in this room," said Molly stubbornly. "They were not here when the children were attacked."

"Molly," said Harry. "If one more person comes to me and says that they can't get to the children for fear of you blasting them to bits, I will be forced to take away your wand."

"You wouldn't dare?" said Molly through gritted teeth. "How could you say something like that to me?"

"Because I care," said Harry fiercely. "And as far as if I would dare or not, try me. This is getting completely out of hand. We ALL care about the safety of the children, but I will not have my staff members, or the parents of these children threatened every time they come to see the children."

By this time, the power radiating from Harry was great. Molly knew without a doubt that Harry meant every word he said. She knew that he would disarm her and keep her wand until he felt she would relax.

"I am sorry Harry," she said. "Really I am. I am just so mad that he got past me and ended up trying to harm the children."

"Mom," said Harry calmly. "You are not the only one that is upset by this. Draco and I wore ourselves out and got the sharp end of Poppy's tongue yesterday because we drained ourselves magically reinforcing the wards on the castle. We are taking every precaution known to wizardry to stop any other Dark Runner from getting to the castle. Thanks to your sons, we are down to three Dark Runners left. We are more than a match for them. It would be foolish of them to try and gain access to the castle."

"I suppose you are right," said Molly storing her wand away. "Please, let everyone know that I will not jump the gun anymore. Thank you for standing up to me the way you did. Not many people are brave enough to challenge me on anything."

"Sometimes a son has to do what is best for his mother," said Harry with a smile on his face. "You really need to calm down. Don't forget we almost lost you to a heart attack once. All this stress can not be good for you."

"Once again you are right," said Molly. "I think I will go for a walk. Would you like to join me? The children are all sleeping. I must say that Alexander and Arthur will be very handsome men when they get older. I do no envy the job you and Draco will have to keep the men away from Octavia until she is old enough to make her own decisions."

"Yes," said Harry placing his fingers to his lips in a gesture to Ginny. "Ginny has helped Draco and I have three of the most beautiful children. I love all three of them so much, that it makes my heart hurt to know that there are still three Dark Runners out there that might be able to get to them."

They left the nursery and started on their walk. They were joined shortly by Draco. After a few moments, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna, and Minerva all joined them. They all just talked about anything that came to mind. This was when Luna and Neville dropped the bomb on them.

"Um Harry and Hermione," said Neville. "We wanted to talk with you about something."

"Sure Neville," said Harry. "You know that you can talk to us about anything. What's up?"

"Well," said Luna. "I am pregnant and we were wondering if you two would like be godparents to our child."

"Oh how wonderful," said Molly. "More babies in the castle."

By this time everyone was congratulating Neville and Luna. Minerva was giddy with delight.

"Of course we will," said Hermione. "Harry and I would be honored to be godparents."

"You know it," said Harry. "I am delighted. It is time to contact Griphook and set up an account for the little one."

"Please don't," said Neville. "We have more than enough money to cover things as well as when he or she inherits. My family is harsh, but we are well off."

"Not that we don't appreciate it," chimed in Luna. "It is just not necessary. My family is wealthy too. We may not be as rich as you and Draco, but we can hold out own."

"Just try and stop me from spoiling this child and see what happens," said Harry.

"Yeah," said Draco. "It is our duty to spoil all of the children. That does include yours."

"I agree with Harry and Draco," said Minerva. "It is refreshing to have so many babies around."

"Face it mate," said Ron with Hermione at his side. "You are not going to win this."

"You sure wont," said Molly.

"I will make a deal with you Neville and Luna," said Harry. "We won't do the account thing. You will when the baby is born and we will make a donation."

"That is something I can live with," said Neville red faced. "Ok Harry, you win."

"I knew I would," he replied.

"How so?" asked Luna.

"I am an heir of Helga," replied Harry tapping his head. "I already knew I would win."

"That is SOOO not fair," said Neville.

The group all laughed and hugged the couple. They finished their walk and made it back to the castle. Everyone made their way to do whatever duties they needed to do. Harry and Draco made it up to the Head Master's office. Hedwig was sitting patiently on Harry's desk with a letter tied to her leg. He walked over to her and gave her a kiss on her head. She hooted happily and held out her leg for him to get his letter. When he had it, he handed her an owl treat and watched her fly off go sit on Draco's shoulder. Draco gave her a gentle pat and carried her to her perch. From there he walked to stand behind Harry as he opened the letter.

Dear Head Master Potter,

This letter is to inform you that the trial of Antonin Dolohov is scheduled for November 11th. If you could please escort Mr. Draco Potter and Mrs. Molly Weasley to court when you arrive, it would be appreciated. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley will not be required to attend the trial, but they may come if they wish to attend.


Albus Dumbledore

Minister of Magic

"I better go inform Molly for you," said Draco. "You just sit here and relax. You are working yourself to hard again."

"Thanks Dragon," said Harry. "I think I will go upstairs and take a nap. Can you get one of the house elves to bring me something there?"

"I is already taking care of that," squeaked Dobby from behind Harry. "Upstairs with you now Harry. Winky and I is going to bring you the babies to take a nap with you."

"Better listen to them Phoenix," said Draco with a smile. "I will return shortly."

Harry made his way up to his bedroom quickly. He got into some comfortable clothes and climbed into the bed. Winky walked in and placed Harry in the bed with him. Harry grabbed the little house elf and made him comfortable. In a few moments Draco was back with Alexander and Arthur, and Molly was carrying Octavia. All of the children were placed in the bed with Harry. Winky came back a few moments later with some food for everyone. Draco and Molly helped Harry feed the babies as well as himself. Harry sat there holding little Harry in his left arm, and Alexander in his right arm when he nodded off. Draco put up the barrier that would keep the children from falling out of the bed and he and Molly went downstairs to take care of the small everyday things that Harry usually had to deal with.

"I'm glad to see that one of you is listening to what we said," Molly interjected. "Harry is still working himself to hard."

"Yes I know," said Draco signing a scroll of parchment and placing it in the out box. "At least he is eating three square meals. Plus it helps that many know that you and I work with Harry so closely that they accept our advice and signature."

"I agree," said Molly. "The weight of the world is weighing on his shoulders. I am glad that you are with him. He needs someone like you to help him out. I have never seen Harry happier."

"I only wish I had started sooner," aid Draco. "Had I known when we were younger everything that Harry had going against him, I would not have been so hard on him. I was jealous if his friendship with Ron and Hermione. Now that they are friends of mine, I understand what your family means to him."

"Just don't forget that you are a part of our family now," said Molly. "We love you just as much as we do Harry."

"Thanks mom," said Draco. "Well at least Harry won't have to worry about all of these little things that were here. Between us we have knocked out most of the stack. Harry will bring us to the trial and we should be home by mid afternoon."

"Draco, it seems you have a small problem in the dungeons," said Molly pointing at the marauders map. Severus is not here at the moment and you are the only one that can deal with them."

Draco glanced at the map and then raced out of the room. When he got to the dungeons, there was pandemonium everywhere. He quickly sent a patronus to Minerva. He did not want to disturb Harry, but there was too much for one professor to handle here.

With a small pop, Harry appeared in the room. He raised his hands.

"Impedimenta," he said and watched in satisfaction as each student was thrown off their feet. "Expelliarmus."

Harry watched as each person's wand flew towards him. With a wave of his hand, he had the wands stack neatly at his feet.

"You are all in big trouble now," said Draco looking at the face of Harry.

"Explain yourselves," said Harry. "You all have interrupted my nap, disrupted my quality time with my children, and you are breaking many rules by fighting."

"This doesn't concern you Potter," said the voice of a fifth year student. "Neither one of you."

"Mister Porte," said Harry. "Would you care to explain why you feel the need to disrespect me and Professor Potter?"

"This is Dolohov's son," he said. "What we do in our house doesn't concern you."

"What makes you think that it doesn't concern me?" asked Harry curiously in spite of himself.

"You were a Gryffindor," said Andrew Porte. "Slytherin house has its own set of rules. The rule here is to get rid of the evil children and make our house safe for the rest of us."

Oh no," said Draco seeing the look on Harry's face. "I will deal with this Harry. Just go back upstairs."

"What is going on here," asked Severus walking in. "Molly met me in the entrance way telling me that Draco came to stop a problem and that shortly after, Harry came downstairs and apparated down here."

Draco quickly filled Severus in on what was going on while trying to keep Harry's anger contained. When Severus heard what had transpired, he too worked hard to get Harry calmed. Minerva, who had come in with Severus, started pulling Harry towards the door. Draco was working with her to get Harry out of the room. The anger was rolling off of Harry in waves. Twice Draco dropped from the power. Severus finally had to step in. He conjured a bucket of ice cold water and threw it on Harry. Harry looked up at Severus and in turn blasted him back with a column of water that was just as cold as the one he threw.

"Harry please, come with me," said Draco.

"What and miss the fun of seeing what Severus will do to some of these students?" asked Harry completely in control now. "Are you out of your mind? Minerva we need popcorn and ringside seats."

Draco and Minerva looked at him curiously for a moment and then quickly conjured what he asked for. They all sat down as Severus stood up wringing his hair out. With a quick wave of his wand, he dried himself off. He gave a mock glare to Harry and the others and then turned his fury on the students.

"Mr. Porte," snarled Severus. "I will take one hundred points from Slytherin for you blatant disregard for the staff of Hogwarts. I will take ten points from twenty eight of you that are fighting. I will take a further one hundred point from Slytherin for attacking a student for no reason. I have read Mr. Dolohov's mind and can see that not only did he not fight, but he has done nothing to provoke this attack. Therefore I award him fifty points."

"Professor," said Andrew. "His father attacked the school. We can't allow him to stay here."

"That remark will cost you another twenty five points," snarled Severus. "I will say this to this house one time and only one time. The sins of the father do not necessarily pass on to the children. You have caused this child a lot of pain and suffering for something that he is innocent of. He is being raised by his mother who doesn't follow the dark path you imbecile. He has not seen his father in over four years."

"How can you be sure that he won't be a dark wizard?" asked Andrew not giving up his cause.

"That is another twenty five points from Slytherin for that idiotic question," said Severus. "What he chooses to do in the future is totally his choice. What he does in the here and now is what the staff of this school is interested in. Here is my verdict."

"Off with their heads," said Harry throwing popcorn at Severus.

Draco started to laugh. Minerva put a hand over her mouth to hide the twitching lips. Severus had to turn his back from the students for a few moments to attempt to regain his fierce expression. He glared at Harry until the Head Master quieted down. Minerva and Draco were struggling with a lot of difficulty to keep a neutral expression on their faces.

"As I was saying," said Severus turning again to face the students. "For the twenty eight students who helped Mr. Porte attack another student you will serve a month's worth of detentions starting tonight. As for Mr. Porte you will serve detention every night for the rest of the year. You will be washing the diapers of the toddlers of the castle by hand. NO magic allowed. The next time that I hear of or see anyone attacking another student because of something that the parent did you will be expelled. YOU twenty eight will report to Professor Sprout for your detention. I will set it up. Be there at eight tonight. Now get out of my sight."

The students rushed away to go to their rooms. Jeff Dolohov approached Professor Snape.

"Thank you for helping me Professor," he said. "I really appreciate it."

"Think nothing of it," said Severus. "Notice I did not include you in the punishment for the fight. Keep in mind that if you are having trouble with someone you are to come immediately to report it to a Professor immediately. Speaking of Professors…"

Severus whipped out his wand and banished the seats that Harry, Draco, and Minerva were sitting in. They all landed in a heap on the floor.

"Hey," exclaimed Draco. "What was that for?"

"That was for cutting up while I was trying to reprimand my house," said Severus. "Honestly Harry. Off with their heads?"

"Oh come on Severus," aid Minerva. "Even you have to admit that was pretty funny."

Severus glared at the older woman as he helped her to her feet.

"Alright," he said at last smiling. "It was rather funny. By the way Harry that was an impressive water spout you flung at me."

"You know," said Harry. "The more I act on instinct, the more the spell astounds everyone. If it is a spell that I think about and use it is not quite as impressive, but if I act on impulse like I did, the spell is a really doozey."

"Maybe that is because when you act on impulse you are not holding back and the spell can be more powerful because you are not quite thinking about consequences," said Jeff.

"Now that is a very intelligent observation Mr. Dolohov," said Harry. "Twenty points to Slytherin for that."

"I am impressed as well," said Draco. "Twenty points from me as well."

"I also will give you twenty," said Minerva.

"Very well," said Severus trying not to be outdone. "Twenty five points for Slytherin for that."

"Cheater," said Harry grinning.

"Why you little…" said Severus.

Harry had already sprinted out the door having upended his popcorn bucket over Severus' head. Severus chased after him with Minerva and Draco shaking their heads in laughter. They followed behind hoping that Harry would be ok.

Days later it was time for Harry and Molly to go to the Ministry of Magic. Draco was already downstairs making sure that everything was in order for Harry with the school. Harry and Molly met him there. Harry grabbed the hand of each and with a quick turn on the spot apparated them to the Ministry of Magic. The person behind the desk waved politely to them. Harry Potter and his group would not have to register their wands. Many knew by sight that this was indeed a wand that was never to leave Harry's hands. Harry led the group to the courtroom and they sat down and waited for the trial to begin. Albus came in followed by fifty members of the Wizengamot. Harry usually sat in on the trials, but as he was a witness against Dolohov, he could not sit there.

"This court will now come to order," said Albus. "Bring in the prisoner."

Two Dementors brought in Antonin Dolohov. When they placed him on the chair, the chains snaked up around him and bound him there. Dolohov looked at Albus and then he looked at Harry. When his eyes met Harry's he cringed. This was one man that Dolohov would never challenge again in his life.

"You are herby charged with the following crimes," said Albus drawing everyone's attention to him. "You are herby charged with trespassing on the grounds of Hogwarts. You are herby charged with destruction of property at Hogwarts. You are herby charged with attempted kidnap of Alexander, Arthur, and Octavia Potter. You are herby charged with attacking Poppy Pomfrey and doing damage to her. You are hereby charged with trespassing on the property of Molly Weasley's home. You are herby charged with being a former Dark Runner and former Death Eater. On these charges, how do you plead?"

"Guilty," said Dolohov. "Just keep them away from me."

"Keep who away from you?" asked Albus a little confused.

"The Potters and the Weasleys," said Dolohov. "Just keep them away from me."

"I haven't done you anything yet," said Harry.

"YOU shredded my colors," said Dolohov fearfully. "You have taken away my gift of running on the light."

"Then you should not have stayed on the Dark side," said Draco.

"If we could get back to the mater at hand," interrupted Albus. "We still have to sentence this man. Any ideas?"

"Off with is head," said Harry.

"Yeah," said Draco. "Off with his head."

Molly looked fondly at her adopted sons.

"Agreed," she said. "Off with his head."

"How about we do something a little less messy," said Albus struggling to keep his face composed.

"Rats," said Harry. "Someone is always taking away my fun. I would provide the guillotine."

By now most of the jury was rolling with laughter. Dolohov had wet himself and Albus was struggling with everything he had to keep a straight face. When he finally got himself under control he turned to Dolohov.

For the trespass of Hogwarts and the Burrow," he said. "I sentence you to fifty years in Azkaban for each offense. For being both a Dark Runner and a former Death Eater, I sentence you to seventy five years each. For the destruction of property, I sentence you to fifty years. For attacking Molly Weasley and Poppy Pomfrey I sentence you to fifty years each. For the attempted kidnapping of the Potter children I sentence you to fifty years for each of the three children."

"Do what ever you want," said Dolohov. "Just keep Potter and his family away from me."

"Rats, rats, rats," said Harry loudly to the delight of the jury. "Where is the fun in that?"

He raised his hand and conjured a guillotine. Dolohov took one look at the apparatus and fainted.

Albus waved to the Dementors who took Dolohov away. When the prisoner was gone he looked at Harry.

"Off with his head?" he asked.

"Yes," said Harry. "I recently read Alice in Wonderland. We need to be more like the Queen of hearts when it comes to our transgressors. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"

By now the Wizengamot was howling with laughter. Molly was wiping her eyes from the tears of mirth. Leave it to Harry to turn something serious into something that could cause people to laugh to death. Each person got up and offered Harry a round of thanks for making them laugh so hard. They thoroughly looked forward to having Harry at the next trial just to see what he would do next.

The newspapers the following day had a field day with the trial. Captions in the paper read "Head Master of Hogwarts intent on decapitating prisoners." The story of Harry's antics at the trial was printed. Harry was delighted to notice that it was accurate down to the very last word. There was even a picture of the guillotine that he conjured in the article. Owls came in by the dozens with people telling him that they had not had a laugh in forever and that they thanked him for it. Harry took the clipping from the newspaper and created a frame for it. The frame was placed near the entrance to the Great Hall near the pictures of Hagrid, Dean, and Ginny. Students would stop and look at it and then laugh as they entered the Hall for meals.

Author's Note – Ok so I wanted something funny with this chapter. Can't you just picture Harry dumping a bucket of popcorn over Severus' head or conjuring a guillotine making the prisoner pass out? I had a laugh while typing this chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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