Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

The Phoenix, The Dragon, and the Unicorn

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Chapter 19 – The Phoenix, The Dragon, and The Unicorn

"Lilith what are we going to do about Potter and his rag tag army," asked Terry Boot pacing back and forth in the ancestral home of Morgan Le Fey. "Everything we have thrown at them they have countered."

"Would you relax," said Lilith. "There is little we can do now. Potter has beaten us at every turn. We could outright challenge him."

"And what," he stormed. "Get smashed like the rest of our group? They have Dolohov. That leaves three of us left."

"We are a match for Potter," she said smoothly. "He has his honor to uphold. He would never betray an agreement no matter who that agreement is with."

"You have something there," said Terry. "He thrives on his honor. Did you know he cried when he killed the Dark Lord?"

"Really?" she asked. "I wonder what he would do if it was one of us that he were trying to kill?"

"We must raise an army of dark creatures and smash Potter," said Terry. "Why do you want the bones of Merlin anyway?"

"Are you joking?" she asked. "The bones of the most powerful wizard to have ever walked the planet ground into dust and made into an infusion will boost my power level to the point that not even that joke of a Dark Lord could ever match."

"My dear," said Terry. "I am telling you that there is something peculiar about the way Potter is acting. It is like he is waiting for us to try something. It is like he is not afraid of us any longer."

"Of course he is waiting for us to try something beloved," she said ignoring his other comment. "So why don't we give it to him. You know that castle just as well as the next person. Is there some other way to get in that we don't know?"

"I highly doubt it," said Terry. "He has all of the entrances to the castle blocked or guarded. Aurors are everywhere on the grounds. He has all manners of his own creatures that defend the forest. It isn't like we can just walk right up to the door and knock."

"Maybe that is all it takes," said Lilith. "Something simple should do the trick. If we can't beat him by force, then maybe we can beat him using something simple."

"You may be on to something there my dear," he replied. "I still say we should raise the army and storm the castle."

"How about we do both?" she asked. "While the army keeps Potter and his army occupied, we can sneak into the castle."

"That is a good idea," he said. "You are quite the sorceress. If we can't recruit an army, maybe we can make one."

"That is easy," she said. "I have control of the gryphons as well. We can also use some of the dragons that I have captured and bent to my will. That ought to keep Potter busy while we get into the castle."

"You von't get far," said Viktor coming in. "The entrance to the tomb is in vhat you call the Chamber of Secrets. Potter is the only known parseltongue on the planet."

"No he isn't," said Terry. "His cousin is a descendant of Slytherin also. We just have to lure his cousin out of the castle and when we get our hands on him we can use him to open the Chamber."

"How vill we do zat?" asked Viktor.

"Easy enough," said Lilith. "We kidnap his parents and use them for ransom."

I vill go right now," said Viktor. "You vill get the army ready."

"Excellent," said Lilith smiling.


Harry was sitting at his desk wondering what to do with himself. He knew that before long he had to seek out the last three Dark Runners that could cause problems for the castle. Harry was no fool. They may be quiet at the moment, but he knew they were plotting something. They would do anything to get their hands on him and the castle. Draco was sitting across the desk from him pouring over some letters that he was answering. Harry felt the tug of a runner on the light. He quickly opened his channels and let the runner in.

"Harry, come quickly to the orphanage," said Petunia. "There is some strange man here trying to get around your wards. The children can't hold him off much longer."

"We will be there in a second," Harry said. "Just tell the children to hold on."

Harry let her go and grabbed a startled Draco and apparated to the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Terry and Lilith sent in the dragons and the gryphons to attack the castle. Severus and Minerva were everywhere at once trying to get to the children to send them to the dungeons. The rest of the runners were doing everything in their power to keep the damage to the castle at a minimum. Luna and Neville grabbed as many of the Potter and Weasley babies as they could and ran to the dungeons. Hermione was carrying Destiny and James. They left the children in the care of Pomona and Molly and then rushed back to the upper levels to help defend the castle. Terry and Lilith did not pause to watch the destruction. They spotted their prey and grabbed him before he could shout out for help. Terry cast a silencing charm on him and he and Lilith led Dudley to the entrance of the Chamber of Secrets in the girl's bathroom.

"If you want to live," said Lilith. "You will open the Chamber of Secrets and let us in there."

Terry removed the silencing charm.

"I don't know how to open it," said Dudley. "Harry is the only one that was ever able to do that."

"You are a descendant of Slytherin are you not?" asked Lilith.

"Yes I am, but Harry never taught me how to open the chamber," said Dudley.

"There is another way," said Lilith producing a silver knife.

"Please don't kill me," said Dudley.

"We aren't going to kill you yet," said Terry. "We still need you down in the Chamber."

Lilith made a cut across Dudley's stomach and flung his blood on the sink. Immediately the sink sunk into the floor. When it was finished opening, Lilith entered and slid down the pipe to the floor. Terry pushed Dudley into the entrance next and followed closely behind him. They stood up and looked around. They decided to go right and ended up in front of another door. Lilith made a second cut on Dudley and again threw his blood at the door.

"See," she said. "As long as you have blood, then you can stay alive. The minute you have no more use is the minute we kill you."


Harry and Draco arrived at the orphanage in the blink of an eye. Their eyes could see that someone was battering at the shields that the youngsters inside were creating. Harry quickly cast his own shield spells to strengthen them. Draco meanwhile spotted Krum and was on the attack. Harry knew that Draco was a match for Viktor. He entered the building and took stock of the situation.

"Harry," said Petunia rushing over to him. "What is going on? Who is that man?"

"Aunt Petunia calm down," said Harry. "Gather up the children. I'm going to create a portkey to get you all safely to the castle."

"I already have the children together in a group," said Vernon running up to him. "I have them in the dining room."

"Ok have everyone stand around the table and place their hands on it," he said leading them back to the room. "I will use the table as a portkey. Aunt Petunia, you know your way around the castle really well. Get the children to Severus and let him know what is going on."

"I will Harry," she promised.

"On the count of three, everyone," said Harry. "Place your hands on the table. One, Two, Portus!"

The table glowed blue and then the group of children and his relatives vanished from sight. The sound of the battle was still raging outside. Apparently Viktor was putting up a good fight. Harry looked for a different exit. He decided that he was going to come up behind Viktor and put a stop to the Bulgarian once and for all. He summoned his sword. With a twitch of his hand, he caught it when it appeared. With a second command, he summoned Draco's sword. With a second twitch he caught the blade of Slytherin. Rushing outside, Harry threw the sword to Draco. The Slytherin seeker caught it with no troubles. Viktor grinned in a wicked way. He hopped on a broom and flew into the air.

"Catch me if you can," he taunted.

Harry and Draco both transformed into their Animagus forms. They took to the air. They raced after Viktor. Both realized that he was heading for the castle. Harry paused in air and sent a weave of light to Albus. He was shocked to find that Albus was at the castle. He hurried on to the castle to find dragons and gryphons attacking. He landed on the ground and transformed back into himself and proceeded to start defending the grounds. Draco meanwhile flew on and leaped onto the back of a dragon that was breathing fire at Albus. With a quick shimmer, he transformed into his human self and plunged his sword right through its neck severing the spine. When that was accomplished, he was rescued by Harry who had seen what he did.

"Where did Krum go?" he asked Draco.

"I don't know Harry," he said. "I was to busy saving Albus."

"Sorry," said Harry. "You search for Krum. I will help with the dragons and gryphons."

"I am on it," said Draco transforming back into a dragon.

Harry looked around. So far no one was hurt. That was mainly due to the quick actions of Severus and Minerva. Harry quickly cast a water charm into the wards to help protect it from further damage by fire. Arrows soon filled the sky as the centaurs started shooting at anything flying. Harry turned on the spot and quickly apparated over to them.

"Don't shoot the silver dragon," he said. "That dragon is Draco."

"Not to worry Harry Potter," said Ronan. "We know which one he is. We saw him transform. You had better hurry if you want to help him though. He seems to be in trouble at the moment."

Harry looked up and saw that three dragons were converging on Draco. With a cry of rage, he sent rapid conjunctivitis spells at the three. Two of the dragons fell from the sky in pain. Draco closed in with the third. Harry noticed that Draco would be no match for this dragon. He turned on the spot and appeared on Draco's back. The dragon hissed in fury and Harry swung his sword with every amount of might he could muster. The sword bit right through the dragon's head and it crashed to the ground with a huge thud. Draco looked around at Harry.

"Land Draco," said Harry. "Get out of the sky."

Draco landed on the ground and Harry got off of his back. When Draco transformed into his human self, Harry grabbed him and held on to him for dear life. As he looked over Draco's shoulder, he could see a few of the Aurors being pushed back by an onslaught from the remaining three dragons.

"I have had enough of this," said Harry pushing Draco behind him. "FINITE"

When Harry shouted the spell, all of the dragons as well as the gryphons stopped attacking. In fact many of the animals disappeared all together. The few animals that did not disappear landed on the ground. Harry looked at the beasts and wandered over to them. As he approached each dragon, they lowered their heads to him in reverence.

"Oh no," said Harry as Draco approached him. "These dragons have had spells cast on them to enslave them."

"They don't look enslaved anymore," said Draco. "In fact I would say that you have just made some new friends."

"It looks that way doesn't it?" said Harry with a sigh. "Maybe we should contact Charlie Weasley so that this lot can go home."

"I am already on it," said Albus. "That was quick thinking on your part."

"If I were thinking quicker I could have saved them all," said Harry sadly pointing to the three corpses on the ground. "I have no idea what to do with all of these gryphons though."

Albus approached the lead bird and grabbed it by the beak. He looked deep into its eyes as if in communication. When he released the gryphon, the flock of them took to the air and flew away.

"What did you do to them?" asked Harry.

"I sent them home of course," said Albus. "They think a lot like a phoenix does. It was not hard to convince them that they needed to go home. Ah it would appear that we have two of them that would prefer to stay."

The two gryphons landed in front of Harry. Harry kept eye contact with the beast and walked forward. He imitated what Albus had done and looked into its eyes. Images flashed back and forth between Harry and the gryphon. Harry flashed a second image. This time the image was one of Draco. The gryphon responded with a cooing sound.

"This male is now my mount," said Harry. "His mate is now Draco's mount."

"You want me to fly on the back of this thing?" asked Draco a bit shocked.

"Easy Dragon," said Harry. "Remember what happened when you insulted Buck Beak?"

"What is her name?" Draco asked.

"His name is Randy," said Harry. "Her name is Jenna."

"Isn't that Viktor Krum?" asked Albus pointing to the sky at the retreating figure on a broom.

"It sure is," said Harry climbing on the back of Randy. "We have to catch him. Come on Dragon we have to hurry."

Draco quickly climbed onto the back of Jenna and the pair flew off in hot pursuit of the Bulgarian chaser and Dark Runner.


Lilith and Terry found the statue of Salazar. Dudley lay on the floor forgotten. They searched for the entrance to the tunnel that would lead them to the remains of Merlin.

"How do we get in?" asked Lilith. "Surely you must have heard something while you were here in the castle."

"I am trying to remember," said Terry irritably. "Just give me a moment to think."

Lilith sat down on the toe of Slytherin with an angry sigh. A click could be heard and the door opened.

"Very good my dear," said Merlin coming into view. "You have found the entrance to my resting place."

"Merlin," breathed Lilith startled. "Once I have your bones, then nothing will stop me from being the most powerful witch on the planet."

"Ah yes," said Merlin. "We already have some young ladies that are as powerful as you are and some that will be more powerful yet."

"You speak in riddles," said Terry angrily. "My wife will be the most feared and respected sorceress in the world."

"Now there you are mistaken," said Merlin. "You should have let bygones be bygones. Currently your Bulgarian is in trouble. Harry and Draco will have him before long. Your dragons don't work for you anymore, and your gryphons have gone home. Two stayed behind to be mounts for Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy Potter."

"You lie," hissed Lilith. "I am the only one that can control the gryphons."

"So little you know," said Merlin. "Do you know what Harry Potter carries with him at this time?"

"Now how in the hell is she supposed to know that?" hiss Terry angrily. "You are nothing but a spirit that is a plague on this world. The greatest to have ever walked the planet, indeed. You are no more powerful than that lump on the floor behind you."

Lilith however was chewing her lip thoughtfully. She knew from reading her ancestors books that Merlin never said anything for nothing. She eyed him critically for a few moments.

"You are hiding something spirit," she said at last. "What is it that you are not saying? My husband does speak the truth. You are just a legend now. Your power is broken. How is it, that Harry Potter is so powerful? What did you do to him?"

"I have done nothing to him," said Merlin. "His bloodline can be traced all the way back to my own and further. He is a direct descendant of mine. He carries my wand with him."

"You lie," she hissed. "He rarely uses a wand."

"That is because he really doesn't need one," said Merlin enjoying his game.

"Harry can do wandless magic," admitted Terry. "Once my wife has your remains then she will be able to defeat Harry Potter and the rest of his friends."

"By all means," said Merlin. "Proceed through the door to my final resting place. You will not find what you seek inside though."

"What do you mean?" asked Lilith. "I have worked to hard to get into this castle to find your remains."

Merlin laughed at her as he continued to taunt her in the same manner that he taunted Morgan before they both died.

"My remains have been moved," he said.

"By whom?" she asked.

"By Harry Potter of course," said Merlin. "He doesn't know he did it, but he did. My remains have been given to another person that is more than a match for either of you. That person doesn't know it either."

"It must be Malfoy," said Terry. "He rarely leaves Potter's sight. Harry must have given him the remains. I just don't understand how neither would know."

"Don't be stupid," snapped Lilith. "He transfigured his remains into another form before Potter found it. Now someone else is carrying his bones."

"So we capture Draco and take what he has from him," said Terry.

"That would be a mistake for more than one reason," said Merlin.

"In what way?" Terry asked. "I get tired of these riddles."

"He is saying that Malfoy doesn't have the remains dolt," said Lilith. "He is also saying that attacking Malfoy is a suicide mission."

"Very good," said Merlin. "I suggest that you leave soon. Harry is on his way back to the castle. It would not be wise for you to get caught now would it?"

Lilith glared at Merlin, but she knew he was right. She knew he had something up his sleeve, but she knew that they had to get out of the castle. Together they left and made their way back out of the chamber. They left a bleeding Dudley lying on the floor without looking back. When they were gone, Merlin breathed a sigh of relief. When Harry got back, they could come and get Dudley.


Harry and Draco were in hot pursuit of Krum. Viktor tried everything he could, but it was impossible to out fly the swift winged gryphons. Finally Harry and Draco each were onside of Viktor. Harry shot a stunner at him at the same time that Draco did. The Bulgarian seeker fell off his broom and started to fall through the sky. Harry stood up on the back of Randy and apparated down. When he had Viktor in his arms, he turned in mid air and apparated to the grounds of Hogwarts. It was no more than twenty minutes that Randy and Jenna with Draco on her back arrived and landed.

Albus had walked over and put a full body bind on Viktor. When he was done with that, he awakened him so that he could question him. Severus handed Albus a bottle of Veritaserum so that they could get the truth out of him.

"What was the purpose behind today's attack?" asked Albus.

"To distract Potter," said Viktor angrily.

"Distract me from what?" asked Harry starting to get nervous.

"Lilith and Terry and after Merlin's remains," he replied. "They should have them by now and have left the castle."

Harry quickly turned on the spot and apparated to the Chamber of Secrets. When he entered he saw blood in a few spots. He hurried along until he came to the entrance of Merlin's tomb. Merlin was sitting on the floor next to a body. Harry knew immediately who the body belonged to. He rushed over and Dudley looked up at him.

"Help me Harry," said Dudley. "They used my blood to get into the chamber. Mom and Dad are in danger."

"Just relax Duds," said Harry. "They are upstairs in the Great Hall. They are safe. Let me close your wounds so that I can get you upstairs to Poppy."

Dudley nodded and moved his hands. Harry winced, but set to work closing the wounds.

"You have lost a lot of blood," said Harry. "Poppy will have you back on your feet in no time. Merlin, I thank you for staying with him. Where are Lilith and Terry?"

"They have left Harry," said Merlin. "I had to tell them some half truths so that I could get them to leave Dudley alone."

"That was good thinking," said Harry grabbing Dudley.

Harry twitched a little and from there he apparated them to the infirmary. He placed Dudley in a cot and called for the nurse. Poppy was there in a flash. Harry quickly explained what happened and what he did to heal Dudley's wounds. Poppy shooed him out of the way and finished the job.

"That was quick thinking Harry," said Poppy with a smile. "You did it better than I could have. He will just need some blood replenishing potions and some bed rest."

"I will send your mom and dad to see you Dudley," said Harry. "I am proud of you. You were very brave down there."

"Thanks Harry," said Dudley.

Harry left and went to the Great Hall. He spotted Vernon and Petunia quickly among the flow of children and teachers. He beckoned them over.

"Dudley is in the infirmary," he told them. "He was hurt by Lilith and Terry. He will be ok, but I don't want you to get him excited. He needs bed rest and recovery time."

"Can we go see him now?" asked Vernon.

"Yes you can," said Harry. "Just remember my warnings. I will have Molly look after the other kids. You go and sit with Dudley."

The Dursleys left the Great Hall and made their way to the hospital wing. They spent the rest of the afternoon there. Harry went back to where Albus was sitting with Viktor.

"Harry," he said looking sad. "I am unable to shred his colors. I am not powerful enough for that. Only you can do it. I am sorry to burden you with this. I did try."

"Thanks Albus," said Harry with a sigh. "I know that you did your best."

Harry quickly caught the light and wove the pattern around himself and Viktor. Albus and Draco along with Severus and Minerva kept a close watch to make sure that he was not interrupted.

Harry entered into Viktor's colors. He marveled once more at the onyx, jet, carnelian, and garnet that were his colors. With a sigh, he began to shred Viktor's colors. Before he shredded Viktor's last color, Harry opened himself up completely and showed Viktor the beauty that was his own gems of ruby, emerald, sapphire, onyx, diamond, and amethyst. He watched as Viktor cried at what could have been. With another heavy sigh, Harry shredded Viktor's last color and left his mind.

"Potter," said Viktor crying openly now. "That vas beautiful. Thank you for showing me that. I deserve vhatever punishment you give to me.

"It is not for me to decide your punishment," said Harry. "I am not the law. I am just the Head Master of a school that wishes nothing but peace and unity for my students and faculty. Albus is the law here. You should be begging him instead of me.

Harry did not notice the two people standing in the edge of the trees watching and listening to everything that was said. Nor did he notice the white unicorn come up behind them….

Author's note – I will end this chapter here in hopes that you all will enjoy the last chapter of this trilogy more. I left the cliff hanger so that for the final chapter I can really go into the battle and closing of this story. Thank you.

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