Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

Term Begins

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Chapter 2 – Term Begins

The activity in the castle never ceased. Harry and the rest of the staff were working hard to make sure that the castle was ready for the students. Now that Voldemort was defeated, Harry knew that more students would be coming to the castle to learn. This meant that more muggle- born witches and wizards would be coming to the castle to learn. Now that the threat passed, more mothers and fathers were actually sending their children to the castle to learn rather than home schooling them.

Finally September 1st arrived. Harry sat with baited breath as Neville brought in the first year students. Usually Hagrid brought in the new students, but now that Hagrid was dead, the new Care of Magical Creatures Professor was the one to take over the job. Harry waited with baited breath as he heard the new students come in. The older students knew what to expect and were already seated. Severus brought in the stool and the sorting hat from Harry's office and had them ready. Usually Minerva was the one that did this job, but now Severus did it as Minerva was in charge of training all new Animagus students as well as her regular duties as Head of Gryffindor House and Transfiguration professor. Severus was now the Deputy Head Master of the School. His friendship with Harry had grown over the last two years as had the relationship between childhood rivals, Harry and Draco. At any given time, you could see the trio working together on some plan. Harry knew that Severus, Hermione, and Draco were up to something in the dungeons. They were working on perfecting a new potion to introduce to the world. Harry waited for them to ask him for assistance, but as of yet, they kept him in the dark about their plans.

Finally the line of timid first years came into view. Harry thought back to his own time of standing scared in the line. He remembered all to well that Fred and George had told Ron that they needed to use magic to be accepted into the school. He remembered the fury on Ron's face when he found out that all he had to do was put on the sorting hat. He remembered Hermione in those days as well. She was a big know it all. Just about every student in the school at one time or another called her a bossy know it all. Hermione was still a bossy know it all, but he loved her for her enthusiasm as well as her teaching abilities. Harry gazed fondly at his two best friends since the night of the troll. It was Harry and Ron that saved Hermione from the attack of the troll that Halloween when Quirrell brought it into the castle and let it loose to distract the professors. After that day, the trio was inseparable until the day Harry became a professor and then the Head Master.

Harry came out of his memories when the sorting hat began his song.

In times of old when I was new

There came four people

Who created this place.

Years went by and times did change

The castle took in all who came.

The days are bright and things are past

The colors ride the wind

And the professors move fast

The Dark Lord is gone

But a new one has arrived

Stay united and work together

For trust and friendship is the key.

Things are different from when I was sown,

Houses sit together and rivalry are gone

Place me on your head and I will see,

Just what qualities in you that make you belong.

For is you are courageous and brave

I will place you in Gryffindor.

If you are big of heart and helpful

I will place you in Hufflepuff.

If you are sly and cunning

I will place you in Slytherin.

If you are wise and smart

To Ravenclaw you will go.

The Head Master is all,

Of the houses in one.

Here we go can I have student number one?

When the sorting hat finished its unusual song, Severus unrolled the parchment and started calling them up one at a time. This year the list was long. Sixty seven students came to Hogwarts this year. Harry had anticipated this and enlarged the tables to accommodate all of the students. The new way of sitting students together did help alleviate the house rivalries. Gryffindor and Slytherin could be seen working hand in hand, and Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff could be seen working side by side. Harry had worked tirelessly to make sure that the feuds between the houses were minimal. Each professor had a copy of the marauder's map. It was a useful tool when keeping students in line.

When the final student's name was called, Harry stood up. He waited until Severus had taken his place at the table and then began his announcements.

"Welcome one and all to a new school year," he began. "New students are to know that the Forbidden Forest is off limits at all times. Magic is forbidden in the corridors between classes. Students caught out of their dorms past curfew will be punishable by loss of points and possible detention."

The students that were above second year already knew this information. However, they also knew that it would not be in their best interest to interrupt the Head Master when he was speaking.

"I would like to start by calling out each professor and what they teach to you all. We have had some changes over the summer," said Harry. "Transfiguration is being taught by Professor McGonagall. Defense Against the Dark Arts is being taught by Professor Snape. Professor Draco Malfoy is our Potions professor. Care Of Magical Creatures is being taught by Professor Longbottom. Professor Sinistra teaches Astronomy. Professor Sprout teaches Herbology. Professor Lovegood is new and she will be teaching divination. Professor Weasley is your flying instructor and Quidditch referee. Professor Binns teaches History of Magic. Professor Granger teaches Ancient Runes. Finally Professor Dumbledore is your Charms professor and Professor Burbage is your muggle studies Professor. For those of you who do not know me, I am the Head Master, Harry Potter."

A slight throat clearing from the staff table drew Harry's attention. He looked around for the source of the noise and realized that he forgot someone. Winking at her he turned back to the student body.

"Ah yes," he said. "It seems that I forgot someone. Professor Ginny Weasley is our substitute teacher. She will be covering for any sick professor when needed. This year we are implementing a new concept. She will also be a tutor for any student that needs help in a subject. This means that if you are in need of help, you must ask her to assist you in the subject that you are having trouble in."

Harry turned and gestured for Minerva and Poppy to stand. Both did so with a confused look on their faces.

"For those of you that are in sixth and seventh year," said Harry. "We will continue with Animagus training. Professor McGonagall will be teaching this class. So if you are interested in becoming an Animagus, I suggest you turn your names in to her no later than Friday. This year we will add a new course to the curriculum. Anyone third year and above that wishes to study healing should report their interest to their Head of House and from there you will be studying with Madam Pomfrey."

Harry turned and gestured to the two women who nodded their understanding at Harry. He turned back to the students to make his final comments before he let the students eat.

"A last couple of notices and we can begin our feast," said Harry. "Please note that Mrs. Figg has a list on her door of items that are banned in the hallways. Prefects and the Head Boys and Girls are to have their rotation schedules turned in to their Head of House no later than Wednesday. Hopefuls for the Quidditch teams are to turn in their names to their Head of House no later than Friday. I believe that I have covered everything. Please everyone Tuck in."

Harry raised his hands and the tables filled with food. Staff and students alike all broke into chatter around the table. Hermione was a bit uncomfortable. She was seven months pregnant after all. Tonks had given birth to a baby boy. They named his James Harold Lupin. Harry was delighted that they named the baby after his father. Harry delighted in spoiling the baby. He was constantly buying gifts for him. Tonks complained that they would need a bigger house if Harry kept it up. So that is what Harry did. He gave them the Potter Mansion. Remus and Tonks were so shocked by this, that neither knew what to say for long moments. Harry waved their thanks off. He no longer needed the mansion. He still had six other mansions that he did not know what to do with. Harry's home was forever in the castle.

When dinner was done, Harry and the rest of the staff were assisting the prefects in getting the students to their dorms. Hermione and Ron walked over to stand next to Harry. She looked around Harry and was gazing at Draco in a thoughtful way. Everyone knew that where ever one young man was, the other was not far away. Tonight was no exception. With Ron holding her hand, she walked to stand in front of Draco. He looked at her with a bit of surprise on his face.

"Hermione," he started. "Are you ok? You look a bit off. Are you not feeling well? I can brew you a potion if you need it. Is the baby alright?"

Draco fired off questions faster than she could answer them. Finally he slowed down when Harry placed his hand on his arm to calm him.

"Draco," she began. "For starters I have not seen my feet in over a month. Secondly if I drink one more potion I think I will explode. I am feeling as well as can be expected for someone fixing to enter her eight month. Yes the baby is alright. In fact he or she won't stop kicking. The reason I am her in front of you is because Ron and I have something we want to ask you."

Draco visibly relaxed. If Hermione said she was alright, then she must be. He looked from her to Ron with a curious expression on his face. Harry who already knew what was going on, reached around and put an arm around Draco's waist just in case.

"Well," said Ron. "We were wondering if you would be interested in being the godfather to our baby."

As Harry predicted, he tightened his hold on Draco as the potions master staggered with the impact of the request. A flurry of emotions passed across his face to the delight of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Severus came up just in time to see Draco turn a little white.

"What is going on?" he asked curiously.

"Hermione and Ron just asked Draco to be godfather of their child," said Harry helping Draco to the nearest seat. "As of yet he has not drawn a breath and I am wondering if he will pass out."

Sure enough as soon as Harry sat Draco down and let him go, the Slytherin passed out cold. Poppy came running over, but Harry waved her away.

"There is nothing physically wrong with him Poppy," he said. "He is just a little shocked. Albus can you get the last stragglers out of here please. I don't want to frighten anyone at the sight of Draco lying on the floor in a dead faint. Let's give him some dignity. After all we can always tease him later when he comes around.

Albus laughed at this and finished escorting the students out of the hall. Minerva came over and conjured a pillow for under Draco's head.

"What caused him to faint?" she asked.

"The same thing that will make you a little wobbly in the knees," replied Harry with a smirk.

"What are you talking about Harry?" she quipped.

"Oh it is not my news or my request," he said.

"It's ours," said Hermione. "We asked Draco to be godfather of our child."

"Oh how wonderful," said Minerva making sure that Draco was comfortable. "So this is what caused him to faint is it."

"Yes," said Ron still laughing.

"We want to ask you if you would be godmother," said Hermione cautiously.

"What?" asked Minerva looking a little blank for a moment.

"We would like you to be godmother of our baby when it is born," repeated Hermione.

"Oh how delightful," said Minerva quickly.

She rushed over to Hermione and started rubbing her stomach.

"I guess that is a yes," said Harry with laughter on his face.

By this time, Draco came round. The rest of the group started laughing at the confused look on his face. Harry had tears falling from his eyes. Draco got up with the help of Poppy and Severus.

"I would be honored to be the godfather of your baby," he said to Ron and Hermione who were fighting to contain their laughter.

Draco turned to Harry and shot him a look. Harry laughed all the harder.

"You," said Draco pointing at him. "I will get you for this later Harry James Potter."

This made Harry laugh all the harder. He walked up to Draco and wrapped him in his arms.

"Come on Dragon," he said. "Had it been one of us you would be laughing just as hard."

Draco leaned back against Harry. He reached around and pulled Harry by the ear. Harry yelped in surprise and pain. From there he gave Harry a five minute lecture as the others howled with laughter. Once the merriment started to subside, members of the staff started leaving in ones and twos so that they could return to their quarters and get the last little things they needed done for their classes the next day. Harry and Draco left and headed up to the Head Master's office which they shared.

"You know," said Harry in a thoughtful voice. "I would not mind a child of my own. I think we would make great parents."

"If we continue like we are, I would have to agree with you Harry," said Draco in a thoughtful voice. "Marriage is not part of the equation for either of us at this point in our lives. I wonder who we could get to carry a child to term for us."

"I have been wondering that myself," admitted Harry. "I know that people think that you and I are a couple. They all know that we share a room and a bed. Though nothing has happened in that way, I don't think I could ever share a bed with anyone else. I have gotten too used to you."

"I agree with you there Harry," said Draco. "You and I have a bond that no one will ever understand. Personally I don't care what they think about our relationship. In all reality it isn't anyone else's business but ours. I feel the same way that you do however. I wonder who we can get to carry a child for us though."

"Well Hermione is out," said Harry. "She and Ron are married and have their own child coming into the world. Luna is married to Neville. Everyone else from our year is gone. Ginny is the only single female here."

"So why not ask her?" said Draco. "She would do it for you if you ask."

Harry sat down on the bed and thought about that. He was sure she would agree with the idea. He just had to figure out how to approach her with it. He did not want to marry her. He just wanted to have a child of his own.

Draco could see Harry was lost in thought. He knew that Harry was giving some serious consideration to his idea.

"What about you though," said Harry after a few moments. "Who could we get to carry a child for you?"

"Well there is a procedure that can ensure that Ginny can be impregnated by both of us through artificial insemination," said Draco in response warming to the idea. "With the right incantation, she can have twins. It will insure that she has one child for each of us."

"Well we have to get her permission first," said Harry. "After that we can have Poppy do the procedure for us."

"Exactly," said Draco climbing into the bed.

The next day brought forth a new outlook for both Draco and Harry. Other staff members saw the look about them and wondered what could cause the two to be so happy. When neither would give a response, they let it go. Minerva, Severus, Hermione, and Pomona could be seen giving out the class schedules. Harry and Draco sat their lost in their own thoughts. Each would glance at Ginny every so often with a wondering look on their faces. Harry pulled out a piece of parchment and passed it down the table to Ginny. She opened it and read it. She glanced down the table at Harry and Draco and nodded in confusion. She was free today. She got up and walked over to the two men.

"I will meet you in your office at seven this evening," she said to them. "It seems important from the looks on your faces. Can I at least have a clue?"

"It is an extremely personal matter," said Harry blushing a bit.

This just made Ginny all the more curious. She let the matter drop for the moment and went to her suite of rooms. Draco meanwhile went down to the dungeons to teach his first class. The rest of the staff all shot a curious look at Harry as they too made their way to their class.

Ginny paced her rooms. She knew that no student or teacher would need her assistance today. In the letter, Harry had asked her to send a note requesting Molly to be at the meeting. She wrote a letter to her mother and sent it with an owl. She got a reply stating that she would be at Hogwarts at the required time.

Finally the hour of seven arrived. Ginny met Molly at the gates of the school and escorted her to Harry and Draco's office. Harry was seated at his desk drumming his fingers nervously and Draco was pacing back and forth behind him just as nervous. Both women entered and sat down. Harry had moved the gargoyle aside for them and had the door open and ready for them when they arrived. Draco had two comfortable chairs already set up for the women.

"Ok Harry," said Ginny. "What is all of this about? You two are acting very weird."

"We have something that we want to ask you," said Harry looking nervously at Molly. "We are just nervous because we don't want what we have to ask you to come in between our friendship should you say no."

Draco paused in his pacing and glanced at Molly. Molly by this time was extremely intrigued. She had loved Harry like a son since the moment she met him. Over the last two years she had adopted Draco into the family as well. To see them in this state of nervousness was unusual. After all, both young men had faced giants, werewolves, vampires, the Dark Lord and the murder of her husband without fear. She was consumed with curiosity as to what had them so nervous. She was also curious as to what this had to do with Ginny.

"Harry and Draco," said Ginny firmly. "There is nothing that you could say to me that would make me think any less of you. The two of you are dear to me. I am thankful each day that you are in my life. Thanks to the both of you I am the witch that I am today."

"That may be," said Draco. "However, what we have to ask you is very important and life changing. We are scared that you will say no and hate us after for even considering it."

"I doubt that I could ever hate you," said Ginny convincingly. "Will you just spit it out and ask me already?"

Harry looked at Draco and Draco nodded in response.

"We were talking last night," began Harry. "Hermione is having a baby and Tonks had her baby already. My life and Draco's are too entwined together for either of us to marry anyone. Too much has happened for us to ever have a normal life with a wife."

Both Ginny and Molly nodded at this statement. They knew the bond between Harry and Draco, while not sexual, was as close to marriage as one could get. Both women concentrated on what Harry was saying. Each woman was listening for a clue.

"We both want a child," said Draco breaking into their thoughts. "We have decided that even though we cant have a normal life that we can still pass on our bloodline. We reviewed our options and talked about this late into the night last night."

Molly started getting excited. She knew what both men were about to ask. She just hoped that Ginny would allow it. She finally realized what both men were so nervous about. She worked hard to contain her excitement.

"We wanted to ask you," said Harry breaking out in a sweat. "If you would consider becoming impregnated and carrying a set of twins for us that would carry our bloodline in it. We would of course compensate you for your time, effort, and such."

Ginny sat there with a stunned expression on her face. She loved Harry and knew that this was probably the most difficult thing he could ever have asked her. She knew what they were asking now. They wanted her to be the mother of their children. She turned from Harry and Draco and looked to her mother. Molly was smiling at her.

"We asked you here Molly so that we could get your blessing on the idea," said Draco from behind Harry. "If you say no, then we will drop the subject and never mention it again."

"Now why would I do that?" asked Molly to the surprise of the room. "Personally I think it is a wonderful idea. If it is ok with Ginny, then it is ok with me. The two of you know how much I love you."

Ginny sat there for another moment thinking it through. Her mother approved of the idea, and she knew that Harry and Draco wanted this badly.

"How difficult would it be for this to happen?" she asked finally. "If I say yes, how difficult would this be?"

"Poppy can have you inseminated in seconds and the incantation is easy for any qualified medi-witch," said Draco. "Harry knows enough healing magic that he could do the procedure himself."

"Will I get to be a part of the children's lives?" she asked. "Do I get to help raise them?"

"Ginny," said Harry. "You will always be a part of their live. Even if you meet and marry someone, you will always be a part of their lives."

"Very well then," said Ginny. "I will do this for you both. I would feel more comfortable with Madam Pomfrey doing the procedure however. No offense against your skill Harry. I would just prefer that she did it."

Harry gave a sigh of relief and nodded.

Three days later, it was common knowledge around the school that Ginny Weasley was pregnant. Just as was promised, the procedure went quick and painless. Poppy at first was astounded by the request of the trio, but in the end she realized that it was important to them. With the quiet efficiency that she always had, she did the procedure. Ginny stayed in the hospital wing for a couple of days until Madam Pomfrey was certain that everything was in order.

Author's note – How about that for something different and unexpected. Let me know what you think. I have worked hard in trying to figure out the bond between Harry and Draco. While it is not gay, many would make it seem so. The bond between the two is the equivalent of the Weasley twins. That is the best way that I can describe it. They have both been through so much in my story that I wanted them to have a close relationship. However I did not want this to be a gay romance. For that see my next book.

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