Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

The Final Battle

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Chapter 20 – The Final Battle

The unicorn proceeded to escort her prisoners out of the forest. Hermione had transformed into her Animagus form when she saw Harry and Draco take down Viktor Krum. She knew that Harry was too busy to go looking for the leaders of the Dark Runners. She huffed when she saw the husband and wife team of Terry and Lilith Boot. With her Animagus eyes, she could see the vortex of colors that surrounded the duo. They would be no match for Harry. Hermione was not a stupid person by far. She knew that these two were up to something. They were cooperating just a little too well. Why now would the two most powerful Dark Runners be scared of one lone unicorn? Hermione didn't trust them. She also did not dare let them know that she was not a real unicorn either. The moment she would try and run on the light, they would know and intercept her. Hermione was a fierce combatant on the light, but she was no match for these two on her own. It was time for Harry to end this once and for all. The safety of the children was at stake here. She watched intently as they stepped forward carefully. She noticed that with each slow measured step that they took, the couple seemed to be searching for something. Hermione was not sure what they were looking for. She would not have to wait long to find out.

"Potter has Merlin's wand," said Lilith to Terry. "If we can get it away from him, then he will be powerless against us."

"That isn't going to work either," said Terry. "Even without a wand he is still the biggest threat alive. He has no equal when it comes to wandless magic."

"Just shut up and keep looking for Merlin's remains," snapped Lilith taking another cautious step into the clearing.

"What am I looking for exactly," he snapped back. "It is not like one of them will be walking around with a corpse on their back."

"I have already told you stupid ass that the corpse has been transfigured," she snarled at her husband.

"Then it could be anything from a pebble to a ring around their collar," he said furious with her. "I would appreciate it dear, if you would stop calling me stupid. You would not have made it this far without my assistance. I am tired of you belittling me."

"You are right beloved," she said softly. "You have been an indispensable help to me this last year. I picked the perfect person to marry."

"Thank you dear," he said. "That is music to my ears."


Albus was standing in front of Viktor Krum. Never before had one of the Dark Runners behaved in this manner. He knew that Harry had shredded his colors.

"Harry," said Albus looking at him. "What did you do to him that has him crying and sobbing like a baby?"

"I showed him what could have been," said Harry quietly as Draco held him around the waist showing love and strength. "I allowed him to see all of my colors in all of their bright brilliance."


"What does he mean all of his colors?" asked Lilith listening intently to Harry an Albus as they spoke. "We have seen all five of Potter's colors. I did not find them to be any more powerful than ours. Viktor was no slouch in the color department. We were actually going to help him open his fifth color."

"I wish I knew," said Terry. "I am just as confused as you are about what Potter is talking about. I give him one thing however. His colors are a lot brighter than ours. All this talk about bright brilliance is just another thing that Potter has in that big head of his. I can not wait to be able to pop his head like a balloon so that his ego deflates as we gain victory over him."

"We have to time this just right," said Lilith. "We have to find out where the remains of Merlin are, and who is carrying them."

"Where did that sword that Dumbledore is carrying come from?" asked Terry drawing her attention to it. "I know that Potter had one of his own made at Gringotts by the goblins. That is another race of people we need to destroy when we are done here."

"I don't know," said Lilith. "Snape carries Excalibur, Malfoy carries Slytherin, Granger carries Ravenclaw, Sprout carries Hufflepuff, and Weasley carries Gryffindor."

"Now that we are talking about it," said Terry. "Where is Granger? I owe her a years worth of trouble for what happened to me in my seventh year."

"I don't see her either," said Lilith. "I am curious about the sword that Dumbledore carries. Can you make out the name on the blade?"

Terry squinted at the sword trying to see it clearly.

"Yes," he said after a moment. "It says Merlin on the blade."

"Merlin didn't have a sword," said Lilith. "At least there wasn't one mentioned in my ancestor's books. Unless…."


Harry looked around and scanned the crowd. He tapped Albus on the arm. The old mage looked around and followed Harry's gaze. Draco too, was looking at the strange sight before him. Heading in their direction taking their time was none other than Terry Boot and his wife Lilith. A unicorn was leading them to the group present.

Ron joined the group standing in the entrance. He stared hard at the unicorn and its captives. His eyes got big when he realized who that unicorn was.

"Hermione, NO," he screamed at her. "Get away from them."


Lilith and Terry noticed that Harry, Albus, and Draco finally spotted them. They held their wands loosely in their hands under the sleeves of their robes. They would battle to the very end if they had to. A commotion in the entrance way caught their attention. Ron Weasley stepped up and looked to towards them. What they heard next was not what they expected.

"Hermione, NO," Ron screamed in their direction. "Get away from them."

"So this is where you have been hiding Granger," said Terry Boot pointing his wand at her face and stunning her.

Hermione crumpled to the group unable to do anything. Lilith laughed.

"Look here Potter," she taunted. "We now have a prisoner. The leverage is all ours. If you so much as lift your hands or mumble a word, Granger dies. The same goes for any of you."

Harry looked at Hermione lying on the ground in a heap. He sent a small trickle of light to Draco telling him to be ready. Draco nodded slightly to let Harry know he heard him.

"I want your hands up in the air where I can see them Potter," said Lilith. "The same goes for the rest of you. Place your palms out facing each other. This way you don't decide to send a spell at us. Dumbledore, I want you to place that nice sword you have at your feet. Weasley drop your wand and pick up the sword."

Ron dropped his wand on the group and through his tears walked over to Albus and picked up the sword. He felt Harry in his mind telling him that everything would be alright.

"Weave one more message Potter and I slit her throat," said Lilith. "Why don't you tell me what you told Malfoy, and then tell me what you told Weasel? Speak slowly and carefully Potter. One wrong word and she dies."

"I told Ron not to worry that everything would be alright," said Harry slowly and carefully. "I told Draco that I was tired of amateurs thinking that they could get the better of me."

"Who are you calling an amateur Potter," snarled Terry. "You are no match for us. You can't even capture us on your own. You have to send your lackeys out to do it."

"Hermione is not a lackey," said Harry slowly. "She is a smart woman that has a mind of her own."

"Silence Potter," said Lilith. "Weasley I want Potter's wand and I want Dumbledore's sword. At least without your weapons you can't do much."

Harry had already cast the countercharm on Hermione. He knew from the start that Hermione was staying down and not moving for the benefit of the group. Harry let Ron take his wand and watched as Ron edged closer to Lilith and Terry. When he was about ten feet away, they halted him.

"Put both on the ground and slowly turn around and head back to your group," instructed Lilith. "Remember my warning Potter. No weaving or she dies."

Harry nodded his head in understanding. He watched with a grim sort of amusement on his face as Terry Boot walked over to pick up the wand and sword. Terry saw the look on Harry's face and snarled at him.

"What do you find so amusing Potter?" he asked. "I am about to hold in my hands the two most powerful weapons in the world."

Harry didn't say anything. He just gave Terry an indulgent smile. Terry was starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable. He bent down and picked up the wand. Immediately he dropped it and was shrieking in fury as his hand started to smoke and turn black.

"What magic is this?" shrieked Terry to Lilith. "It is burning its way through my hand."

Lilith walked to Terry and stated to cast the counter charm on his hand. That was all it took for Hermione to get to her feet and transform. With a flick of her wand she had a shield around herself. Harry meanwhile had casually flicked his hand causing both the wand and the sword to fly back to his hands.

"Do try and hold on to this sword now Albus," he said with a grin. "Merlin wont be to happy with you if you lose his body."

Albus chuckled as he hung the sword back around his waist.

"How did you do that?" asked Terry Boot trying to make his escape. "You didn't say anything nor did you have a wand. Plus your wand burnt me."

"My wand doesn't allow anyone that is not a part of my family to touch it," said Harry advancing on the couple. "As to what I did, did you not remember that I am a master at nonverbal spells? Severus Snape himself taught me how to do that before I even made it to Salazar and Albus for further training."

"That sword shall be mine," said Lilith throwing up a shield and preparing for a battle.

"You will have to get through me to get it," said Harry. "Why don't you just surrender? It will make things a lot less messy if I have to duel with you."

"I will not hesitate to kill Granger," screamed Terry in defiance pointing his wand at her. "Avada Kedavra"

The image of Hermione shifted, but the spell went right through her.

"How in the world?" asked Lilith in shock.

"I was never standing behind you," said Hermione coming to the door at last. "I spotted you from the upstairs window. From up there I did a nice little bit of wand work to make you think, that a unicorn was leading you out of the forest. From there I made the unicorn seem real enough to you that you were able to stun it. I was never actually there. My husband did not know this and his part was very real. Why don't you face me one on one in a battle Boot. I still owe you for all the hardships you have put me and my family through."

"You are on Granger," he snarled. "I am ready when you are."

"Let us get one thing perfectly clear as I kick your sorry ass all over this field," she said whipping out her wand and sending a fireball at his head. "My name is Hermione WEASLEY. For that crack pot comment calling my husband a weasel you will get ten lashes with a fiery whip when I have you."

Terry dodged the fireball. He was at a loss as to what to do. Lilith was still taunting Harry. She would be no help to him. They were to far from the apparition point to be able to apparate to safety. Potter was the only one that could apparate on the grounds of Hogwarts. He started sending spell after spell in her direction. She countered each on effectively and efficiently. He could see that her anger was great. She was being fueled by the other light runners for strength.

"Cheating Granger?" he asked. "Got to have the other runners fuel your strength? I would not have thought you were a cowardly Slytherin."

Hermione looked at Terry in surprise.

"What do you mean cheating?" she asked. "No one is fueling me. I did not even know that was possible."

She hurled a few more fireballs at his head. He looked at her face. She truly did not know she was being fueled by someone. He took a quick look over her shoulder and saw people standing there with the children.

"Your little girl is fueling you Granger," he leered. "You are taking the help of babies."

"That is better than trying to kidnap or kill them which, seems to be your specialty," she retorted.

You will not win this fight Granger," he said. "I am a match for you. AVEDA KEDAVRA!"

"Expelliarmus," she countered.

He watched as the spell he fired at her got intercepted in mid air. He saw the fury in her face as his wand fell to the ground.

"How many times do we have to tell you that the killing curse is not effective on us?" she snarled raising her wand. "Harry was our trainer you stupid, idiotic, foul mouthed, imbecile."

"Stop Granger," he pleaded. "I am unarmed."

"Number one," she said hitting him with the freezing charm. "I told you that my name is Weasley. Number two, my daughter and my niece and nephews were unarmed when you tried to attack them. Number three I think it is time for your whipping."

She shifted her wand in a pattern and a whip with nine tails made of fire on it appeared in her hand. She snapped it at him drawing blood with each hit. No one in the crowd stopped her. She was a woman scorned and she was out for revenge.

"This one is for Harry," she said. "This one is for Destiny. This one is for Alexander. This one is for Octavia. This one is for Arthur. This one is for James. This one is for Ron. This one is for Albus. This one is for Draco. This one is for Minerva. This one is for Severus."

When she grew tired of hitting him, and it appeared there were no areas left on his body that she could hit, she canceled the spell and shoved her wand into her pocket. She reached into the sky for the light. When she had enough, she pulled from all the light runners standing in the clearing. She did not touch Harry as he was in battle with Lilith. She wrapped him in a weave that was so tight that he could not even cry out to her on the light. She entered his mind and took pleasure in ripping apart each and every stone that made up his Runner abilities. She left one last color for him. She wanted him to see Harry in all of his glory.


Harry meanwhile was fighting tooth and nail with Lilith. She was better than any opponent that he had ever faced.

"You are a gifted sorceress," he admitted freely. "You are matching me spell for spell. You can not harm me and I can not harm you. Shall we take this and battle on the light?"

"No tricks Potter," she said. "Let it be just you and I. May the better Runner win!"

"You have my word that no one will interfere in this fight," Harry said. "I give you the wizard's oath on that."

"Your honor will be your down fall one of these days," she said as she gathered light for an assault. "I will crush you."

"I hardly think so," said Harry gathering his own stands of light and weaving the pattern.

He slammed into her with all of his power. She met him head on and the battle continued. Harry was playing it safe for the moment. She was fending him off, but it was sluggish. She was confused as to what was going on. She looked over at him and gave a wicked smile. She gathered more light and pulled Terry into the weave. She gasped when she saw what had happened to him. Together they faced Harry. It was when both of them looked at Harry that they knew that they were never a match for him. Harry's colors of ruby, emerald, onyx, sapphire, diamond, and amethyst smashed into the couple.

"That is not possible," screamed Lilith projecting her own colors of onyx, amber, moonstone, garnet, and carnelian. "There was nothing in Morgana's books about a runner with six colors."

"Hasn't anyone ever told you Lilith?" asked Harry. "I am not your typical wizard."

With that, Harry slashed out at her with every ounce of power he had. He shredded each color she had slowly and painfully. When he was done with her, he shredded the last of Terry's colors. When he was done, he unceremoniously threw them both back into their bodies where they were unconscious before they hit the ground.

Harry returned to normal and looked around. He spotted Albus standing there watching him with an expression of relief on his face. Draco was crying and Harry walked over to him to comfort him. Harry took one more look around and then he too passed out from all of the strain and exertion he used to beat the most powerful Dark Runner. Draco and Severus had Harry on a stretcher in moments. They brought him to his room where Draco sat with him.

Two days later, Harry woke up and looked around. Sunlight was coming in through the window. He rubbed his eyes and went to the bathroom where he showered and took care of his needs. He got dressed in a set of robes that were bottle green. He made his way down the stairs. He entered the Great Hall to a roar of applause. He smiled sheepishly and waved as he approached the staff table. He sat down and loaded his plate full of everything he could reach. Draco laughed as he watched Harry. Albus was sitting there with an amused expression on his face. Poppy made to get up to run her wand over Harry, but was intercepted by Severus.

"So," said Harry. "Does anyone want to tell me what has happened while I was asleep?"

Everyone started talking at once. Harry laughed and waved them all down.

"Albus," he said. "Why don't you tell me what happened?"

"Well Harry," said Albus. "Viktor Krum seems to have been under the Imperius curse. When Lilith and Terry were intermittently beaten, he sort of snapped out of it."

"So what are we going to do with him?" asked Harry.

"We are going to return him to Bulgaria and let his authorities decide that," replied Albus.

"What have you done with Terry Boot?" asked Harry.

"Mr. Boot was treated at St. Mungo's for multiple lacerations with a whip made of fire," said Albus looking over at Hermione with a smile. "When he was released, he was sent to Azkaban where he will be serving a triple life sentence.

"And what has become of Lilith?" asked Harry.

"Well as for her, she was subjected to Veritaserum," said Albus. "We got the location of her home and raided the place. Every book that she owned with the powers of Morgan Le Fey in them was summarily destroyed. We felt that was better in case someone in the future got their hands on them and used them. As for Lilith, she was sentenced to the Dementor's kiss. She is in her cell right now. She will not make it longer than a few more days."

Harry had turned away from Albus. He looked towards the entry way to the Great Hall. Five figures stood there in all of their glory.

"Is this it then?" asked Harry. "Do we finally get the peace and quiet we deserve?"

"Yes Harry," said Helga Hufflepuff. "You and your friends have more than earned peace for the rest of your long lives."

"There are no more of Lilith's relatives around," said Merlin. "She was the last according to the book of genealogy you found in your office."

"Life will go on for you for many years to come," added Rowena smiling.

"May the blessings that we have given you over the last three years serve you well," said Salazar.

"YOU are truly our greatest treasure," said Godric.

As one each of the founders gave Harry a low bow and then faded from sight. Merlin looked at Harry, Draco, Severus, and Albus. He gave each of them in turn a low bow and then he too faded from sight.

"I think it is time for another food fight," said Draco pouring the beans over Severus's head.

"Why you little…" said Severus.


Harry and Draco never parted company. Their three children grew up and became quite powerful in their own rights. Octavia married James and Harry, Draco, and Remus couldn't be happier. Alexander grew up and eventually took over for Albus as Minister of Magic. Arthur grew up and took over for Severus as DADA professor.

On the day that Harry turned 378 years old, he went to bed that night and in his sleep he smiled. Draco, who was a month older than him, smiled with him and grabbed his hand. That night they went to sleep and did not wake up after that. Harry and Draco had fourteen grandchildren and thirty eight great grandchildren. Harry's wand was passed down from oldest son to oldest son. Through out the ages, Harry's wand still crops up. Draco's wand is on display at the Museum of History. As a beloved figure in Harry's world, Draco was prominent in the museum.

Hermione and Ron had four more children. They passed on before Harry and Draco just as quietly as he had. Each was a little over 200 years old.

Neville and Luna had a total of three children. Their oldest daughter married Alexander. Time flew for the Longbottoms. With the help of Harry, Neville buried his parents when they passed and his grandmother when she passed.

Ginger Potter who was the current Head Mistress of Hogwarts looks fondly up at the portraits of Albus, Minerva, Severus, Pomona, Draco, and her great grand father Harry. Though Minerva, Pomona, Draco, and Severus were never Head Master or Head Mistress, their love for Harry and their hard work through the years until their deaths were something that was appreciated and respected.

Never again would a group of Heroes come together like

Harry Potter and the Warriors of Hogwarts

Author's note – I want to thank you all for following me with this trilogy. I hope that you all will forgive me for not making the ending more than what it was. I tried to go out with a bang, but I wanted it to end somewhat happy. I thank you all once again for the wonderful reviews. Please join me in my next trilogy which I have already started. I have to go now as I wipe a tear from my eyes. All good things eventually come to an end. I love you all.

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