Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

Flight of the Silver Phoenix

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Chapter 3 – Flight of the Silver Phoenix

The term started with a bang. Things were going relatively smooth in the castle. A month into the new term, Ginny was asked to sit in as the Ancient Runes professor, as Hermione was in the hospital wing giving birth to their child. It was a baby girl that she and Ron named Destiny. As of yet, Ginny was not showing, but Harry or Draco could be seen often asking her how she was doing or feeling. Sometimes Ginny welcomed their concern and at other times, she snapped at them to stop bothering her. When the latter would happen, she would always go later and apologize to them. It was not her intention to hurt their feelings, but she did not need twenty four hour surveillance during her pregnancy. Finally after they both asked her on the same day how she was feeling, she cornered them in their office.

"Harry and Draco," she began. "I know that you guys are worried about the babies. I really appreciate that you are so worried about me and the children. However the constant badgering me as to how I am feeling has to stop. If I am not doing well or if I feel that the babies are not doing well, I swear that I will go to Madam Pomfrey immediately."

Harry and Draco looked a little sheepish and embarrassed at this. Harry meanwhile pulled out his wand and Draco opened the screen. Ginny watched confused as Harry approached her. When she saw what he was doing, she gasped in delight. Harry ran his wand over her and mumbled and incantation. The view of the babies appeared on the screen for them all to see.

"Look at our babies," exclaimed an excited Draco pointing at the screen.

Harry and Ginny watched the screen and saw the new lives that were there. Ginny was enthralled by the view. From there she asked Harry if he would do this for her once a week so that she could see the babies. Harry muttered a quick incantation and a picture appeared in his hand. Mumbling a second incantation, three copies appeared. He handed one to Ginny and one to Draco. He kept one for himself.

"Ginny I think we should do this every Saturday evening," said Harry. "This way we can keep up on the growth of the children."

Ginny looked delighted at this. She grabbed her picture and threw some floo powder in the fire and muttered the orphanage and spun out of view. Harry and Draco chuckled and they left the office to bring a copy of the picture to Madam Pomfrey as well as visit Hermione and Destiny. Madam Pomfrey took the picture in confusion until she saw what it was. From there she examined it closely and gave her medical opinion.

"It looks like you will have two very healthy babies," she said. "They are growing nicely. I can determine the sex if you would like to know."

"I want to wait and be surprised," said Harry with Draco nodding his agreement behind him. "I don't care what the gender of the baby is as long as our children are healthy."

"You don't have to worry about that," said Poppy. "Ginny comes here nightly for a checkup. I told her that she only has to see me once a month, but she is very persistent."

"I did not know she was that concerned about the children," said a chuckling Draco. "She has the audacity to complain that we are worrying to much. Just wait until she gets back to the castle."

"Yes I have an ear full to give her as well," said a laughing Harry. "By the way Poppy, may we see Destiny and Hermione?"

"I can hear you, you know," said a tired Hermione from behind a curtain. "We are both right here. Come and see."

Harry and Draco walked around the curtain and sat in each side of the bed. Draco immediately bent over Hermione and took the bundle of blankets from her. She smiled knowingly. She heard everything that was said between Poppy and the young men that she was so fond of. Draco stood there rocking slightly as he hummed to the baby. The blue eyes of Destiny locked on to Draco as she listened to him hum.

"That's the first time anyone but me has been able to hold her without her crying since she was born a few hours ago," stated Hermione. "I think she likes you."

"Well I think she is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes on," said Draco with a tear sliding down his cheek. "I just hope my own child will be as beautiful as this one is."

"Like you have to worry about that," snorted Hermione. "With the two of you as fathers and Ginny as the mother, you will have beautiful children." I hope that your children will both have Ginny's hair, but each of your eyes. No offense Harry, but you hair is so unmanageable."

Harry chuckled as he reached over and took Destiny from Draco. Once again Hermione was amazed as the child did not cry or pout.

"I too hope that my child has Ginny's hair," said Harry. "Dragon you worry too much. Our children will be beautiful as well. I do have to say Hermione, that you have one very beautiful daughter."

Hermione blushed and smiled at the compliment. She was about to respond when she noticed that Harry was caught in a weave. Draco too noticed that Harry was not with them. He reached immediately for the child as Madam Pomfrey rushed over to help. She opened her channels to Harry. Draco handed the baby to Hermione and did the same.

"We still have not forgotten you Potter," said the voice of Terry Boot on the light. "I am working tirelessly to make sure that you are destroyed once and for all. I have found the last female descendant of Morgan Le Fey. We will be coming for you."

With that, the weave broke. Harry knew that there was more than one person fueling the weave. Terry Boot was a powerful runner, but he was getting more energy from somewhere else. Poppy ran her wand over Harry. However, Harry was fine. He walked over to the window and stood in the light. Quickly he grabbed the rays of light and sent a message to every one of the Light Runners. Harry knew the pattern of every Light Runner. Sending a broadcast out was easy for Harry. He did not even need to be in the light to weave. For this, that was an edge for Harry. Others could do the same, but not with the ease that Harry could.

"I have just called a meeting," said Harry on the light. "I have information to impart to you all. The meeting will be at seven this evening in the infirmary. Please be here on time."

Harry quickly ended the weave and returned to Hermione's bedside. Turning to Poppy, he gave an explanation.

"I am sorry about this Poppy," he said. "If we hold it here, Hermione can be a part of the meeting."

"I understand Head Master," she returned. "I have no problem with that. I'll have everything set up here in time for the meeting. In the meantime, I suggest you two go down to dinner. This way the students will not panic that you are not present. Also you can give the students last minute instructions. Oh, and have the house elves send some food to Miss Granger please."

Harry and Draco stood and made their way to the door. Harry gave a smile to Hermione and the pair left the room. Dinner was a somber affair. Albus and Minerva were worried about Harry. He ate, but it was not as much as either would have liked. Draco was the reason he ate anything at all.

"Albus," he asked. "Will you see to the instructions to the students for me? I want to go meet Molly and those from the Ministry of Magic personally. Dragon can handle the rest for me."

"Of course Harry," said Dumbledore. "I will see to it immediately."

Harry stood up and left the Great Hall. Draco was not far behind him. Together they could hear Albus giving instructions to the students and those professors that were not runners. Harry made his way to the gates of Hogwarts. Draco was by his side. It was not long before Molly and Ginny appeared. Draco led them to the infirmary. Harry paced for a few moments while waiting on Remus, Tonks, and the Ministry officials. Within fifteen minutes, they all appeared. Harry greeted them. He took his god son in his arms and the group made their way to the infirmary. When they arrived, they could see Molly holding Destiny. The baby was fussing and would not settle down. Ron took his daughter from his mother and the baby settled a little, but she still would not stop crying. Ron had no clue what to do. Draco took pity on him and took the baby and sat with her. Immediately Destiny quit fussing.

"Well that takes the cake," said Ron. "My daughter likes Draco better than she does me."

"If it makes you feel any better," said Harry entering and hearing him. "She likes me better too."

Ron made an obscene gesture at Harry. Harry laughed at him and gave Hermione, then Ginny a peck on the cheek. He walked over to Ron and gave him a sympathetic pat on the back. Ron sighed and smiled. Molly meanwhile was standing over Draco's shoulder and was cooing at her granddaughter. The rest of the group made themselves comfortable in their chairs while waiting for Harry to begin.

"Terry Boot caught me on the light while I was holding the baby," he began. "I have just discovered something very useful. Before I get into it though, I have a couple of questions."

Turning from the group, Harry looked around.

"Merlin," he called. "May I have a word with you please?"

The figure of Merlin appeared in the hospital wing and made his way over to Harry. Harry turned back to the group, but he fired his questions at his ancestor.

"Did you teach everything you know to Morgan about running on the light?" Harry asked.

"No I did not Harry," Merlin replied. "You are the only one that I have taught everything I know to."

"What is it you are not telling me about all of this?" Harry asked. "We all get the impression that there is more to this than you are telling. These people are my family. For us to win and to beat the Dark Runners as well as the heirs of Morgan Le Fey, we need to know it all."

"You are right Harry," said Merlin with a sigh. "We will tell you the rest now."

"We?" asked Harry.

That was when he noticed Godric, Helga, Rowena, and Salazar appear. Harry nodded.

"I should have known that you four were in this somehow," remarked Harry.

He quickly conjured up chairs for Merlin and the founders. When they were seated, Harry took his place next to Severus and Draco. Merlin started the explanation.

"What you have to understand Harry is this," he began. "You are someone we never expected to meet. We had no idea that one such as yourself would ever come into existence."

"When you were born," said Godric. "We knew you would be something special. Never before has one been born that has all four blood lines."

"Add Merlin's blood line on top of that," said Rowena. "That makes you a very unique person Harry."

"What we are trying to tell you Harry," said Salazar. "You are the most powerful wizard to ever exist."

"Your power is greater than any of us," chimed in Helga. "When we brought you to our rooms, we did not teach you what you now know. All we did was unlock the hidden knowledge that was already in you."

"There was one noble thing that Morgan did," said Merlin. "She was the one to bring about the prophecy about you. She predicted that you would be born. However she turned dark and twisted after when she realized that she would have nothing more to do with you. It was not in her power to add her own power to the blood. I refused to marry her. After that she turned dark and vowed revenge on me."

"That explains a lot of things," said Hermione. "I have read that she was a powerful sorceress. It even hinted that she was in love with someone. I am now guessing that it was due to you refusing that love that made her the twisted hateful person that history tells us she was."

"You are correct in that assessment," stated Merlin. "It was partly my fault she turned to the dark side. It was not my intention to hurt her. I could not marry her for I was already married to another."

"That would explain how you have descendants," sad Ron.

"Exactly," said Godric. "There is something that Harry really needs to understand."

"What is that?" asked Harry.

"You are more powerful than even I was," said Merlin to the astonishment of the room. "At the height of my power, I still would be no match for you Harry. You are the most powerful wizard to have ever walked the face of the planet."

Harry was floored by this information. He looked over beseechingly at Dumbledore. His mentor and friend stood and walked over to him. Severus and Draco were already holding on to him.

"I do not want this kind of power Albus," said Harry fearfully. "I just want to be normal."

"I am afraid that you will never be normal Harry," said Albus kindly. "We will all be by your side. I speak for everyone when I say, that we know the burdens placed on your shoulders. If any of us could take some of them from you, we would. As we know that we can not, then all we can do is continue giving you the support that you need. We love you Harry and will not let you face this alone. As long as there is breath in me, then I will be by your side helping you fight the good fight."

"Here, Here," piped up Neville to the astonishment of the rest of the group.

Everyone in the room gave their vow to Harry. Destiny let out one single noise that told everyone that she too would help Harry. The rest of the group laughed at the beautiful child in Hermione's arms.

"I have one more thing to tell you," said Helga with a smile on her face.

Harry looked over to her and nodded that he was listening.

"The children that you are having will be powerful as well," she said.

"When Draco's child is old enough give him or her, my wand," said Salazar.

"Give your child my wand," said Godric to Harry.

"Do not fear that your children will ever turn to the dark side," said Helga happily. "For they will follow in your footsteps and lead long and happy lives."

Rowena looked over to Hermione.

"If it is ok with Harry," she said. "I would be honored for Destiny to carry my wand."

"I would be honored to have James carry my wand," chimed in Helga.

Harry nodded and promised to surrender the wands on the eleventh year of their births.

"I have a few more questions," said Harry. "Who is the heir of Morgan? Also do they even know that they can weave without the light? I see a glitch in that they need to gather together to have enough power to hit me when I am not in the light."

"To answer your questions in the order they were asked," said Merlin. "Her name is Lilith. She is your equivalent for Morgan. However she doesn't have the blood of any of the four founders in her. Nor is she as powerful as you are. The answer to your next question is no. They do not know that they can run without light. I never taught that to anyone. You found out on your own. For the last part, they need that much power because you are stronger than they are. They do not know that they will never get you shadow lost. You have more runner colors than even I did."

"Wow," said Harry. "That is different. I guess it is time for Draco and I to start flying patrols every now and again to see if we can find a Dark Runner."

"That would be a good idea," said Godric. "The sooner you start, the weaker they will be. Unlike those sitting with us now, they do not stay together. They distrust each other. The group present here is powerful because you all stick together. You do not hesitate to open your channels for one another when it is needed. They do not."

"How do you know that," asked Minerva. "How do you know what they do or not do?"

"Just because we are Harry's ancestors doesn't mean we are not free to move about the country," said a laughing Rowena. "After all we are dead."

The rest of the room started laughing. After a few moments Minerva joined in.

"Is there anything else I need to know?" asked Harry.

"No Harry," said Merlin. "We have given you the last piece of the puzzle. What you decide to do with it is your choice."

"I think you already know what I will do with this," responded Harry with a shrug. "I guess there is not time like the present."

Harry stood up and transformed into his phoenix Animagus form. He looked down at Destiny and James and trilled. In a flash of silver flame, Harry disappeared. He reappeared near Knockturn Alley. This was a good place to start as many dark wizards bought things on this street. He flew around looking this way and that. When he got to Borgin and Burke's he looked in the window. He saw three people in there that angered him. Each person had Runner colors. The two men had two colors each and the female had four. Pansy Parkinson, Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe were inside buying items. They were all buying old wands from the shop keeper. When they finished their shopping, they left the shop and separated. Pansy left and headed to Diagon Alley. Crabbe and Goyle left together and made their way down the street. Harry followed them. They were so unobservant, that neither noticed the silver phoenix flying above them. Harry quickly transformed into his eagle form. A silver phoenix stood out more than an eagle did. The two men entered an apartment building. Harry quickly transformed into a snake and followed them inside. He did not have to go far. Both young men entered the first apartment on the right. Harry watched for a few minutes. They did not seem to be coming back out any time soon. With a small smile, Harry transformed back into himself and apparated to Gringotts. Here Harry handed a sheet of parchment to Griphook. The goblin quickly read it and smile. He assured Harry that the transactions would be taken care of. Harry walked back outside of the bank and noticed that Pansy Parkinson was standing in front of him. He was glad that she found him. He did not want to have to go in search of her again. She was a bigger threat than Crabbe and Goyle put together. She raised her wand at him preparing to fire a spell. Harry quickly disarmed her and bound her. He reached down and grabbed her and her wand and quickly apparated back to the castle. He was met immediately by Severus, Ginny, Albus, and Draco. Moody was still in the castle as was Amelia.

"It seems that we have caught our first Dark Runner," said Harry. "Quickly gather the rest of the runners."

"Not to worry Harry," said Albus. "Everyone but Miss Granger is here or on their way."

Harry quickly wove the spell that would prevent Pansy from weaving a message on the light. By the time he was done, the rest of the runners were present.

"I know where there are two more runners," said Harry. "Minister I will enforce the edict now. She was branded with the dark mark. It is time to find out how many Dark Runners there are."

"You do not need my permission Head Master," said Amelia quickly. "I am curious as well to see who and how many."

Severus produced the bottle and handed it to Harry. Harry quickly placed three drops in Pansy's mouth. She was fighting with everything she had. Harry eventually had to stun the bottom half of her body.

"Is that a new spell?" asked Severus.

"Not really," replied Harry. "I just improved the old one. Instead of stunning the whole body, I altered the spell to just stun the part that I wanted. I'll teach it to you all later."

He turned to Pansy who was looking at Harry in fear.

"How many Dark Runners are there?" he asked.

"There are seventeen of us that I know of," she replied bitterly.

"Where does Terry Boot live?" asked Harry.

"I don't know," she said.

"How many others live near Diagon Alley?" he asked.

"As far as I know just Crabbe and Goyle," she answered.

"Where is Lilith?" he asked.

"I don't know," answered Pansy.

"You do realize that this is the end of your running days, right?" Harry asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked fearfully.

"You will not be able to weave the light anymore after today," said Harry with a sad smile on his face.

"You can't do that," she shrieked.

"Yes I can," he said. "And I will."

With that Harry opened himself up. He had purposely done this near the entrance of the castle so that he could pull on the light of the moon and stars. Pansy gasped when she saw the brilliance that was Harry's colors. She felt Harry pull in power from all of the assembled Light Runners. She felt him enter her being and then she screamed in agony as bit by bit, Harry tore away her colors. He started with her emerald. He chipped away at it. It was her most powerful gem and Harry started with it. From there he moved on to her amethyst. He shredded her garnet in seconds. When he saw her opal, he sighed. It was such a light stone in such a dark person. With a flick of his hands, he ripped the opal and shredded it. The rest of the Light Runners could feel Harry's sadness. Harry took no pleasure in harming others. When he finished with her last stone, he pulled out of her subconscious. She was crying hard. Harry lifted the enchantment from her running abilities. She quickly tried to weave the light and screamed in frustration when she could not do so. She reached for the starlight and then the moon light with no success. Harry undid the binding spell on her lower body. She collapsed into a heap on the floor sobbing.

"She attempted to attack me in front of Gringotts," stated Harry.

"Not to worry Head Master," said Moody. "She will be going to Azkaban."

"Have one of the Dementors that is loyal to me watch over her," said Harry. "I know that all of them have returned, but I want to make sure that she has no outside communication at all. I don't want her telling anyone what we have accomplished today."

"I will see to it personally," said Moody.

Draco and Severus walked over to Harry and led him away. Albus would see to the rest of this. They wanted to get Harry up to his quarters. Both knew that Harry would break down soon. They wanted him to be in the privacy of his rooms before that happened. They were correct. As soon as Harry entered the bed chamber he shared with Draco, he broke down crying at the horror of what he had done. Both Draco and Severus sat with him holding on to his shaking body. When Harry finally cried himself to sleep, Severus left to report to the rest of the group. Draco made sure that Harry was comfortable and left him to sleep. However, Draco did not go far. He went down and sat at his desk and pondered over what Harry had done. Draco hated it as much as Harry did. He knew that it needed to be done, but like Harry, the thought repulsed him. He glanced down and noticed the picture of his unborn child sitting on the desk. Smiling he picked it up and conjured a frame to put around it. He did the same for the one sitting on Harry's desk. Each week he would see to it that the picture changed. These small lives growing inside of Ginny made both he and Harry very happy.

Draco went downstairs a little later and like promised, gave Ginny an ear full for not telling them that she was pestering Madam Pomfrey with nightly visits. Ginny a little red with embarrassment told Draco to get stuffed and walked away. Draco laughed and made his way back to his rooms. Tomorrow would see how things went. With tomorrow being Saturday, Draco decided that he would go and see about capturing Crabbe and Goyle.

Little did Draco know that tomorrow would bring problems all on its own.

Author's Note - How was that? I tried to make it interesting. I hope that the workings are falling into place well. I have the plot going smoothly. Stick around for the next chapter. I promise it will be a good one.

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