Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

The Last Heir of Morgan Le Fey

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Chapter 5 – The Last Heir of Morgan Le Fey

Harry and the rest of the group met again the following day. Harry finally pulled himself together after the attack on his mind by the means of the Dark Runners banding together for the first time and using all of their power to force their anger upon him. Harry was grateful for the aid of Draco and the rest. The bond that was shared by the group fondly called the "Light Runners" was a strong one. When everyone was gathered in his office, Harry started pacing the floor.

"Harry," said Ginny. "What happened to Crabbe and Goyle? One minute they were part of the dark weave and then the next they faded. I don't understand what happened to them."

"I received a letter from Moody and Blaise," said Harry. "They are responsible for what happened to Crabbe and Goyle. When I found out that Blaise was part of the group that is responsible for rounding up Dark Runners, I told him where to find Crabbe and Goyle."

"Yes I know that Harry," said Ginny. "I was with you when Blaise told us that. It still doesn't explain what happened to them during the fight. From my point of view it looked like they were almost shadow lost."

"That's because they were almost shadow lost," said Harry glumly. "If Lilith and Terry had not pulled power from the rest of the group and worked so hard, they both would have been lost."

Harry pulled out his wand and pulled the memory from his mind and placed it in his pensieve. Then he chanted the incantation to allow the memory to be shown on the screen. The rest of the group all watched in detail as to what was happening. When the memory ended, whispers broke out among the group assembled.

"It looks to me like you were about to help them," said Ron sarcastically.

"Is that a bad thing Mr. Weasley?" asked Albus sharply.

"Yes it is," said Ron stubbornly. "They would not have hesitated to kill Harry. So why should he help to save their lives?"

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY!" thundered Hermione. "We are not murderers. Our goal as a Light Runner is to protect and save, NOT to kill a Dark Runner. We take their power to weave away and then hand them over to the authorities. WE ARE NOT VIGILANTIES."

"Well said Hermione," said Albus. "You are correct. We do not kill. Our job is to provide information and then if necessary take away the power. It would be the same as if we were dealing with an underage teen who is abusing his magical power. We do not kill them. We just simply put an end to their magic."

"That still doesn't tell us what happened to them," snapped Ginny irritably.

"Take it easy Miss Weasley," cautioned Poppy.

"I think what happed is that Moody and Blaise blocked the sun on Crabbe and Goyle," said Harry. "Remember that Crabbe and Goyle only had two colors each. How they were n the weave at all is probably due to Lilith and Terry. From there, when Crabbe and Goyle were not in danger of being shadow lost, they stripped their ability to weave the light from them. From what Moody says in the letter, both are now in Azkaban."

"So that is two more Dark Runners down," said Neville.

"That is correct Mr. Longbottom," said Severus. "We now have two less to worry about. I know all the faces in that memory Harry, with the exception of that one female. Who is she?"

"That is Lilith Le Fey," said Albus for him. "She is the last Heir of Morgan Le Fey. If we catch her, then we put a stop to those individuals that are intent on desecrating the resting place of Merlin."

Everyone in the room was silent for a few moments thinking about this bit of information. As they were sitting there, a Raven flew into the window and dropped a letter on Harry's desk. Hedwig and the phoenixes hissed angrily at this intruder. The raven however was not concerned about any of the birds and flew out with a mocking caw.

Harry picked up the letter and read it.


You may think you are safe. You may think your band of misfits will stop us, but we will get you. You are at the top of our list. From there we will go after that old fool Dumbledore. Next we will kill the blood traitors. The Slytherin will follow. We will take pleasure in destroying that greasy haired git from the dungeons. The old besom McGonagall will be next. We will kill each and every one of you.

Keep your eyes open Potter.

Le Fey

Harry read the letter twice. When he was done, he passed the letter to the others. Each one read the letter. Some became angry. Others just sat there with a sad look on their face.

"Well it looks like we have some work to do," said Harry. "We need to find where these Dark Runners are. The less of them there are, then the less chance I have of losing any of you. Please do not leave the castle alone. We have a better chance of protecting one another if we are in pairs. I think it would be crucial for us to stay in pairs."

"What are you thinking Harry?" asked Severus.

"Poppy I think that you and Minerva should share quarters for awhile," said Harry. "This way there will be one of you that will be able to call for help if the other is attacked. Ginny I think you should team up with Pomona. Albus and Severus I think you two should team up. Neville and Luna are already together as is Ron, Hermione, and Destiny. Remus, Tonks, and James are together. Amelia is being protected by Blaise and Moody. Draco and I already share quarters so that is taken care of. Does anyone have any objections?"

Everyone acknowledged that what Harry proposed made sense.

"We will see to it at once Harry," promised Albus.

"Albus I need you to talk to the Auror office for me," said Harry looking green. "We no longer want Wormtail running on the light. Have Blaise and Moody strip him of his weaving abilities."

Harry sat down heavily in his chair and looked a little sick. Draco placed a calming hand on his shoulder to lend support. Harry sighed and leaned back in his chair.

"I will see to it immediately Harry," said Albus. "Please keep in mind that many of us here can do this as well. You do not have to place the burden of taking away the abilities of the Dark Runners. We know how much it affects you more than it does the rest of us. I am not however saying we enjoy it, but it affects you more than it does us due to the nature of your kind heart."

"Thank Albus," said Harry heavily. "I understand what you are saying and I appreciate each and every one of you."

The meeting ended and the group all got up to do what they needed to get done. Albus used Harry's fireplace and flooed to the Ministry of Magic. An hour later he returned and nodded to Harry stating that it was done and that Wormtail would not be able to ride the light anymore. Albus looked a little green. Harry figured that he shredded Wormtail's abilities himself.

"At least one of you knows how I felt after I shredded Pansy's abilities," said Harry in observation.

"Yes Harry that would be a correct assumption," said Albus. "I now know what you feel when you have to do it. It is not a pleasant experience."

With that Albus left Harry's office. Even though there was still the threat of the Dark Runners in everyone's mind, they all knew they still had classes to teach and students to protect. Life went back to a semblance of normal. Soon enough the holidays were upon them. Ginny was now in her fifth month of pregnancy and she was starting to show. The babies were easily definable. One baby would be a boy and the other would be a girl. Time would tell which baby was for Harry and which was for Draco. Draco and Harry sat for hours and thought up names for their children. Soon enough Christmas was upon the castle. Grawp delivered the trees and the staff got together to decorate the castle. There was not going to be a Yule Ball this year so the groups of students were making plans about what they were going to do for the holiday. Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys were going to the orphanage. Neville and Luna were going to Neville's grandmother's house. The rest of the staff decided to stay at the castle. Harry and Draco decided that the holiday would be a good time for them to start flying patrols in different areas to start searching out Dark Runners.

Harry and Draco went out on alternate days. They never flew alone just in case one or the other would get attacked. They could never get a permanent fix on someone. When they spotted a Dark Runner that was part of the attack on Harry, they would move away. It was almost as if they knew that Harry was watching for them. They were able to catch a few people that had the potential to be Dark Runners. When they would come across them, they would stun them and then shred their abilities. This way they would never be able to use their powers against the Light Runners. When they did this, they would always leave money behind to pay for the inconvenience to the person. It was always a stipend to say they were sorry. Harry even found out that the Weasley twins were able to access so much into the other's mind, that between them, they had four colors. Being able to use each other's colors made them a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to combine made certain aspects of their gifts unique. Harry speculated as to how they could put that ability to good use.

Harry sat at his desk late one afternoon and viewed the memory again. Severus and Draco sat with him as well as Albus and together they made a list of who was a Dark Runner and what their abilities were. Harry was thoroughly depressed at seeing Percy Weasley in the memory working against Harry. His mother would have to be told of course. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione would be furious. It was no surprise that Millicent Bulstrode was in league with the Dark Runners. She had a personal vendetta against Draco and Hermione. Albus was disgusted to remember the brother-sister team of the Carrows. Severus was not surprised to see Rookwood, Gibbon, Mulciber, Yaxley, and Rowle among those in the Dark Runner's corner. They were former Death Eaters. What upset the group was the fact that Viktor Krum was a Dark Runner. Harry never thought to test the other tri wizard competitors to see if they had abilities.

A few days later saw Harry at the Ministry of Magic getting special permission to portkey to France. Harry arrived at Beauxbaton Academy. Madam Maxime was there to greet him. Not far from her were Fleur Delacour and her sister Gabrielle. Both were teachers at the school. All three women gave Harry a hearty welcome. They went up to Olympe's office and sat down.

"Madam Maxime, Fleur and Gabrielle," said Harry. "I have some information to impart and I have a favor to ask."

"Whatever it is Harry we will do our best to assist you," stated Olympe. "We are your friends. Why don't you start from the beginning and tell us what you know."

Harry sat down and told her of the new magic that he learned. He explained the details about what you do with it and how it can be used for both good and evil purposes. He omitted the parts about being the heir of Merlin and the reason for the attacks after all these years. He explained that he wanted to test the school and see who was gifted with runner abilities and who wasn't. When he got to the part about Viktor Krum being a Dark Runner, all three women hissed angrily.

"I knew zat he was evil," said Fleur angrily. "How do you use zis Runner ability?"

"Well first I have to test you for it," said Harry.

"Zen test us," she said. "We want to help you 'Arry."

Harry smile and explained to each of the three women what they had to do to get tested. Olympe understood immediately what Harry was trying to do and hurried to explain it to the others in French in a way that they would understand. Harry smiled his thanks to Olympe and all three women sat with their eyes closed as Harry stepped into the light to weave the patterns. He pulled all three ladies into a weave. Each of them was a runner. Each woman had bright colors. Harry showed them all how to use their colors and what to do and how to use the sun, moon, and even the stars. For Gabrielle, he showed her the pearl base stone and then her moonstone and diamond colors. Fleur had similar colors, but with one more. He showed her the moonstone base with the opal, diamond, and pearl backings. For Olympe, he showed her the garnet, jade, opal, and onyx that were her colors. While he had them in the weave, he showed them how to run with their colors and explained that while Gabrielle had three colors she would do better to always stand in a patch of light if she were going to run. When he was done with the explanation of their gifts, Harry gently threw them back into themselves. Each was stunned at the power and control that Harry had. Each reveled in the fact that if they wanted to talk to others, they could run the light.

"Zis will be easy when we want to talk to each other," said Olympe to Harry.

"That is correct," said Harry with a smile. "I need you to have your students all meet in your dining area. I can test them all easier than I tested you. Now that you know the basics and the fundaments, you can teach your students how to use the gift of weaving the light."

Olympe nodded her agreement and summoned the students to the dining Hall. When all of the students were assembled, Harry had Fleur briefly explain what was going on. Harry said that he would land on the shoulder of each person with gifts and that they should be called up and such. Fleur looked at the other two women. All three wondered what Harry meant by "landing on the students". Harry gave an impish smile and transformed into his phoenix Animagus. The assembled students as well at the three women working with Harry all made sounds of delight to see the silver phoenix in the hall. Harry flew to perch on Olympe's outstretched arm. From there he scanned the hall. He lifted off of her arm and landed lightly on the shoulder of a student. Olympe called that student to the front and Gabrielle brought him to a room to the side of the dining hall. Harry lifted again and made his way around the hall. He landed on the shoulder of eight different students. Harry was amazed that there were so few students in France with the gift. At last Harry landed back on the shoulder of Olympe. He took one more look around and then his eyes fell on one particular student. He flew off of her shoulder and transformed back into his human form. He looked at Olympe and whispered something in her ear. She sent Fleur to take that student and move him to a different room and to sit with him. Harry explained what was going on.

"Olympe there is a difference in the color patterns of Light Runners and Dark Runners," he said. "The difference between them is easy to spot. Light Runners colors are all bright and warm. Dark Runner colors are murky and cold to look at. What I would like for you to do is to follow me on the light. I will show you the difference between us and them."

With that, Harry grabbed all t here women and pulled them along a line of light to the one student that he signaled out. While on the light he told them that when a person has Dark colors, that it was necessary to "shred" them of their abilities. He also explained that only a person with five Runner colors could do this. He explained that it would not hurt the person, but that they would no longer be able to use the gift. He showed Fleur how to shred the ability. Fleur being part Veela made it easy for her to do the task. He warned her that it would not be pleasant and that she would have trouble with anyone over two colors. He promised her that if she told him who and where the person was, that he would come and help her with the task of stopping their power. Fleur nodded her head in understanding and watched as Harry broke down the colors that made up the young man's core of runner abilities.

"That doesn't make them intermittently evil in nature," explained Harry when he had the three women back in their own minds. "It just means that they have the potential to do ugly things on the light."

All three women nodded at this. From there, they and Harry made their way to the other room to explain to the students what they were going to be teaching them. Harry watched as Fleur grabbed hold of the colors of the group of men ad women in the room and showed them on the light how to use their gifts. Harry complimented her on her quick study and then he told them that he had to return to his own school. They walked Harry out to the entrance to the school and each woman hugged him and wished him luck in his crusade. Harry promised that he would stay in touch. He also extracted a promise that they would keep the fact that he had six colors a secret.

"The less that know about it the better," he said.

All three promised and waved to him as he took his portkey back to Hogwarts.

Harry returned to Hogwarts in a happy mood. He told Albus, Severus, and Draco what had transpired and they were all delighted to learn that they could talk to Beauxbaton Academy in the easier fashion. Harry showed them the colors of Fleur, Gabrielle, and Olympe. When he was sure they had it, Harry bade them good night and headed off to bed.

Author's Note - This was mostly a filler chapter. I wanted to get things rolling. I wanted to bring in some outside assistance. I hope that my story is not getting boring to you all. Thanks for the support.

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