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Wonder Twin Powers, Activate

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Chapter 6 – Wonder Twin Powers, Activate

Molly Weasley was in a fret. She knew that her third son was ambitious. The disaster that happened at the Ministry of Magic when Ron and Harry were in their fourth year hit the family hard. Then when he sided with Delores Umbridge the following year, upset the family even further. She thought that they had made amends the year that Harry became the DADA professor at Hogwarts. She now knew that she was wrong. Percy was a very silent son and very secretive about his plans. She wanted nothing but the best for all of her children. She wanted more than anything to understand why Percy would turn to the Dark side and work against Harry and the rest of the staff at Hogwarts. The day that Ginny and Ron came home for the holidays and told her that Percy was working with the Dark Runners, was a bad day for Molly. She did her best to remain cheerful for the sake of the other children at the orphanage. Petunia was worried about her and asked on more than one occasion if she was alright. Molly would smile at her and say she was fine. Deep down inside, she was shredded. She had lost her husband to the war, and now she lost one of her sons. While it is true that Percy was not dead, he would be shredded of his abilities and sent to Azkaban for a long period of time. It was the same as a death sentence to her. She tried to stay happy for Ron and Ginny's sake. The twins were doing well in their joke shop. They were making money hand over fist. They never hesitated to buy Molly new and expensive things. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were no better. Harry had given the three a bank account with tem million galleons each. Now Ron and Hermione were married and had a beautiful baby girl. Ginny was entering her sixth month of pregnancy carrying twins for Harry and Draco. Harry and Draco. The thought made her smile. They were two very wonderful young men. Each had their own way of making the world a better place. The bond that had formed from two bitter rivals was only matched by those of her twin sons. Molly had adopted both Draco and Harry into her family. She was all for Ginny carrying the children for the boys. Harry and Draco would never be able to settle down as husbands, but they would make wonderful fathers. Molly was delighted to know that she had two more grandchildren on the way. She was constantly badgering Ginny to come and visit so that she could take pictures of her. Ginny allowed it sometimes and at other times would tell her mom to behave herself.

The holidays ended and the school term began again. As the days became weeks, Ginny was showing more and more. She constantly complained about not being able to see her feet. At these times Harry or Draco would rush to her side and massage her back or her feet for her. Minerva and Albus would always laugh at this. Severus could be seen smirking as well. What the others did not know was that he was also secretly helping Ginny with anything she needed. After all, she was carrying his god child. Harry grinned to himself. Sev thought he was being slick, but both Draco and Harry would laugh every time they would look at the marauder's map and see Severus sitting with Ginny. They decided to not say anything. Let Severus have his fun.

Harry decided that it was time to have a talk with the Weasley twins. He made arrangements with them to come to the castle. As usual, they were exuberant and full of energy. Harry escorted them to his office and they sat down.

"What I want to know," said Harry. "Is how you guys are able to blend your colors like that? It seems to me that it is a valuable weapon."

"It may seem that way to you Harry," said George. "It is just something we can do. Separate, we are as weak as Crabbe and Goyle was. Together is the only time we can combine our colors and act as one cohesive unit."

At that moment there was a knock on the door. Harry waved his hand to open it. Hermione looked a bit sheepish but entered the room.

"Harry," she said. "I was wondering if I could sit in this meeting with you. I think I can explain why these two are able to do what they can."

"Of course you may sit in," said Harry quickly conjuring a chair for her. "I am always interested in hearing what you learn. Especially when that information can be used to stop our enemies."

"Well I was talking with Rowena," said Hermione.

"Now how did I know that she would be involved in this," stated Harry with a grin.

"Well you are not the only one she will appear to you know," said Hermione a bit smug. "I am carrying her wand after all. Now before you interrupted me I was about to tell you this."

"Go ahead Hermione," said Harry. "I won't interrupt you again."

"Well she said that in the past," continued Hermione with a nod. "When twins are born with the Runner gifts, they never get past two colors each. She also said that each set of twins had the same ability to combine their colors like these two do and become a fighting force. The bad side to this is that if one becomes shadow lost, then so does the other. The only way they both don't become shadow lost is if they are being watched over by someone like you Harry, or if they are acting separately."

"Then I guess that we had better keep an eye on the two of you," said Harry abruptly. "I know how your minds work. You will want to participate as a team and I can not allow you to do that. I have a hard enough time watching my enemies become shadow lost or have their abilities shredded. It will just kill me if I have to watch one that I consider family go through it. Do not forget what happened to Hagrid."

"Harry we were not planning on doing anything," said Fred. "We want to help, but we know our limits as to what we can do and what we can't do. We are stronger when we are setting up traps and such. Our specialty is to cause mayhem for our enemies."

"Just promise me you won't do anything stupid," said Harry with a plea in his voice.

"We promise," chorused the twins.

"Somehow I don't believe you," muttered Harry. "It would be just like you to do something foolish and cause me to have to worry."

"Take it easy Harry," said George. "We know our limits. With the information that braniac here has given us we now know just how far those limits are. Trust us. We value our lives."

Harry sighed. He had a bad feeling about trusting these two with this. He knew they were up to something and could not put his finger on what it was. Hermione also looked suspiciously at the twins. Harry was the strongest Runner in existence at the moment. She was in no place to pull rank. She would let Harry deal with them when the time came.

The meeting ended and the group went about their tasks. After all, Harry had a school to run and Hermione had classes to teach. The twins went back to their store. Later that evening Draco came in and he asked how Harry's day was.

"It was ok," said Harry. "I am a bit worried about the Weasley twins though. I know they are plotting something. I just can't put my finger on what it is. I do not want them doing something stupid."

"Well Harry," said Draco. "You can not protect all of us at the same time. You are not a super hero. Even the most powerful wizard such as you can not be in all places at the same time. There is nothing you can do for them until they decide to act. You already do not sleep enough. You also don't eat enough. You are constantly running on the light searching for the Dark Runners. Tonight if you are not in bed at a reasonable hour getting some sleep I will call in my special forces and see to it that you do sleep. Now it is time for dinner. I suggest that you eat a proper meal or I will see to it that Poppy makes you take all kinds of potions. I promise you that they will all taste horrible."

Harry chuckled and got up. He gave Draco a hug and a pat on the cheek and followed him to the Great Hall for dinner. He sat at his place and filled his plate with food. Draco, Albus, and Severus were watching him intently. Harry gave a sheepish grin and ate everything on his plate and even helped himself to a second portion of his more favorite dishes. The others all nodded and congratulated Draco on his good work. Draco was not fooled though. He knew that this was a show and that Harry was worried about the Weasleys. All of them. Harry sat there enjoying himself. Finally without realizing just how tired he was, he fell asleep sitting in his chair with his fork in his hand. The rest of the staff all smiled. Ginny actually stood up and took a picture of him. They would use this as black mail for the future when Harry would not rest or eat. Severus walked over and picked up the young man. When he realized how light Harry was, he became concerned. He followed Draco to the Head Master's office and together they got Harry into bed.

"I think a few replenishing potions ought to do the trick," said Severus quietly. "If he gets any thinner, he will be right back where he was when we found him at the bottom of the stairs at his Aunt and Uncle's house."

"He worries so much about us," whispered Draco. "It breaks my heart to see him doing this to himself just to protect us. I had to threaten him with potions and such to get him to eat. Now I guess ill have to threaten to drug him to get him to sleep."

"I think we all should lend a hand with this," said Severus. "It is time Harry understands that he doesn't have to be superman. He needs to care for himself better if he wishes to protect us."

"That is going to be tough," said Draco. "I think we should all tag team him. He can't argue with all of us."

"We will figure something out," agreed Severus.

Together the two men left the room. Draco asked Dobby and Winky to keep an eye out on Harry. The two men made their way back to the Great Hall. Albus and Minerva were at their side in a flash.

"Is he alright?" asked Minerva.

"Yes he is fine," said Severus. "He has just pushed himself to hard and it finally caught up with him. We need to get him to see that he does not have to worry so much about us."

"He spends all of his free time riding the light looking for attacks," said Draco. "I don't think he has slept in three days."

"This is not good," said Albus sagely. "I think Harry needs a break. Draco round up the rest of the runners and meet me in my office."

Draco nodded and left to pass on the message. Within ten minutes the group was assembled in Albus' office. They were all concerned about Harry.

"What we want to know is why he is doing this," stated Pomona. "Many of us are very competent with running on the light. Why does he feel that he has to always be watching out for us?"

"That is just the type of person that he is," said Albus. "More to the point is what happened in the meeting that has him so riled up."

"I can answer that," said Hermione. "Harry and I both feel that the Weasley twins are up to something. They both promised that they would not do anything stupid, but we all know that Fred and George's promises are worth next to nothing. On top of everything that Harry already does, I think he will try and keep a closer eye on the twins just to make sure that they are ok."

"I think we need to set up shifts," said Ginny. "This way each of us can have a turn watching out for everyone on the light. Harry won't have to take the burden all upon himself."

"That is a great idea Ginny," said Luna. "I will be glad to help. I am not able to do a whole lot, but I can at least run the light for a few hours and see what is going on."

The rest of the group all took up the challenge. Each wanted to help as much as the next.

"Well it is settled then," said Severus. "We can do this in pairs so that one person doesn't get caught by the enemy. I think that the pairs we have with the sleeping arrangements should ride the light together. Just be careful and never hesitate to call for help if you think you are in danger."

There was a collective nod all the way around.

"Luna and I will take the watch for tonight," said Neville. "This way the rest of you can do what you need to do to make sure that Harry is ok."

Everyone got up and started making their way to their quarters. Draco walked back to the room he shared with Harry. He sat down next to him and began to read. From time to time, Harry would fuss in his sleep. Draco would smooth back his hair and quiet him. At one point, Harry had a terrible nightmare. Draco wove on the light and clamped down on the dream. It was the first time he was able to do something like that. He was shocked at the vision the dream held. Draco knew that Harry was prone to visions, but this was something that was beyond the extreme. It seemed that Harry and Hermione were correct. The twins were up to no good. Draco quietly got up and left quickly. He knocked on the door to the rooms shared by Severus and Albus. When Severus answered the door, he was surprised by the look on Draco's face. Draco was to stricken to say anything at first. Albus helped get him seated. Draco raised his wand to the tip of his head and pulled out the memory of Harry's dream. Albus took it quickly and put it in the pensieve. He and Severus quickly entered the memory to watch.

The twins were about and stalking their brother. George went one way and Fred the other. They caught up to him and lashed out with their gifts. Percy was ensnared. He was still able to ride the light and help was quick in coming. Traps flared as the twins used everything in their arsenal. Finally they were over powered and the twins were shadow lost.

Albus and Severus looked at the vision a second time. They were now looking for clues as to where the trap and the ambush would sit and wait. Albus finally recognized something in the vision that would point to where this would all transpire. Now they had to figure out when this was going to happen. Together the trio made for Harry's office. When they got there, Harry was already up and sitting in a patch of moonlight. He was already traveling on the light. He quickly caught up with Luna and Neville and wrapped them up in his weave. They tried to fend him off and explain to him that they were on patrol, but were unable to get around Harry's power. Albus quickly formed the pattern as Severus and Draco quickly pulled in everyone they could find. This was not going to be easy, but they had to assist Harry in any way they could. Severus quickly grabbed Minerva, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Pomona as Draco grabbed Poppy, Remus, Tonks, and Molly. They quickly opened up their net and Albus wove them all into the pattern. Swiftly with practiced ease, he flung the cord to Harry who did not see it but, was already racing with the wind. Time was of the essence.

The twins were waiting. They would catch their prey soon enough. They had watched Percy for a week. Percy was known to be a stickler for routine. He left at the same time every day and arrived back home at the same time every day. Percy was in the Burrow. This highly displeased the twins. The house should not be in use by one that was a traitor to the family. When Percy left that morning to do what ever it was that he did, the twins quickly laid their trap for him. All they had to do now was to wait until Percy got home. Right on cue, Percy appeared with a small pop. Taking a step towards the door, he stepped in the first trap. He sunk to his waist in mud. He frantically struggled to get to his wand. When he had it, he quickly levitated himself out. Percy spun around and was looking for the culprits. He knew without a doubt that his brothers were behind this. He circled the house looked for the twins. They were there, but under invisibility cloaks. Percy passed right by them and didn't even know it. When he made his circuit, Percy entered the Burrow. The second trap sprung and caught Percy in a net. He quickly severed the bindings on his arms and legs.

By this time the twins were in position. They waited eagerly for Percy to spring the third trap. As if on cue, Percy walked into the invisible rope and knocked himself to the floor. The twins quickly gathered the light and spun into Percy's mind. Together they gave an onslaught on Percy's bearings. They were in a fury that one of their own would go out of their way to hurt the family. That family included the Light Runners. George and Fred came at Percy from both sides. Percy was ready fir them. He quickly sent out a plea for help and it was quickly answered. Within moments the twins were outnumbered and out maneuvered. Alecto and Amycus Carrow as well as Thorfinn Rowle quickly caught Fred and George and were effectively working them into the shadow lost stage. As they were working, they were not fully prepared. They were not watching their own backs. Harry hit the group with the power that was the equivalent of a lightning bolt. Luna and Neville were staggered by the pull on their energies. It took a few moments before Albus and the rest of the group caught up to Harry and quickly asserted them into the weave. The Carrows were about to call out for help, but their call was clamped down upon by Harry. It was then that they realized that Harry was more powerful then they thought. Albus and Severus went to the aid of the Weasley twins. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione went for Percy. The rest of the group grabbed and held Rowle. Harry was quickly working. With a mere thought, he held the minds of the Carrows. With another twist of the weave, he grabbed the Weasley twins and flung them unceremoniously back into themselves. The four captives were attempting to band together and form a resistance. They were no match for Harry and the rest of the group. Albus and Minerva grabbed Amycus and quickly shredded her colors. Severus and Draco were working on Rowle at the same time. Hermione and Tonks took care of Alecto Carrow. Ron and Ginny were staring at Percy. The fury that the Weasleys had for their older brother was not something that could be matched. In unison they grabbed Percy.

"We are not Fred and George now are we?" taunted Ginny. "You can't beat up on us the way you did them now can you?"

"We are a lot stronger than they are?" said Ron. "You will pay for going against the family. Before we shred your ability, we want to know why. Why would you do that to us and to Harry?"

"Why should I protect this family?" screamed Percy. "You are all a bunch of losers. You take pity on Potter and then you take his bribe money. None of you has done an honest day's worth of work in your lives. The only reason you are teachers is because of Potter. None of you have talent."

"That is where you are wrong," said Harry in a quiet deadly voice. "They are my family. They are gifted witches and wizards. They have decency. This is something you seriously seem to lack. They have a sense of pride. Again this is something you seem to lack. They have a sense of value. They love their family. Something you will never do."

Molly walked over to Percy. She looked him deep in the eye. She raised her hand and with a mighty swing, she slapped him clean across the face.

"HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MY FAMILY THAT WAY," she yelled furiously. "Each and every one of your siblings has made something of themselves in this world. NONE of them went behind the back of their family and did something that was dishonest. YOU POMPOUS, ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS ASSHOLE! YOU ARE NO LONGER MY SON. I HOPE YOU ROT IN AZKABAN."

Percy sneered at her in contempt. Before he got to say anything, Harry was standing before him. He reached out and put a hand on each side of Percy's head. Percy's eyes were suddenly wide with fright. Slowly and carefully Harry shredded each of Percy's colors. He let Percy know what was going on as he did it.

When he was done, Harry quietly disentangled the weave and sent each person carefully and gently home. When he was back to himself, He gave a turn on the spot and apparated to the Burrow. It was not long before Albus, Severus, and Draco were with him. Percy was sitting on the floor shocked and stunned by the events of the night. Fred and George were sitting quietly at the table.

"You two," he growled at the twins. "You two will report to my office and wait for me. NOW! Draco I want you to go the orphanage and get Molly. Bring her to my office. Severus, go back to the castle and have the rest of the Weasley in my office. That will include Hermione. Albus please see to it that Percy is taken care of."

The others took one look at Harry's face and quickly left to do his bidding. Harry quickly apparated back to his office and sat down. Within fifteen minutes the party was assembled. Albus was still working with the ministry. Harry gestured for everyone to seat themselves. After a few more moments, Harry's fireplace erupted and Albus spun into view. He quickly stepped out of the fire and dusted himself off with a quick charm. Draco had taken his normal spot at Harry's right. Severus was seated on his left. Ginny was trying to console Molly who was crying hard.

Harry turned to the twins. The fire in his eyes was bright and hard.


Draco and Severus both placed a calming hand on Harry. Harry leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. He could feel the love coming from these two. Molly meanwhile had stood up. She walked over to the twins and gave each a resounding slap across the face.

"That is for putting yourselves in danger," she hissed. "What would the two of you have done had Harry not had that vision? Do you think that you are immune to trouble? You should be ashamed of yourselves."

The twins hung their heads in shame. They could not meet the eyes of Harry or their mother.

"I will give you fair warning," said Harry quietly. "If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I will personally strip you of your ability to run on the light. You have no idea of how much danger you put yourself and the rest of us in. You two promised me that you would not do anything stupid. Why did you lie to me?"

"I agree with the Head Master," said Albus quietly. "How could you do something that was so utterly foolish?"

"We did not know that Percy would be able to do what he did," muttered Fred.

"We thought that if we caught him alone that we could capture and bring him in and let the Auror division deal with him," said George.

"We should have known that he was expecting something like this," said Fred.

"We swear the wizard's oath to never try anything like that again," said George.

"You had better," snarled Molly. "If you even think about trying something like that again, I will make the two of you sorry you were ever born."

"Yes mum," the twins chorused.

"Well just this once I think that no more needs to be said on the matter," stated Albus. "However, I think that each of you needs to sit and write a letter to both Harry and your mother as to how sorry you both are and about how much you appreciate what they have done for you."

"We will have that done in a couple of days Professor Dumbledore," promised George.

"Very well then," said Albus. "I think it is time for you all to be heading home then. I am sure that the Head Master will let you use his fire."

Harry nodded and stood up. All of a sudden a wave of vertigo hit him and he collapsed to the floor. Draco and Severus were both kneeling by his side in a flash. Poppy was summoned. When she arrived, she rushed over and pulled out her wand to examine him.

"He is utterly exhausted," she announced after running a scan on him. "I'll ask you two to put him in bed. I want him to stay there for a few days. Please make sure that you enforce that he needs rest."

"You can count on me Poppy," said Draco. "I know that this is for his own good."

Draco shot a glance over at Fred and George. Both twins hung their heads in shame. Draco and Severus got Harry up the stairs and back into bed. Draco quickly changed into his night clothes and climbed in next to him. To make Harry stay in bed was going to be difficult. To help with nightmares, Draco felt it better if he was near Harry.

Severus quickly dimmed the lights. He went downstairs and watched as Molly and the twins left. From there he assisted Ginny in standing and together they left the office. Albus, Ron, and Hermione all left together. Albus had already spoken with Dobby and Winky. Harry would be served his food in bed for the next three days. They were to report to him if Harry did not eat everything on his plate. Both elves agreed that they would make sure that Harry did what he was supposed to do to get better.

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