Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

The Dragon's Way

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Chapter 7 – The Dragon's Way

The days passed and the castle returned to some kind of normal. Well at least as normal as could be for Harry and the rest of the Light Runners. Ginny was still getting bigger by the day as the babies grew. She constantly complained about not being able to see her feet. One day Harry asked her why she fussed so much about not being able to see her feet.

"You try being seven months pregnant with twins and see how you feel," she snapped at him irritably.

Harry raised his hands in defeat and moved quickly away. Draco could be seen in the background shaking his head in understanding. He had gotten the rough edge of Ginny's tongue the day before. About the only person Ginny wasn't irritable with was Severus. The two of them were always talking and sitting together. It probably helped that Severus was constantly providing potions for the aches in her back and the swelling of her limbs and such.

About a month after the incident with the twins and Ginny was entering her eight month of pregnancy, Draco approached Harry.

"Phoenix," he said. "I want to talk with you. I have an idea that might help us catch a few more Dark Runners."

Harry looked up from his book he was reading and focused his full attention on Draco.

"I am all ears Dragon," he said. "Anything that might help will be a blessing for us."

"Well I don't want you to get upset with me," said Draco. "I think we could use what the twins did to an advantage."

"How so?" asked Harry. "For the record I find it hard to get upset with you about anything."

"Well I was going over and over what happened with the twins that day," said Draco with a bright smile for Harry. "I was thinking that we could implement that again and catch a few more Dark Runners."

"I'm intrigued," said Harry. "Give me the full details of your idea."

"Well I know this will sound bad," said Draco. "Why don't we use them as bait?"

"Use them as bait?" asked Harry.

"Give me a few moments," said Draco. "Let me summon the rest of the Runners in the castle and we can all work out the details. I think this idea that I have will really work if we are careful."

"Very well," said Harry. "I will sit here and wait for you to actually tell me what you have in mind."

"Sorry about that Harry," said Draco. "Just be patient with me. My idea has a few kinks in it and I think Albus and Severus could help me get it laid out better."

Draco quickly crossed over to the window and summoned the rest of the Runners. He did it in a way that they would not think something was wrong with anyone. Harry sat there and marveled at the control that Draco now had with the ability to work with the light. About fifteen minutes later the rest of the group were assembled.

"I have an idea that might help us catch more Dark Runners," said Draco to the group. "I just need help fixing a few kinks in the plan."

"I believe that I speak for everyone when I say that we are all ears," said Albus with the utmost look of interest on his face.

"Well I was thinking about what the Weasley twins did," said Draco. "I think we can use that to our advantage."

"Interesting," said Albus. "Why don't you give us the full outline of your idea?"

"Well," said Draco hesitantly looking a bit fearful at Ron, Ginny, and Hermione. "I was thinking that as we can't fully trust them to not do something so foolish as to go off on their own and attempt to catch Dark Runners by themselves, that we should use them as bait."

"What do you mean use them as bait?" flared up Ginny at once.

"Relax Miss Weasley," said Severus soothingly to her. "Let us hear what he is talking about before we jump to conclusions."

Ginny leaned back and glared at Draco. Red in the face, Draco continued with his idea.

"Well as you all know," he began a little hesitantly. "We are having trouble getting the Dark Runners to stay in one spot. Whenever Harry or I get a lock on one of them, they move."

The group all nodded at this. Harry and Albus glanced at each other and smiled. Both had an idea of where Draco was going with this.

"What I was thinking is have the Weasley twins run the light," said Draco. Let them just run on the light. Harry or one of us that has more than three colors can trail them. I know for a fact that Harry can follow someone on the light and they not know he is there. I think it has something to do with that sixth color of his. However I have been working a little with that also. I have been following some of you around while you are weaving on the light."

"You mean you have been spying on our private conversations?" asked Ron thickly.

"I would never do that Ron," said Draco.

"Relax Mr. Weasley," said Minerva. "We all know that Draco would no more do something like that than Harry or any other of us would."

"Thank you Minerva," said Draco. "I do not listen to your conversations. I just follow you on the light. That way I can see what others might see."

"I think I see what you are saying," said Hermione. "This way if one of us is attacked on the light, you could automatically intervene and help us. At the same time you stay just far enough away that you don't interfere with our conversation. Is that correct?"

"Exactly on the nose," said Draco with a smile of relief. "I kinda picked up on that from Harry. He does that to all of you so often that it was hard not to learn how to do it. Even the weakest of us can do so without interfering with something personal."

"That still doesn't tell us what this has to do with Fred and George," said Ginny pointedly.

"Well I am getting to that," said Draco. "Why don't we have them just weave in the areas that we know there is Dark Runners and have someone like Harry or one of us that is really powerful on the light just trail them and watch out for them."

"This way when a Dark Runner picks up on them we can interfere with the ambush and capture a Dark Runner," said Ginny excitedly. "We all know that as a single person Fred and George have only two colors each. When they are working in unison they have four. This way we could have each twin look like they are making a mistake and accidentally stumble upon a Dark Runner that is more powerful than they are."

"I see," said Hermione. "We could have them stay apart that way we can send Fred one way with say Albus watching him and George can go another direction with Harry watching him. In the end we just follow them on the light and stay just far enough away to let them attract the attention of a Dark Runner and then we step in and capture the bad guys."

"You know," said Ron. "That is not a bad idea. After what they did the last time and the threat that Harry made to them, they would love to be able to do something to help. It would make them feel that they are useful in the plan to catch Dark Runners."

Harry and Albus did not say anything. Each shared another knowing look and just listened to the others. Severus was watching the scene with a look of interest on his face. He knew that most of the Dark Runners were former Death Eaters. Nothing would please him more than to get his hands on them and send them to Azkaban where hey belonged.

"So when do you want to start this?" asked Ginny. "I like the idea. We had better talk to mom about it though. She will need to know what is going on or she will rip you to shreds also."

"Yes we must not upset Molly," said Draco. "I fear her more than I did Voldemort."

The rest of the group all laughed. The Weasley matriarch was a force to be reckoned with when she was angry. She was fiercer than any wild animal or dark creature if you messed with one of her family members.

"I think Harry should talk with the twins," said Draco. "This way they can get the best information as to how it can be done with their safety as well as heed the warning that only Harry can threaten them with. I also think that Albus should talk to Molly. She will be less likely to hurt him than one of us if she decided to not approve of the idea."

"Are you hiding from her behind Harry and Albus?" asked Minerva in a teasing way.

"You would be 100% accurate in that Minerva," said Draco. "I do not want her to disembowel me if she gets angry. Plus she scares me when she is mad."

The rest of the group started howling with laughter. Many could visualize it in their minds. Ron fell out of his seat due to laughing so hard. Hermione was pounding her hand on the arm of her seat. Her eyes filled with tears of mirth. Even Severus was laughing openly and in front of everyone.

Ginny started chuckling and then she started to laugh really hard. The vision of her mother wringing Draco's neck bought a howl of laughter from her. She shook hard as she laughed. The next instant everyone sobered up immediately as she let out a shriek of pain. Harry and Draco were by her sides in a flash. Poppy had her wand out and was approaching her. The next thing anyone knew the floor was all wet and Ginny was shrieking in pain.

"Her water broke," said Poppy. "She is about twenty days early in her pregnancy. The babies have decided that they want to enter the world."

Harry quickly grabbed the arms of Poppy and Ginny and apparated to the hospital wing. Draco and the rest all rushed down to the infirmary.

"You could have taken me too," said Draco holding a stitch in his side. "After all she is carrying my child too."

"Sorry Dragon," said Harry sheepishly. "I did not think all the way."

"Not a problem," said Draco. "How is she?"

"I'll tell you how I am," screamed Ginny. "I'm going to make you two wish you were never born when I am through with this."

Harry and Draco looked at each other and sighed. They sat at each side of her head and grabbed a hand. Poppy and Severus came back to the bed and helped as best as they could.

"Most of this will be on you," said Poppy. "We can only assist with guiding the children and then getting them cleaned. Most of the work will be done by you."

"When we tell you to, please push," said Severus in his soothing voice. "It will not be long now. Remember all the training I have been giving you."

Harry grabbed a cloth from the table and started wiping the sweat off of her forehead. Draco just sat with her and held her hand. Each time she had a contraction, she would squeeze his hand and curse him and Harry into oblivion. A few moments later the door burst open and Molly entered.

"Please move Severus," she commanded. "I will help Poppy with this. Ginny you need to stay relaxed."

Severus smiled and stepped back around the curtain to wait with Albus. Both he and Albus were to be the godfathers of the children. Hermione and Luna were also pacing. They would be the godmothers of the children. Every now and then they would hear Ginny scream and curse. Hermione smiled. She remembered doing the same thing to Ron when she was in labor. From time to time they could hear Harry or Draco yelp in pain as Ginny would hit one of them. From there you could hear Molly telling her to behave and pay attention. Finally after an hour the first cry could be heard. The baby started crying. Harry came out proudly holding his little boy in his arms. Severus, Albus, Hermione and the rest all rushed over to see the baby.

"What are you going to name him?" asked Minerva as she held the little boy tenderly in her arms.

"Alexander James Potter," said Harry wiping furiously at the tears in his eyes.

"He is so beautiful," said Hermione when it was her turn to hold him. "You can tell he is yours. He has your eyes."

Harry could only nod as the tears of joy continued to pour down his face. About twenty minutes later another cry of pain could be heard from both Draco and Ginny. Within seconds the sound of a second child crying sounded. Harry quickly grabbed his son as Draco came around the screen proudly holding his daughter in his arms.

"What are you going to name her?" asked Albus with tears in his eyes.

"Octavia Lucia Potter," said Draco. "Recently we went to the Ministry of Magic and I had my name changed legally to Potter. I did not desire to be a Malfoy any longer. Nor do I want my child to carry the name."

He was also crying proudly as he held his little girl in his arms. Minerva reached out for the little girl only to be moved to the side by Luna who wanted to hold her godchild.

"Me first I think," said Luna with an apologetic smile.

Minerva smiled and stepped aside. Hermione handed Destiny to Minerva.

Meanwhile, Molly was giving her daughter congratulations on the birth of the babies. Ginny in the meanwhile let out another shriek of pain. Poppy ran her wand over Ginny. Molly looked alarmed. Harry handed Alexander to Severus and rushed around the screen with Draco hot on his heels.

"We seem to have missed something," said Poppy in awe. "There will be one more child."

Harry and Draco each took up positions at Ginny's head. Ginny gave a yell and so did both men. Twenty minutes later another little boy was born. He was the spitting image of Ginny. He had red hair. The oddest part was that his eyes were two different colors. He had one green eye and one gray one. Harry held the child while Molly and Poppy cleaned Ginny up. When they were sure that Ginny was done, they put her in a fresh gown and cleaned up the mess. Harry handed her the baby and went to get his son. Draco meanwhile went to get his daughter. All three parents were sitting in a row holding a child in their arms. Albus was taking pictures like a crazed man.

"What are you going to name him?" asked Molly.

"Arthur Perseus Weasley," she whispered in a tired voice. "I would like Ron to be godfather and Poppy to be godmother."

The nurse and Ron both got excited to hear this. Molly laughed and took the child gently in her arms.

"Thank you for giving him of your father's name," said Molly with tears in her eyes. "The three of you make beautiful children."

Molly sat in a chair next to Ginny's bed. Harry handed Alexander over to Ginny who smiled down at her first born son. After a few moments, Harry placed him in Molly's other arm while Draco handed over Octavia to Ginny. When Ginny started to nod off, Draco placed the third child with its siblings and stood back. Albus meanwhile had been taking pictures. Now he took a picture of Molly holding her grandchildren. Poppy took Arthur and held him while Severus took James. Albus was like a child in a candy store taking tons of pictures. Minerva finally had to remind everyone that the children needed to be fed and that Ginny needed to get some rest. She quickly conjured up some chairs while Harry had some of the house elves get milk in the bottles for the babies. Ginny fell into a fitful sleep. Harry, Draco, and Molly sat there and fed the babies. When they were done, Harry quickly conjured up a crib for the babies to sleep in. Poppy told him that the children had to stay in the hospital wing for at least a week until she was satisfied that all three would be healthy enough to move them to more permanent quarters.

Once the ordeal with Ginny was over and the babies were resting comfortably in the nursery, Albus pulled Molly aside and told her about the meeting they were having before Ginny went into labor. Molly sat there and listened with rapt attention while Albus explained in detail what would happen and how they could use it to their advantage. In the end Molly agreed to go along with the plan. She knew that as long as Harry or Albus was watching, the twins would be safe. She told Albus that she would have the twins come to the castle the following day. She then borrowed Apollo and Artemis so that she could send letters to Bill and Charlie. Meanwhile Harry sent a letter with Hedwig to Petunia and Dudley. All three birds came back with congratulations and a promise to come see the children as soon as they could. From there the birds all went over to the crib and sat like sentinels keeping watch over the children. Harry and Draco were the last ones to leave the infirmary. Hedwig decided to leave the phoenixes guard the children in case Draco or Harry needed her. As Harry looked back one last time, he could see Merlin and the four founders all standing around the crib. Harry nudged Draco. The blond smiled as he saw Salazar lift Octavia and Rowena pick up Arthur. Harry grinned as he watched Merlin pick up Alexander. Poppy came out of her office and froze. She looked over to Harry who shook his head. Poppy smiled as the babies were passed around to the different ancestors. On impulse, Harry changed into his phoenix form and flew to the babies. What he saw both delighted him and saddened him. He flew back to Draco and transformed back. All three children had four colors each. They would be targets.

The next few days were a flurry of activity around the castle. It was soon known to everyone that the babies were born. Ginny was a favorite among the students as well as Harry and Draco. Parents sent well wishes cards and gifts for the babies. Petunia could be seen on alternate days from Molly cuddling and caring for the babies. Even "Uncle Dudley" could get a smile from Alexander. A special room was set up as a nursery for all four children that currently resided in the castle. At any time, a student could find their professor holding an infant in their arms. Many were amused as they watched Severus Snape holding James during a lesson on werewolves. Many had peals of laughter watching Minerva McGonagall holding Destiny in her arms while instructing the proper way to turn their hedgehog into a pincushion. The funniest was watching Albus Dumbledore holding little Octavia while teaching charms. Other times you would see Hermione with a child or even Ron sitting on his broomstick with a baby in his arms. Ginny apologized to both Harry and Draco. She felt bad for them that she threatened to curse them. Both men were delighted that she was not going to do so. Each had vivid memories of her bat bogey hexes as well as her other gifts. When one looked around the castle, they knew without a doubt that the four children would be the most watched out and cared for children in the history of the wizarding world.

Harry held a meeting with the Runners. He informed them of the colors that each child possessed and how much they would need around the clock watching so that a Dark Runner did not use them as a weapon. They also met with Fred and George and gave he details of their ideas and the uses to which they wanted the twins to use their abilities. Both Fred and George agreed with the plan. Rotation schedules were set up for both the following of the twins and the protection of the babies. When all was in order, the group went about the castle as they needed.

Harry sat in his office one evening with Alexander in his lap. He was enjoying the comfort of his son. He felt that nothing in this world could go wrong at any time in the near future. He had already set up accounts for the five children. 100 galleons were being deposited weekly into each account for the babies. Draco and Harry combined their wealth into one vault. They felt that their destinies were entwined forever and there was no need to have separate vaults. This also helped when it came to the weekly deposits into the accounts of the five children. By the time the children were adults, they would be wealthy on their own. Remus and Tonks came over regularly with James so that he could be around the other children. Harry was very happy with life. He felt the world was finally looking up for him.

How little did he know that problems were right around the corner that would upset his whole logic and make him scream for revenge………..

Author's Note – How about that for a few new twists. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I wanted to do something a little bit different. I hope that I did not lose the interest of my regular readers. Please let me know what you think.

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