Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

Luna's Prediction

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Chapter 8 – Luna's Prediction

A routine fell in the castle. It was not long before teachers and students alike decided that they would all chip in and help with the four children. Ginny was up and about in no time as she was both a substitute teacher as well as a tutor for students who needed it. It had been many years since there were babies in the literal sense in the castle. Owls could be seen on a daily basis sending presents or supplies that were needed for the children.

Harry was sitting at his desk one day holding Alexander in his arm while his foot was rocking the cradle that held Octavia. He was reading parchments that pertained to the school, but his mind was not really on the documents in front of him. He was a little troubled by the actions of Ginny. He shrugged his shoulders and let the matter drop for now. Dinner time came and Harry placed Alexander in the buggy with Octavia and made his way down to the Great Hall. He rolled the babies to the staff table and sat down. It was not long before a few seventh year girls came up an asked permission to feed the babies. Draco and Harry handed over the children to them. They returned to their tables with a baby each and fed them while they ate their own dinner. This too was a normal routine. At any given time at any given meal a seventh year student would approach the staff table and hold out their arms for one of the four infants. Harry, Draco, and Hermione never had a problem handing over the baby to a student. This was partly because that no matter where they sat in the Great Hall they could be seen. The other part was that each student loved the babies as much as the parents did. What troubled Harry the most was that Ginny would not allow others to help her with Arthur. As each day progressed, Ginny was pulling away from Alexander and Octavia and only spending her free time with Arthur. Harry leaned over and whispered something to Albus who nodded in return. Harry then leaned over and spoke to Severus who also nodded in affirmation. Draco looked curiously at Harry, but did not respond. Harry motioned with his head to meet them upstairs and Draco nodded.

"Ginny," said Harry approaching her. "Would you please bring Arthur and meet us upstairs in my office?"

Ginny looked startled at first, but nodded her acceptance. Albus and Severus were already on their way to the Head Master's office. Harry and Draco made their way to the tables where their babies were eating and took their children as they were leaving the Great Hall. They all made their way up to the rooms that were shared by Harry and Draco. Harry sat at his desk and Draco sat in a comfortable chair next to him. Albus and Severus each were holding their own godchild when Ginny knocked on the door. Harry waved his hand and the door opened to admit her. When she saw who else was in the room, she immediately became suspicious.

"Ginny please have a seat," said Harry. "We want to talk with you."

"I have a child to raise Harry," snapped Ginny. "I don't have time for this."

She stood up and hefted Arthur into a more comfortable position in her arms.

"SIT DOWN," thundered Harry. "I SAID WE NEED TO TALK TO YOU."

Ginny was shocked for a moment, but she sat. Harry walked over to her and took Arthur from her. She started to protest, but Harry silenced her with a glare.

"FINE," Ginny stormed. "What is so important that you have to talk to me about?"

"Why are YOU not letting us see our child?" asked Harry. "The last I looked we were the parents to this child as well."

"You have your own children to worry about," snapped Ginny. "This one is mine."

"Excuse me!" said Draco. "Did I hear you say that this child was YOURS?"

"These three children are all of our responsibility," spat Harry. "Alexander, Octavia, and yes even Arthur are of ALL of our flesh and blood not just yours. You can not stop us from seeing Arthur. We do not stop you from seeing Alexander or Octavia."

"I have noticed," put in Albus in his quiet soothing voice. "You do not seem all that interested in being a part of these two children's lives. What I would like to know is if you did something that caused you to have three children instead of two. It is not like Poppy to miss something this important."

"It would also appear that you are unhappy here at the school," commented Severus.

Harry watched the expression on Ginny's face. She went from angry, to ashamed, to sad.

"Ginny," said Harry calmly. "Please talk to us. Tell us what is going on. We can't help you if you don't tell us what is bothering you."

Ginny looked at Harry holding Arthur. She was near tears. Harry got up and sat down on the couch next to her. Draco got up and sat on her other side. Albus and Severus both handed Ginny the children they were holding. Ginny held each child carefully. She started to cry.

"I am sorry Harry and Draco," she said. "I have not been completely honest with you. I did some studying in the library. Hermione found me one day when I was in the healing and motherhood sections. She asked what I was looking up. I told her that I wanted to change my twins into triplets. I asked her to help me find the spell that would allow this. I also asked her not to say anything. I made her swear a witch's oath to not say anything."

"Why would you do that Miss Weasley?" asked Albus. "Why would you cause this deception? If you wanted a third child I'm sure Harry and Draco would have had no problem with the idea."

Harry and Draco both nodded at this statement.

"Because I can not have what they have," said Ginny.

"What would that be?" asked Draco in confusion.

"You two may not be married or anything like that," said Ginny in a whisper. "However you two love each other more than I have ever seen two people care for one another that is not a couple. I am afraid that there is no place for me in that love. I will always feel like the mother of your children and nothing else."

"Ginny we love you too," said Harry desperately trying to understand. "We would never shut you out of our lives."

"I know that Harry," said Ginny. "I would always feel like the third wheel. So I had Hermione help me with the spell that would not only assist in creating the third child, but in hiding it so that you would not see it. In this way I get a child and it will love me in a way that you guys can't."

"So is this why you are not letting us see or help in the raising of our third child?" asked Draco.

"Yes Draco," said Ginny sadly. "I have given you guys what you wanted. Now there is something from you two that I want."

"What would that be?" asked Harry. "We will always help with money and such for all three children. If you need more money just tell me."

"It isn't the money Harry," said Ginny. Thanks to you and Draco, I will never have to worry about money. I know that you have already added 25 million galleons to my account and that on a weekly basis you put money into the accounts of James, Destiny, Octavia, Alexander, and Arthur."

"Then what more do you want from us?" asked Draco with tears in his eyes.

Ginny got up and handed Alexander to Severus and Octavia to Albus. She then took Arthur from Harry and with her free hand wiped the tears from Draco's eyes.

"I want to leave the school," she said. "I want a place of my own and a safe place to raise Arthur. You two will always be the father of him. I just want to be on my own and to do something other than be here. Please honor this request."

"What about your safety?" Harry asked. "What will you do if you or Arthur gets into trouble?"

"You will need to place special wards on the house," said Ginny. "Do the Fidelius Charm. Make it unplottable. Just let me leave and be alone with this child."

Harry sat back and thought about what she was asking.

"If we let you go will you promise us that we can come see Arthur?" he asked.

"Yes Harry," she said. "I am not shutting my family or friends out. I just want to be on my own."

"Do you want to be a part of Alexander and Octavia's lives?" asked Draco.

"Yes Draco I do," she replied.

"Then I will contact the bank and sign over the Gryffindor Manor to you," said Harry. "I will give you the house free and clear."

"You would do that for me?" asked Ginny shocked.

"Only if you promise to send me word if you need anything," said Harry.

Ginny grabbed Harry with her free arm and hugged him. Draco wrapped his arms around both of them and they stood quietly for a few moments.

"Reyna and Rico," called Harry as he sat down.

"Master called?" asked the elves as they popped in.

"Yes," said Harry. "I want you two to pack up Miss Weasley and Arthur's belongings and transport them to Gryffindor Manor. I also want you two to stay there and assist her with anything that she might need."

Both elves bowed low and popped away to do Harry's bidding.

"They are a married set," said Harry to Ginny. "I am sending them with you to help you. What else do you need?"

"Just transportation," mumbled Ginny.

"Done!" Harry said. "Severus, will you please see to it that a thestral and carriage is set up for her to travel in safety with Arthur?"

Severus nodded and left to get the task done. Ginny handed Arthur to Draco and then she went to her other two children. She held them tenderly in her arms and whispered softly to them. Reyna popped back in to inform them that they were done packing and that they were ready to leave for Gryffindor Manor. Harry knelt in front of each elf and made them promise to keep Ginny and Arthur safe from danger. Both elves assured Harry that the pair would be safe in their hands. Harry gave a nod and the elves left to go wait for the carriage. Ten minutes later, Severus informed them that the carriage was ready. They all made their way down the stairs and to the entrance to the castle. Ginny gave Alexander and Octavia one last kiss while Harry and Draco said their goodbyes to Arthur. When that was complete, Ginny grabbed Arthur and stepped into the carriage. Harry went to the thestral and whispered the directions to the Manor. The elves finished loading all of Ginny and Arthur's possessions into the carriage and climbed in with them. Albus sent Fawkes to keep an eye on the carriage until it made it safely in the confines of the Manor. With another tearful wave, the carriage pulled away. The quartet with the babies stood there until the carriage faded from sight.

"I will know if she is in trouble during the trip Harry," said Albus. "Fawkes will tell me."

"Thanks Albus," said Harry. "I need you to put up notices that she is gone and that there will be a change in plans for students who need tutoring."

"That is easily fixed," said Albus. "I'm sure that each teacher would be more than willing to assist the student that is having trouble."

"I'll help too," said Harry.

They made their way back up to Harry's office. They were sitting down to discuss the turn of events when there was a knock on the door. Harry opened the door with a wave of his hand and there in the doorway stood Luna.

"Mrs. Longbottom," said Severus. "What can we do for you?"

Luna did not respond. She walked into the room and then sat down heavily. Harry and Albus were starting to get concerned. They approached Luna. All of a sudden her head snapped back and her eyes rolled into her head.

"The danger to the children is great. The Dark ones will stop at nothing to get the raw power of the children of the Light children. Two of the five are in danger from threats. She who is darkest will wed he who is darkest and unite their power. The travelers of the light will lose two that they love."

Luna's eyes came back into focus and she looked a little shocked to be sitting there in their office.

"Hello Head Master," she said in her normal dreamy voice. "I was feeling a bit off and I figured that it must be because I wanted to visit the children. May I hold my godchild?"

No one spoke at first. They were all stunned by the words that Luna had just spoken. She was looking back at them like they were all deranged. She waited patiently for someone to answer her. No one did.

"Did some nargles come in here?" she asked. "You are all looking like you got an infestation here. Maybe I should bring the children somewhere else until you get them cleared out."

When no one responded, she took the babies from Albus and Draco and placed them in the buggy. When they were ready, she left the room. The rest of the group was still stunned by her prophecy. Slowly Harry raised his wand to his head and withdrew the memory from his brain. Severus handed him a bottle in silence. No one seemed to be able to speak. Albus was the first to pull him self together. He quickly wrote the contents of the prophecy on a piece of parchment and made duplicates. He handed a copy to Apollo with instructions to give this to Ginny. From there he left the room and delivered the rest of the copies to the other Runners in the castle. Severus finally got his voice back. He knew exactly what the prophecy meant.

"I will hunt down and personally destroy each and every Dark Runner," he snarled.

"Wait Severus," said Harry finally coming around. "I think it is time to implement the idea Draco had using the Weasley twins."

"They will be stopped," said a shaky Draco. "I will stake my life on it."

"For once I am in complete agreement," aid Harry fiercely. "No one threatens my children and gets away with it."

"I have your back Harry," said Draco just as fiercely.

"Do you think we should tell Luna about her prophecy?" asked Harry.

"I think it is a little late for that," said Severus. "Albus has already left to tell the rest of the group what is going on. Harry I have no doubt that the prophecy was referring to Alexander and Octavia."

Red fire appeared and Apollo landed on Harry's arm. He had a message in his beak. Harry quickly unrolled the letter and read it.


Apollo just brought me a copy of the prophecy. I will keep an eye on the light for you. Do not worry about me and Arthur. We will be watched over by Reyna and Rico. Promise me you will pull me into the weave if you need my help to defend the castle or the babies. I will be watching, but I might miss something.


Harry quickly wrote a reply


We will definantly keep you in the loop of what is going on. Thank you for your offer to help us. I sent Reyna and Rico because they are my warrior elves. They will keep you and Arthur safe. Plus the wards on the Manor will protect you. Expect Godric to also appear there from time to time. Whatever you do, keep Arthur out of the light for now.


He sent the letter with Apollo who vanished in a flash of fire. With that the rest of the group left to get things set up for their first sting operation. Each person needed to be trained in the art of secretly following another runner. They had to plan this just right to catch any Dark Runner. He quickly wrote a letter to Fred and George and summoned them to the castle.

When he was done with that, Harry made his way to the nursery. With a wave of his hands, he gathered up everything that belonged to Alexander and Octavia and sent it up to his room. He went to the castle and had her create a second room just off of the room he shared with Draco. He also had her do the same for Hermione and Ron. When he was done, he called Dobby and Winky to carry the Potter children to their room and watch over them carefully. He grabbed Destiny who laughed as he picked her up and personally walked her to Hermione and Ron's rooms. After telling them what happened, they took their daughter and promised to be present for the training. Harry quickly apparated back to his rooms and set about making sure that the children would be protected from Dark Runners. The elves took up the challenge. They would also stand as sentinels over the children. Apollo and Artemis were then placed in the room to assist. Fawkes would be sent to watch over Destiny. Harry was sure that Gryffindor and Gryffindor Manor would keep Ginny and Arthur safe. Harry sent a message with Hedwig to Remus and Tonks telling them what had happened and what they needed to do to keep James safe. There was no proof as to what children the prophecy was referring to. All they knew was that two of the children were in danger. However like Severus, Harry had no doubt that the prophecy was meant for the two sleeping babies in front of him. Harry felt a fury that was never present before when he thought of the Dark Runners and the Heir to Morgan Le Fey. Gone was the sympathy he once felt for the loss of a gift of a Runner. He would take pleasure in stopping the Dark Runners from hurting his children. For every Dark Runner he shredded, would mean one less to threaten the lives of the five children he loved more than life itself.

Author's Note – thanks for you patience. I hope this gives a little more explanation as to why Ginny had three children instead of two and how she was able to hide it from Madam Pomfrey. Stay tuned for the next chapter. "Ginny's Fury"

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