Harry Potter and The Warriors of Hogwarts

Ginny's Fury

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Chapter 9 – Ginny's Fury

The next week saw the occupants of the castle following each other from time to time on the light. When the teachers had a break from classes, they would spend that time practicing following other runners throughout the castle watching them, but never interfering with their daily activities. Albus, Draco, and Severus excelled in this. The rest of the group was very good as well. Harry had kept in close contact with Ginny. It was decided that because she was safer at Gryffindor Manor that she would follow one of the twins in a different direction. Harry would take the first round with the opposite twin and follow him. Fred and George were sent in for a briefing. It was well planned and thoroughly thought out. Harry positioned a chair in front of each window in his study. He had Fred and George sit in them. Draco would follow George for the first portion of his trip. Ginny would take over when he got closer to the Gryffindor Manor. Harry would have no trouble following Fred wherever he went. The time was set. Noon was the best time for the twins to travel on the light. They were barely able to work on the light as it was. Harry gathered up their colors and gently flung them out into the air. Harry and Draco from there left to follow them. About two hours later, Draco came back to his own self. George had passed the line where Ginny could take over. Rico and Reyna were watching over Arthur, so it was perfectly acceptable for Ginny to follow George. Harry meanwhile was trailing Fred. He was not close enough to cause a hindrance, but was still there in case something went wrong and Fred needed him. Draco and Poppy were sitting with Alexander, Octavia, and Destiny. They felt that it was better for the babies to be watched over in case someone figured out what was going on and decided to attack the children. Professors like Hermione, Albus, Severus, and Minerva left a small part of themselves open in case Draco needed them for whatever reason. Remus and Tonks decided to come near the castle in case extra firepower was needed. Everyone knew that Harry could pull someone into a weave no matter where they were, but Remus and Tonks wanted to make sure he could get to them easier.

The trip with Fred went smoothly for the first hour. Nothing really happened all that much. Harry was able to find a person who had the potential to become a Dark Runner, and quickly shredded their ability leaving the person none the wiser for the intrusion. During the second hour things became a bit muddled. Fred seemed to be losing his concentration. He was fading in and out. Harry could see from where he was that Fred was having a bit of a problem. Harry entered Fred's colors, but could not find a source of the problem. He pulled himself out of Fred's colors and continued to trail him from a safe distance while at the same time keeping a close eye on his weaving ability. Harry sent a thought back to Draco asking if the clouds were coving the castle and received a negative response. Everything was bright and sunny at the castle. Harry knew that Fred was in no danger of becoming Shadow Lost. It was during the third hour that Harry became truly alarmed. Fred dropped out of the weave and slammed back into his mind. With just a mere thought, Harry was back into his own mind and was staring at Fred with worry. Fred was sitting in front of George screaming.


Ginny was trailing George with ease. She laughed to herself at how simple the task was. All she had to do was follow George and keep an eye on him. If she saw a Dark Runner she would immediately attack and then shred the Dark Runner's weaving abilities. Ginny feared for her three children. She knew with fathers like Draco and Harry that her three children were in danger. If the heir to Morgan Le Fey was to figure out that any of the children were Light Runners or even had the potential to be a runner, then all hell would break loose. Ginny had never known Harry had a streak in him that could hate people. When he informed everyone that he was personally going to destroy the Dark Runners to keep his children safe, it frightened her a bit. However she knew that in Harry's shoes, she would do the same thing. She felt bad for deceiving Harry and Draco. She felt worse when they granted her request to leave with the third child and be on her own. Harry and Draco had such huge hearts that Harry had given her Gryffindor Manor. The fact that each week, five children that were special to Harry received 1000 galleons into their account made her smile. Only about a month old and her three children had about ten thousand galleons to their names already. By the time they were of age, they would all be rich. Harry had started the accounts when he knew she was pregnant. Life would be good for the children with rich parents like Harry and Draco.

Ginny pulled out of her thoughts abruptly as she spotted two Dark Runners. They were already closing in on George. She quickly caught up with him and entered the fight with him. Mulciber and Yaxley both grinned in a manic sort of way and descended on the two.

"You are not match for us," snarled Yaxley. "You are alone little girl and your brother is of no assistance to you."

"Yes there is little that you can do to us to prevent what will happen," sneered Mulciber. "We have you just where we want you."

"You are highly mistaken if you think I am not a match for you," laughed Ginny. "I can take you both on by myself and not even break a sweat."

"You think so?" asked Yaxley. "Then I suggest you prove it."

Ginny opened her channels and flung power at Yaxley. He laughed and nimbly stepped out of the way. She snarled and tried again. He kept moving out of the way. He began to taunt her. Her fury was so great that she completely forgot about George. She went after Yaxley with everything she had. Mulciber meanwhile attacked George. As he was not that strong of a runner, George was in serious trouble before the fight even began. He tried to dodge the attack, but Mulciber was to powerful for him. He sent out help to Fred, but he knew that Fred was to far away from him to come to his aid. He tried to pull power from Fred, but was unable to get enough concentration to activate the gift that all Runner twins possessed. The strain was too much for George. Finally with one last plea, George collapsed under the onslaught by Mulciber. Ginny was to embroiled in her own fight to notice that her brother was in trouble. Slowly George faded into the shadows. He could here the cry from Fred as he slowly started to sink into oblivion. He sent out one last thought to his twin and then slowly closed his eyes. George passed from the world in the most frightening of ways. Mulciber had managed to cause him to die while riding the light. It was not long before Ginny realized what was going on. She felt the pain as Mulciber hit her from behind. She looked around for George and saw him lying motionless on the light. She screamed in rage and renewed her attack. The two Dark Runners just laughed at her. It was then that Ginny realized that she was in trouble. She was being pushed back slowly but steadily. She sent a tendril of thought for Harry to hurry. She also sent a small thought to the house elves to protect her son. Mulciber intercepted this last message.

"Children?" he hissed. "You have children with Potter? This is great news indeed."

With that Mulciber left the weave. Yaxley laughed at her as he pushed her further back.

"Our leader will be extremely pleased with that bit of information," said Yaxley. "You did not realize that you gave the color patterns of all three children in that last message. Now our leaders know those patterns and will be looking for your children. With one less parent to watch over them it will be easy for us to hurt Potter and the traitor to the Dark Lord by killing your children."

"Not if I kill you first," said a voice behind him.

Yaxley turned and spotted Harry. He made to run, but Harry grabbed him and reeled him back in. Yaxley tried to scream for assistance, but Harry clamped down on his mind with a fierceness that made Ginny shiver. Harry herded Yaxley ahead of him all the way back to where he was hiding. He sent a thought to Albus and Moody telling them where Yaxley's hideout was. When this was done, he shredded Yaxley's colors one at a time. Yaxley stared in shocked amazement at the power that Harry possessed. Harry did not merely shred the colors, but he caused each one to explode with the amount of force of his anger. As the last color was exploding in Yaxley's mind, Harry could feel that the Aurors were at the location and ready to arrest Yaxley. Harry found and raced to Ginny. She was kneeling over George and crying.

"Return to yourself and then grab Arthur and meet me in my office," said Harry quietly. "We will talk about happened then. Right now I have to inform your mother that George has died."

Ginny nodded and Harry felt her travel down the light to where she was sitting. Harry returned to his body and from there he sent a message with Apollo to Albus to gather the runners and meet him in the office. Within moments the Light Runners of the castle were assembled.

"I have to go get Molly," said Harry. "I need you all to help Fred. Poppy please do something with George's body."

Poppy nodded and went right to work. She gave Fred a calming potion, and then proceeded to cover and move George's body to the infirmary. Harry turned on the spot and apparated with a small pop.

At the orphanage, Harry sought out Molly. After making sure that the children were cared for by Petunia, Harry grabbed Molly's hands and turned on the spot. They both appeared in Harry's office. Harry sat her down.

"Molly there has been an accident," he said. "I am not sure what happened or how, but George has been shadow lost."

Molly was stunned by the news. She could not get words to articulate for a few moments. Tears were falling down her cheeks as she let the information seep into her mind.

"Who was watching him?" she asked.

"I was," admitted Ginny.

"Someone, please tell me what happened?" she begged. "How did my son die?"

"I was following Fred on the light," said Harry. "Draco followed George on the light until he got near the area where Ginny lives. From there Ginny took over following George. Draco came back here to watch over the babies while I was following Fred. During the time I was following him, I could feel something was not right. He kept fading in and out. I entered his weave and could not find anything dangerous or really wrong. I stayed with him. I did not think that something might be wrong with George because Ginny was following him. I knew he was being watched. All of a sudden, Fred dropped out of his weave. I followed him. When we got back here, I could see something was wrong with George. I raced to help him, and saw Ginny fighting with Yaxley. What I don't understand is how she did not finish him? She is a lot more powerful than he is. How did George get killed when it was two against one?"

"That's because it was two on two," said Ginny. "Mulciber was there also. Yaxley kept me occupied while Mulciber went after George."

"Why didn't you summon help?" asked Harry angrily. "You know that there were runners here at the castle waiting for a summons to come to one or both of our assistance should one of us need it."

"I thought I could handle it myself," said Ginny flaring up. "I wanted to prove that I'm not a weakling. Like you said Harry, they were weaker than I was."

"Apparently you were not," said Minerva shrilly. "Look at what happened to your brother. Look at what is happening to your other brother. Look what this has done to your family."

"You have made a very poor decision," said Albus. "You should have immediately called Severus or myself. We were specifically listening out for your summons. There was no reason for you to enter the battle alone."

"I made a mistake," said Ginny. "I made a HUGE mistake."

Harry was thinking for a moment. He was remembering the scene when he entered Ginny's weave.

"You said Mulciber was there also," he said. "I did not see him when I entered your weave. Where did he go?"

Ginny looked at Harry with an expression on her face that made his heart stop.

"He left to inform Terry and Lilith that our children are Light Runners," she said with her head hanging down. "I am so sorry Harry. Our children are now in danger and it is all my fault."

Molly's eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed onto the floor. Severus and Harry rushed to her side immediately. Harry waved his hands over Molly's body and mumbled the incantation to allow him to see if anything was wrong with her. When he looked he could see that her heart was not as it should be.

"She is having a heart attack," said Harry. "Let's move quickly. I have to get her to St. Mungo's."

Harry cast a full body bind on Molly and then apparated them to the hospital. A heart attack was out of Poppy's league. When Harry appeared in the entrance to St. Mungo's, the doctors rushed to his aid immediately. Harry had donated so much money to the hospital that he had no trouble getting assistance quickly.

"She is having a heart attack," said Harry to the nearest doctor.

The doctors did not ask questions. They knew that Harry's knowledge of medicine was extensive. Even if he could not heal her, he knew what he was seeing. They rushed Molly to an emergency ward and started working on her. Minerva, Ginny, and Remus met Harry at the hospital.

"She will be fine," said Remus. "They have the best doctors in the country working here."

Ginny was sitting in a chair sobbing to herself. She kept mumbling that this was all her fault. Harry did not have the heart to comfort her. In reality, this WAS all her fault. Had she followed protocol and not attempted to take on two Dark Runners by herself, George would still be alive, the babies would not be in danger yet, and Molly would not have collapsed. Harry paced back and forth. Tears were falling from his eyes. He could not help feel anger towards the Dark Runners. He could also not help but to feel anger towards Merlin and the other founders for putting all this weight on his shoulders. Lastly, he could not help but feel anger at Ginny. She had deceived him. She had taken it upon herself to hide a child from him. Then she proceeded to insist that child leave with her. The final straw was that she broke protocol and attempted to make herself into a hero. The price for that foray was one death, the danger of three innocent children, and the collapse of the woman that was like the mother he never knew.

Minerva was watching Harry with her heart in her eyes. She was proud of the man pacing before her. He was kind, generous, and compassionate. She glanced over at Ginny who was huddled in her chair continuously muttering to herself. Finally her patience snapped.

"Pull yourself together Miss Weasley," she snapped. "You have to be strong for your mother, brother, and your children. You did this, now you must be part of the solution."

Remus walked over and whispered in her ear. She looked over at Harry and went over to him. She gathered him in her arms and held him. Harry had finally broken down and started crying.

"It will be alright Harry," she said. "I know that you did everything that you could. Even you can't be in two places at once. Molly will be proud of you. You did everything you could to save both of her sons."

"I was too late," he said miserably. "I went as fast as I could, but I was too late. I could not save him. On top of that, my enemies know about my children. They are now in danger. Add the fact that the woman I consider to be my mother is having a heart attack, and I feel that I am dying myself."

"Shhh Harry," soothed Minerva. "Molly is a stubborn woman. She will pull through this. She will be back to her old self in no time at all."

It was then that Harry was caught in a weave. Minerva opened her channels to him, but realized at once it was Albus. Harry came to himself in a flash.

"We have to get to the school immediately," he said. "Remus, stay here and wait for news about Molly. Ginny get your ass up. Our children are in danger."

Ginny was up and at his side in a flash. Harry grabbed the two women and popped to the castle. Albus looked over at them with a grave look.

"They are here," said Albus. "Somehow I am not able to enter the weave. You must hurry Harry. I do not know what is happening."

Harry wasted no time. He gathered power from everyone in the vicinity. He approached the weave that surrounded his children. He noticed that it was some kind of dome. He searched for a place to enter and did not find one. From there, Harry decided that he did not care who knew how man colors he had. He gathered all the power he could from everyone and slammed into the dome. It shattered like a glass window. Standing in the dome was Lilith, Terry Boot, Viktor Krum, and to his shock, Cho Chang. Each was holding a baby in their arms.

"So nice that the children are so powerful," said Lilith. "I think it is time to hurt you as you have been hurting us."

"Put my children down," said Harry. "You will surrender my three children as well as Hermione's baby."

"It would appear that they do not want to leave," said Terry Boot with a sneer. "It would appear that they are happy with where they are. I told you we would get you Harry Potter. Now it looks like we have succeeded."

What happened next surprised each and every Runner in the weaves. Both Light and Dark Runners were amazed at the rays of power that erupted. When the children heard Harry's voice, they started getting agitated. When they realized that Harry was in danger, they threw their own power into the weave. Harry quickly caught their power, and wrenched them away from their attackers. Harry was about to smash the four to pieces, but Lilith stopped him.

"Wait Harry Potter," she said. "The time is not yet for us to battle. What I want the most is almost within my grasp. You will not take it from me."

With that the four grabbed hands and left on the light. Harry held the four children as best as he could. Even on the weave, holding four children was difficult. Hermione, Minerva, and Ginny all rushed over to help. Draco, Albus, and Severus all worked together to get the group back to themselves as gently as possible.

When everyone was back and breathing easier, Harry looked around at the rest of the group.

"They are newborns and infants," he said. "How is it that they did what they did? Some adults that we know can not do what they did. I just don't understand."

"Search your mind Harry," said the familiar voice of Merlin behind them. "Love conquerors all. They do not understand what they did. However Alexander, Octavia, Destiny, and Arthur all know your voice. They know your love because even a baby can sense it on the light. When the Dark Runners would not hand over the children, the children made sure that they had no choice. These children are special. They will not be able to run on the light as you do until they are much older and can be taught. However, they can use their gifts just as easy as you are I when they are in danger."

"How can we protect them from being attacked again?" asked Harry. "I want all five children to be protected on the light from the Dark Runners."

"The only way I know of is for one of you to give your life for their protection," said Merlin. "It would be the same as what Albus and the rest wanted to do for you that day."

"There has got to be another way," said Harry. "I will not let anyone sacrifice their lives in that fashion. There has got to be some kind of ward or incantation that can prevent them from being attacked while they are in the castle."

"I wish you all the luck Harry," said Merlin. "You power is far greater than mine. Maybe you will find a way."

Harry sat at his desk and put his hands in his head. He was so tired that he could not think straight. Merlin walked over and was playing with the four children in front of him. It was an odd sight to see a man that died thousands of years ago sit there and play with babies.

"I will help you Harry," said Albus. "I think with the abilities that we all have here, that Severus, Hermione, Ginny, and Draco can help you come up with a way."

"We will all help," said Minerva fiercely. "If you think you are keeping the rest of us out of this then you have another thing coming Albus Dumbledore."

"My dear I would not dream of trying to keep you out of anything," said Albus chuckling.

The rest of the room gave a slight laugh. Harry looked up and studied the group before him.

"Draco and Minerva," he said talking like the Harry they all knew. "You two will take turns guarding the children. Get Tonks to help you. Ron move Remus, Tonks, and James into a comfortable suite. Hermione, you and Albus get to work on trying to figure something out. Ginny, you go back to the hospital and do what you can for Mom. Severus and I will track down Mulciber. Minerva, you will help Albus in my absence. Pomona, contact the Ministry of Magic and inform them of today's events. Poppy see to the funeral of George Weasley. Luna and Neville you two will be in charge of keeping an eye out around the castle for anyone that is trying to weave in. Do not confront them alone. Immediately call for help. We don't want any more accidents."

The rest of the assembled party nodded at their assigned tasks and left to do what Harry asked. This was the Harry that they were used to. This was the decisive Harry that always had a thought and a plan. This is why they had no trouble following Harry.

Author's Note – I tried to give an explanation as to why the babies were able to do what they did. I hope that it makes sense to you. I had to do something to make the plot a little stronger. It was getting boring for me with the good guys always winning. Also I wanted to point out that I keep saying five children. Do not forget that James (Remus and Tonks' son) is Harry's god child. All five children are Light Runners. James, Destiny, Alexander, Octavia, and Arthur.

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