For Love of a Slytherin

Hermione's Wish

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Chapter 10 – Hermione's Wish

Albus stood up to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" asked Harry. "I was under the impression that we were going to go and get the Horcrux that is here in the castle."

"We will Harry," said Albus with a smile. "I am going get the Sword of Godric Gryffindor so that we can use it to destroy the Horcrux."

"Oh please," said Harry with a sigh. "For a man that is so wise, you sure have dumb moments every now and then."

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Albus in mild shock.

"ACCIO GODRIC'S SWORD," said Harry raising his hand.

They watched as the normal summoning spell slightly changed. Instead of the sword flying through the castle and Harry having to catch it, it just materialized in his waiting hand.

"Oh," said Albus. "I guess I did forget that you could do things like that here in the castle."

"That's just senility setting in," said Harry as the rest of the people present burst into peals of laughter.

"Really," said Albus pretending to frown, but failing miserably. "You may have a point there. It is my wish that someone points out the same thing to you when you reach my age."

"I don't know," said Harry pretending to ponder. "I think I will be better off."

The rest of the room by this time, were howling with laughter. The fun that these two men were having with each other was a pleasure to watch. Albus laughed just as hard as the rest. Leave it to Harry to lift the spirits of the rest of the group after the fright that had occurred. When everyone was finished and wiping tears from their eyes, Harry stood and helped Draco to his feet.

"Shall we head to the seventh floor and destroy a part of Voldemort?" he asked.

The group all pulled themselves together and followed Harry out of the door. Every once in awhile a chuckle could be heard from someone as they remembered the banter. Once they were on the seventh floor, Harry walked past the blank wall. Immediately the door appeared. They all entered the room.

"Spread out and search for the Diadem," said Albus. "What ever you do, do not touch it. If you find it send up green sparks."

The group all nodded and spread out into teams. Each team chose a path and made their way down the tunnel searching for the ancient artifact. Harry grabbed Draco and planted a passionate kiss on his lips.

"Not that I am complaining," said Draco when the kiss was over. "But shouldn't we be looking for the Diadem?"

Harry laughed and grabbed Draco by the hand and led him by the hand down their section. About an hour later, Filius and Luna sent up green sparks. They had found the Diadem. Harry and Draco hurried to where they were located. Shortly after, the rest of the group made it to the location.

"Harry," said Albus. "Give me the sword. When I say go, levitate the Diadem. I will cut it in half with the sword and it will die. I am sorry that we have to destroy such a marvelous artifact, but it is the only way to kill the Horcrux."

Harry nodded and handed the sword to Dumbledore. He lifted his hands and concentrated on the Diadem. He could feel the power of the Horcrux battering at his shields. Harry blocked it and slowly the Diadem rose in the air. Albus swung the sword and severed the Diadem in half. A scream of anger and defeat sounded from the Diadem. Black ooze similar to blood flowed from the ancient relic. Harry picked up the pieces and looked curiously at them.

"Maybe there is something on Rowena's diary that will tell me how to make another one," said Harry.

"You have Rowena's diary?" asked Albus with curiosity on his face.

"It is more like a Book of Shadows," said Harry. "I found one from each of the founders in the Potter vault when we went to the bank."

"Where are those books now?" asked Albus with something akin to fright in his voice.

"In my room," said Harry looking at Albus with curiosity. "They are in my bag along with the swords of the other founders."

"The other founders had swords?" asked Severus with interest.

"Yes apparently they all were made by the same goblin," said Harry becoming totally confused. "Why are you all acting so odd?"

"Let's go back to the Potter Dorm and I will explain it to you all," said Albus.

Harry led the group out of the room of requirement. He had a sudden idea and turned back to the door. He placed his hands on the door and quietly spoke to the castle.

"Please do not allow any students in this room," he said. "Those that were in the room with us today are an exception. Allow no other student to enter this room."

"That is good thinking Harry," said Albus. "There are a lot of harmful things in there."

"Maybe we can do a weekend project of getting all of that trash and old stuff out of there," said Harry. "This way we can dispose of all trash and items that are dangerous."

"Another great idea," said Albus. "For now let us head back to the common room."

Together they followed the rest of the group back to the common room. Once again all of the students sat at their allotted desks, and the assembled staff sat on the couches.

"First off," said Albus. "Let us look at the swords of the other three founders. This is the first time we have heard of them all having a sword."

Harry pulled the swords out of his bag and handed them one by one to Albus who placed them on the table in the center of the room. When Harry was done, Albus started twirling his wand muttering spells on the swords. Nothing seemed to happen, so Albus relaxed. He picked each one up and examined it closely with a well trained eye.

"These swords are indeed a rare find," said Albus. "Tell me, why did you seek them out?"

"I figured that if we combined the might of all of the swords that it would help us in the battle with Voldemort," said Harry watching the group shudder at the use of the name. "Ok folks. Enough is enough. We are the Army of the Light. When are you all going to stop shuddering at the made up name of Tom Riddle. It is time that we got used to saying it. Fear of the name is what is giving fear to the object. I don't see any one of you shudder when we say Grindelwald. He was a very dark wizard. So I want each and every one of you to say the name Voldemort. Trust me when I tell you that saying his name will not strike you dead. He is a human just like the rest of us and can be killed just like the rest of us. We are only as powerful as the unity, trust, and love we provide for one another."

"Very well said," remarked Albus with a twinkle in his eye. "I agree with your words fully."

Harry listened as Draco said Voldemort. Hermione and Severus were quick to follow. Albus and Minerva said the name. Soon everyone in the room said the name.

"You see," said Harry. "You said his name and you are still alive."

Smiles broke out around the room. Draco leaned over and kissed Harry on the cheek.

"Well done lover," he whispered in Harry's ear. "Remind me to award you later."

Harry blushed all the way to the roots of his hair at the remark. It was enough to cause the rest of the group to break out in mild laughter.

"Harry if you would be so kind," said Dumbledore. "Please show us the Book of Shadows for each of the founders."

Harry pulled out the four heavy tomes and placed them on his desk.

"You do realize that people would kill someone to get their hands on these books," remarked Albus thumbing through the pages of Godric's book. "There are some highly powerful spells in here as well as things that could cause problems if these books were to land in the wrong hands."

"That is why I plan on making sure that they are under lock and key," said Harry. "I will create a display case using some very powerful wards on them so that no one can get to these books without my specific permission. I will be the only one to be able to open the case to retrieve the books. No offense Albus, but not even you will have access to these books if you are not in my presence."

"A very wise choice," said Severus. "We all know that you would never abuse the power that these books hold. Therefore, I support your decision on this."

Slowly the rest of the staff got a glimpse of what was in the books and gave their approval to Harry's idea.

"This will mean that the books will never be out of Draco's and my bedroom unless you are sitting here in the dorm to read them," said Harry.

Albus beamed in delight at the idea. Without giving it a second thought, he gave his approval as well.

"Is this why you wanted the sword of Godric?" he asked placing it on the table with the other three.

"A matching set," said Harry. "I can take a few of you down to the Chamber of Secrets and we can harvest the basilisk for potion ingredients. We can imbibe the rest of the swords with the venom. I will be doing the same for the two new swords that are coming soon."

"Two new swords?" asked Severus.

"Yes," said Harry. "I am having the goblins make a pair of swords for Draco and me."

"Why?" asked Minerva.

"It is the one thing that I will indulge myself on as the heir of all four founders," said Harry. "You all know that I do not like to flaunt my wealth or power in people's faces. However, I wanted to make my mark as the heir of the four founders of Hogwarts. Am I wrong for that?"

"Why shouldn't you," said Pomona. "You are the first and only person to have ever been an heir to all four founders before. You are generous with your inheritance. You give so much of yourself to the community. You have a constant fear of someone in this school getting hurt because of Voldemort. You are the most unselfish person that I have ever known. I say congratulations for doing it."

The room was echoed as the rest of the staff and Team Potter agreed with her statements.

"So what will be on the blade of the new swords?" asked Severus.

"Harry and Draco Potter," he replied.

"There you have it," said Pomona. "Even when you are doing something for yourself you are unselfish enough to think of someone else."

Harry grinned at this comment.

"I am glad that you all feel that way," he said. "My sword will have a ruby like Godric's as it is my birth stone. Draco's will have a pearl as it is his birthstone. I would like to imbibe all of the swords with basilisk venom. That way they can all be used to kill a Horcrux."

"Very nice thinking," said Albus. "You are searching for something else aren't you?"

"As a matter of fact," said Harry. "I am. I am thinking that the wands of the founders are somewhere in this castle. If we can find them, then we have even more tools to fight the forces of dark with."

Albus got up and walked to a portion of the wall that didn't have anything on it. He waved his wand and four display cases appeared mounted in the spot. From there he lifted the sword of Godric and placed it into the case that had the burgundy background. Severus stood up and picked up the sword of Slytherin and placed it into the case with the green back ground. Filius then proceeded to place the sword of Ravenclaw in the blue display case. Pomona stood and placed Helga's in the black display case. Minerva rose and created two more display cases next to the first four. One had a silver background and the other had a gold one.

"These will be for the two new swords," she stated.

"My wish is that we stay united forever," said Hermione. "I wish that each and every one of us will always love and care for one another no matter what this war or life has to throw at us. It is also my wish that were something to happen to me that I be buried here on the grounds of Hogwarts."

She stood in the center of the room and held her hand out palm down. Harry and Draco walked over and placed their hands on top of hers. Everyone started crowding in to place their hands on top of theirs. There were tears in the eyes of many that were standing there.

When they all made themselves comfortable, they started talking about the cleaning of the Room of Requirement. It was then that they noticed that Kreacher had arrived.

"Master," said Kreacher bowing to Albus. "The locket has been stolen from my hiding place. The thief Mundungus Fletcher stole it. I have lost his trail."

"Don't worry about it," said Harry speaking to the elf. "We can send people out to find him."

Kreacher looked at Harry and gave him a bow of respect. This was the first time he had done so without a rude comment, and it surprised many who were standing there.


The school year was getting well underway. The other professors no longer needed to sit in Harry's classes. He was a well liked and admired professor. He was fair and just and did not look at the insignia on the robes. Harry did not care who belonged to what house. If the person was breaking the rules, he docked points. If the person did an extraordinary job on something he awarded them. It was not long, before DADA was the favorite class of the school. Harry demonstrated as much as he lectured. Before they knew it, time had passed and the Christmas holidays were upon them. There would not be a Yule ball this year. However as a special treat, there was an additional Hogsmeade visit. Harry was sitting at his desk making a list of the people he was going to buy presents for. He looked up at the wall across from him and saw the six gleaming blades. The group had made their way to the Chamber of Secrets. They did a lot of cleaning and repairing as they went. It was here that Harry had his first stoke of luck. While he was standing on the head of Salazar's statue, he noticed a fissure in the stone. He worked with it until he was able to open it. There was a secret compartment in it. Lying inside was none other than Salazar's wand. Harry had brought the wand to Ollivander who confirmed that the wand was in fact Slytherin's.

"Ten inches," said the wand maker. "It is Yew wood with the core of basilisk venom. If I were you, I would guard this wand with your very life. If the Dark Lord ever gets his hands on this wand, I have no doubt he would use it to create further havoc."

Harry pulled himself out of his thoughts and glanced once more at the parchment. After carefully reviewing his list of ideas, he rolled it up and placed it in the pocket of his robe. Harry stood up. He was due to meet the rest of the group that had remained at Hogwarts at the entrance hall. He quickly apparated to the rendezvous point and waited patiently for the rest of the group to join him. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Draco, Severus, and Minerva all joined him in the entrance. They all latched hands, and then Harry apparated the group to Diagon Alley. It was arranged that they would all meet at the Leaky Cauldron at noon for lunch. Harry's first visit was the jewelers shop. For the girls in the dorm he bought each one of them a diamond necklace. For the guys, he bought them all a thick silver chain. For Ron he bought him a gold necklace with a lion on it. For Draco, he bought a platinum ring that was custom made to Harry's specifications. The band of the ring was a serpent. In its mouth it was holding an emerald. The eyes of the snake were made of onyx. From there he went to Ollivanders where he bought a wand holster for every member of Team Potter. He went to the Owl Emporium and bought a male snowy owl for the Dursleys. This way, they could get messages back and forth between them and Harry easier. He bought all of the necessary equipment to go with it. He bought each of the Heads of House a pendant that had their house emblem. For Hagrid he bought him his own mating pair of Abraxan horses. Albus was his biggest issue. He did not know what to get the Head Master. A sudden idea hit him. He went to the clothing store and told the salesperson Albus' measurements. When Harry left, he had purchased Albus quite a few slacks and shirts. Harry glanced down at his list again. He had one more person to buy for. He thought long and hard about what to get this person. He had already purchased something for all of the Weasleys. The staff and Team Potter were taken care of. His blood relatives were taken care of as well. What should he get his future mother in law? He knew from Draco that she wished to travel the world when Voldemort was destroyed. Harry looked over and spotted the ideal thing. Rushing across the street, he bought her the most expensive set of luggage the store had to offer. Harry was greatly relieved that the stores all did gift wrapping. He would have been at it for hours. When Harry had his shopping done he headed back to the Leaky Cauldron. He passed by a store that sold quilts. He entered the shop and had a sudden inspiration. He ordered a quilt with the Hogwarts Crest on it for every single house elf in the castle. He waved his wand and gave the store keeper a list of the names for each elf. He asked her to embroider their names on their quilts. She vowed to have it finished well before Christmas and watched as he signed the ticket. Owls were flying left and right as Harry had the purchases delivered to the castle where Dobby and Winky were waiting with a dozen elves to sort through the packages and put them in the appropriate section. There was a huge Christmas tree in the corner of the dorm. It was rapidly filling with packages. The other members of the dorm were sending their packages in as well. Harry entered the pub and was greeted by Tom. He told him that he needed a table for seven and told him who to watch out for. As the noon hour approached the group started assembling. Harry bought them all lunch and they chatted happily about their purchases. A few like Harry had bought something special for the house elves. Dobby and Winky would have just as many gifts under the tree as everyone else. When lunch was over, the group made their way back to Hogwarts. The shoppers all headed for their rooms.

Harry sat at his desk as he watched Dobby and Winky supervise the stacking of the packages. Kreacher came into the dorm and walked over to Harry. He gave Harry a low bow and launched into his tale.

"Master Harry," said Kreacher. "I have located the thief Mundungus Fletcher. I would like permission to bring him here for questioning."

"Bring him to the Great Hall," said Harry. "Bind him if you have to, just keep him from leaving. Dobby, send a couple of house elves to Severus and Minerva. Albus probably already knows. Draco and I will meet everyone in the Great Hall.

Kreacher gave Harry another bow and popped away. Dobby left the tree and headed to send word to the other professors for Harry. Harry entered his bedroom and told Draco what was going on. Together the men left the dorm and headed to the Great Hall. Hermione was in there sitting with a younger student she was tutoring when Harry and Draco entered.

"Incoming Hermione," said Harry. "Kreacher has finally caught Mundungus."

Hermione moved her student nearer the far wall. She gave a few whispered instructions and then joined Harry and Draco. Severus and Minerva joined them soon after. Albus was not long in following. A few moments later, Kreacher popped in dragging a yelling Mundungus. Kreacher produced a frying pan and whacked him over the head with it.

"What is the world is going on here," shouted Mundungus as Kreacher made to hit him again. "Call off this bleeding house elf, will you."

"Kreacher," said Albus in amusement. "That will do for now."

"Why have you had this elf trailing me Albus?" asked Mundungus. "I aint did nothing wrong."

"We have a few questions for you about the things you stole from MY house," said Harry. "If you do not tell me the truth or if I even think you are withholding information I will let Kreacher hit you again."

"Thank you Master Harry," said Kreacher bowing and then glaring at Mundungus.

"What do you want to know?" asked Mundungus.

"There was an egg shaped locket that you stole from Kreacher's bedroom," said Harry. "What have you done with it? I want it back."

"Can't," said Mundungus. "I don't have it anymore. Woman practically forced me to give it to her."

"Who?" asked Albus quickly. "Who has the locket now?"

"Some ministry woman," said Mundungus. "Looks like a toad."


Draco quickly wrapped his arms around Harry and kissed him on the lips effectively stopping his rampage. When he was sure that Harry had calmed down, he released him.

"Stay calm lover," he said. "We will get it back. She still has to go to trial for what she did to you last year. That is coming up in January."

"For now it would be nothing to have her arrested again for purchasing stolen goods," said Albus. "Mundungus if I catch you in Number 12 again when I am not there, I will have you arrested for theft. As it is you have exactly one month to recover all of the stolen goods you took while in the house from the time Sirius died until the present."

"Yes Albus," said Mundungus taking a good look at the fury that was on Albus' face. "I will get right on it. Can I go now?"

"In a moment," said Harry. "Kreacher you may beat him senseless."

"Thank you Master Harry," said Kreacher.

The house elf ran at the thief brandishing his frying pan and beat Mundungus across the head and anywhere else that he could reach all the way to the gates of Hogwarts. Harry had a pleased smile on his face when Kreacher came back looking extremely pleased with himself.

"Who says house elves are not handy," said Draco with a laugh. "That was a good use of a frying pan."

Kreacher stood there with a happy smile on his face. The rest of the group had started to laugh.

"Harry," said Albus a few minutes later. "How about we go and get back your property?"

"That is a good idea," said Harry. "I will be ready to leave in a couple of moments. I will meet you in your office."

Albus nodded and left the hall. The rest of the professors all smiled as Harry grabbed Draco and pulled him close. They left the hall and Hermione went back to her tutoring. Harry gazed into the eyes of Draco. The love and compassion that was there never ceased to amaze Harry. The love that Harry had for Draco did not diminish a bit in all the months they had been an official couple. Harry leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Draco's lips. He did not give in to his passion as he had someplace to be.

"Meet me in our room when we get back," said Harry. "I would love to pick up where we are leaving off right this moment."

"That is the best idea I have heard all day," said Draco. "I plan on tormenting you with pleasure for the rest of the day."

"I like the sound of that," said Harry releasing him. "We will be back as soon as we can. I love you."

"I love you too," said Draco stepping back. "Come home as soon as you can."

Harry smiled once more for his beloved and headed up the stairs to Albus' office. When he arrived, the door was open and Albus was standing in front of the fireplace throwing some floo powder in the fire. Harry entered at Albus' wave and proceeded to step into the fire. He called out the Ministry of Magic and within moments he and Albus were in the Atrium. They were met by a couple of the senior Aurors. Albus quickly outlined what was going on and Scrimgeour led them to the office of Delores Umbridge. Her door was open. She was poring over a document in her hands and was not paying attention to who was going by her door. She looked up when she realized that Albus, Harry, and the Head of the Auror Department entered her office.

"What is the meaning of this," she asked. "Why are you disturbing me Professor Dumbledore?"

"It would appear that you have appropriated stolen goods," said Albus sternly.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," she said trying to tuck the locket under her robes.

"Then why are you trying to hide my locket," said Harry pointing at her hand.

"Again I say I do not know what you are talking about," she insisted. "How dare you say that my locket is yours? It has been in my family for generations."

"Really now," said Harry starting to name her relatives all the way back to Helga and Rowena. "I apparently was not aware that you were a descendant of Salazar Slytherin."

"So what if I am," she snapped back. "YOU are an ungrateful brat. Get out of my office Potter. You have no business here."

"I would advise you to shut up," said Rufus. "They are here with a specific claim. You have no authority to send them anywhere. I will hear what Harry Potter has to say before I make my decision as to whether I will place you under arrest. Please continue Harry."

"I have read a book that has given me the family tree of every wizard in the country," said Harry. "The locket that she is claiming is her birth right is a lie. That locket was owned by Salazar Slytherin. It has his mark on it. I have told you her family tree. She is not a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Mundungus Fletcher has already told us that she bought the locket from him after he stole it from Number 12 Grimmauld Place. As a descendant and heir of Slytherin, I demand that my property be returned to me."

"YOU LIE," screeched Umbridge. "This is not Salazar's locket. I will be making a formal complaint against you Harry Potter. You may have most of the Ministry on your side, but you are far from innocent. Need I remind you of all the trouble you caused in my class while I was a professor at Hogwarts?"

"You mean all of the truths that you punished me for?" asked Harry holding up his right hand where the words I must not tell lies could still be seen.

"Madam Umbridge," said Rufus smoothly. "I would like to examine the locket. If it is as you say, I will return it to you. If in fact Harry is telling the truth, then you will be arrested for possession of stolen goods."

"If I refuse?" she said with a sneer.

"Then I will arrest you anyway and take the locket from you forcefully," said Rufus.

"You wouldn't dare," she said pulling out her wand.

"I would not do that if I were you," said Amelia coming into the room. "You are hereby under arrest for theft. You are herby under arrest for attempting to threaten the Head of the Auror's office. Head Master, please take the locket in question from around her neck. Rufus grab and snap her wand."

Both men complied with her wishes. Deloris stood there with a shocked expression on her face as her wand was snapped cleanly in two. Albus looked at the locket and nodded his head.

"It is indeed the locket of Salazar Slytherin," he pronounced. "As such, it is the property of Professor Potter. This was part of the things that was taken from his former property Number 12 Grimmauld Place. That location is currently under my ownership."

"May I see the locket?" asked Amelia. "Proof from Rufus and I will solidify your claim."

Albus handed her the locket. Both she and Rufus recognized Slytherin's mark at once. Amelia turned and handed the locket to Harry.

"Professor Potter," she said. "As Minister of Magic, it is my privilege to return your property to you."

"Thank you Minister," said Harry accepting the locket and handing it to Albus.

The older wizard held the locket by the chain. Harry pulled out his sword to the awe and amazement of the three Ministry officials. From there, Harry commanded the locket to open using parseltongue. Once the locket had opened, Harry swung his sword in a wide arc and caught the locket across both faces. The locket cried out in agony as it died.

"What in the world was that?" asked Amelia in shock staring at the locket in Albus' hand.

"That would be a Horcrux," said Albus. "Harry's sword is imbibed with basilisk venom. Basilisk venom is one of the few things that can destroy a Horcrux. Surely you remember the letter I sent to you."

"Now that you mention it," said Amelia. "I do remember you telling me about this. Harry, may I look at your sword?"

"Of course Minister," said Harry handing it to her carefully.

"Where did you get this?" she asked.

"I had the Goblins of Gringotts make me a pair," said Harry pointing to the names on the blade. "They were more than willing to assist me on that."

"It is a beautiful weapon," she said handing it back. "Is the other identical?"

"The gem at the bottom of Draco's is a pearl," said Harry with a fond smile at the sword.

"Very nice," said Rufus holding out his hand for the sword.

"Thanks," said Harry handing him the weapon. "I am rather proud of the end result."

Delores was attempting to leave the office while the quartet was talking. As she made it to the door, Harry hit her with a stunner.

Amelia and Rufus looked at Harry in amazement. Not only had he not used a wand, but he had not uttered a single word.

"Nicely done Harry," said Rufus. "Are you sure I can't talk you into becoming an Auror?"

"Quite sure," said Harry smiling. "I enjoy teaching to much. If you will excuse us, we have to get back to the castle."

Rufus nodded and handed him his sword back. Harry grabbed Albus by the arm and apparated the pair back to Hogwarts. Harry called for Kreacher. When the elf appeared, Harry showed him the locket.

"You quest is complete," said Harry. "The locket Regulus asked you to destroy is now destroyed."

"Thank you Master Harry," said Kreacher bowing.

"This is for you," said Harry placing the locket around his neck. "This way you will always have a part of Regulus with you."

The elf bowed low while tears fell from his eyes. Albus watched the scene with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. Harry patted the elf gently on the arm and made his way back to his room. He had a date to keep.

Harry walked in to his room and looked around in anticipation. He and Draco had changed the décor to accommodate both of them. Instead of burgundy velvet curtains surrounding the bed, there were now black velvet ones. A silver comforter made of the same material covered the bed. Lying in the middle of the bed was a totally naked Draco. Harry quickly closed the door and started taking his clothes off as he headed for the bed. He climbed next to Draco and surrendered his will to his passion. True to Draco's words, he tormented Harry for hours with pleasure. This had been a very busy day. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve. Narcissa would arrive in the morning and stay for the rest of the holiday. The Dursleys would also be arriving and stay for the holidays. This would be the first Christmas that Harry truly waited eagerly for. He fell asleep with his head on Draco's chest. Draco had already nodded off. Christmas carols could be heard playing from the floating CD.

AUTHOR"S NOTE – I will stop this chapter here. I am half way through the first book and I want to be able to save some fun things as well as some not so pleasant things for this book. I hope you are all enjoying this so far. Next Chapter will be Delores' trial. I look forward to writing it. Thank you in advance for your reviews.

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