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For Love of a Slytherin

By Stormy Lee

Romance / Adventure

I Can Be Your Hero

DISCLAIMER – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the sole property of JK Rowling.

DISCLAIMER – This is a gay slash story between Harry and Draco. If you are uncomfortable with gay rights or homosexual innuendos, then I humbly ask that you not read beyond this line. Thank you for your understanding.

DISCLAIMER – "I Can Be Your Hero" is a song sung by Enrique Iglesias. "Hello" is a song by Lionel Richie.

NOTE – I want to thank you all so much for the wonderful reviews. "For Love of a Slytherin has passed all three of my other books in popularity. With well over 2600 visitors to the story so fat, it is a favorite of many. Your reviews and comments are wonderful. I send a respond back to each one. If you do not get one it is because there is no link for me to respond with. That does happen from time to time. Thank you again for your patronage. For your reading pleasure, here is the next chapter.

Chapter 13 – I Can Be Your Hero

The day Harry had been dreading finally arrived. It was time to go to the Ministry of Magic to attend the trial of Delores Umbridge. DADA classes were being taught by Remus today and Potions classes were canceled. Harry, Draco, Severus, Albus, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ron, and Ginny were needed for the trial to testify. When the group finished their breakfast, they convened in the entrance hall of the castle. They all linked hands as Harry turned on the spot and apparated them to the Ministry. They were met by Ministry officials and led to Courtroom Ten. Harry remembered his day here. He was scared that the chains on the chair would bind him to it. Albus had managed to get him out of trouble that day. He remembered it all as if it was only yesterday. It was an experience he never wanted to go through again. He whispered all of this to Draco while waiting for the trial to start. Draco was red in the face with anger at the incident.

"I hope that sadistic bitch rots in prison for the rest of her life," said Draco through gritted teeth.

Harry took Draco's hand in his own and leaned back in his chair with a smile on his face. The judge and jury were filing in. Amelia Bones would be presiding over the trial. Albus would act as the prosecutor. All of a sudden, they could feel the effects of the Dementors. Hermione cast her otter patronus to shield them from the effects. Draco and Harry's patronus would be too large. Flanked on either side by a Dementor was none other than Delores Umbridge. She looked tired and disheveled. Her toad like grin was no longer plastered across her mouth. She walked hunched over. The Dementors led her to the chair and the chains snaked up around her. She did not fight. She looked resigned to her fate. Amelia Bones stood up and began.

"We are here today to listen to the evidence against Delores Umbridge," said Amelia. "Madam Umbridge was formerly the senior undersecretary to Minister Fudge. She is on trial today for multiple charges."

The witches and wizards of the Wizengamot rustled nervously in their seats.

"She is charged with the use of dark item known as a Blood Quill on a student while she was a professor at Hogwarts," said Amelia. "She is also being charged with the attempted use of and Unforgivable Curse on the same student. She is also charged with sending Dementors to the alley near Wisteria Lane with the sole purpose of administering the Kiss, to the mentioned student. Last but not least, she is charged with buying and possessing stolen goods which belonged to the student."

"Which student was it?" asked Augusta Longbottom.

"The student we are referring to is now the DADA Professor at Hogwarts," said Amelia to the astonished group. "We are of course referring to Professor Harry Potter."

There was a startled gasp that came from the assembled group.

"Before we begin this, I have something to say to Professor Potter," said Amelia. "We have spoken to the house elf by the name of Dobby. He has admitted to the hover charm that was used on the pudding. Therefore we have removed the mark for underage magic from your record. As it stands now, you don't even have a memo on your record."

"Thank you Minister Bones," said Harry standing and giving her a bow. "That is most kind of you to do this for me."

Harry sat back down to a kiss on the cheek from Draco. Amelia smiled at him and then turned to Delores.

"Madam Umbridge," she said. "Were you in passion of, and currently still are in possession of a dark item known as a Blood Quill?"

"I did not know that it was a dark object," said Delores attempting to smile. "I just allowed Mr. Potter to use a quill of mine so that he could not cheat while doing his lines for disrupting my classes."

"Are you telling the court that Harry Potter's hand was not bleeding after each and every time he used your quill?" asked Amelia angrily.

"Not that I noticed," said Delores. "He never said anything."

"I would like to present to the court evidence pertaining to this charge," said Amelia providing the photographs of Harry's hand. She showed these to Delores. As the rest of the panel of judges saw the photographs, there were cries of outrage from the assembly. Amelia had to quiet them down.

"How do we know those photos are not doctored?" Delores asked in her annoying simpering voice.

"Professor Potter," said Amelia turning to him. "May we see your hand in the flesh?"

Harry stood up and walked over to the panel of wizards. He showed them his hand which still had the outline of the words "I must not tell lies" on it.

"He could have done that to himself," snapped Delores. "He never liked me because I would not allow him to do what he wanted in my class. You have no proof that I have done that."

"Actually," said Albus in a cold voice. "We do have proof. I present to the panel the memory of Professor Potter during one of his detentions with Madam Umbridge."

Albus walked up to the pensieve and poured the memory into it. Amelia and a couple of others viewed the memory.

"This memory has not been tampered with," said Amelia. "It clearly shows that Madam Umbridge knowingly used a Blood Quill on Harry Potter."

"This is an outrage," shrieked Delores."

"Pipe down you old toad," said Harry. "It is only an outrage because you are guilty and are now being punished for it. Now shut your mouth or I will make you."

"Professor," said Madam Bones. "While we sympathize with you on this matter, we can not have you threatening the defendant. However, it is noted that she does need to not speak unless being asked a question. So in his words Madam Umbridge, shut your mouth or we will do it for you."

Delores snapped her mouth closed with an audible sound. It was one thing to pick on a student. It was entirely a different thing to upset the entire Wizengamot. Harry and Draco smiled and gave each other a kiss. Hermione was snickering behind her hand. Even Severus had to put his hand up to hide a smile.

"On the charge of attempting to use an Unforgivable Curse on a student," continued Amelia. "How do you plead?"

"I will say that I was justified," said Delores.

"How were you justified in attempting to use an illegal curse on a student?" asked Amelia outraged.

"I knew he was keeping the whereabouts of the criminals Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black from the Ministry," she answered simply. "I thought the Cruciatus Curse would loosen his tongue."

"Professor Potter," said Amelia. "Would you like to comment on this?"

Harry stood and walked over to the panel.

"I admit that I knew where Sirius was," said Harry. "I did not however know where the Head Master was at that time. Were it not for the timely actions of Hermione Granger, she would have used the curse on me. As it was, no one at the time believed me when I said that Sirius was innocent. I started proclaiming his innocence three years ago. Minister Fudge and Professor Snape thought that Ron, Hermione, and I were under the Confundus Charm."

"Is this true Professor Snape?" she asked.

"Yes Minister Bones," said Severus. "At the time, I believed it to be true. Now that I have had the opportunity to review my actions, I regret not believing Professor Potter and I have hopes that he has forgiven me."

"Of course I have," said Harry. "At the time, who would have believed three thirteen year olds?"

"Notation has been made," said Madam Bones. "Madam Umbridge, even with these notes of interest coming out into the open, it is still illegal to use an Unforgivable Curse on another being. As the person you were attempting to use the Unforgivable Curse on was a minor at the time, it is even more punishable."

Delores just shrugged her shoulders. She was acting like she did not care. Harry was getting angry about this as was many on the panel of judges. Draco was seething at Harry's side.

"Did you send Dementors to the alley near Wisteria Lane to administer the Kiss to Harry Potter and his cousin Dudley Dursley?" asked Amelia.

"Someone had to shut him up," said Delores. "Everyone was talking about it and no one would do anything about it. So I took matters into my own hands. Were it not for Dumbledore, he would have been expelled from Hogwarts, and the Dark Lord would probably have him by now."

The court erupted at this statement. It took Harry, Albus, and Amelia a few minutes and a few bangs from their wands before order was restored.

"You do realize that you have just admitted to attempted murder," said Amelia very pale in the face.

Delores just shrugged her shoulders. She did not look even remotely abashed.

"Who else knew about this?" asked Amelia.

"I will not give out names," said Delores.

Amelia let that slide for a moment. She looked down at her list of charges.

"This last charge is one that I myself am witness to," said Amelia to the rest of the panel of judges. "It was proven in my presence as well as the presence of the Head Master and Head Auror that Madam Umbridge was in fact carrying on her person the locket of Salazar Slytherin. It has been proven that Harry Potter is a descendant of his and by right the locket was his. It was removed from his property at Number 12 Grimmauld Place without his authorization by Mundungus Fletcher. We have located Mr. Fletcher and he gave testimony to the fact that she demanded he sell it to her or she would have him arrested. Madam Umbridge, how do you plead?"

"There is no point in denying that I knew what the locket was and who it was for," she said. "I had orders to retrieve it at all costs and keep it safe."

"Who did you have orders from?" asked Amelia.

"No," said Delores. "No, no, no. I will not be giving names today."

"Then we will just have to force you," said Amelia nodding to an Auror.

The Auror approached Delores and pulled out a bottle of Veritaserum. He administered the appropriate amount and stepped back. The panel waited.

"I will ask you one more time," said Amelia. "Who gave you the orders to kill Harry Potter, and who gave you orders to get the locket?"

"Cornelius Fudge," said Delores to the astonishment of the group.

Amelia went into immediate action. She sent Aurors to apprehend the former Minister of Magic immediately.

"Does anyone on the panel believe that Madam Umbridge is innocent of her crimes?" asked Amelia.

No one on the panel raised their hands.

"With not a single hand rising in the air to give you the benefit of the doubt," said Amelia. "You are hereby found guilty. For the crime of attempted murder, you will be administered the Kiss."

"NOOOO!" shrieked Delores.

The Dementor approached her and lowered its hood. It bent down, and the kiss was administered. Her eyes glazed over and she slumped in the chair. From there, Delores was taken away.

Harry sat in shock. He had no doubt that she would be found guilty. He was saddened by the loss of life. While he hated Delores for everything she put him through he did not wish her this. She was not dead, but it would not be long before her body gave out. She would be buried near the rest of the prisoners that died while in Azkaban. Draco sympathized with Harry. He had received a letter from the Ministry when his father was administered the kiss. It is a crushing blow for you even when it is your enemy receiving it.

Harry was sitting there pale in the face when something bad happened. In the midst of everything going on, the emerald skull with the serpent in its mouth appeared in the courtroom. Many of the jury screamed. Harry stood.

"You think that by having some of my Death Eaters receive the Kiss that you will stop me?" asked Voldemort through the image. "You have stopped nothing. I will get more followers and I will crush your puny resistance."

Spells started flying from the mouth of the skull. Some of the people fleeing were hit with stunners. Harry was too shocked to do anything. Hermione fell at his side hit by a stunner. Draco was shocked like everyone else, but he had the presence of mind to stop a few curses that flew at Harry. He knew that if he could not get Harry to snap out of it then he would lose him. Severus was attempting to bring Harry to his senses. Draco let the fury that was near the surface during the trial hit full force.

"EXPULSO!" he shouted aiming at the image of the Dark Mark.

The mark vanished with a boom. Draco did not pause to see the after effects. He turned to Harry and grabbed him by his face. He turned Harry's head and gave his a deep passionate kiss on the lips. Breath returned to Harry as he snapped out of his trance. He embraced Draco and returned his kiss passionately.

Amelia and the rest were busy tending to the wounded. Harry and Draco were in their own world.

"Thank you for protecting me," said Harry. "You have saved me once again."

"It isn't only you that can save someone," said Draco softly. "I can be your Hero baby."

"Thanks lover," said Harry. "Let's go home."

"Music to my ears," said Draco.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco. He turned on the spot and apparated the couple right back to their room.

"He could have waited for the rest of us," sighed Severus. "It would not have killed him to bring us all home."

"Come now Severus," said Albus smiling. "We can floo back to my office. First, let's make sure that Miss Granger is ok."

The two men leaned over and assisted Hermione to her feet. After assuring them she was fine, the remaining group members made their way to the fireplaces in the Atrium and flooed back to Hogwarts. Albus made Hermione promise that she was going to go and lay down. After assuring him she would, she, Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny headed back to their dorm.

Harry and Draco were already deep in their passion for one another. When they were done, Harry nudged Draco.

"I sing for you, all the time lover," he said. "How about you sing for me once?"

"I can not sing like you can," said Draco. "I can only give it my best."

"I am sure you will do wonderful," assured Harry. "After all, it is for me you are singing."

Draco smiled at Harry. He flicked his wand at the stack of CDs on the shelf. He got the one he wanted and flicked his wand a second time. Slowly the tune started and with it, Draco started to sing. Harry was floored by the sound of Draco's voice. In different parts of the castle people stopped to listen as the song started and were surprised when they heard Draco's voice.

Would you dance, if I asked you to dance?Would you run, and never look back?Would you cry, if you saw me crying?And would you save my soul, tonight?

Would you tremble, if I touched your lips?Would you laugh? Oh please tell me this.Now would you die, for the one you love?Hold me in your arms, tonight

I can be your hero, babyI can kiss away the painI will stand by you foreverYou can take my breath away

Would you swear, that you'll always be mine?Or would you lie? Would you run and hide?Am I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?I don't care you're here, tonight

I can be your hero, babyI can kiss away the painI will stand by you foreverYou can take my breath away

Oh, I just wanna hold youI just wanna hold you, oh yeahAm I in too deep? Have I lost my mind?Well I don't care you're here, tonight

I can be your hero, babyI can kiss away the pain, oh yeahI will stand by you foreverYou can take my breath away

I can be your hero, I can kiss away the pain(I can be your hero, baby)And I will stand by you, foreverYou can take my breath awayYou can take my breath awayAnd I can be your hero

When the tune was over and Draco was silenced by Harry's lips on his, those that were listening sighed with pleasure and continued on their designated tasks.

Weeks passed and Harry and Draco's love for each other flourished. Many a time the couple could be seen working together or sitting there not far from one another with a book in their laps. Their desks were close together and from time to time they could be seen grading papers together or Harry tutoring Draco in a weak spot in his studies. Other times, they could be seen with Hermione and Dudley with the group assisting Dudley as much as they could. Dudley seemed to be a natural and grasped the lessons well.

It was during the month of February when the castle had a loss. Many of the students did not think it was a great loss, but Harry and the rest of the staff quickly got them in line. Harry called for a meeting of the school in the Great Hall. Albus quickly approved and called the assembly together for him. All of the students were a little surprised that Harry wanted to talk to them.

"We are gathered today to remember Argus Filch," he said. "While he may not have been the nicest person in the world, he was still a person. He took his job very seriously. He was very old school. I will ask you all to not speak ill of the dead. Not only is it immature, but it is extremely disrespectful and rude. The next time I hear anyone speak ill of the deceased, I will dole out a severe detention. I promise you it will be the most disgusting and hardest thing I can think of."

Harry sat in his chair and looked around. Draco and Hermione each grabbed his hand under the table.

"Very admirable," said Albus standing and addressing the students. "It just so happens that I agree with Professor Potter. The disrespecting of the deceased is not appropriate and will be punished most severely. I am delighted to say that we have a coupe that will be taking over for the late Mr. Filch. Please give welcome to our new caretakers, Vernon and Petunia Dursley?"

Harry, Draco, Hermione, and Dudley all stood up and applauded as the Dursleys entered the Great Hall. It was apparent that Albus wanted all of Harry's family as near as possible. It was easier to protect them this way. If there was any doubt before about the severity of the punishment, it was definantly knowledgeable that Harry's relatives would make their lives hell. That is if they could get past Harry and Draco and the rest of Team Potter.

"I would like to say," Petunia said. "The new and improved list of banned items is now posted on my office door. I have reviewed the old list and removed a few things. In fact I have removed at least half of the list. This doesn't mean that we will tolerate you breaking the rules that are set for your safety."

"Wrong doers that are sent to us for detention will be responsible for rewriting the misdeeds and their punishments," added Vernon.

The Dursleys sat down in their allotted places. Harry and Albus scanned the hall for anyone who might think that the Dursleys would be pushovers. No one dared to challenge the DADA Professor or the Head Master.

"I think that everything that needed to be said has been spoken," said Albus. "Please go about your studies. You are dismissed."

Harry and the leaders of Team Potter converged on the Dursleys.

"I had no idea that Albus asked you guys to take over for Argus," said Harry with a smile. "Welcome aboard."

"Thank you son," said Vernon. "It also gives us time to work on the relationship we never had while you were growing up. Now that we understand your position in this world as well as the help that you give to everyone, we are delighted to make amends for our mistakes in the past and work with you for a better tomorrow."

"The past is the past," said Harry. "I am glad that you know what it is I do for the world."

"I am glad that we get to stay near Dudley as well," said Petunia with a blush. "I would have missed him too much to not want to do something. Plus I get to help you as well. I also get to know my nephew to be more."

Draco and Harry blushed down to their toes with the compliments. After assuring the Dursleys that if they needed anything that all they had to do was ask, Harry and Draco pulled Dudley along back to the dorm.

"You have homework to do," reminded Harry. "You do not want to fall behind. You can see your mom and dad anytime now."

Dudley nodded his head and went back to his desk. Harry sat behind his desk to finish grading the exams that he had left to grade. So far Dudley was doing wonderful. He was passing all of his exams with an "acceptable" at the very least. He weakest subject was potions. So often, Harry, Draco, or Hermione would sit with him and go over things. Dudley was passing every exam in Charms with a high score. It seemed to be his strongest subject. He was also excelling in COMC. Whenever he wasn't studying, he could be found with Hagrid asking questions and working with Hagrid with the animals. He was doing so well in COMC that he had progressed to third year studies rapidly. What worried Harry the most was that Dudley was sharing Hagrid's mentality about dealing with dangerous creatures. He was just as fascinated with them as Hagrid was. That was never a good thing.

Harry was sitting there lost in thought. It was in this state that Draco found him.

"What are you thinking about lover?" he asked Kissing Harry on the head.

"I am wondering what the mothers have in store for us for our wedding," he replied. "I would have preferred to keep it simple. I want it elegant, but simple."

"Well lover," said Draco. "As much as I agree with you on that, we both know that won't happen. I know for a fact that my mother will make the biggest spectacle she can with this. I have no doubt that Mother Molly and Aunt Petunia is in the same mindset as mom is."

"I am sure you are correct," said Harry with a smile. "I don't care what it is as long as you and I can be a married couple."

"That will be wonderful," said Draco. "Harry, I want you to know that it will be an honor to take your name. I know mother is getting rid of the name Malfoy and going back to her maiden name. She is just waiting on the paperwork to get filed."

"I am sorry about your father love," said Harry in a whisper. "I know how hard it must be for you."

"Do not feel sorry for him love," said Draco. "He was bad to the core. He had every opportunity to turn over a new leaf when you stopped Voldemort when you were a baby. He chose to continue working for the dark side. I just wish you and I could have been friends sooner than we did. It would mean that you and I could have been together a lot longer than we are now."

"At least we have each other now," said Harry with a smile.

"Shall I tell you what I was feeling before we became a couple?" asked Draco flicking his wand at a CD. "In fact let me sing it to you."

I've been alone with youInside my mindAnd in my dreams I've kissed your lipsA thousand timesI sometimes see youPass outside my doorHello!Is it me you're looking for?I can see it in your eyesI can see it in your smileYou're all I've ever wantedAnd my arms are open wideBecause you know just what to sayAnd you know just what to doAnd I want to tell you so muchI love you

I long to see the sunlight in your hairAnd tell you time and time againHow much I careSometimes I feel my heart will overflowHello!I've just got to let you knowBecause I wonder where you areAnd I wonder what you doAre you somewhere feeling lonely?Or is someone loving you?Tell me how to win your heartFor I haven't got a clueBut let me start by saying I love you

Hello!Is it me you're looking for?Because I wonder where you areAnd I wonder what you doAre you somewhere feeling lonely?Or is someone loving you?Tell me how to win your heartFor I haven't got a clueBut let me start by saying I love you

As Draco was singing, Hermione and Ginny stepped out of their room to listen. The doors that weren't opened before were now opened as each person wanted to hear this in person. When Draco was done, they all applauded. Draco smiled and grabbed Harry's hand and led him to their bedroom where he and Harry spent the rest of the night proving to each other time and time again how much they loved one another.

"Do you think we should offer choir as a new course on the curriculum?" asked Albus to Minerva.

"That might not be a bad idea," said Minerva. "I doubt that you will get Harry away from DADA. Maybe Draco could become the choir master."

"It is definantly something to think about," said Albus.

"I can't hurt to ask him," she said.

"This is true," said Albus. "Who knows? Maybe Harry will do guest lectures on music from time to time."

"You know he would," said Minerva laughing. "When it comes to singing to Draco, he can't resist being the best he can be."

"Succinctly put my dear," said Albus with a smile.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I know its turning into a musical. I can't help it. I feel drawn to these songs as they state how Draco and Harry feel for one another. I promise to bring some drama into the story. After all we still have Death Eaters out there. Please keep sending me those wonderful reviews. For those of you that can relate to this story, I hope my choice of songs is touching your heart as much as it is touching mine. Thanks.

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