For Love of a Slytherin

The Good, The Bad, The Stupid

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Chapter 18 – The Good, The Bad, The Stupid

As was predicted, Harry fell into a routine. He kept up with his DADA classes as well as slowly taking over the school for Albus. It was not long before Albus only put in an appearance once a day to check on things. The weeks passed and March turned into April. Harry focused a lot of his energy on those that were sitting for their NEWTS and OWLS. Albus had moved all of his possessions out of the castle and was currently residing at Number 12 Grimmauld Place. Harry offered him Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff Manor, but Albus refused. Harry took his time moving into the Head Master's office. He had Dobby and Winky give the office a thorough cleaning and had all of the books moved from his dorm into the office. Harry had never been in beyond the office. Up the stairs was a whole library. Harry had the castle work her magic to accommodate all of his books. Hedwig and the twin phoenixes were moved into the new suite of rooms. Harry left a window open for them to be able to go out and hunt in the evenings. It was not long before he and Draco were firmly ensconced into their new quarters. Harry personally moved the swords and wands as well as the Book of Shadows of the four founders. The wards were strengthened on the showcases. While anyone who was a relative could use any said sword, they still were now unable to get them without Harry's authorization. The wands and the books were off limits unless Harry was personally sitting there for the person to use them.

"Your exams are in six weeks," said Harry to Draco one day while he was grading papers. "How are you coping?"

"With your help I am doing great," said Draco with a smile. "It is nice that you still allow Hermione and Ginny to come in here to study with us."

"I can't very well tell them no," said Harry. "Hermione would do me serious damage if I tried that."

"At least the castle left the dorm like it was when we left," said Draco. "I would like to caution you about spreading yourself out to thin love."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry looking up and meeting his gaze.

"You are running the school," said Draco. "You still teach DADA, you have a meeting every other night with the staff, and you are tutoring everyone from Potter House. On top of all that you are tutoring others who ask for it."

"I know," said Harry. "I am pushing myself hard, but I want you all to pass your exams."

"Trust me lover," said Draco getting up and kissing him fondly on the lips. "We will pass. I have no doubt in my mind that everyone taking their OWL or NEWT will get an "E" at the very least. Anyone who doesn't pass DADA deserves to have to repeat it next year."

"Severus will be a lot harder than I was," said Harry. "At least Ginny and Luna are top in their year at DADA. Severus will have his hands full with some of the others."

"They are advanced," said Draco. "Not many fifth years can do non verbal spells. Add the fact that they both are adequate in wandless magic and you have some very powerful ladies there."

"I had to take points from Ginny the other day for using a wandless Bat Bogey Hex on Zacharias Smith," said Harry. "Then I had to deduct points from him for annoying her."

"He can be a prat when he wants to be," said Draco with a smile. "At least Severus will have good students in his class for sixth year."

Harry stood up from his desk. He grabbed Draco and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. When they came up for air, Harry dragged him upstairs where they enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh.

A knock sounded on the door, and both boys jumped up. They hurriedly cleaned up and got dressed as Harry waved his hand and opened the door.

"I will be right down," said Harry quickly putting on his robes.

He did not bother to put anything on underneath them. Barefooted, he raced down the stairs to see an irate Hermione standing there.

"Hermione?" asked Harry. "What is wrong?"

"Harry," she said. "I just got word from my mom and dad that they were threatened by Peter Pettigrew. They are worried that he will attack them in their home. I was wondering if you could go and ward their house for me."

"Albus," called Harry. "Did you hear that?"

"I have," said the voice of Albus. "I will be there in a few minutes. Finished getting dressed and have Miss Granger alert Severus and Minerva."

Hermione nodded and left. Harry hurried up the stairs and told Draco what was going on.

"Do you want me to go with you?" asked Draco.

"I would like for you to stay here with Ginny and help watch out over the school," said Harry putting on his clothes. "I think that between me and Albus we can get their house warded safely.

As Harry got down to his office, the fireplace erupted in green flames and Albus stepped out of the fire. Meanwhile, Hermione and Ginny were heading back to the office with Severus and Minerva right behind them. Draco entered the room and stood next to Harry. When Minerva and Severus made it to the office, Albus quickly outlined to the others what he and Harry were going to do.

"Draco, Hermione, and Ginny will stay here instead of coming with us so that they can help you keep an eye on the school," said Harry. "If you need me, just have Draco summon me with the talisman around his neck. Albus and I will put the most powerful wards on them that we can. Also we can use the Fidelius Charm. I will be secret keeper if you like Hermione."

"I would appreciate that Harry," she said. "Just do what you can for them. I don't want that rat anywhere near them."

"We will take care of it," assured Albus with a smile. "I already have Aurors on the look out until we get there and get everything under control. Try not to worry."

Hermione smiled, and she and Ginny left the office. Harry grabbed Albus by the arm, and apparated them to the Granger's house. They were met at the door by Hermione's parents. Harry and Albus spent the better part of an hour telling the Grangers what they were going to do to protect them in their own home.

"The only way they can get to you is if you are out of your house," said Harry. "You have the full support of the staff of Hogwarts."

"The Ministry of Magic stands behind you as well," said Albus.

Harry and Albus went around the grounds and cast every anti intruder charm and spell that they could think of. From there they cast the Fidelius Charm. Albus set it up that once a day an Auror would knock on the door. If there was no answer, Albus and Harry would be summoned immediately. The Grangers promised that if they were going out for the evening they would leave a note on the door. When they were done, Harry apparated them back to Hogwarts. They were met by Ginny who had a very excited look on her face.

"Harry," she said. "You have to come quick. We think we found the wand of Godric Gryffindor."

Harry and Albus looked at her in astonishment and both men followed her out of the room. Draco raced after them.

"Do you remember in your first year how you were not allowed in the corridor on the right hand side on the third floor?" she asked.

"Yes," said Harry. "Ron, Hermione, and I went anyway. That was how I stopped Quirrell and Voldemort from getting the sorcerer's stone."

"Well while you were gone, Hermione and I went looking in there," said Ginny. "She is there now. We came across a door behind the Mirror of Erised."

"I was to busy to really look around when I was down here the last time," remarked Harry as Albus chuckled.

They reached the corridor, and Harry levitated them down gently. He noticed that the Devil's snare was still there. He cast a light charm to make it go away. They entered the room with the keys to find the door open. They made it past the chess set. Harry noticed that even though the troll was gone, that the stench remained. He waved his hand and cleared that up. When they entered the room where the potions were, Harry was concerned to find that the bottles were still there. Quickly he sent those potions to Severus. They entered the room with the mirror and they saw Hermione standing on the far side of the room. When she realized that Harry was there, she beckoned him over.

"How are my mom and dad?" she asked. "Are they ok?"

"Yes," said Harry. "We have taken care of the problem. Albus posted an Auror to help watch out over them."

"Thanks Harry," she said. "Take a look at this wall and tell me what you see."

Harry knew she was not being funny, so he let his other senses take over and examined the wall. Albus also examined the wall carefully.

"I am amazed that I missed this," said Albus with a curious look on his face.

"You may not have seen it because Harry was not yet able to claim his heritage," said Draco.

"You are probably correct," said Albus. "Miss Granger, how did you find this?"

"I didn't," she admitted. "I was looking around down here. I was thinking that we can send a lot of the stuff we want to save from the Room of Requirement down here. Those things we want to keep away from the students. While we were looking around, Ginny felt drawn to this wall. She said she could feel something behind it. I have not been able to do anything."

"You probably have to be a descendant of Godric," said Harry. "Let me see if I can open it."

Harry paced his hands on the wall and communed with the castle. All of a sudden, an entrance revealed itself to the quintet. Harry entered first followed by Albus. When Draco went to follow, he was blocked.

"Harry," he called. "It won't let me through."

Harry turned around and looked at his lover thoughtfully.

"Hermione," he said. "See if you can come through."

She walked over and tried to enter, but she too was blocked from entering the small room. Ginny tried next and she passed right through the wards and into the room.

"I guess Godric didn't want anyone not of his blood in here," observed Albus. "Not to worry, we will be right back out."

Harry, Ginny, and Albus all looked around the room. Inside was a sarcophagus. Engraved on the lid was the image of Godric Gryffindor. Harry examined the resting place with interest. Albus and Ginny did not touch. They examined the walls around the room instead. They left the sarcophagus to Harry. He examined the detail in earnest. As he touched his hand to the section of the lid where Godric's hands were holding his stone wand, it opened and revealed the actual wand itself. When Harry picked up the wand, it glowed for a moment.

"I found it," said Harry. "I have Godric's wand. Apparently his children buried him here with it. I have no doubt that if we open this casket, he is inside. However I will not disturb his resting place."

"When we leave, perhaps you should reseal this door so that no one can have access to this monumental place," suggested Albus. "I believe that you are the only one with the power to do that. Not only are you the owner and heir to the castle, but also the current Head Master."

Harry nodded as he showed the others the wand. Both examined the wand with interest. Harry pocketed the wand and escorted the others out of the room. The only thing he wanted was the wand. Now he had it. When they left the room, Harry turned back to the wall and communed with the castle once again. When he was done, the castle effectively sealed off the room. Harry took a deep breath and turned to the others. He showed Draco and Hermione the wand. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and nestled his head on his shoulder.

"Albus," said Harry. "Did you or Ginny feel anything when you held the wand?"

"I did not," said Albus with a curious look on his face.

"I didn't either," said Ginny.

"I glowed when I first picked up the wand," admitted Harry. "This wand felt just like my own did when I first held it almost six years ago."

"I guess that is Godric's way of telling you that no one is supposed to use this wand except you," said Albus. "I may be quite wrong however. If you like I can try to cast a spell with it and see."

Harry handed Albus the wand. Albus gave it a flick and a table appeared out of thin air. With a second flick he made the table disappear.

"I can use it," said Albus. "I admit that the magic feels sluggish to me. Why don't you try?"

Harry took the wand and gave it a swish. Instead of one table appearing, one hundred tables appeared. Harry had to quickly reverse the spell.

"Oops," he said. "That is as powerful as my own wand or when I am using wandless magic."

"Hmm," said Albus. "I will look into the matter and get back with you on this. For the moment I suggest you apparate us back to your office. I have to get back to the Ministry."

Hermione and Ginny said they would be staying down in the chamber for awhile. Harry grabbed both Albus and Draco and apparated the trio back to his office. Albus bowed to the two young men and stepped into the fire after throwing some floo powder in and flooed back to the Ministry. Harry sat at his desk and Draco sat in his lap.

"He will figure something out," assured Draco. "For the moment, how about we go upstairs and take a soak in that huge tub of ours. We deserve a little quiet time."

Harry and Draco headed up the stairs where they enjoyed each other's company for a few hours.

They got dressed and headed down to the Great Hall for dinner. Harry had not yet sat in the Head Master's place. He left that open until the end of the year. He was not going to diminish the memory of the former Head Master. The school knew that Harry was the Head Master. Harry and the faculty made it quite clear that he had taken over the school. Those that would be coming back the following year knew that changes were in the mix. Those that were leaving were a bit disappointed that they would no longer be around to see what those changes would be.

Harry was just finishing his dinner when a commotion at the entrance to the Great Hall caught his attention. He quickly hurried to the doors to find Percy Weasley standing there. Minerva and Severus were quick to join Harry. Draco was right behind them.

"I want a word with you Potter," snarled Percy.

"Weasley," snapped Minerva. "You are speaking to the Head Master of this school. I suggest that you show him some respect."

"I will show him respect when he dam well earns it," said Percy.

"Why don't we take this to my office," said Harry calmly. "Severus, please lower your wand."

Harry led the group to his office. Draco sat behind his desk as Harry sat behind his. Minerva and Severus sat near Harry. Both had their hands gripped on their wands.

"Why don't you tell me what is bothering you Percy," said Harry.

"I will tell you what is bothering me your freak of nature," said Percy. "You have the audacity to accuse Madam Umbridge of a pack of lies which resulted in her receiving the Dementor's Kiss. You then have the audacity to flaunt your freakish sexual habits all over the school. Now thanks to you my sister is picking up your bad habits. Many may worship the ground you walk on Potter, but I am not one of them. You may have pulled the wool over many people's eyes, but I will not have you subjecting my sister to your abnormality in this school."

Harry eyed Percy for a moment. He was weighing his words to himself before he pronounced them.

"In this world there are all types of people," said Harry calmly. "You have the good, the bad, and the stupid. I will tell you this one time and only once. So let's make sure you can hear me. I have not now nor have I ever subjected Ginny to the privacy of my bedroom. Yes she may have helped set up some of my dates. However your mother and father do not complain so therefore you HAVE NO RIGHT TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH. My sexual conduct stays in the privacy of my bedroom. I do not now nor have I ever had sex with my lover in front of anyone else. As far as that old hag of a toad Umbridge, I have always spoken only the truth. Just because your nose was so far up her ass that you could not see the truth that was slapping you in the face, doesn't mean that the rest of us didn't. She was given a fair trial by a jury of her peers. She lost her case. The next time you ever accuse me of falsely accusing a Ministry member of anything, I can guarantee that it will be the last time you ever jump in anyone's face ever again. You are a pompous ass that doesn't deserve the respect you demand. I have done more for this school and the wizarding community in my years than you will ever do in your entire life. The next time you are in the mood to call someone down, I suggest you do it to someone that will not lay you flat for it. I am not NOW nor will I ever be a FREAK. You better think long and hard before you ever call me that again. I spent fifteen years being called that and I wont tolerate it as an adult."

Harry was breathing heavy by this time. Minerva, Severus, and Draco were speechless. Harry was not one to blow up like this.

"The next time you come into my school and behave the way you do, it will be the last thing you ever do," said Harry. "I am the Head Master here. If you do not like that idea, then you can go stick you head up someone else's ass until you can't see straight. You are never to step foot onto the grounds of Hogwarts again. I am one of the good guys. Draco and Severus are one of the good guys. Minerva and Ginny are one of the good guys. Voldemort and Bellatrix are one of the bad guys. Pettigrew and Umbridge are one of the bad guys. You my former family member are one of the stupid guys. Now kindly excuse yourself from my school. If you ever come here again I will have you arrested for trespassing. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"

"What are you going to do Potter?" asked Percy with a sneer. "You have no power here at all. You are just a frightened little boy who has to have everyone else's pity."

Harry was so red with anger that Severus and Minerva actually took a step back. All of a sudden the flames in the fireplace turned green and Albus stepped out. His face was livid with fury.

"Draco," said Albus as calmly as he could. "It would be in our best interest for you to use your special gift at calming Harry down. I fear if you don't then Mr. Weasley will be turned into a pile of ashes."

Draco snapped out of his shock and ran to Harry. He threw his arms around Harry's neck and kissed him passionately on the lips. At first Harry was unresponsive. Draco kissed harder. Finally Harry wrapped his hands around Draco and returned the kiss. Draco released him and sat him in his chair. From there Draco sat in his lap. Percy watched the scene with a disgusted look on his face.

"This is the abnormality I was referring to," said Percy. "You keep this away from my sister. I am warning you."

"As Minister of Magic I am going to give you a warning in return," said Albus in his deadliest voice. "You will return to wherever you came from immediately. I will be speaking to your parents about this. From this day forward you will no longer be an employee at the Ministry. You will stay away from Harry, Hogwarts, and Ginny. If I even suspect that you are anywhere near them, then I will have you arrested and sent to Azkaban. I do not like people who use others humiliating background to hurt them just because they disagree. A formal complaint will be filed against you. Now I suggest you leave immediately."

"And if I refuse?" asked Percy.

Harry raised his hands, and Percy found himself standing on the outside of the gates of the school. He tried to get back in. He touched the gate to open it and was thrown ten feet into the air and landed in a heap on his back. He got up and glared at the castle. He stalked away.

Albus was looking at Harry in the eyes in concern.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Harry. "I can't believe that I let myself get drawn into that argument."

"I must say Harry," chimed in Severus. "That was some pretty fierce words. I am impressed."

"I will say right here and right now that Mr. Weasley was absolutely wrong," said Albus. "You do NOT flaunt your sexuality in the school. Miss Weasley is plenty old enough to make her own decisions as to what she can or can not be subjected to. Also I want to point out that you re NOT a freak or abnormal in any way."

"I am confused by one thing," said Minerva. "Why would he even say what he said about Ginny? Is there something we are missing?"

"Hermione and Ginny has officially become a couple," said Harry. "No one knows about it except me and Draco. The only reason I am telling you now is because I feel it is in our best interest to do so."

"That would make sense," said Minerva. "Are they soul bonded like you and Draco are?"

"No," said Harry. "Neither has had to save the life of the other, nor have they been faced with a situation where it could be a possibility. To be honest I don't think they will soul bond. Draco and I were both virgins when we became a couple."

"Say no more," said Albus raising his hands. "We do not need to go into the ladies' personal lives."

"Thank you Albus," said Harry looking relieved.

"Well I still have to go talk with Molly and Arthur," said Albus. "I am just glad that you were able to contain your anger as well as you did. You could have done him serious harm without even meaning to."

"Well I do have to set an example for the others," said Harry with a smile. "I am just glad that I have my baby here to help calm me down when I am starting to lose it."

Harry reached under his lap and was seductively massaging Draco in his most sensitive area. Draco was fighting tooth and nail to not let out an audible moan. He could feel Harry hardening under him. Albus looked over at Severus and Minerva and suggested that they escort him downstairs. Harry winked at Albus and the three left the room. Draco turned in Harry's lap and began kissing him on the lips and neck. Harry moaned in pleasure. He waved his wand and cleared everything off the desk. He made sure to keep the noise from reaching the portraits. He conjured a blanket and covered them as he lifted Draco onto the desk and made love to him right there. Draco moaned in pleasure as Harry gave him the best that he had to give. When they were done, they were both drenched in perspiration. They made their way up the stairs to take a shower. Dobby and Winky came in and replaced everything on Harry's desk.

"Well that was interesting," said Everard.

"At least he stayed with us long enough to block both sound and sight," said Phineas.

"I think it is sweet," said Dilys. "It is a true love that will last through out the ages."

"It is about time that Harry and Draco have happiness," said the portrait of Albus.

"Merlin knows they deserve it," piped up Armando.

The portraits continued their talk about Harry and Draco's relationship through the night. Harry had played a CD of all their songs that they had sung to one another. Shortly after midnight both young men had wore themselves out and were asleep tucked in each other's arms.

The next day, Harry got up and he reverently placed the wand of Godric in its place. He sat at his desk and wrote a letter to Ollivander to let him know that he had finally found it. He sent the letter with Hedwig. She nipped his finger gently in affection and flew out of the window. Harry had a sudden inspiration and looked to Apollo and Artemis.

"Would you like to go flying with me?" he asked the phoenixes.

Both trilled happily. Draco came out of their room at that moment.

"May I come too?" he asked.

"I would be honored," said Harry taking his hand.

Both young men climbed up on the ledge of the window and jumped. Transforming in mid air, what was two men, now became a dragon and a phoenix. They flew around the grounds and the Forbidden Forest.

Percy was furious. He went to confront Potter and was seriously defeated. He now lost his job, and his mother and father were refusing to speak to him. The twins were not interested in speaking with him. Bill and Charley thought he was from anther planet. There was no getting to Ron because he was always in Harry's corner. Percy did the only thing he could think of to do. He went to offer his services to the Dark Lord. Potter would pay for what he did. Percy's humiliation would not go unpunished.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – AH the twist. How interesting that a descendant of Gryffindor is now turning to the dark side. Please keep up those wonderful reviews and let me know what you think.

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