For Love of a Slytherin

To Save a Dursley

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Chapter 7 – To Save a Dursley

Friday morning came around. Harry woke up and smiled down at the sleeping form of the man he loved more than life itself. His plan for a romantic evening worked out better than he had anticipated. He quietly got up and made his way to the bathroom to clean up. When he was done he tiptoed into the bedroom to head for the closet and saw Draco up on one elbow waiting for him.

"Good morning lover," said Draco with a smile. "Last night was wonderful. We should do that more often."

Harry smiled as he walked over to Draco. He leaned down and kissed him full on the lips. It did not take long for the passion to ignite yet once again. When their passion was complete, both men got up and headed for the shower. As it was still early, they took their time and enjoyed the feel of the hot water on their skin. Once their shower was done, they headed for the huge walk in closet and got dressed. Harry put on some khaki slacks and a white button down shirt. Once he had his socks and shoes on, he chose a cream color robe to wear over it. He left the robe open so that his casual outfit could be seen. Draco watched him choose his outfit carefully and then put it on.

"I do love the way your body looks in those pants," said Draco with a mischievous smile.

"As much as that look is tempting me to grab you and make love to you again dear heart, we do have classes today," said Harry running his hands through Draco's hair. "It would be in our best interest for you to get dressed."

Draco laughed as he got dressed in his school uniform. He wore black tight fitting trousers and his white school shirt. Like Harry he left his robe open so that what he wore underneath could be seen.

"You do realize that you are evil," said Harry coming up behind him and gazing at their reflection in the mirror.

"I don't know what you are talking about," said Draco in mock astonishment. "I just want to look good for my man."

"Yeah and make all the young women in the castle drool over you," said Harry with a laugh.

"As long as I can make you drool is all that really matters to me," said Draco.

"You don't have to worry about that," said Harry walking over to his jewelry box.

The ring that Draco got him for his birthday was still on his finger. He never took it off. With so many inheritances, he just randomly picked one of the Family rings and put it on. From there he put on the gold necklace that Ginny had given him. A knock on the door interrupted Harry's thoughts. He opened it to see Hermione and Ginny standing there.

"Good morning boys," she said brightly. "I hope we are not disturbing anything important."

"No just putting on the finishing touches of my outfit," said Harry opening his arms and revealing what he was wearing.

"Harry you know you look great," said Ginny. "Now that you are eating properly and everything, you don't look malnourished anymore. You are even filling out in your chest as well."

"You aren't flirting with my man are you?" asked Draco coming out of the closet grinning.

"Of course not," said Ginny. "I would rather flirt with you stud."

Everyone laughed at the friendly banter that was passing between the two. Harry walked out into the common room and sat at his desk. He pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote a letter to his aunt.

Dear Aunt Petunia,

Thank you so much for the wonderful song. We had a candle lit dinner under the moon light down by the lake. Hermione and the rest of the group helped us get everything in order even picking out what we were to wear. Enclosed in this letter is a picture of Draco and me. He loved me serenading him with that song. We are looking forward to our next date. I am so happy I could burst. With your help, I now realize what it means to be so thrilled with life. Thank you for everything. If you or the rest of the family need any money or anything, just send me a letter and I will transfer some of my money into your account at the bank.



PS: Draco says thank you for the wonderful idea. He looks forward to seeing you all again.

Harry rolled up the letter and walked over to Hedwig. He told her who the letter was for. She hooted and nipped his finger affectionately. From there, she grabbed the letter and flew out of the open window. Harry watched her fly off in the distance. Hermione cleared her throat and captured his attention.

"Harry," she said. "There was a reason that we knocked on your door earlier."

"What's the matter?" he asked. "Is something wrong?"

"We don't know yet," she said truthfully. "Professor Dumbledore said he needed to talk with you and Draco on a sensitive subject. He asked that you two report to his office as soon as possible."

Harry looked at Draco and they headed out immediately. They made their way through the castle and up to the Head Master's office. Harry knocked on the door and Albus answered it personally. Harry thought this was odd as Albus usually just waved his hand, or already had the door open. Draco and Harry entered the room and looked at Albus with mild concern. The look on the face of their friend and mentor was disturbing.

"I have some bad news," said Albus sitting down at his desk. "I suggest you two sit."

Harry and Draco locked hands and sat in the pro offered chairs. Each young man was becoming even more disturbed by the ominous sound of Albus' voice.

"What is happening Albus?" asked Harry. "Is there someone in the school that is not happy with Draco and me? Have we done something wrong?"

"No, no my dear boy," said Albus with a small smile. "If anything, you two are the delight of the school. You are both being extremely discreet and behaving very accordingly."

"Then what is going on?" asked Harry truly becoming alarmed now.

"I got word from Amelia Bones," said Albus. "As you may or may not know, she is the new Minister of Magic. She sent me a letter this morning. Voldemort has managed to rescue Lucius Malfoy and a few of the other Death Eaters. Word has it that Lucius is not happy with Draco. He is attempting to reinstate himself as head of the Malfoy family. If he succeeds in this endeavor, he is making it known that Draco will be disinherited."

"Is that all?" asked Harry. "He is out of jail and he wants the Malfoy fortune back. Is that what has you so worried?"

"Isn't that enough?" asked Albus. "If he succeeds, Draco will be cast out. He will not have a knut to his name."

"So," said Harry.

"But that means that I wont have a family anymore," said Draco. "I will not have the means to finish school or to be able to do much of anything else."

Harry grabbed Draco by the face and lifted it until Draco was looking into his eyes.

"You read the letter that I received from Gringotts," stated Harry firmly. "I think I have way more money than the Malfoy estate. I also want to point out that you have a new family."

"That doesn't help me much," said Draco with tears forming in his eyes.

"Excuse me for interrupting," said Albus. "I think what Harry is trying to say is that now that you are officially a couple that you will have access to his inheritance for anything you need or desire. Is that a correct summary Harry?"

"I could not have said it better," remarked Harry with a smile. "I will not let the man I plan on spending the rest of my life with go without having what he needs and wants in this life."

"You should not have to support me financially Harry," said Draco sadly. "It is not fair that you have to pay for everything all of the time."

"Hey, hey," said Harry gently caressing Draco's cheek. "You already have my heart. There is no reason why you should not have access to everything else I own as well. Besides, Albus said that he was trying. That doesn't mean he will succeed. I am only saying that you are in no danger of being poor and doing without. I love you to much to not want to do anything in my power to help you in any way that I can."

Draco thought about this for a moment. He looked at Albus who nodded sagely. Finally he offered his hearts treasure his most winning smile. He stood up and wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and pressed his lips to his cheek.

"Thank you beloved," he whispered to Harry. "I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I am happy that I have you."

Albus leaned back in his chair smiling. He pulled out a few documents and placed them on the desk.

"Draco," he said. "You will need to sign these contesting your father's claim. It will be up to a panel of jurors whether or not your mother and father can reclaim the Malfoy family fortune. I have a suggestion for you if you would like to hear my idea."

"I will always listen to your ideas," said Draco.

"Should they deny your father," he said. "And there is every chance they will; then I suggest that you combine your fortune with Harry's. Once you and Harry officially do this, there will no longer be a Malfoy vault to question again."

"That sounds like a great idea," said Harry. "That way you can have full access and the two of us can be the richest people in the wizarding world."

"That is putting it mildly Harry," said Albus with a chuckle. "If that is acceptable to you Draco, then all you have to do is sign these papers giving me permission to act on your behalf. Once the trial is done, then I can contact the bank and make the necessary arrangements."

Draco moved to the desk. He picked up the quill and signed his name to the documents that Albus presented him. When he was done, Harry grabbed the quill and signed his name on the documents that he needed to sign. Albus smiled at the two young men.

"Harry I have to make one remark to you," said Albus. "I am glad to know that you are no longer blaming yourself for Sirius' death. It is good to see that you are moving on with your life. I am glad that you are smiling and that your heart if full of love and compassion."

"It is what he would have wanted," said Harry. "My mom and dad, as well as Sirius would have wanted me to be happy and live my life. I am glad that I have someone as wonderful as Draco to live it with."

"I must also say," Albus remarked in good humor. "You men are looking exceedingly sharp today. I like the clothes. You both will definantly be melting some hearts today."

"You old flirt," said Harry laughing.

Albus and Draco burst out laughing. The three men stood and made their way to the stairs. Breakfast was about to start, and then Harry and Draco had classes. They made their way to the Great Hall and each sat in their places. True to Albus' words, many young woman sighed when Harry and Draco passed by. The rest of Team Potter sat there with different looks on their faces ranging from love, to awe, to mild jealousy. Harry and Draco sat and started chatting with everyone. Soon the whole ordeal in Dumbledore's office was passed on to Team Potter. Like Harry, they all defended Draco. They all were happy to hear that Harry would personally see to it that Draco never needed anything again. Breakfast began and everyone was chatting happily. When the meal was over, they all dispersed to their different classes or to the dorm. Today was going to be a challenge for Harry. He had sixth years today. In this class were Pansy Parkinson and Crabbe and Goyle. He made his way to his classroom. All of the sixth years that continued with DADA would be in this class. Thankfully, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Hannah, Susan, Draco, and Blaise would be in this class. Dean and Seamus were in another class. They did not continue with DADA. Harry was hopeful. Maybe there wouldn't be any trouble in this class.

He and the rest of the group all entered. They sat and waited for the rest of the sixth years to come in. Finally when everyone was present, Harry paired everyone up, he sat back with a small smile. He paired Hermione up with Pansy, Hannah was paired with Crabbe, and Ron was paired up with Goyle. He knew that each of these three were members of the DA the year before. He also knew that in a tight spot, that he wanted Hermione as near Pansy as possible to help keep her in control. Harry began class discussing inferi and talking about the ways of destroying them. As he progressed in his lesson, he relaxed. So far no one had tried anything. He was just approaching his desk when a stunner flew by his face hitting the black board. He quickly turned and lifted his hands. In a matter of seconds, every wand in the room was floating in the air.

"Who has such poor aim that they can not hit me when they are so near me?" asked Harry furiously. "Who would have the audacity to fire a stunner at a teacher?"

No one spoke. Team Potter all stood up, grabbed their wands out of the air, and went to stand next to Harry. Draco was livid with fury. Ron and Blaise were restraining him from hexing each student left in the class.

"Well?" asked Harry. "Will you tell me who did it? Or do I have to punish the whole class for the impertinence of one student?"

No one spoke. Harry raised his wand and mumbled the next incantation.

"Priori Incantato," he said.

Harry watched as the three Ravenclaw wands shot out things taught in charms. He released their wands to them. He looked to the Hufflepuffs whose wands were doing things from their transfiguration class. Again he released the wands to their owners. All of the Gryffindors that were in the class were in Team Potter, but Harry could still see the spells from their wands also. He looked to the last three culprits. Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle all stood defiantly and glared at him. He saw that the stunner came from Pansy's wand. He released the wands to their astonishment.

"Miss Parkinson," he said. "I will award you ten points for using a non verbal spell. I will award you another ten points for the audacity of attempting it."

The class started mumbling about this. Harry held up his hand for silence.

"I will take fifty points from Slytherin for your abysmally poor aim," he said. "I am also going to give you a detention every night for the next month. If you EVER try something that stupid again, I will see to it that you are expelled. Do I make myself clear?"

"What do I care about your words Potter," she snarled. "You don't have the guts to do us anything on your own. You have to have your body guards protecting you."

"You really think so?" asked Harry in a dangerous voice. "I will have another twenty five points from Slytherin for your rudeness and disrespect. Why don't we have a little demonstration? You three can challenge me. You may use any spell you wish with the exception of the Unforgivable Curses."

"We accept," said Crabbe.

Harry waved his wand and moved the desks to the side of the room.

"Hermione," he said. "Cast a shield over the rest of the students of the class. Draco and Blaise help her power it."

Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle sauntered into the middle of the room. Harry calmly walked into the area they would use for the duel.

"When ever you are ready," said Harry.

"Petrificus Totalus," screamed Pansy.

"Tarantallegra," grunted Crabbe.

"Reducto," said Goyle grinning madly.

Harry did not say a word. His wand was a blur as he countered each spell. When this was done, he sent three stunners in rapid concession. All three students hit the floor.

"This class, is what happens when you attempt to over power a person that has more brains in their little toe than the attacker has in their whole body," said Harry. "Professor Snape, would you be so kind, as to remove this rubbish from my class?"

Most of the class gasped as Severus materialized in the room. Team Potter knew he was there so it did not affect them the same way. What did affect them was the fury on his face.

"That class, is what happens when you attempt to attack the descendant of all four founders of this school," said Severus looking around. "You would do well to listen to what Professor Potter has to say. It could mean one of two things in your future. Either you will be unharmed and perfectly capable like Professor Potter, or you could be unconscious on the floor like this lot."

Severus quickly woke up the three lying on the floor. When they saw him standing there, they all froze.

"Professor Potter," he said lifting his left sleeve revealing his Dark Mark. "I think that they need another sample of your power. Would you be so kind as to remove this foul thing from my arm?"

Harry walked over to Severus and placed his wand on the Dark Mark. The rest of the class gathered round to watch. Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle were trying to make themselves inconspicuous. Harry stated the counter charm for the Dark Mark and the class all gasped as blood flowed from his hand onto Severus' arm. Hermione quickly conjured a cloth and Severus wiped away the blood. With it the Dark Mark vanished from his arm. Severus whipped out his own wand and examined Harry's hand. In a matter of seconds, the lacerations on Harry's hand disappeared. When that was done, Severus turned to the three offenders.

"When you are done with your detention with Professor Potter," he snarled. "You will then proceed to serve a second one with me. I will inform your parents of your blatant disrespect to a professor in this establishment. I am a hair away from expelling all three of you. As it is, you will no longer be in the advanced DADA class meaning that you will not be able to earn a NEWT in DADA. You are herby dismissed from this class."

Harry and he rest of the class watched as the trio gathered their bags and left. When Severus looked at the rest of the group, Harry and Draco bowed their heads to him and he left the room. Everyone took a seat when Harry had the desks back in place, and they continue class where they left off. Harry had no doubt in his mind that the rest of the school would hear about this by the end of the day. He hoped that the seventh years would take note of what happened and not cause problems. When class was over, Harry gave the class their homework. They filed out of the room. Draco stayed behind.

"Are you ok?" he asked. "I was so mad I could not see straight."

"Keeper of my heart," said Harry. "I am fine. I thank you for your concern. You know that I love you more than life."

"I love you too Harry," said Draco wrapping his arms around Harry's waist. "Do you need me to stay and keep an eye on seventh year for you?"

"No lover," said Harry. "Minerva will do that. Why don't you go take a walk around the lake and enjoy the fresh air? I have one more class before lunch and then two after. We can do something special later if you like."

"How about we go flying together?" asked Draco looking at Harry with desire in his eyes.

"I would love to," said Harry. "You better go before we get ourselves into trouble. I am having a hard time keeping my hands to myself and I don't want the next class to walk in on something that is not suitable for youngsters."

Draco laughed and let Harry go. As he walked out the door, he smiled at Minerva who was walking in. Harry was smiling at the retreating figure of Draco. He fought the urge to run to the door and watch him walk down the hall.

"Young love," said Minerva. "You two have it bad for one another. I for one am happy to see you so happy Harry."

"Thanks Minerva," said Harry as the class filed in. "After what happened in the last class I doubt this one will be a problem."

True to his word, the seventh year students did not challenge Harry in any way. The class went smoothly. After assigning homework, Harry went down to meet his friends for lunch. He sat there with the group and started to eat his food. Hedwig flew into the hall. Her feathers looked odd. Albus, Hagrid, and other professors stood up when they saw the state that Hedwig was in. Harry was already around his table and holding out his arm for her to land on. Draco and Hermione were by his side in a flash. Harry quickly took the letter off of her leg. Hagrid had come down and was leaning over everyone.

"Give her to me Harry," he said. "I can fix her feathers and her wing."

Harry looked deep into the eyes of Hedwig and she hooted dolefully. Harry handed her to Hagrid who left the hall immediately to help make her more comfortable. Harry unrolled the letter. It was from Petunia.


You have to come and help. A man that looks like your partner arrived at the house. A woman with dark hair and eyes was with him. Uncle Vernon is hurt, and they took Dudley. Please help.

Aunt Petunia

Harry looked at Draco and an understanding flashed between the two men. Lucius and Bellatrix had invaded the wards on the Dursley's home. What better way to lure Harry into a trap than to take a relative. Albus was by his side in an instant.

"All students are to return to their dormitories immediately," he said. "Prefects and the Head Boy and Girl will make rounds. Please guard the entrances to your dorm so that no student leaves. Professors please assist the students in this. Team Potter, I would like you all to meet me in my office. Severus, Minerva, and Filius please join us."

Harry and his group headed up the stairs. They were followed by Albus and the rest of the faculty.

"We need to go to Privet Drive at once," said Albus. "From there we can see where they took Dudley. We can also help your Uncle."

Harry and the rest of the group nodded.

"Here is the plan," said Albus thinking quickly. "All of Team Potter will stay and guard the castle except Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger, and the Weasleys. You are to make sure that no student is out of their dorm. Filius I need you to get a couple of professors to keep a close watch on the Slytherin dorm. Minerva, go and get Poppy and meet us at the entrance hall."

Everyone nodded and left to do what Albus asked. Harry led the quartet from Team Potter downstairs to the entrance way. Albus and Severus joined them. Minerva and Poppy joined them a moment later.

"Harry," said Albus. "I want you to try something for me. Everyone hold hands. Severus and I will assist you with the pull. I need you to try and apparate us to Privet Drive. Specifically get us into the back yard."

"Albus we can't apparate here in the castle or on the grounds," said Harry.

"We can't Harry," he said. "However you should be able to. Just give it a try."

Harry nodded. He focused on his heritage. He gave a shift on the spot and he apparated the whole group to Privet Drive. He looked up and was delighted to have succeeded. Albus gave him a fleeting smile and then began to tell the others what he was looking for. Severus and Poppy entered the house to find Vernon unconscious and bleeding on the floor. They worked with him and they were eventually able to stop the blood flow and bring him around. Harry and the group started looking for the tell tale sign of magic that would give them a lead as to where Lucius took Dudley. It was not long before Draco picked up the trail. Albus cast the incantation and was relieved to find that the duo took Dudley to the Malfoy Mansion. Poppy and Minerva stayed behind to help Petunia with Vernon. Severus again held on as Harry shifted on the spot and apparated the group to the grounds of the Malfoy Manor. The house was dark, but no one was fooled. There would be a fight to get inside and out of the house.

"We can use the secret entrance," whispered Draco. "Just follow me. They don't know that I know about it."

The six of them followed Draco to a small building on the back of the grounds. He touched his wand to a part of the floor, and an entrance way opened. Albus led the way followed by Harry. Draco brought up the rear so that he could close the entrance. Hermione and Ginny stayed at his side the whole time. The group followed the tunnel until it ended. Draco made his way to the front of the group and touched his wand to the door. It opened for them and they quietly entered the kitchen. There were two house elves standing there. When they saw Draco, they were about to address him. Draco held his finger to his lips and they silenced immediately.

"Where is my father," he whispered kneeling next to the nearest elf.

"In his study with Mistress Lestrange," the elf whispered back.

"Where is the boy they brought with them?" he whispered again.

"In the dungeon cell on the right," the elf whispered back.

"Thank you," said Draco kindly. "I appreciate the help."

He quickly turned to the others.

"Sev why don't you take Hermione and Ron and go to the dungeon and look for Harry's cousin," he said quietly. "The rest of us can go after my parents and Aunt Bellatrix."

"I will take Miss Weasley and start looking one way," aid Albus. "The two of you go another. Please be careful."

"Follow me Harry," said Draco and they went up the back stairs to the next floor.

Draco put his finger to his lips. He leaned close to Harry's ears and whispered to him.

"This house has many secret passageways," he said. "I know all of them. Just lead where I point. I will watch your back. Please be careful lover."

Harry smiled at Draco and gave him a quick kiss. Draco pointed to the first passage and he and Harry entered it. It led to his parent's bedroom. They gazed through a two way mirror and saw Narcissa sitting in a chair reading a book. Harry looked at Draco and mime stunning her. Draco looked at Harry and nodded. Draco released the catch on the secret door and Harry rushed in and stunned Narcissa before she even had time to register what was happening. Draco quickly conjured manacles for his mother. Harry cast a silencing charm on the door and then woke her up. When she saw who was in the room, she gasped.

"Draco," she said. "You should not have come. Your father has orders from the Dark Lord to capture you and bring you in."

"Not as long as I am alive," said Harry.

"Harry Potter," she said. "You must help him. Please I am begging you. Save my son."

"I intend to do just that," said Harry. "What is the plan? Why are they kidnapping my cousin?"

"It is a plot to destroy you of course," she said. "With some luck you will be able to avoid getting trapped. My husband and my sister are planning how to capture you here at the house."

"Don't they know I am here?" asked Harry standing beside Draco and wrapping his arm around his waist.

Narcissa eyed the movement. She looked confused at first and then she gave him a brilliant smile.

"Oh how wonderful," she said. "Draco is this, your new mate?"

"Yes mom he is," admitted Draco. "I love him with every ounce of my being."

"That is wonderful," she said. "To answer your question Harry, no they do not even know that you know what is going on. I will do what ever you want me to do. Just keep my son safe."

"Mrs. Malfoy," said Harry. "You don't seem to enjoy being a Death Eater."

"Please, call me Narcissa," she said. "I don't enjoy it at all. I am only doing what I do to protect my son. If there was a way to get out of being a Death Eater I would do it. I stay and watch so that I can protect my son."

Harry removed her bindings. She looked confused by this action.

"We have one thing in common then," aid Harry. "We both want to protect Draco. I need a quill and some parchment. Can you apparate on the grounds here?"

"Yes you can, why?" asked Draco confused.

"We are sending your mother to safety," said Harry accepting the parchment from Narcissa. "I want you to apparate to the gates of Hogwarts and then call for Minerva McGonagall. Give her this letter and she will put you somewhere safe until we return from here. Once we are back at the castle, I will remove your Dark Mark and you can go live with your sister Andromeda at Slytherin Manor."

"Can you do that?" she asked astounded.

"It is within my power to do this," assured Harry. "You must take the house elves with you. I don't want them getting hurt."

"Of course," said Narcissa. "That is the least I can do. Do not worry Harry Potter. I can play my part well. I have been doing it for over sixteen years."

Harry nodded to her. Draco leaned and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Be safe mother," he said. "We will see you soon."

She returned the kiss and then surprised both young men by placing one on Harry's cheek. She left the room quietly to go down to the kitchen. Harry and Draco left the room shortly after to continue the search for Lucius and Bellatrix. They met Albus and Ginny in the hall outside of the study. They could hear voices inside.


Severus led Hermione and Ron to the dungeon. Being a former Death Eater as well as the Godfather of Draco, he knew the house well.

"You both know how to cast spell trap locator charms, correct?" he asked.

Both nodded and pulled out their wands. The three of them proceeded to cast the charm. They found none. Apparently the Malfoys did not think that Severus would be here. They also did not know that anyone would know that they had kidnapped the Dursley child anyway.

They entered the dungeon and quickly went to the cell where Dudley was sitting in a corner crying. Hermione quickly opened the door and they entered the cell.

"Dudley," she said. "It is me Hermione Granger. I am Harry's friend. We have come to take you to safety. We need you to stand so that we can apparate out of here."

Dudley stood on shaking legs. He was not harmed in any way. He was just scared. It looked like he had soiled himself in fright. Hermione took pity on him and waved her wand and cleaned him up. He looked down and realized what she did and smiled.

"You need to hold our hands," she said. "Whatever you do and however you feel you must not let go or fight it. This is the only way we can get you back with your parents."

Dudley nodded his head in understanding. Hermione and Ron held hands. Dudley and Severus latched hands. Together Hermione and Severus grabbed hands and apparated the quartet back to Privet Drive.


Harry had Ginny and Albus back up. He flicked his hand at the door and it shattered from the impact. He and Draco entered the room to the astonishment of Bellatrix and Lucius. Albus quickly cast an anti apparition spell on the room and stayed out of sight for the moment.

"Potter," drawled Lucius not knowing Albus was just out of sight. "Thank you so much for delivering my wayward child back to me. Unfortunately it means that you will be taken prisoner along with him and brought to the Dark Lord for what I am sure is certain death."

Harry pulled Draco behind him. He reached around and pulled out Draco's wand.

"Oh," said Bellatrix with a laugh. "He wants to play. Very well Potter. Do your worst."

Harry lifted both wands and sent fireballs flying at their heads. Both were astonished at how powerful the spells were. They moved quickly out of the way and the duel started. Draco backed into the hallway. He did not want to leave Harry, but he had no wand. He did the only thing he could think of. He lifted his hands and shouted a spell.

"Expelliarmus," he shouted.

He had the satisfaction of watching four wands soar into the air. Unfortunately, two of those wands were the ones that Harry was using. He dropped the spell. Harry quickly summoned his wand and fired another spell at Bellatrix. She dodged nimbly to the side. No one ever questioned her ability to duel. She was gifted beyond extremes and was a match for any person any day. She cast her spell at Draco and was furious to see that it was deflected. She summoned her wand. She started aiming hexes at Draco. Harry was busy with Lucius and was only able to stop some of her spells.

"How are you so powerful to stop my spells nephew?" she asked trying a different tact.

"It isn't me doing it," he retorted casting another spell at her using wandless magic.

"Who taught you how to use wandless magic?" she asked again.

"Harry did," he replied.

"That still doesn't explain how you are deflecting my spells," she said getting angrier by the minute.

"That would be my doing," said Albus walking into the room.

Ginny rushed to Harry's aid in the battle with Lucius.

"Dumbledore," breathed Bellatrix. "How did you know to be here?"

"A little birdie told us," said Harry as he fired three stunners in a row at Lucius.

Ginny aimed her wand at Lucius and cast her famous Bat Bogey Hex. She had the satisfaction of seeing her spell hit him in the first try. Harry was able to stun him while he was busy trying to cast the counter spell. He crumpled to the floor. Harry turned to Bellatrix. She was out numbered. She looked around and then aimed her wand to the wall behind her. She leaped through the hole in the wall. As she fell, she turned in mid air and apparated away. Harry screamed in frustration. She had once again gotten away.

Albus quickly summoned Aurors to the house and from there they pressed charges against Lucius for kidnapping. When the Aurors took him away, Albus looked to Draco and Harry.

"Where is Narcissa," he asked.

"She is at Hogwarts," said Harry. "She is currently waiting on Draco and me to get back. I will be removing her Dark Mark."

Harry sat on the edge of the desk and recounted the whole conversation. When he was done, Albus was smiling widely.

"It is time to get back to Privet Drive," said Albus still smiling. "We can put your relatives in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff Manor."

"That is a great idea," said Harry. "I can have Gringotts send them some money so that Aunt Petunia can go shopping for food and things like that."

Harry, Draco, and Albus, grabbed Ginny, turned on the spot, and apparated to Privet Drive. When they arrived, Petunia was crying while trying to examine every inch of Dudley to make sure he was alright. When she saw Harry, she rushed over and hugged him.

"Thank you so much for bringing him back safe to me," she cried. "Thank you all for rescuing my son, and saving my husband."

Harry sat his relatives down and outlined his idea. When he was finished, his relatives looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. They looked at each other and discussed their options. In the end, they decided to take Harry up on his offer. Albus sent a patronus to the Ministry of Magic, and within moments, a couple of Aurors arrived. He quickly outlined what was happening, and they agreed to assist the Dursleys in getting moved. An Auror was assigned to keep an eye on the Dursleys at all times.

Harry and his group made it back to Hogwarts. Minerva and Narcissa rushed to the group. Harry had Draco lift her sleeve. He then proceeded to remove her Dark Mark. When he was done, Poppy cleaned his wound. Severus agreed to escort her to Slytherin Manor. All in all it was a happy day for Harry and Team Potter.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – I will end this here. I did what I did with Narcissa because even in Rowling's books, Narcissa only wanted to protect her son. Please keep sending those wonderful reviews.

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