For Love of a Slytherin

How am I Supposed to Know

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Chapter 8 – How am I Supposed to Know?

That evening there was reason to celebrate. Team Potter rescued the Dursleys, saved Draco's mother, and earned a night off. Ginny, Ron, Draco, and Hermione all earned twenty five points for the rescue mission. Harry had a late dinner prepared in the common room for those that had missed dinner while at the Malfoy Manor. They sat around and toasted each other for a job well done.

"Can you believe," said Harry. "Narcissa Malfoy actually kissed me on the cheek."

"I think mother likes you," said Draco smiling at his lover.

"Anyone who is at the forefront of protecting Draco is an ace in her book," remarked Severus.

"I meant what I said to her," said Harry. "I will give my life if it means that Draco will survive."

"I would do the same for you," said Draco with a tear in his eye.

"Let us hope it never comes to that," said Albus. "So Harry, tell us about the song you serenaded Draco with the other night."

"From what Aunt Petunia said," replied Harry. "Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sings it. It is a big hit in the United States. I know my dragon here loved it."

"Hey now," said Draco. "How often do you get serenaded by the hottest man in the castle?"

"Ugh," said Severus. "This sweetness is so cloying."

"Hush Severus," said Minerva grinning. "If you don't I will be forced to tell secrets about you and Lily Evans."

That effectively shut Severus up. He pretended to glare at her.

"I do have to say Harry," said Severus. "I happen to agree with Miss Weasley. You are looking better now that you are not so malnourished and you actually walk around with a smile on your face."

"Did you happen to see what they were wearing?" asked Hermione with a giggle. "Every head turned every time they passed someone."

"Yes I do have to say that I could never pull off that type of outfit," said Severus.

"A challenge," said Draco.

The chorus was taken up by the rest of the room.

"This time we get to take you shopping," said Harry with a smirk. "It is time for you to look less like a bat and more like the exotic man you are underneath."

Everyone stared in awe as Severus Snape blushed down to his greasy roots.

"Why do you do that to your hair?" asked Harry.

Hermione and the rest of the group looked at Harry with morbid curiosity. Many called Severus a greasy git, but never before had someone outright asked about it.

"Due to the explosions that people cause with their potions," said Severus trying not to shoot a look at Neville who was blushing. "It is a type of potion that saves my hair from getting burned to a cinder."

"So it can come off," said Harry. "I wonder what your hair looks like without the protection on it."

"My hair is actually soft, wavy, and silky," said Severus smugly. "It is unlike, the wild thing that sits on your head."

Everyone burst out laughing at this statement.

"Well aside from inheriting my father's unruly hair," said Harry laughing with everyone else. "We are taking you shopping tomorrow. It is time for you to look like a dream boat rather than a bat."

"Why you little.." said Severus lunging for Harry.

Severus tackled Harry and the two of them started wrestling on the floor. Soon enough Draco joined the fray. It was not long before everyone was rolling around laughing and having a great time. At one point, Harry happened to glance up and spotted something odd on the marauders map. He got up and headed over to the map. Albus and Minerva noticed this and they joined him.

"Oh no," said Harry sobering everyone up. "We have trouble on the grounds of Hogwarts. Albus, sound the alarm."

Harry raced out of the door followed by Albus and Minerva. Severus and the rest of the group looked at the map and their eyes grew wide. When they saw the name on the map, they raced after Harry. Albus and Minerva were busy sending patronuses to the o

ther professors. Severus had amplified his voice telling all students to report to their dorms immediately. Harry had done the same asking for all members of the DA to report to the entrance hall immediately.

Harry and the rest of the staff approached the entrance of the castle just as the first effects of the Dementors hit. They responded in kind with patronuses. As more members of the faculty and the DA arrived, they added their own patronus to the fight. Harry's stag, Albus' phoenix, Minerva's cat, Hermione's otter, Ginny's horse, and Draco's dragon were among the few that hit the Dementors. Harry noticed that Draco's patronus started to dim.

"Lover," he yelled. "Think about our date the other night."

Within seconds, Draco's patronus was as bright as Harry's. They led the charge that pushed back the Dementors. It was not long before the creatures fled into the night. The group stayed on alert. Dementors were one thing, but the Dark Lord was another entity all on his own. Soon they could hear his magically enhanced voice.

"You can not win this fight," said Voldemort. "I want the surrender of three people. If they surrender to me, I will leave the school in peace. If they do not surrender, I will destroy everyone in the castle. I want Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, and Draco Malfoy to surrender. Throw in Severus Snape and I will grant the rest of you a boon. You have one hour to decide."

"I can give you my answer right now," responded Harry. "I will not now nor will I ever surrender to you. You have made a big mistake coming here tonight Tom Riddle. You will never have my family, nor will you ever harm anyone or anything in this castle or on the grounds. I will beat you."

"I stand with Harry," said Draco. "We will defend this place to the very end. You can take your desire and shove it up your ass."

"I too will fight you Tom," said Albus' voice. "There is no way that you can beat the entire school."

"We fight to the end," said Severus. "If any of you Death Eaters wish to leave the service of the Dark Lord and come back to the side of the Light, Harry Potter knows how to remove your Dark Mark."

"That is impossible," said Voldemort. "Once you are in my service the Dark Mark stays until you or I die."

"Then try and punish me through the Mark and see what will happen," challenged Severus.

A rustling could be heard and then an angry outburst from Voldemort.

"How did you do that Potter?" he demanded.

"You just need to be an heir of Slytherin like I am," said Harry laughing. "A little of my blood and POOF no more mark."

"YOU LIE," screeched Voldemort. "I am the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin."

"Actually you aren't," said Draco. "I am an heir of Salazar Slytherin."

"I am one as well," said Severus.

"As am I," said Minerva.

"I will be back," said Riddle. "You will all pay for this."

"You might want to stay out of my head Tom," said Harry suddenly. "You may not like what you find in there. Oh yes, before you ask, I can feel you trying to penetrate my shields. Well I have news for you. I WON'T LET YOU IN!"

A scream of pain could be heard as Harry focused on his love for Draco and threw the Dark Lord away from his shields.

Silence could be heard. Harry sent a trickle of thought down the connection that his scar had with Voldemort. He glimpsed Voldemort walking rapidly away from the boundaries of the school. All at once the scenery changed. Voldemort had apparated away to his hiding spot.

Harry went into immediate action. He gathered Albus, Neville, Severus, Draco, Minerva, Luna, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and Hagrid together. From there he walked up to the castle wall. He placed his hands on the wall and started to chant. The senior professors understood what Harry was doing and quickly followed suit. The rest of Team Potter all provided their support to the spell. Hermione guided Neville through the spell. Ginny and Ron worked seamlessly together as descendants of Gryffindor. Hagrid was a little out of place, but Albus quickly wrapped him in an aura of power and Hagrid lent his great strength to the spell. When the spell was in place, a shimmer could be seen around the castle. A few of the younger participants sat heavily on the ground winded.

"Harry," asked Dumbledore. "How did you know to do that?"

"How am I supposed to know?" asked Harry and then he slumped to the ground in a dead faint.

Everyone rushed to his side. Poppy quickly rushed over and ran a diagnostic over him with her wand.

"Magic reserves low," she muttered. "He is physically wiped out, but nothing seriously wrong with him. I suggest three days of bed rest."

Severus picked him up and carried him back inside the castle. Draco and Hermione were by his sides. When they reached the dorms, Draco opened the door and led the party to the room he shared with Harry. Severus laid him on the bed and help Draco take his clothes off and get him tucked into bed. Hermione came in with a wet wash cloth and placed it on Harry's forehead.

"I want him to drink these potions when he wakes," instructed Poppy to Draco. "It will help him get his magical reserves back."

Draco nodded and put them on the night stand. He removed Harry's glasses and set them to the side. Hermione and Severus meanwhile were ushering the group out of the room. Hermione walked back to Draco and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Take care of him," she said and the she left the room closing the door behind her.

"Oh my baby," whispered Draco caressing Harry's cheek. "What have you done to yourself?"

"I have absolutely no idea," said Harry in a tired voice. "I feel like I got hit by a dozen bludgers."

"Here drink this," said Draco handing him a potion. "Madam Pomfrey says it will help. You are also on a three day bed rest. You are to do nothing strenuous."

"Will you be in bed with me?" asked Harry with a smile.

"I think that falls under the category of strenuous," he said with a chuckle. "However I will spend as much of my time here as I can without causing problems. Please behave and listen to the nurse. If you don't she will have my balls for it."

"Oh no," said Harry with a tired chuckle. "Those are mine."

Draco got up laughing and went to get a fresh cloth for his forehead. When he got back, Harry had fallen asleep again. There was a beautiful smile on Harry's lips. Draco got up quietly and went into the common room.

"He woke up long enough to crack a few jokes," said Draco. "I made him drink the potions. He fell back asleep. I think this crisis is over for the moment."

"Good," said Albus. "We were just trying to figure out how he knew how to do that."

"Well he has read just about every book in this room," said Draco. "Maybe the answer is in one of them."

"That is a high possibility," said Albus. "Dobby and Winky personally categorized every single book here. Maybe they know the section we can look in."

"It is here," squeaked Winky handing him a book. "I is hearing you talk. I is knowing what book you is wanting."

"That is most kind of you Winky," said Albus accepting the book. "I shall read this and let you all know what I have discovered."

"What is the title of the book?" asked Severus curiously.

"The Building of Hogwarts," said Albus. "Harry must have gotten this book from one of the Manors of the founders."

"It came from Gryffindor Manor," said Dobby looking up at Albus. "I is personally logging where they is all coming from. I is giving you the list if you is wanting Head Master."

"Why don't you make a copy of this list and give it to Professor Snape," suggested Albus kindly to the elf.

Dobby bowed low and snapped his fingers. A copy of the list appeared in his hand. He handed the copy of the list to Severus who took it with a nod of thanks. Dobby quietly entered the room Harry and Draco shared to go and check up on him.

"Is you wanting refreshments?" asked Winky to Albus.

"Thank you, but no," said Albus patting her kindly on the shoulder. "The care you give to Harry and Draco is very admirable. I think we should call it a night. Draco I am sure you are eager to be with Harry. Everyone please take tomorrow off and do something leisure. Do not forget that we have a special class a seven on Sunday."

Albus and the rest of the senior staff rose and quietly left the room. Severus was still scanning the list Dobby had given him.

"Albus there are some powerful books in this collection," he said. "Do you think it wise to leave them in this dorm room?"

"Do you not have trust in your Godson and his mate?" asked Albus.

"Well of course I do," said Severus sharply. "I was not implying that Harry or Draco would do anything Dark with this information. I am concerned for the rest of the Team.

"I have little doubt that anyone in this dorm would do anything untrustworthy with these books," said Albus. "Also let us remember that they do in fact belong to Harry. His concern for anything that lives and breathes is admirable."

"You are right of course," said Severus. "I just felt it wise to at least voice the concern. I meant no disrespect to Harry or his companions."

"I know Severus," said Albus. "Time is passing us by my friend. What you see in that dorm room is the next generation of heroes."

"I know," said Severus. "The sad part is that they have to fight so young."

"I know my friend," said Albus sadly. "How about we have a night cap in my office?"

The two men left discussing the day's events.


During the night, Harry felt Voldemort attempt to penetrate his shields a couple times. Harry was able to block him every time causing pain to the Dark Lord. After one such attempt, Harry sat straight up in bed. He was covered in sweat. Draco woke up immediately and looked anxiously at Harry. Harry got up out of the bed. He stood by the bed on trembling legs. Draco got up and assisted him to the bathroom. Harry requested a cool shower and Draco obliged him by standing in the water with him while Harry cooled off.

"I have fought Voldemort off from my shields twice so far tonight," said Harry. "I am so tired. I just want to sleep. There has got to be something in those books we retrieved from the Manors that tells us how to stop this."

"We will just have to look for it them," said Draco. "I am sure that we can get Hermione and the rest of the team to help."

Draco turned off the water and grabbed a towel and proceeded to dry Harry off. He got to Harry's chest and realized that Ginny was right. Harry was filling out nicely. He could not resist himself. He leaned over and gently kissed Harry's let pectoral muscle. Harry moaned in pleasure. Draco finished drying him off and led Harry to their bed. Harry relaxed on the bed as Draco gently started kissing him from his calf all the way up his leg. He moved further up to Harry's stomach and then concentrated on his chest. When he reached Harry's neck, there was no stopping Harry. He moaned with pleasure and bucked as he was fully erect and ready for action. Draco decided that he would grant his request. Thirty minutes later, the two men laid across the bed with their arms wrapped around each other. Harry was once again sleeping and Draco was gently caressing his hair. It was not long before Draco drifted into a wonderful dream.

The next morning, Harry woke. He was still a little tired, but he remembered the pleasant way that Draco helped him get back to sleep. He laid still for awhile as Draco slept in the protective crook of his arm.

"To think that I could be this happy," Harry thought to himself. "I am glad that this wonderful man is in my life."

Draco stirred after a few moments. Harry watched as he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. Harry smiled when Draco's eyes met his. Harry leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. The electric charge that was always there still shocked Harry every time their lips met. Almost immediately their passion erupted into flames. This time it was Harry that tormented and teased every bit of flesh on Draco's body. When their passion was finally extinguished, Harry and Draco stood up to go to the shower. Harry stood a little shaky at first, but was able to make it to the bathroom by himself. Draco watched in amazement. Harry seemed like a rubber band. He was stretched thin, but when the pressure was released, he snapped back just as strong. Draco hoped that Harry would not get stretched to far. When they were done with their shower, Harry led them to the closet to get dressed. Harry selected a pair of tight blue jeans for Draco and a sapphire blue shirt to go with it. He then selected a pair of tight black jeans for himself and a red button down shirt to match. They had told Severus that they were taking him shopping today. Harry was not going to be left out of this trip by any means. When they were finished getting dressed they left the room only to be met by Madam Pomfrey.

"Where do you think you are going?" she demanded. "I specifically stated that you had three days of bed rest."

"Poppy, please relax," said Harry. "I feel fine, and I won't be doing anything strenuous today. You can check me if you want."

She pulled out her wand and scanned him. From there she looked at him in shock.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry becoming alarmed. "Is there some damage that I don't know about?"

"No," she said. "I can't explain what I am seeing. Let me try again. Maybe I just read it wrong."

She scanned him again with her wand. When that didn't show her different results, she borrowed his wand and ran the scan again.

"This is the weirdest thing," she said. "Yesterday when we carried you in, you were magically drained. Your body was out of magical and physical reserves. Today is like yesterday never happened. I can not find anything wrong with you at all."

"Well that is a good thing," said Harry with a relieved sigh. "So if I promise to take it easy, can I go on this shopping trip?"

"I see no reason to say no," she admitted. "Just take it easy so that you don't have a relapse."

"I promise," said Harry with a laugh.

Together with Draco, they left the common room and made it to the Great Hall for breakfast. When they entered, all eyes riveted to them. They walked side by side to their table and sat down. Albus sat at the staff table with his eyes twinkling like mad. Hermione and Ginny were giggling profusely at their table. Severus even had a smirk on his face. The beauty of these two young men was glorious to behold. The boys sat down and started to eat their breakfast. Harry turned to look at the Head Table.

"Do not forget," said Harry. "We leave in about an hour to go shopping."

Albus and Minerva hid their smiles behind their hands. Severus scowled at Harry. He gave him a quick smile and a nod and went back to his scowl. After all he still had a reputation as the meanest teacher to uphold. After breakfast, Severus, Harry, Draco, and Ron met at the entrance way. Harry and Severus formed a circle with the others and apparated to Diagon Alley. They went into the clothing store where they spent hours making Severus try on different outfit combinations. Everything that Harry and Draco thought looked good on Severus they put on the counter. Severus kept insisting that they not buy him anymore, but the younger wizards were not having any part of that. When it was all said and done, Severus had at least thirty pairs of jeans, slacks, and other assortment of pants. He also acquired at least thirty shirts of all colors and styles. While they were out and about, Harry excused himself from the group for a few moments and went on a secret mission. He was back a few minutes later looking very smug at Draco. Harry had taken care of a number of things in that short span of time. He could not wait for the holidays. Quite a few people would be thoroughly excited come this Christmas. The quartet made their way back to the castle. Both Severus and Ron were loaded with packages. For once, Ron had clothes that fit him and in colors of his choice.

"We are having dinner in our common room," said Harry. "Please come dressed in some of your new clothes."

Harry and Draco had a quick conference. Harry headed off to invite certain staff members, and Draco went back to their dorm to inform their house mates of the change in plans for dinner.

A few hours later, Harry and Draco had the table set up for everyone in the dorm as well as the half dozen professors that would be attending. Ron came out in a new pair of jeans and a black polo shirt. He was rather embarrassed by the new clothes, but after getting many compliments from his friends, he relaxed and began to enjoy himself. Shortly the staff came in and Harry and Draco showed them to their seats. Both young men had showered and changed into blue jeans and matching grey button down shirts.

"Ugh," said Severus walking in. "They are even starting to dress the same. This is getting sick."

"Oh shut up Severus," said Minerva laughing. "I think they look wonderful. Oh my goodness. Look at you. You look great.

Severus smiled as he came in. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a light blue button down shirt with a navy blue tank top under it. His hair was free of the potion that kept it oily looking. It was flowing silky soft around the nape of his neck.

"Wow Severus," said Harry. "You look amazing."

"Thank you Harry," said Severus. "I feel good."

The rest of the group all added their compliments to Severus who took it all with a smile. They all sat down to eat a delicious dinner that Harry had Dobby and Winky prepared. They left all matters of importance away from the conversation. This was to be a night of friendship and fun. They sat talking until late in the evening. Slowly the group started to disband as certain professors or students made for their quarters. Soon it was just Albus, Severus, Hermione, Harry, Draco, and Ginny.

"I must say gentlemen," said Albus. "You both are very outstanding. You behave rationally in public. At the same time you can tell that the two of you are so deeply and purely in love."

"I have to agree," said Severus. "Not only do you act accordingly, but you give off this aura that says that no one will take away the other. I must admit that I am fascinated with the way you interact with each other. I have been listening and watching around the castle. Everyone knows you two are a couple. No one seems to care."

"Well we still have to maintain the image of Professor and student," said Harry.

"I have a proposition to both Miss Granger and Mr. Malfoy," said Albus. "Why don't both of you sit for your NEWTS this summer. With tutoring from Harry, I am sure that you both will do admirably. I happen to know that a couple of professors are interested in retiring at the end of this year. The addition of the two of you to the staff will make things a lot easier for the future."

"We have time to work on that," said Draco. "I think with proper training that we could pass."

"I agree with Draco," said Hermione. "I would like to try and see how I do."

"Very well then," said Albus smiling. "When the time is right, I will set it all up. For now, I am rather tired and I would like to go to bed. I wish you all a pleasant evening."

With a round of goodnight, Albus got up and left the room. Hermione yawned and then she too excused herself to go get some rest. Severus had a look on his face that stated he clearly had something on his mind.

"Spit it out Sev," said Draco. "We are mature enough to handle anything you have to say."

"It has nothing to do with either of you," said Severus. "It is Albus. I am worried about him. He seems so tired all of the time. I know that he leaves the school a lot at night. My fear is that he is not getting enough rest. He is not a young man anymore by any means."

"So what can we do?" asked Harry. "You know that if it is within our power to help we will do what ever we can."

"I know Harry," said Severus. "At the moment there is not much that we can do. We can only help if he allows us to."

"I know we have that special class tomorrow," said Harry. "Maybe that will give us some insight as to what he is up to."

"That is a distinct possibility," said Severus. "I guess we just have to wait and see."

"Thanks for confiding in us Severus," said Draco.

Severus stood up. He embraced both young men and then left them alone together. Harry stood up and embraced Draco.

"My Aunt sent us a new CD," he said. "How about we go and listen to it?"

Draco smiled and pulled Harry to their room. When he shut the door Harry pointed his wand at the CD. It rose and started playing. He grabbed Draco by the waist and pulled him into a slow dance. The words flowed from the disc to the delight of both young men.

I, I was the lonely oneWondering what went wrongWhy love had goneAnd left me lonely

I, I was so confusedFeeling like I'd just been usedThen you came to meAnd my loneliness left me

I use to think I was tied to a heartacheThat was the heartbreak but now that I've found you

Even the nights are betterNow that we're here togetherEven the nights are betterSince I found you

Even the days are brighterWhen someone you loves beside youEven the nights are betterSince I found you

You, you knew just what to do'Cause you had been lonely tooAnd you showed me howTo ease the pain

And you did moreThan mend a broken heart'Cause now you've made a fire startAnd I, I can see that you feel the same way

I never dreamed there'd be someone to hold meUntil you told me and now that I've found you

Even the nights are betterNow that we're here togetherEven the nights are betterSince I found you

Even the days are brighterWhen someone you loves beside youEven the nights are betterSince I found you

I never dreamed there'd be someone to hold meUntil you told me and now that I've found you

Even the nights are betterNow that we're here togetherEven the nights are betterSince I found you

Even the days are brighterWhen someone you loves beside youEven the nights are betterSince I found you

Even the nights are betterNow that we're here togetherEven the nights are betterSince I found you

By the time the song had made its first repeat, clothes were shed and both men were once again showing each other just how much they loved one another.

Ginny sat at her desk. She smiled as she listened to the words of the song. It fit the relationship that Harry and Draco had to the letter.

"I wonder if the one that I am interested in will feel the same way about me that Draco and Harry feel about each other," she thought.

AUTHOR'S NOTE – Ok. I am a sucker for romance. I am enjoying the romantic parts. I am working hard to make the story stays entertaining by bringing these two men together in a love that is eternal. At the same time I am dropping just enough bad guys stuff to keep the plot twisting. I hope that you enjoy.

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