Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts


Harry takes over as Head Master as Albus becomes Minister for Magic. Can the two of them combine both bastions to defeat Voldemort? Read to find out.

Action / Adventure
Stormy Lee
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The Summer Work

Disclaimer – Please note that Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling. This is purely fan fiction.

Note – This is the sequel to Guardian of Hogwarts

Recap – Harry Potter was found over the summer severely beaten and broken. His Uncle Vernon had knocked him down the stairs. His Aunt Petunia sent for the Head Master, Albus Dumbledore. Upon arriving it was discovered that Petunia was also being abused. The staff of Hogwarts took Harry back to the castle to stay for the remainder of the summer. Vernon was the first muggle ever convicted to Azkaban prison. Harry soon found out that he was the heir of the four founders of Hogwarts. After a visit from each of the four founders, Harry soon discovered that he had acquired more knowledge. He sat his N.E.W.T.S and scored an outstanding in each and every subject. More importantly Harry acquired the wand of each of the founders. Dumbledore appointed Harry the new DADA teacher. Things got quite unruly for Harry at the beginning with the Slytherin House. Harry was also able to get rid of the dark mark from both Severus and Draco's arms. Harry and Draco also found a phoenix egg which hatched twin phoenixes. Voldemort sent dark armies to attack the school on more than one occasion. During the last battle he sent two basilisks to attack the school. Bellatrix dueled and killed Arthur Weasley. In the end Bellatrix and Wormtail were among the many that was captured and sent to the Dementors for the kiss. When Harry became Head Master things went faster than he anticipated. Now he was in charge of the school he once called home.


Chapter 1 – The Summer Work

Harry Potter sat behind his desk. This was formerly the desk of the greatest wizard of the age. Albus Dumbledore was the Head Master before Harry. It was June and Harry was sitting there getting his plans and ideas ready for the new school year that was to begin on September 1st. With the aid of the portrait of Albus, as well as the assistance of long time rival, turned friend Severus Snape, Harry considered himself to be fortunate. A rustle behind him told him that Hermione or Draco was browsing his private library for information on the different founders of the school. Turning his head, Harry saw Hermione coming down the stairs. Her arms were heavy with books.

"Hermione" he said "I thought we agreed that you would only borrow a few books at a time."

"Well you know me Harry" she replied "I'll have these finished within the week. Before you ask, I am sleeping. So please do not worry. Did you receive my class set up schedule? I wasn't sure how much to teach. I talked with Professor McGonagall and she said what I did should cover as much if not a bit more than Professor Flitwick."

"Hermione, I am sure that you will do just fine" said Harry. "What I really need for you to do is to relax. You are one of the brightest people I have ever met in my life. You will do this school proud. Now please put some of those books back and only take a few. You need to enjoy yourself just as much as study. Draco is doing a wonderful job of pacing himself. He is even getting some of his NEWT training in potions done. Just please relax a little and have a little fun."

Hermione hesitated for a moment. Then she realized that Harry was correct. She had been worried that she would not do a good job at being a professor. Leave it to Harry to make her feel better. With an embarrassed grin, she gave him a hug and then returned half the books to their proper place. She took the five books still left in her arms and hastily made her way out of Harry's office before he could make her put a few more back.

Harry gave a soft chuckle as he contemplated an idea that was going through his mind. Finally making the decision to go through with his thought he stood. Giving a quick turn on the spot, Harry apparated to the yard of his Aunt and cousin's house. Knocking on the door, Harry waited for one or the other to answer the door. Petunia answered the door.

"Harry" she exclaimed. "How are you? It has been some time since I have last seen you. What brings you here today? Do come in and have some tea. Dudley is out in Hogsmeade doing a bit of shopping for me."

Harry made his way over the threshold and made his way to the area she indicated. Sitting himself down, he waited for her to pour the tea before beginning.

"Aunt Petunia" he started "I know that you and I had a very rough relationship. You were burdened with me when you did not want me. Vernon made it more difficult as I grew up, causing you to be in as much physical pain as I was. I have an idea that I have been toying with for some time. I would like your input as well as your thought behind what I am about to propose."

Petunia looked at Harry curiously and waited for him to continue. She could see he was struggling with something that was making him a bit nervous. She gave him a soft smile and a reassuring pat on the arm.

"I wanted to know if you would like to go to work at the orphanage?" asked Harry. "Molly has her 2 youngest living there with her, the twins that are a couple of years older than I am, and other members of the family popping in and out all the time. There are currently 8 youngsters who are not old enough to come to Hogwarts yet. I am sure Molly would enjoy the companionship of another female adult. Plus I am sure she would love the assistance in caring for the youngsters. I know it is a lot to ask of you, but I thought that since you and I have worked through everything and I now know the reason why you had to treat me the way that you did, that you would not mind helping other children that are in the same situation that I was in. Dudley can earn some extra pocket money by helping out on the grounds and such. He has matured a lot and I like the new Dudley. He no longer thinks of us as freaks. All I am asking is that you think about it."

Petunia looked at her nephew with amazed eyes. The depth of emotion that was running in those green eyes that was identical to the sister that she loved and missed so much. She sat there for a few moments thinking about his proposition. She knew his feelings would not be hurt if she turned him down. However she knew that he had the right idea. If anyone could help the Weasley Matriarch it would be she. She also knew that it would help her with something to do. She was in no need of money. Harry made sure of that. However she thought that it would be nice if she could earn her own way and for that of Dudley. She knew that she could always count on her nephew if she needed something, but the idea of being able to do something for herself, made her smile.

"Harry I think that is a wonderful idea" she stated. "I have been wondering if there was something I could do to help out in the community. This would be the perfect way for me to give back to the community that is helping me so much. I have seen Molly Weasley and I think she and I would get along great. Of course I would need transportation to and from. However I would like to do this."

Harry got up and gave Petunia a hug.

"Thank you Aunt Petunia" he said. "It means a lot to me to hear you say that. I'll contact Molly at once. May I borrow your fireplace?"

Petunia gestured towards the fireplace. She watched as Harry conjured a fire and then threw some powder into it. She did not flinch when the flames turned green and he put his head in the fire and called out "the Lily Potter Orphinarium".

"Molly" Harry called.

"Harry dear" came the reply. "How wonderful it is to see you. Is there something that I can help you with?"

"Yes Molly" he said. "How would you like some help at the orphanage. I know with all the people coming in and out that you have your hands full. I have the perfect person that has agreed to come and help you."

"Harry that would be lovely" said Molly. "Having so many all at once plus my own lot is a handful. I would welcome the help. Who did you have in mind?"

"My Aunt Petunia" said Harry. "She wants to help out the community. Plus it would giver her something to do. She has very little to occupy her time now that it is just her and Dudley. Also Dudley can help out with the lawns and such. I will give them payment from my own funds. Would this situation be ok with you?"

"Of course dear" she said. "May I also say that I am pleased to hear that she is better here than with that horrible man she was married too. I assume you will teach her how to floo?"

"That is my idea. She is blood related after all. So she may have enough magical energy in her to be able to floo" claimed Harry. "I have read in a book that non magical relatives can use some of our ways as they have a hint of magical blood in them. I will arrange everything with Albus. How about we say she starts on Monday?"

"That will be fine with me Harry" said Molly. "Thank you and I thank her."

"My pleasure Molly" he said. "Have a great day."

He pulled his head out of the fire and returned it to its normal state. He made his way to the table and sat with Petunia. She was a little nervous about the magical aspect, but she was pleased all the same. Harry sat with her for a few hours and explained in detail how to travel by floo. By the time he was done, she no longer felt nervous. He promised her that for the first few times, he would come with her to make sure she arrived safely. When he finished with that he pulled out a jar from a pocket. Handing it to her he explained that just a pinch was needed. He showed her exactly what to do. She nodded in understanding. This part of it she understood perfectly. Harry promised her that he would supply her with floo powder. When their conversation was over, Harry made his way to the front door. He gave a final hug to his aunt and apparated to the Ministry of Magic. He waited while his wand was checked and then made his way to the Minister's office. Quickly he outlined his idea to Albus who gave his full permission. For a little while after that, both men chatted about this and that. Harry made his way down to the Department of Mysteries. He visited the basilisk. The serpent was thrilled to have Harry visit him. This meant that he was not bound at the eyes for awhile. Plus the serpent could enjoy a conversation with someone other than himself for a little while.

A few hours later, Harry made his way back to the castle. He had a few other things he needed to get accomplished that day and wanted to make sure he had the time to get it done. The rest of the staff was getting their ideas and class schedules ready for when the new school year began. Even Professor Trelawney could be seen wandering the halls.

June faded into July, and Harry felt apprehensive as his 17th birthday approached. He had never had a proper birthday until last year. Uncle Vernon made sure that he never got anything but hand me downs and things like a toothpick or a tissue. He counted his blessings that he even got that. His years at Hogwarts saw his first presents being given to him. He sat behind his desk and remembered the wonderful presents that his friends had gotten him. He was also remembering fondly the year that they rallied to his aid when Dudley had to go on a diet. He missed being able to hang out with Hermione and Ron just as another teenager. Duty came first in the castle. Harry had more duty than anyone else. He knew that Voldemort was still out there somewhere. He knew he had to stay ahead of the game when it came to making sure that the castle stayed protected. Once a week, saw Harry strengthening the wards on the castle as well as the charms that Filius had put on the tunnels. Severus and Minerva worried sometimes about Harry. They could sense the melancholy in him. However when they broached the subject, Harry would give them a warm smile and tell them that their concerned was appreciated, but not necessary.

Finally July 31st came. Harry woke up not sure how to approach the day. Part of him wanted to just hide away in his office and a part of him knew he had to face the rest of the staff. He did not want to cause them unnecessary worry. He even thought to himself that he was being silly for dreading his own birthday. He made his way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. When he entered the hall he heard the yells of "SURPRISE". Harry blushed as he made his way to the table. Molly and the children were sitting there. Aunt Petunia and Dudley had come to the castle. The rest of the staff was all sitting there smiling at him. Even Albus had come to help Harry celebrate his birthday. The table in the corner was piled high with presents. The tables were set with all of Harry's favorite breakfast dishes. Even the house elves could be seen setting a small trinket on the table in honor of the master they all loved so dear. While Albus had been a generous man and good to house elves, they all adored Harry who made sure that each and every elf was taken proper care of. Dobby and Winky approached Harry with a worried look on their face. Immediately Harry got concerned. Kneeling he looked at the elves in the eye.

"What is wrong?" he asked. "What are you two looking so scared about?"

"Winky and I is wanting to give you a special present Harry Potter Sir" said Dobby.

Winky nodded her agreement.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

"I would be happy to accept anything that you two give me" he said kindly. "The two of you take such great care of me. You are the best friends any wizard could want with their elves."

Both elves gave Harry a big hug and handed him a long package. When Harry opened it he almost dropped it in surprise. Inside was the new model of the Firebolt. He looked at the two elves in surprise.

"How could you two afford this?" he asked.

"We is collecting from all the elves" stated Winky. "Everyone here has been saving their money you is giving us Harry Potter. We is all getting together to buy this for you. You is not flying that much anymore and we is wanting to give you a reason to. We is hoping that you like this Harry Potter Sir."

Harry reached out and gave Winky and Dobby a hug. Both elves accepted this with tears. They loved Harry beyond words. To make him this happy was the best day for the elves. They shed even more tears when Harry asked them to join the staff at the table for breakfast.

Minerva was near tears herself at the show of emotion between Head Master and elf. She conjured two chairs for the elves that were the right height and such for them to sit comfortable at the table. When everyone was seated, the rest of the elves served breakfast. Harry thanked each an every elf by name for their contribution to his birthday feast. After breakfast, Harry tore into his packages with gusto. He had received a new broom service kit from Ron. Hermione had bought him a book on wand lore. Albus brought him a relic that he had found in his travels that once belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw. He felt Harry would appreciate the circlet that once adorned the brow of the founder. Severus and Draco had given Harry books on potions. Petunia had baked his cake. Harry also received new robes from other staff members. Molly had knitted him a new jumper with the Hogwarts coat of arms on it. With tears in his eyes he thanked each and every member present for getting him all these wonderful gifts. Dobby and Winky had gathered up everything and with a small pop apparated to his rooms to put his items away.

Later that day Harry was making his usual rounds in the castle. He came across Hermione sitting in a window seat studying as usual. She smiled at him when he passed. He smiled back and continued on his way. He noticed that there was a new door. He wondered at once, where it led to. Calling to Hermione, he tried the handle. Nothing that he did however would get the door to open. Intrigued, Hermione gave it a try. Neither could get the door to open. Harry made a mental note as to the location of the door was. He and Hermione decided to keep this a secret for now. Together they made their way back up to the entrance hall. Watching as the sun went down they were both glad that the new school year was starting on the morrow.

With a smile and a small sigh, both reentered the castle and made their way to their respective rooms. Tomorrow would be an interesting day for both.

Author's Note: I will end this chapter here. I have 19 more to go and I want to do justice to this story. I hope that you all like this one as much as you enjoyed Guardian of Hogwarts. I will be working harder to make sure that the plot is easier to understand as well as the grammar. I will be working with others to catch small typos and such. I would like this story to work out better than the last.

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