Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts


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Chapter 10 – Excalibur

Those that had been with Harry during his discovery soon put the ordeal behind them. The last thing they wanted to do was to harp on something that could not be helped. Albus returned to the ministry and started researching everything he could about Merlin. Harry did the same in the Hogwarts library. Hermione was a slight problem as she was always suspicious of those that spent more time in the library than she did. One day she cornered him and demanded to know what was going on.

"Harry," she demanded. "What are you looking for? You have spent a lot of time in the library for the last couple of weeks. If you are having a problem with something maybe I can help you."

"Hermione," said Harry. "I am doing a small project for myself. I would love to have you help me, but I am only able to tell you so much. If you really want to help me, then just pull out as many books on Merlin as you can for me. I want to know as much about him and his enemies as I possibly can. Keep this between us. I do not want any students to know what is going on. In fact have Minerva, Pomona, and yourself come up to my office later. I will fill you in on certain things. You all have a right to know, but I am only allowed to tell you so much."

Hermione looked at Harry a bit odd.

"Ok Harry," she said. "I will do as you ask. For now I will not press you any further. Now, why don't you go take a break and let me find what you are looking for?"

"I think that is a good idea," he replied.

Harry stood up and turned with a small pop and disapparated. Hermione tried to cast a spell that would tell her where he went, but her spell was cancelled as soon as she cast it.

"That's odd," she mumbled to herself. "I can usually cast that spell to see where he goes. This time it isn't allowing me to. I wonder where he went."

With a shrug of her shoulders, Hermione started pulling books off the shelf. She knew this library almost as well as Madam Pince did. When she had about twenty books on Merlin, she sent them up to Harry's office. She went back to her own office to ponder over the cryptic information that Harry had given. Curiosity was eating at her.

Meanwhile, Harry had apparated down into the Chamber of Secrets. He walked up to the statue of Salazar and pressed down on the toe. Once again the door opened and Harry walked inside. There were still piles of emeralds sitting everywhere. Harry walked over to the other door and opened it with a silent wave of his hand. Harry walked the length of the tunnel until he got to the door of the room that held the body of Merlin. Placing his hand on the door, he felt the magic expand and the door open. He walked into the room and waited. Before long the image of Merlin appeared.

"What troubles you today Harry?" asked Merlin.

"I was wondering if it were acceptable to bring in more people to help protect your resting place," he stated. "I have a number of trustworthy staff members that I believe deserves to be told the truth. Each of these people has stood by me to help defend the school from Voldemort and his Dark legion. I hate lying to them."

"Yes I was wondering when you were going to ask me that," said Merlin. "I have seen into your mind young one. I know you are one that will stand by your word. You feel that Professors Granger, McGonagall, and Sprout should be told. You also feel that young Mr. and Miss Weasley and Miss Lovegood should be part of the special group. Mr. Longbottom would do well in this endeavor. I grant your request. I ask that they be sworn with a wizard's oath to keep silent about this."

"Of course," said Harry. "I would have done that without you having to ask."

"I know," said Merlin. "What else troubles your mind young one?"

"Who do those emeralds belong to outside the tunnel?" asked Harry.

"They are yours of course," said Merlin. "Salazar himself found each one of them. There is one emerald out there that you should give to someone special. That person would benefit from it. It is a magical emerald. Once you give it to this person, a duplicate will appear. It is called the Gryphon Emerald. These special emeralds were a creation of mine. They can not be mined. They can only given by one such as you. They are found every so often in the nest of a gryphon. Instead of a hatchling they produce the emerald. Choose wisely whom you give that emerald to."

"You know already who I will give it to don't you?" asked Harry.

"Yes I know your heart Harry," said Merlin. "There are two candidates for that emerald. Both of them are equally deserving of it."

"Very well," said Harry. "How do I know which emerald it is?"

"It is not green Harry," said Merlin.

With that being said Merlin faded from sight. Harry sighed and went out the room sealing the tomb shut behind him. He quickly conjured some bags for his emeralds and set about filling them. When he had approximately 50 sacks filled Harry noticed a golden light seeping through the remaining emeralds. When he sifted through the remaining emeralds, he found an emerald that gave off a golden color. He quickly pocketed the emerald. With a wave of his wand, he quickly bagged the rest of the emeralds. When he was done, he waved his wand again and all the emeralds shifted to his office. Harry gave a quick turn on the spot and apparated to his office. He quickly conjured a small trunk and placed all fifty five sacks of emeralds into it. He shrank the trunk and placed it into his pocket. Quickly, he apparated to Gringotts. Harry opened the doors and entered the bank. Griphook came out of his office chatting with a co worker. When he spotted Harry, he quickly excused himself and walked over to Harry.

"Mr. Potter," he said. "What can I do for you today?"

"I need to visit my vault," said Harry.

Nodding Griphook led Harry to the door that led to the vaults. Quickly he summoned a cart that would take Harry to his personal vault. Prior in the year, Harry had all of his vaults combined and placed into the Potter family vault. Upon reaching his vault, Harry got out and opened the door and stepped inside. He motioned for Griphook to follow him in.

Harry pulled the trunk out of his pocket and cast the charm to make it grow to its normal size. He opened the trunk and showed Griphook what was in the sacks.

"I need to know how much these are worth," said Harry. "If you could make a count and send me word at the school I would appreciate it."

Griphook nodded and was quickly doing a tally.

"I should be able to have this finished in a matter of a few days Mr. Potter," he said.

"That's fine," said Harry. "Also I was wondering if Merlin had a vault here at the bank."

"Yes he does Mr. Potter," said Griphook. "Why do you ask?"

"It seems I am a relative," said Harry.

"Well there is only one way to enter that vault Mr. Potter," explained Griphook. "Only a descendant of Merlin can open the door. Even we goblins can not enter the vault in question. If you like I can take you there."

"Yes I would like that," said Harry.

Together goblin and wizard climbed into the cart and made their way down to the very bottom. Harry knew that they were in the oldest part of the bank. He knew without a doubt that Merlin's vault would be down here. He also knew that no one but a blood relative could approach the vault. The goblins could only get close enough to keep the area outside the vault clean. Even they did not know what was in the vault.

"If you are in fact a descendant Mr. Potter, you will be able to walk right through the door," said Griphook. "Merlin himself placed the wards on the door."

Harry walked to the vault and passed right through the door. Upon entering the vault, he gasped. There was no gold or jewels here. Inside were Merlin's personal spell books, his staff, and his other personal artifacts. Merlin did not need wealth. He was the greatest wizard to have ever lived. Harry knew without a doubt that the Holy Grail would be in this vault. Harry was also looking for one other artifact. He located it in the back of the vault. Grabbing the handle, Harry lifted Excalibur into the air. Without touching anything else in the vault, Harry made his way back to the door. He cast a concealment charm on the sword and exited the vault. Griphook was on the outside pacing back and forth nervously.

"Thank goodness you are ok Mr. Potter," stammered the goblin.

"I am fine," said Harry distractedly. "Can we go back up now?"

"Of course Mr. Potter," said Griphook.

Together they made their way to the cart and out of the tunnels. Harry said goodbye to Griphook and quickly left the bank. He quickly apparated to the Ministry of Magic. He walked to Albus' office and knocked. Upon getting an invitation to come in he opened the door and made his way to Albus.

"What is the matter?" asked Albus alarmed at the look on Harry's face.

Harry shook his head and quickly cast the counter charm on the sword.

"Harry is that what I think it is?" asked Albus.

"Yes Albus," he replied. "This is Excalibur. I took it from the vault of Merlin. I do not know why I did so, but I did. It felt right that I do so. I think we will need this sword in the near future. It will be just as important as Gryffindor's sword."

"Harry I do not doubt you on anything," said Albus. "I had heard rumors of Excalibur, but nothing more. To actually see it in person is amazing. May I examine it?"

Harry nodded and handed over the sword. Albus took it gingerly and closely examined the blade and the handle.

"You went to see Merlin again I take it?" asked Albus.

"Yes I did," replied Harry. "He told me that it was ok to tell Minerva, Hermione, Pomona, Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Neville about his tomb. I was wondering if you could come to the castle this evening and help me."

"I will be there Harry," stated Dumbledore handing him back the sword. "I also think it is time for me to return to the school. Not as Head Master, but as a teacher. This is something that is too important for us to not work closer on."

"We can talk about that this evening," said Harry.

With a nod to Albus he stood up and with a quick turn apparated back to Hogwarts. Harry quickly summoned a few house elves. Giving instructions to them, he watched as each elf went about delivering his message to the people that he needed to have a meeting with. He sat down and Winky placed a plate of food next to him.

"Winky," said Harry. Could you please put this sword behind the glass case of Godric's sword please?"

"Of course Master Harry," said Winky.

Harry watched as she gently picked up the sword and carried it over to the secret compartment behind Godric's sword. With a snap of her fingers the door opened and Excalibur flew into it. She closed the door with another snap of her fingers.

"Thanks Winky," he said.

The elf smiled at him and went about her chores. Harry reached over and picked up one of the books that Hermione had obviously found for him in the library. He started to read it to pass the time. He nibbled on the food Winky had brought him as he read. Before he knew it he had consumed the whole plate of food. Harry continued to read for a few more hours. Finally he knew it was about time for dinner. Harry had already missed one meal in the Great Hall. He did not want to panic his staff by not showing up for another. He quickly made his way down to the Great Hall and entered. He noticed that it was rather subdued. It took him a few moments to remember that the students were either studying or reviewing their notes with fellow class mates. O.W.L.S and N.E.W.T.S were finally upon them. Harry made his way to his place at the staff table and sat down. Hermione looked at him with a bit of concern, but he waved her off. Severus and Minerva as well as other key members around the Great Hall were also looking at Harry. Some with curious looks, other with concerned looks. Harry didn't notice. He was still thinking about everything he had learned that day. He also was wondering why it was necessary for him to remove Excalibur from the safety of Merlin's vault. He could not fathom what impulse it was that made him do that. He knew it would be safe here in the castle, but he felt that it should go with a particular person. He also wondered about the Gryphon Emerald in his pocket. Merlin had said there were two people close to him in his heart that would both be worthy of the emerald. He wondered what people would think of him for giving it to either of these two people. Harry shrugged himself out of his thoughts and surveyed the hall.

Harry stood up and quickly made his way out of the dining hall and back to his office. He sat at his desk and waited. He looked at the marauders map and watched. Slowly people started to move in his general vicinity. Albus appeared at the gates and entered the grounds. Severus and Minerva got up and headed for Harry's office. Hermione went to the table where Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Draco were sitting and together the group headed for Harry's office. Pomona and Neville came from the greenhouse where Toby informed him that they were working with some plants and ate dinner there. Harry waved his hand and the gargoyle stepped aside. He waved his hand a second time and the door to his office opened. He waited until everyone had come in. Winky and Dobby were getting everyone comfortable in their seats and had refreshments sitting on a side board. As the two elves were with them when they found the body of Merlin, Harry gestured for them to sit.

"We are here for a serious discussion," began Harry. "Before I tell you what is going on, I want each and every one of you present to give me a wizards oath or an elf oath that what you hear will go no further than this room."

The group looked a little taken back by this statement, but they none the less gave their vow that they would not tell anyone else about what would be said in this room. Harry stood up and started pacing.

"As you know, we have found all the hidden compartments in the castle," Harry stated. "What many of you don't know is that Albus, Severus, Draco, and I found the one in the Chamber of Secrets. As all of you know, there are only two known parceltongues left in the world. Voldemort is one and I am the other. If there are any more out there we do not know of them. Therefore, that means that only Voldemort or I can access the Chamber of Secrets. What Voldemort doesn't know is that there was another room down in the Chamber. We found it the other day. In this chamber was another door. We followed the door and found a body lying on a stone altar."

"Who was it?" asked Hermione.

"I think I will take it one step further," said Harry. "Everyone stand up and hold hands. Severus and Albus please give me the assistance here."

Both older wizards nodded and Harry shifted on the spot and apparated the whole group into the Chamber of Secrets. Those that had never been in here before, stared around in awe. Ginny started trembling a little. She didn't have a pleasant experience the previous time she was here. Harry led the group to the statue of Salazar and pressed on his toe. The group entered the room lighting their wands as they went. Harry led them unerringly to the door in the floor and opened it for them. He led them down the tunnel to the door that held the body. Here he went no further. He let them all look at the body from the outside of the doorway.

"Inside lays the body of Merlin," he said. "The reason I know is that he told us. Now I am passing that information to you. Please do not ask to go any further. Only those of us that were here the first time should have access."

Harry had everyone grab hands again and he apparated them all back to his office. As they sat down each had a look of wonder on their faces. Harry watched them for a moment before he began his tale again.

"For what ever reason, the four founders built this castle on top of the remains of Merlin. When I went to the bank today to bring in another part of my inheritance, I spoke with Griphook. He took me to Merlin's vault. Being a blood relative I was able to gain access into the vault. I came back out with this."

Harry walked over to the sword of Godric Gryffindor and opened the secret compartment behind it. He reached in and pulled out Excalibur. Slowly he walked to Severus and handed him the sword.

"You are the one meant to carry this Severus," he said. "I don't know how I know it, but I feel that the sword is meant for you."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out the Gryphon Emerald. He walked over to Draco and Ginny and stood there between them. He knew that both would understand what was happening. Quietly he knelt down in front of Ginny and handed her the emerald. As she grabbed the stone, a flash of gold mixed with green surrounded them. When the glow died down, Ginny was holding one stone, and Harry was holding a duplicate.

Albus stood up and waved his wand in a complex pattern. Slowly two chains appeared and the emeralds set themselves into the links.

"Draco,' he said. "I was told that you would be a wise choice as well. However, you and I share a bond already through the twin phoenixes. Please forgive me for not giving you the other emerald."

Draco did not say anything. He just stood up and gave Harry a hug. Soon they were joined by everyone else in the room. Harry felt their strength enter his being and he appreciated it.

"To continue with why I called you all here," he said. "Merlin's spirit still protects his body. There are descendants of Morgan Le Fey that would love to have access to his body and the few possessions that are still in the crypt with him. He has given me his wand and I have given Severus Excalibur. We are now the group that must protect his secret from ever leaving this castle."

Harry looked over their heads and pointed. As each person looked over, they could see the four founders standing in attendance of the meeting.

"We never told future Head Masters of the school," said Rowena. "This is due to the fact that until Albus and Harry, one of our bloodline was never Head Master or Head Mistress. Now that this information is out, it is your duty to protect the secret. The descendants of Morgan Le Fey are as powerful as you are. However you have one thing that they do not. Trust! You all trust each other. None of you are power hungry. You all work well as a team. Please continue to work as a team. For if you fail, the fabric of magic as we know it could be devastated. Voldemort is not the only evil out there."

As she finished, the founders faded from sight. Harry sat down in his chair and waited until everyone had reseated themselves. Dobby and Winky poured them all some wine and handed the glasses around.

"I am the last of Merlin's direct descendants," said Harry. "Albus, Severus, and Draco are descendants, but their blood is not as purely related as mine is. Together we must protect what Merlin has created. I would like to know if I can count on all of you.

Almost as one, everyone in the room including Dobby and Winky gave their affirmation.

"We are a team Harry," said Luna. "We were a team in the Department of Mysteries, and we will be a team again. We will ALWAYS be a team."

The rest of the group chorused Luna's words.

"I knew I could count on you all," said Harry. "OK then this is what we will do. Draco, you will take over for Severus as Potions Master. Severus you will take Defense against the Dark Arts. Ron you will take over as flying instructor for Madam Hooch. She is retiring this year to get married. Hermione, I need you to take over Ancient Runes. Professor Vector also is retiring. Albus I need you to take over Charms. Neville you will work with Pomona next year as assistant Herbology Professor and assistant COMC Professor. That way each of you can stay here at the school. Now this will take affect starting with the new school year. Ginny and Luna, when you graduate, you will be given a job here as well. I am not sure what yet, but we will figure out something."

"Wait Harry," said Hermione. "I am confused as to why you are moving me to Ancient Runes and having Albus teach Charms. How can Albus be Minister and teacher at the same time?"

"Ah yes," said Albus. "We did forget to mention that I am turning over the Minister position to Amelia Bones, and coming back to teach at Hogwarts. We feel it necessary for me to be in the castle with you all."

"Oh," said Hermione. "That makes sense then. I did enjoy teaching Charms though."

"Hermione you got a 200% on your Ancient runes NEWT," said Harry. You are the best candidate for that job. Please I need you for this."

"You can count on me Harry," said Hermione. "Will I get to stay Head of House for Ravenclaw?"

"Of course you will," said Harry. "That will remain with you. Now are there any more questions about staff appointments for next year?"

Everyone shook their heads. Harry knew that some of them would still be wondering about a few things.

"Hermione," said Harry. "Over the summer I need you to research everything on Merlin for me. Albus can help you. For those that are leaving the school, please come back at your earliest convenience. I think those of us that are staying can defend the school, but I do not want to take any chances."

Each person in the room gave a nod to Harry.

"Harry, I will ask my father if I can stay with you here in the castle this summer," said Luna. "He will not mind too much, and I can assist Hermione in the research. Besides I am the Head Girl of Ravenclaw Tower."

"OK," said Harry. "Let me know as soon as you can. Ginny you will be Head Girl of Gryffindor Tower. Severus, please choose someone for Slytherin and Pomona please choose someone for Hufflepuff."

Both heads of house gave a nod.

"Great," said Harry. "If no one has anything further to add, then may I suggest we call it a night? It is almost midnight. I know you three seventh years will want to rest up. Monday the NEWT exams start. Albus, do you want to stay here or go back to the Ministry?"

"I will stay here," said Albus. "Amelia will get sworn in a couple of days from now. After she is sworn in, I will have no need to be at the Ministry. I can always assist around the castle until term starts next school year."

"Great idea," said Harry.

With that everyone started to make their way out of the office. Harry watched as Draco made his way to the Slytherin common room and then to his bed. He watched all his Gryffindors as they made their way to Gryffindor Tower. He watched as Hermione and Luna went to Ravenclaw Tower. Finally Harry and the two elves were alone. Harry bade them goodnight and went to his bed. He fell asleep instantly.

Author's Note – I hope that you are all liking the twist I threw in here. This way I can extend this into a third story. Please let me know what you think. The reason Griphook did not question Harry is mainly because it was Harry stating it. We will say for argument sake that many have come before and was sorely disappointed that they were not a descendant of Merlin. Also please forgive the non descriptive purpose behind bringing Albus back to the school. You will find out further in the upcoming Chapters. I Promise!!!

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