Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

End of the Year, A Gem of a Battle

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Chapter 11 – End of the Year, A Gem of a Battle

The fifth and seventh year students were really feeling the strain. Their exams were finally upon them. Harry could not help himself but to pace back and forth as the students sat their exams. Albus chuckled at this.

"Do you know Harry," he said. "I did the exact same thing every time you sat for your exams. I was more proud of you than I can say with the results of your tests."

Harry paused in his pacing and looked at his mentor and friend.

"I did not know that," he said. "I feel a little better knowing I am not insane about this then. I just can't help but to feel nervous. I want Draco, Ginny, Ron, Neville, and Luna to all succeed in their exams."

"Harry you need to relax," Albus said. "They are all intelligent young men and women. They will do admirably. By the way, Amelia is sworn in as Minister of Magic now. She seems to be doing well. From what I am to understand, she will continue where I left off. The way that I set up the Ministry this past year has helped for future Ministers. Alastor and Rufus will be acting as Co Heads of the Auror department. They seem to be doing well together in that aspect."

"Well that is great news," said Harry. "At least something good came out of all this madness at the Ministry. Are they still going to take care of my pet?"

"Yes Harry," Albus chuckled. "Your pet will be just fine and Amelia has mentioned that you are still welcome to visit it at any time. You are very good with the serpent. You are the only one that can extract venom from its fangs without causing damage to yourself."

"I did not know this," said Harry. "All I have to do is lift the bottle and Daisy just kind of presses on the lip and fills it for me. She is quite cooperative."

"Daisy?" asked Albus.

"Well yeah," said Harry. "She has to have a name."

"So she does Harry," said a still chuckling Albus.

The bell rang and Harry looked at his watch. Albus had succeeded in what he was attempting and had distracted Harry from his worry about his friends. It was now time for lunch. Harry wanted to be present for the Defense Against the Dark Arts practicals. He wanted to watch the students as he had taught most of them the previous year. Also he wanted to see the faces of the examiners as each student showed their skill. Albus and Harry made their way down to the Great Hall. Students were milling about talking about their exams and such. Harry walked over to Draco, Ginny, Ron, Neville, and Luna.

"Well how are you all doing?" he asked. "How were the tests?"

"Thanks to Hermione I am sure that I will pass Charms with an O," stated Ginny.

Luna nodded her head in agreement.

"With all the training you have given us in DADA I am sure we will all pass that exam," said Ron.

The rest of the group all chuckled at this.

"Albus has been in my office all morning distracting me," said Harry. "I have been pacing back and forth in my office since your exams started. I want you all to do well. I am worrying to much I guess."

"Harry you need to relax," stated Draco. "We are all going to be fine. Look, why don't you sit with us for lunch and we can all help put your mind at ease."

"That is an excellent idea," said Harry.

He sat down as the plates were beginning to fill. Harry noticed that some of the other staff members were smiling at him and he smiled in return. It was common knowledge that Harry enjoyed spending time with the students. This was not the first time that Harry sat at a students table. Harry noticed that Minerva and Albus occupied seats at another student table and were chatting amicably with them. Severus sat at the staff table to help keep an eye on the students. More than one a fight broke out and Harry was to far away to deal with the miscreants.

"I have an idea," said Harry. "I will be back in a moment. For this idea to be fun I will need the help of Albus."

The rest of the table gave Harry a curious look, but Harry gave an impish smile and made his way to the table where Albus sat. He bent down and whispered something in the old wizard's ear. At first Albus looked surprised at what he was hearing. The more Harry talked to him the more his blue eyes started twinkling like mad. Finally Albus agreed with him and he made his way to the staff table.

"Attention please," called Harry. "I know that many of our fifth and seventh year students are working extremely hard to pass all of their exams. I know that many of them have not had fun for quite some time as they have had their noses pressed into books. Therefore, I have an idea that Professor Dumbledore will help me with. I think it is time that we have some fun before you all have to go back to your exams."

Chattering broke out as the students and the staff wondered what Harry had in mind. They did not have to wait long to find out. Harry waved his hand and a whole bowl of mashed potatoes rose into the air and made a beeline for Severus. Severus ducked and looked extremely surprised. However he was not as surprised as Minerva was when Albus picked up the gravy bowl and poured it over her head.

"Harry," exclaimed Severus. "What are you doing?"

"I have two words for you all," called Harry. "FOOD FIGHT!!"

With that Harry picked up a flagon of pumpkin juice and poured it on Hermione. She shrieked and started throwing food back at Harry. Some of it missed and Severus got a face full of potatoes. After a moment of shock Severus picked up a pie that was in front of him and walked over to Hermione. Without batting an eyelash he squashed it full in her face. She sat there with the most stunned expression on her face. The entire school was just as stunned as Hermione was. Never before was Severus seen doing anything fun. All of a sudden food started flying everywhere. Minerva was seen chasing Albus around the Great Hall throwing boiled eggs at him. Pomona was using her wand to send bits of capers at the students. She was laughing until a group of Hufflepuffs decided that she deserved a taste of her own medicine. Hagrid thought it was great fun until he got hit in the face with the chocolate cake from the table. About an hour into the fun, Harry went up to the podium. He raised his wand and gold sparks flew out of it. The hall settled down. Some of the teachers were out of breath. Some of the students were rolling in the pudding on the floor wrestling. However, when the sparks went up everyone stopped and waited.

"I think we all needed that," said Harry. "Laughter is great when you are all too worried about other things."

Albus started clapping at Harry's words. Soon other teachers joined in. After a few moments the entire student body joined in. They all knew that Harry had their best interest at heart and had staged this to help them through this trying time of exams.

"Scourgify," said Harry waving his wands.

In a matter of moments the Great Hall was spotless. Clothes and hair were neat again and there was no trace of the food fight that had just been going on. With a second wave of his wand, sandwiches and pumpkin juice appeared on all the tables.

"I suggest we eat these as we have destroyed the meal the elves made," said Harry. "I think that we should take it easy and eat light. Please continue to do well in your tests and such. Just know that I am proud of each and every one of you."

Harry sat down in his chair and grabbed a sandwich. Soon everyone was grabbing a bit of food and eating. When lunch was over, the fifth and seventh years went into the side chamber to await their practical exams. The rest of the student body made their way to their classes still chatting about the food fight. Harry sat down to wait for the examiners. Every now and then a small chuckled could be heard from him as he remembered the peas in Severus' hair or the turnips that was unceremoniously dumped down Minerva's robe. However Harry had a complete breakdown of laughter when one of the examiners walked in and was still covered in food. The man looked extremely put out. The rest of the teachers that were in the Great Hall joined in the laughter. Hermione took pity on the man and through her tears of mirth cleaned him up with a cleansing charm. The man made a face at Harry as he passed by and Harry laughed that much harder. Finally the man could not resist and started chuckling along side Harry.

When Harry finally got himself composed, the examiners called the students in to start their practical exams. He watched as Draco and Ron did every single counter curse and such. Ginny and Luna were fantastic with their wand work as well. Neville being the typical shy person he was made a slight mistake on one of his counter curses and the hall had to wait for a few minutes while Harry put the fire out. It seemed that every time water was used on the fire, the flames got bigger instead of smaller. A blushing Neville could be seen near collapse in the corner. The examiner took pity on him and acted as if nothing had happened. Harry was fairly certain that everyone had passed their defense exams.

Finally the gruesome exams were over. Each person had to wait until summer to find out their results. All too soon it was time for the end of the year feast. When it came to tallying up the points, Hufflepuff won the house cup this year. Gryffindor and Slytherin right behind them with Ravenclaw coming in a close fourth.

"I am very proud of each and every house," said Harry. "There was only a margin of about 20 points from the winning house and the house that came in last. Each student present today has worked hard. You all deserve every single point you received. I thank you for showing pride and care of the school. To you seventh years, I thank you for your hard work and dedication. I know that we had a few issues, but everything worked out in the end. For those that are leaving the castle and not returning next year, know that we will all miss you. For those that are returning next year, we say good luck for the summer and we will see you soon."

With that Harry dismissed the Great Hall. The students milled about chatting and talking or else hurrying to their dorms for some last minute packing. Harry, along side the staff stood there. Some of the teachers had tears in their eyes and others were just standing there with a strange look on their faces. They knew all things must come to an end, but this was hard for some. Certain colleagues were leaving as well. Severus and Madam Hooch would ride the train to help out with the students.

Harry and Draco made their way to his office. As they were sitting there, Harry stood up rigid. His eyes became unfocused and he was stiff as a board. Draco stood up immediately and came to his side. He grabbed Harry as he began to fall. Holding on to Harry was a chore as he was squirming and chocking. Draco grabbed Harry's wand and sent for help. Immediately Albus, Minerva, Severus and Madam Pomfrey were rushing up the stairs. Draco was crying hard. He had never seen Harry in this state before and he was frightened beyond thinking. He knew that Harry had a link to the Dark Lord, but he had never seen Harry act like this before. It was as if something had grabbed him and was struggling with him. The older professors rushed in and took over. Harry however refused to let Draco's arm go. It was as if he sensed the blond there and needed his support. Albus bent down and grabbed Harry's other arm. Harry was still struggling and fighting. Madam Pomfrey ran a check on him. The next thing she knew Draco also was caught up in the madness. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head and he collapsed across Harry.

"What in the hell is going on here?" shrieked Minerva.

"We do not know at the moment," said Albus. "It seems something has their minds and will not let them go. The only thing I can think to do is to meld with Harry. We know each others patterns. Maybe I can enter his mind and help them escape from what has them."

"I will do it with you," said Severus.

Albus nodded and sent the trickle of energy to Severus. Severus felt it and latched on to it. Together they entered the mind of Harry. What they saw floored both men. Harry was running around in his own mind. He was desperately trying to help what looked like a dragon being attacked. Draco was there with Harry trying desperately to lend the young man a helping hand.

"Harry hold on," called Albus. "We will be right back with more help."

"Hurry Albus," he replied. "Something is going on that I can't explain at the moment. We must save this dragon. HURRY!"

Albus pulled Severus and himself out of Harry's mind.

"Send for Mr. and Miss Weasley, Miss Lovegood, and Professor Granger immediately," said Albus. "If we are to save Harry and Draco's lives we must have more power. Quickly now."

Minerva and Poppy never questioned. Together they stood and sent patronuses to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw towers. Severus sent word to Hermione and she stepped out of the fireplace and rushed to Harry's side.

"What is going on?" asked Hermione looking stricken at the prone figures lying on the floor.

"No time for explanations Miss Granger," said Albus.

In a few moments the rest of the party were all in the office. Albus quickly told them what they needed to do. Each student and teacher sat in their allotted places and waited. Hermione and Luna had done this before and they knew what to expect. With a quick explanation, Albus explained to the rest of the students what was going to happen.

"Just trust us," said Albus over the whimpers of Draco and Harry. "No harm will come to you."

They just nodded at Albus and waited. Each closed their eyes and felt as Albus grabbed them one by one and pulled them into the meld. When they opened their eyes, they saw Harry and Draco battling the most horrifying beast imaginable. Severus, Albus, Hermione, and Minerva took action immediately. Within moments, the students joined in and rushed to Harry or Draco's side.

"This dragon is being attacked in the forest," called Harry. "Unless we can figure out how to make it let us go, we are stuck here."

"What do you mean," asked Ron.

"It caught me on the moon light with something like telepathy," said Harry rushing to jab at the beast in front of him.

"You mean this dragon pulled you into this nightmare with its mind?" asked Ginny rushing to aid Harry.

"Yes," replied Harry. "I was the only one it could find that would come to its aid. I did not mean to pull Draco into this."

Harry ducked as a tentacle swung at him. Albus and Severus were pulling out their wands and trying different things.

"Oh for Pete's sake," said Hermione. "STUPEFY"

All at once the creature vanished. Harry and Draco were thrown out of Harry's mind. Albus and Severus pulled the rest out just in time. Harry rolled over and vomited on the carpet. Madam Pomfrey rushed over and gave him something to settle his stomach.

"Everyone grab each other's hand," said Harry. "You come too, Poppy. We need to get to that dragon. It is dying."

No one questioned him. When everyone was holding on to someone else, Harry shifted and all appeared in a clearing in the forest. They rushed to the side of the dragon and Harry knelt next to it. Albus and Severus were busy checking the perimeter.

"Where are you Tom?" asked Albus. "I know you did this. Magic always leaves a trace. Why did you hurt this dragon? Show yourself."

A menacing laugh sounded in the forest.

"Dumbledore," said Voldemort. "It is nice of you to join my little party. However, I was not expecting anyone to know what I was doing. Did you use the link Potter? I have been. I know all about Salazar's wand. You will be handing it over to me. Also I have been searching for the heirs of Morgan Le Fey. No doubt they will join me to see your destruction."

"I did not use the link to know that you were here," replied Harry. "You can get anyone you want to help, but you will still lose. Hogwarts is mine and it is for the side of the light. As far as the heirs of Morgan Le Fey go, what makes you think they will succeed any better than you in defeating me?"

"I will be victorious Potter," snarled Voldemort. "You and your batch of misfits can do nothing to protect Merlin."

"As his descendant, I can and I will," replied Harry. "Release this dragon immediately."

"As you wish," sneered Voldemort.

The dragon gave one more ear splitting shriek and stopped breathing. Furiously Harry stood up and with a twitch of his wrist, he brought forth his wand.

Voldemort took one look at the wand and backed up a pace.

"That is not possible," he said. "That is why you are so powerful. You are an heir to all the founders. Also you are claiming to be the heir of Merlin. I say PROOVE IT!"

Harry twitched his other arm and a second wand appeared. Lifting it he showed it to Voldemort.

"Is this proof enough Tom?" he asked.

"That is the wand of Merlin," breathed Voldemort. "How did you get that?"

"It was given to me by Merlin himself," said Harry. "Would you like to test its powers against your own wand?"

Immediately Harry sent a flaming sphere at Voldemort. Tom ducked and moved to the side, and sent razor sharp shards in return. Albus quickly conjured a shied to protect the others as Severus conjured one to protect Harry. Harry however lifted his hand in the air and froze the shards in mid air. A look of shock appeared on Voldemort's face. He tried everything he could to counter act the charm. Nothing he did made a difference. With a quick gesture, Harry sent the shards flying back at Voldemort. Voldemort disappeared and reappeared at another location. He sent a fiery serpent at Harry. Hermione quickly countered with a serpent of water at the same time Draco sent one of earth. Together both serpents smothered the one made of fire. Voldemort was not quite ready to call it quits yet. He disappeared. Everyone looked around trying to figure out where he went.

"Where am I now Potter?" mocked Tom. "Which of your friends will pay the price this evening for your interference of my fun?"

Harry quickly conjured the strongest shield around the group that he could. He waited with baited breath to see which of his friends would fall this night. All of a sudden Draco collapsed on the ground. Harry immediately sent out tendrils of magic to Albus and Severus who caught it. Together the trio entered Draco's mind. There they saw Voldemort using the Cruciatus Curse on Draco. Harry quickly sent a stunner at Voldemort. Voldemort countered and the battle raged. Unfortunately Draco was the one to suffer. Albus and Severus sent a number of spells at Voldemort to no avail. Voldemort was using a necromantic power that neither could stop. Finally, Harry had an inspiration. He walked over to Draco and bent down. Albus seeing Harry make his way over kept Voldemort busy.

"Draco," said Harry. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes Harry," he replied. "I trust you with my life. Get this bastard out of my head."

Harry nodded and stood up. He concentrated all his power into the core of his being. He pulled energy from everyone. The teachers in the castle were feeling the effects of Harry's pull. Remus and Tonks were also seen thrashing on the floor as Harry pulled from anyone and everyone he could. When he had the power he needed, Harry sent his colors out to everyone. The sudden release of energy was enough to knock everyone out of Draco's mind. Draco was unconscious, but at least he was free of Voldemort.

"I suggest you run now Tom," said Harry. "Now I am very angry. You attempted to hurt someone from my family. Someone I care deeply for. You will never hurt anyone I love ever again."

Harry centered his thoughts and pulled one more time. This time he felt the color patterns of each and every person he loved or cared for. Each pattern was identifiable by their unique combinations. Ginny was ruby, garnet, and sunstone. Draco was Emerald, moonstone, and amethyst. Albus was diamond, sapphire, and topaz. The list went on. Harry felt them all. He stood and gathered power for a final strike. Voldemort realizing what Harry was doing decided to flee. Harry collapsed from the strain of feeling so much power come through him.

"You may have won tonight Potter," said Voldemort. "I will win another day."

With that the presence of Voldemort was gone.

"Bring Draco to my chambers and tend to us there please Poppy," he said.

Albus and Severus conjured stretchers for both and floated them to the castle. The rest of the group followed along. Hermione and Minerva hung back and gave the dragon's corpse a quick burial.

Harry insisted that Draco stay with him in his room. Both young men were exhausted and both were asleep within moments. Albus motioned the rest of the group down to Harry's office.

"I suggest that we let them sleep," said Albus. "There will be plenty of time over the summer for Harry to explain what has happened here tonight. Something tells me Harry has changed the pattern of magic. However I will ask you all one question. Did any of you see the bright colors that were surrounding everyone this evening?"

Everyone was a little nervous, but they all gave a nod.

"What has Harry done, Albus?" asked Minerva.

"I can only speculate Minerva," he replied. "However I think Harry has just made it possible for us to contact one another in a completely different way. Notice also what is lying here on the desk."

Everyone looked around and gave a small look of concern. Instead of three wands on the desk, there now lay six. Harry's wands had separated. Albus indicated each wand separately.

"These are the wands of all four founders," he said. "This is the wand of Merlin. This one is Harry's own wand. Something tells me Harry has a lot to tell us when he is feeling better. For now I suggest that we take shifts to keep watch on them until they are better. I would venture to say they will be weak for a few days."

"Professor Dumbledore," said Ginny. "May we stay here in the castle this summer as well? I don't know about anyone else, but I would love to learn how to use this new power that Harry has given us."

"What do you mean given us, Miss Weasley?" asked Severus.

She did not give a reply. She just stood there for a moment and concentrated. All of a sudden her colors of Ruby, Garnet, and Sunstone were visible to him. She gave a small sigh and collapsed on the carpet.

"I would suggest that no one else try that until Harry explains how," stated Dumbledore. "Until we understand the concept I believe we will all have thing like this happen to us."

Ron picked up his sister and made his way to the door.

"I will bring her to her room," he said. "Can someone stop the stairs from preventing me? Also someone will need to write a letter to mum explaining what is going on."

"I will see to both personally Mr. Weasley," said Dumbledore.

Author's Note – I would like to take the time to let you all know that I am taking a page from Melanie Rawn. Having read her books I was inspired to add a bit of Sunrunner ability in here.

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