Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

Shadowlost, Harry to the Rescue

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Chapter 13 – Shadow Lost, Harry to the Rescue

The staff and students that stayed in the castle for the summer were seen periodically standing in a patch of sunlight or moon light deep in conversation with another person. Merlin's prediction came true. Albus, Severus, Draco, and Hermione all ended up with a fourth gem color. The view of ones colors was absolutely amazing to those that were conversing with them on the light. Harry finally got his fifth color marking him as a master weaver. When one spoke to Harry on the light, they marveled at the brightness of his colors of Ruby, Emerald, Onyx, Sapphire, and Diamond. Neville was still having trouble with weaving in moonlight. He was perfectly fine weaving in the sun, but for some odd reason that Harry could not fathom, he could not get the patterns to work on the moon light. Harry was at a loss as to how to explain that. Help was not coming forth either. For neither the founders, nor Merlin had put in another appearance since that night.

One evening the staff was all sitting around in the Great Hall discussing plans of what could be done to stop Voldemort.

"Every time we get close to him, we lose him," stated Harry a bit angrily.

""It would appear that he doesn't like to stay in one spot for very long," agreed Albus. "Have you tried the link to see if you can get an insight to his future plans?"

"I tried last night," said Harry bitterly. "No sooner did I get a glimpse of what he was up to, he pushed me back out. All I know is that he is working with someone new. He is training this person. However, I can never get a clear sight of the person. Voldemort is using such powerful Occlumency that anyone would be hard pressed to attempt to gain access to his thoughts."

"That is because he is scared of you Harry," stated Draco. "He knows he has a good reason to run. "Look at what you did to him the last time you faced him. I am fortunate that you are on my side."

Harry blushed, but did not say anything. The feelings he had for Draco were starting to confuse him a bit. Draco noticed the blush on Harry's face, but did not elaborate. The ever watchful Hermione noticed the looks that passed between the two men that she was so close to. However for once she said nothing. Harry and Draco were close friends and she wished for them what ever happiness they could find in this life.

"The last time I was able to get anything from him, he was recruiting some type of half man, half cow looking creature," said Harry.

"A minotaur?" asked Minerva.

"Is that the proper name of it?" asked Harry.

"Honestly Harry," said Hermione. "Don't you ever pick up a book and read? It was in our COMC book."

"After half the things Hagrid brought around here I was scared to really delve into it," said a sheepish Harry.

Ron, Draco, and Hermione all laughed at this.

"So does this mean you will be in the library looking for ways of stopping a Minotaur, Hermione?" teased Harry.

"Oh be quiet Harry," said Hermione sarcastically.

The rest of the group all laughed. Each one present knew that Harry had hit the proverbial nail on the head. Hermione poked her tongue out at them and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yeah," drawled Draco. "If I had that ugly thing in my mouth I would not want to keep it in either."

Hermione sat stunned for a moment before she too started laughing with the rest of the group. She leaned over to whisper in his ear. What ever she said effectively shut Draco up. It was not common knowledge that Draco had any romantic feelings for anyone. How she figured out who he was interested in was food for thought to him. Then again, all knew Hermione knew more than one person had a right to know. Harry, who did not notice a thing and kept on with the discussion they were having.

"I guess we do need to figure out what to do about that," he said. "If Voldemort is recruiting dark creatures again in other countries there is no telling what he will come up with. Why doesn't he just give up? There is no way possible he can ever have access to the castle again."

"I don't think he wants the castle anymore," said Severus. "I think our total destruction is what he is after now. Also let's not forget what lies beneath the castle."

"Good point," said Albus. "I know he would do anything to get at Merlin's tomb. Harry, have you moved all of Merlin's possessions into his vault?"

"Yes Albus," he said. "I took care of that the other day. I wish I could move his remains to someplace safer. I just don't feel right about moving his body though. I guess that they are as safe as they can be where they are located."

"I would think so," said Minerva. "It is not like Merlin will let the Dark Lord get to his remains."

"Ah," said Albus. "It is not just Voldemort we have to worry about now. The heirs of Morgan Le Fey will soon be told where to locate their ancestor's enemy. Thus it will put Harry back into danger once again."

Harry sighed at that statement. His life was always in danger.

"Don't worry Harry," said Draco grabbing his arm. "We are all here with you. Plus we have this new ability that the Dark Lord doesn't."

"That is true," said Harry grabbing his hand. "However until one or more of the heirs of Morgan Le Fey come out into the open, we don't know what kind of powers that they will have."

Draco gave his hand a squeeze and stood up. Hermione watched closely thinking.

"Harry," she began. "Have you stopped having nightmares?"

"As a matter of fact I have," he said. "Why do you ask?"

"I think it has something to do with Draco and you sharing a room," she replied. "If I am not mistaken, Draco is sleeping better himself."

"Now that you mention it," said Draco. "I have been sleeping a lot better since Harry moved me into his room. What does this have to do with anything?"

"Well Harry," continued Hermione ignoring Draco's question. "Luna, Ron, and I will begin a search on dark creatures from Greece. If he decides to use other serpent type creatures, you can always use Parseltongue with them. Also I will begin my research on Morgan Le Fey herself."

"I have been doing something more with the light as well," said Harry. "I find that I can use starlight just as easy as sun or moon light."

"I would imagine that it will not be quite so easy for the rest of us," said Minerva.

"I guess not," said Harry apologetically.

"Well if we have nothing more to say this evening I suggest we call it a night," said Albus.

The rest of the group all nodded and rose. Harry looked down at the marauders map and watched a couple of third year Slytherins sneaking out of their common room.

"Sonorus," said Harry. "That will be 10 points from Slytherin Edwards and McCoy. I suggest you return to your common room immediately. Quietus!"

Severus leaned over and looked at Harry's map. Both boys were not listening to what Harry had said. He excused himself and made his way to where the boys were. Harry watched as the dot that labeled him approached the boys. Within moments the dots that were for the boys were seen running quickly for their dorm. Harry looked over at the hour glasses that held the gems that represented points. 20 more emeralds flew up to the top signifying that Severus had docked more points.

"I guess some students will never learn," said Ron.

"I guess not," said Harry.

He and the rest of the teachers got up and left the Great Hall. The use of the marauders map was a blessing to the staff of Hogwarts. Harry had figured out a way to duplicate the map and each professor had their own copy. Many deeds of misconduct were caught before anything serious could happen. The students were still wondering how the staff knew where they were at all times.

The next morning came bright and cheery. Harry and Draco dressed and headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. They sat at the staff table and waited for their colleagues to join them. Soon the hall was filled with chatter and laughter. When breakfast was over Harry watched as the Heads of House handed out the class schedules. When all students had their course schedules they left. The teachers were not far behind them. Harry decided that for today he would go and sit in a few different classes under an invisibility charm and watch. Having never been taught by Albus formerly, he went there first and watch in amazement as Albus did things with a wand that Harry had once upon a time only dreamed about. Harry had an inspiring idea. He stood up to leave Albus' class.

Leaving so soon?" asked Albus suddenly.

Harry was so surprised that he dropped out of invisibility with a shocked look on his face. The students were just as surprised to see Harry there as Harry was that Albus knew he was there.

"How did you know that I was here?" asked Harry.

"You were subconsciously weaving colors," said Albus.

"I am so embarrassed," said Harry. "I did not mean to disrupt your class Professor."

"Not to worry Head Master," said a chuckling Albus. "Incidentally I think that the idea you had is a good one."

Harry blushed again and thanked Albus. Quietly he left the room. He was met in the hallway by Hermione. She had a flushed look on her face.

"Harry," she started. "That is a great idea. I think you should only have 6th and 7th years in the class though. Plus I think those members should be part of the DA or SFG."

Good grief," said Harry. "Did I broadcast to everyone with the ability to weave colors?"

"I would say that you did Harry," said Neville coming up behind them. "I was coming to look for you anyway Harry, when I got hit with the weave."

"You were?" asked Harry. "What is wrong?"

"Professor Sprout sent me to get you," he answered. "We have an issue in Greenhouse 5 that needs your attention."

"Lead the way," stated Harry.

Together with Hermione in tow, they made their way to Greenhouse 5. When they arrived they found the students waiting outside and Professor Sprout anxiously waiting for them. When Harry approached her she rushed up to him.

"Head Master," she began. "Thank goodness you came so quickly. Something has happened here."

"What is going on Professor?" asked Harry. "Is anyone hurt?"

"No nothing like that," she said as she led him over to the door. "It is empty."

"What?" asked Harry and Hermione at the same time.

"Just what I said," replied Pomona. "See for yourself. Someone has stolen all the dangerous plants from this greenhouse."

Harry quickly looked inside. As Pomona stated it was empty. Every plant that they dealt with was gone. Harry quickly stepped into action.

"Professor Sprout," he began. "Please dismiss your class with instructions to head to their dorms."

Pomona and Neville approached the students and gave them instructions. The students were a little bewildered at first but agreed. Harry meanwhile stepped into a patch of sunlight and began to weave. He sent a message to Albus, Severus, Draco, and Minerva. He explained the situation on the light and when he got affirmation of their attendance he withdrew. Neville looked a little envious at Harry's ability with the light, but did not say anything. Harry really was a remarkable person.

"Neville," said Harry. "I need you and Hagrid to keep the students away from this area. Get Poppy to help you."

Neville nodded and left immediately. Harry, Hermione, and Pomona all walked into the greenhouse. Harry walked over to the center of the room and sat on the floor. Hermione recognizing what he was preparing to do sat opposite him and opened her channels. Pomona waited until the other professors started arriving. She let them have a quick look around before she escorted each personally to their spot. Chairs were quickly conjured for the older staff members who sat down immediately and opened their channels for Harry. Harry quickly grabbed on to everyone's colors and began to channel the energies. After pooling enough he opened himself to the visions that swam before him.

Voldemort slowly approached the door. He knew he could not get into the castle. Harry had it warded to well against him. He was looking for something in particular. Spying the plants inside, he opened the door with a quick incantation and entered. Following him were about 3 dozen Minotaurs. He motioned to each to start taking the plants. There was another mysterious figure present also. When that figure sensed Harry examining it, it pushed Harry out of the weave.

Harry hit the floor and the others were just as dazed as he was. Never before had anyone been able to disrupt a weave before. Harry sat there stunned. He started to rise to his feet when he felt the first signs of panic. Quickly he looked at the other Professor with him. They were all stunned but no one was in any danger. Then Harry realized who it was.

"Neville," whispered Harry. "Let's go now."

The rest of the group all stood and locked hands. Harry grabbed them all and shifted slightly. He brought the group to the entrance way. Neville was lying on the floor convulsing. Hagrid was standing there with him. Madam Pomfrey struggled to aid Neville, but nothing she was doing made it any better. The rest of the group did not understand what was going on. Harry however knew. Neville had tried to enter the weave on his own and he was becoming Shadow lost. Quickly, Harry sat down and opened his channels. The rest of the group sat in the floor around Neville and opened their channels to him again. Harry quickly banished Poppy, Minerva, Pomona, and Hagrid from the meld. This was something that the ones with four or more colors had to do. He did however leave a small trace open in case he needed them to fuel his power. Harry quickly grabbed the colors of Albus, Hermione, Draco, and Severus and wove them into a different pattern. Together the quintet entered Neville's mind. Neville was surrounded by his own personal demons. Nothing he could do would break the flow that surrounded him. His colors were getting weaker by the moment.

"Albus," began Harry. "You head for his topaz. Draco, you go for his emerald. Hermione I need you to anchor."

The others nodded and headed for the like colors. Harry quickly pulled Minerva into the weave.

"Minerva," he said. "Help us by getting his garnet loose. Severus and I will try and dampen the demon activity."

Minerva nodded and headed quickly for the dimming garnet color. Quickly she flung a branch of energy at it to hold it in place. Harry and Severus meanwhile, were merging their colors into something just short of a tornado. Together they sent their flow at the demons that were terrorizing Neville. Slowly the images of Bellatrix, Voldemort, and his grandmother faded. When that got closer they headed for Neville's sorrow. Together they smashed into the vision of Neville's parents dying. When they were done with that, they smashed into his imaginary fears. Together they dispelled the fear of not being able to protect Harry, Ginny, or Luna. Together they broke apart the fear of not being good enough to do anything.

By this time Harry and Severus were both crying at the hurts and imaginary hurts that Neville was witnessing. When they finally got to passed the last demon, Harry released Severus from the weave. Slowly he approached Neville's three colors. Carefully he smoothed over the emerald color, securing it into place. He released Draco from the onslaught that Neville's green color was giving him. Next he concentrated on Neville's garnet. With delicate care he fixed this brilliant dark red back into place and released a shaking Minerva from the weave. Finally he turned to the topaz. Albus was doing a good job of containing it and keeping himself apart from it, but Harry had to fine tune it. Slowly and carefully they worked the yellow brown color back into place and secured it. Together they pulled away. Harry then grabbed energy from everyone and wove a healthy brilliant light back into Neville colors. When Neville was breathing normally again, Harry and the others withdrew from his mind. Carefully Harry released the others from the meld. Neville opened his eyes and quickly Poppy was beside him. He smiled weakly at the group of people before him.

"Thank you all for saving me," he whispered. "I now know better than to intrude upon something that I am not able to do. You guys saved my life."

With that being said Neville passed out. Hermione was on the verge of doing the same, but she held herself together. Harry grabbed her and with a quick turn apparated her to her rooms. He laid her gently on the bed and told her to get some rest. She was tired and did not argue. Within moments she fell asleep. Harry apparated to the infirmary. He sat next to Neville. Draco stood behind him with his hands on Harry's shoulders. The rest of the group stood around there watching Harry with an awed look on their faces.

"That was some impressive work," said Albus. "How did you know how to do that Harry?"

"To be honest Albus, I don't know," he replied. "I knew I had to do something to save Neville. There was no way I was letting someone close to me get shadow lost."

Harry turned his head and started to cry. Draco quickly wrapped his arms around Harry and started rocking him gently back and forth. Severus came up to them and wrapped his own arms around both and stayed with them. Minerva and Pomona were both wiping tears from their eyes at the scene. Poppy shot a questioning glance at Albus who quickly shook his head.

"Harry just had a big fright is all," said Albus. "I think he needs to go lay down for awhile. Poppy would be so kind as to go see to Professor Granger? I believe Harry brought her to her rooms. Minerva, would you see to Hagrid please? I will see to the students. Draco I think it best if you get Harry to your rooms and stay with him until he calms down. Severus I need you to stay with Mr. Longbottom. When he wakes please lecture him on the importance of not entering a weave when he doesn't have the power to do so. Also lecture him on the importance of the risk we took to save his life."

Minerva and Poppy nodded and headed out of the infirmary. Severus nodded and sat in the chair next to Neville's bed. Albus left to go tend to the student body. Draco encouraged Harry to stand and with the help of Pomona helped Harry up the stairs and to their room. When they had Harry there, Pomona gave them a tearful look and withdrew. Harry proceeded to lie down on the bed and start sobbing. After a moment Draco climbed in next to him and held him. Draco did not understand quite what Harry was going through, but he was determined to do what ever it took to see him through this. About an hour later, Albus found the two young men sound asleep. He quickly gave suggestions to Dobby and Winky that the two not be disturbed and quietly closed the door.

Author's note - yes I am heading into slash. I can not resist. The opening is there. However I will NOT make it into a big old gay hoe down. I will save that for my Draco/Harry love story. I went into detail with Harry and the color weave for a reason. In the next sequel, Harry will need this ability. What do you think about our mysterious stranger? Yes I know that I am being mean by not revealing who it is. Guess you will have to read clean through chapter 20 to find out who it is. Also I know I did not say what Harry brilliant idea was. I do love being evil sometimes. MUAH HAHAHAHA.

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