Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

Christmas at Hogwarts, Tonks Revisited

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Chapter 15 – Christmas at Hogwarts, Tonks Revisited

Harry sat in his office. The weeks had flown and the Christmas holidays were upon them. Harry sat and scanned the list of each of the students. He would buy each of them a little something to acknowledge that he cared for and respected each of his students. He scanned the list of his special people in his life. He wondered what to get for some of the more important people in his life. He already bought a gift for Draco. The emerald ring sat in a box in his desk drawer. Harry had it special made for him. It was a silver serpent holding the emerald with its tail and mouth. He had an inscription put in inside of the band. For Remus he got a chain in gold with the Gryffindor lion and a Wolf talisman. He knew that Remus would appreciate the symbolism. He wondered what in the world to get people like Albus, Severus, and Minerva. He gave an exasperated sigh. Draco coming down the stairs behind him heard the sigh.

"What's wrong Harry?" he asked.

"I have no idea what to get for the rest of the group for Christmas," he replied. "I have your gift and Remus' gift, but I have no idea as to what to get Albus, Severus, or Minerva. People like Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Luna are going to be relatively simple. Plus I have no idea as to what to give the students."

"Why give the students anything at all Harry?" asked Draco. "I mean no disrespect to them, but you give them a lot already by keeping the Dark Lord away from the castle."

"It is just the principle of the thing," said Harry. "I get paid for being Head Master. We both know that I do not need the money. You and I are probably the richest men in Britain right about now. I guess I just want to give them a token of appreciation or something. To let them know that we care about them."

"Well get them all a gift certificate," suggested Draco. "With a gift certificate they can either get something they want or something that they might need later. This way they have that extra money in their pocket."

"You know," said Harry. "That is a great idea. Thanks Dragon."

Draco laughed at Harry's nickname for him.

"No problem Harry," he said chuckling. "Have you thought about what you are going to get your cousin and Aunt?"

"I have that already taken care of," said Harry.

He reached in the drawer next to him and pulled out a set of keys.

"I promised them I would buy them0 a house," he said. "Here is the house and the paperwork that goes with it. Plus, it is not that far from the orphanage. For Dudley, I got him his own car."

"Wow," said Draco. "You have been busy haven't you? I was wondering where you went the other day. It is a good thing we can locate each other on the sunlight. Else I would have been worried that you were in trouble somewhere."

While Draco was talking, Harry was quickly writing a letter to Flourish and Blotts. When he was done with the letter he went to Hedwig. Handing it to her, he told her who it was for and she flew out the window with a hoot of assurance.

"Well that takes care of the students," said Harry. "Now, what should I get for Albus?"

"I think you should get him some small personal things," said Draco. "How about, some wand holsters and a wand polishing kit?"

"Now that is a thought," said Harry. "I can get one for Pomona as well."

Pulling out another sheet of parchment, he quickly wrote his interest. When he was done, he handed the letter to Apollo. After asking the phoenix to wait for a response, the bird disappeared in a flash of fire.

"Oh I have a great idea," said Harry. "I know what to get everyone of you. I want to give each of you a little something special and I just figured it out. But for now I need to know what to get Severus and Minerva."

Draco and Harry thought about it for a few moments. Draco was looking at the marauders map.

"I have to go for a moment," he said. "It looks like we have trouble in the dungeons. You write what you need to. I can handle this."

With that he left the office. Harry quickly pulled out a piece of parchment and started writing his request to the jewelers. He was going to get each sun runner a ring with their colored stones that matched their weaving colors in it. By the time he completed his letter, Apollo was back. Harry grabbed the letter from him, and handed the new letter to him. With instructions to once again wait for a response, the phoenix disappeared in a flash of fire. Also by this time, Hedwig came back. Tied to her leg was a box. Harry quickly relieved the owl of her burden. He always had a bowl of treats on the desk for her. She grabbed one with a happy hoot and flew to her perch by the window. Harry watched her for a moment and then turned to the box. He opened it to find the gift certificates inside. With a complex wave of his wands, the envelopes started writing the names of each student on it. Harry turned his attention to the marauders map. He noticed that there was a commotion in the dungeons. With a slight turn he apparated to the location of the disturbance.

Upon arriving, Harry noticed that Draco had gotten hit with a stray stunner. Quickly casting the countercharm, Harry turned to the duel. Raising his hands he cast his own charms.

"Expelliarmus," he muttered.

The wands of everyone in the room zoomed to Harry. With a wave of his hand, he directed them to arrange themselves in a neat pile at his feet. He reached down and picked up Draco's wands and handed them back to him.

"Do you mind telling me why I am in the middle of a war zone down here?" he asked in a quiet voice. "Also I would like to know which of you hit a professor of this school with a stunner."

Not a single student answered. They were all stunned at the fact that Harry had apparated in the school. Most did not know that Harry could do that. Those that did know had apparently forgotten this.

Harry quickly wove a message to Severus. Apparently Sev was away from his own map. The students still did not answer Harry's question. Within a few moments Severus Snape appeared. He was livid.

"What is going on here?" he snarled. "What are you doing that would cause my nap to get interrupted?"

Harry waved his hands and muttered an incantation. Two wands floated into the air and into his hands.

"Prior Incantato" he muttered.

Harry watched as the stunner spell appeared. He looked around at the assembled students.

"Who does this wand belong to?" he asked.

No one said anything. Each of the twelve students assembled before him was too terrified of the Head of House to say anything.

"This is the wand of Valerie McNair," said Severus. "Why do you ask Head Master?"

"This is the wand that sent the stunner that hit Professor Malfoy," he replied.

"Is that true Miss McNair?" asked Severus.

Harry and Severus already knew the truth. Both had used Occlumency and looked into the minds of the assembled duelers. However they both waited for her to answer.

"It was an accident Professor Snape," she replied. "I did not mean to hit Professor Malfoy. I was aiming at Gardner. Professor Malfoy just got in the way."

"What reason are you all dueling in the first place?" snarled Severus.

"Gardner was picking on me because of what my father did," she replied. "I got so aggravated that I tried to stun him. I am tired of getting picked on. I am NOT my father."

Severus turned to the rest of the students.

"What about the rest of you?' he asked. "Why were you all dueling? Make no mistake that I already know the answer to that."

Gardner decided that he was going to be brave enough to risk the wrath of Severus.

"The death eater's daughter should not be here," he said disgusted. "She should be sent to prison like her dead beat father."

"That's enough!" snapped Harry. "The sins of the father will not be passed on to the children."

Draco rested his hand in the small of Harry's back. He could feel how angry Harry was. He knew much about Harry's life. He knew that Harry was remembering that Severus did the same to him because of the rivalry between James and Severus. Harry felt Draco's hand and started to relax. Severus glanced at Harry with an apologetic look on his face. Harry nodded his head to let him know that he was ok. Severus turned back to the students.

"Miss McNair," he began. "You will serve a week of detention with Professor Malfoy for your stunner that hit him him. I will take five points from Slytherin for your bad aim. Mr. Gardner you will serve a month's detention with the Head Master for your stupidity. I will also take 50 points from Slytherin for your abysmal thinking. When you are done with the month you will be serving with him, you will serve another month with me for disrespecting a fellow student. I will also take 100 points from Slytherin for your stupidity. For the other 10 of you, I will take 5 points each for disturbing the peace. Be lucky that I do not have you all serving detention as well."

With that being said, Severus turned and left the dungeon. Harry levitated the wands into the air and waited for each student to come and claim it. Draco and Valerie were quietly talking in the corner.

"You will come see me for 1 hour in the evening starting Monday," said Draco. "You will also join the DA. It is time for you to learn how to aim correctly. You will also practice often."

Valerie nodded her head in acceptance.

Gregory Gardner walked over to Harry a little fearful.

"You will start in the trophy room. You will report to me for two hours each day. Weekends are included. I will have Mrs. Figg come up with some very disgusting jobs for you. Tonight you will start in the infirmary cleaning bed pans. Do NOT bring you wand. No magic will be allowed in your detention. If I even suspect that you are behaving like this again to any other student in this school, I will not hesitate to expel you. You are to report to Madam Pomfrey at 8:00 this evening to start your detention. If you finish with her, then report to Mrs. Figg."

Harry did not even wait for a reply. He grabbed Draco by the arm and disapparated back to the Head Master office. Harry sat down with his head in his hands.

"Are you alright Drake?" he asked.

"Yes Harry," he replied. "I am fine. Please don't worry."

Harry sighed. He realized then that Apollo was back. He looked on his desk and found the scroll. He scanned it quickly and signed it and handed it back to the phoenix. Apollo left in a flash.

"Shall we get back to Christmas?" he asked. "I still need an idea as to what to get for Minerva and Severus."

An hour later, it was decided to get Severus a set of encyclopedias that pertained to DADA and Potions. For Minerva, they ordered her a couple of sets of dress robes and her favorite supply of biscuits. Harry even made sure that each of the house elves got a bonus for Christmas. For Winky and Dobby, they ordered a new bedroom set for their bed and such. Molly was given a gift certificate as well, just in a larger amount than the students. Madam Malkin sent an amused letter to Harry when they requested a new suit for Hagrid and Grawp.

Hagrid and Grawp brought the traditional 12 Christmas trees. The students watched as Minerva, Albus, and Hermione gathered around and started decorating them. Harry allowed the younger students go to Hogsmeade for that particular trip. The Yule Ball was planned by Harry and Draco.

Finally Christmas arrived. Many of the students stayed in the castle for the holiday. The house elves were busy making sure that each person got their gifts from Harry. At breakfast that day, students and staff alike approached Harry with gratitude for his thoughtfulness. Molly, Petunia, Dudley and the children at the orphanage were due later that day. Remus and Tonks would also be arriving for the ball.

Around 8:00 that evening the students and staff entered the Great Hall for the ball. The staff had their marauder maps just in case a student was somewhere they did not belong. Harry had his map at the table and it was open. He sat there and watched as students and staff all came in. Molly, Petunia and their lot approached the main gates. Albus was there to greet them. Shortly after that Remus and Tonks approached the gates. This time they were met by Draco. When everyone entered, Harry stood up.

"Let the Ball begin," he stated.

All at once balloons filled the air. Music entered through the doors. Food appeared on the banquet tables. Gifts appeared to the people who did not live in the castle. In front of Harry, 16 little black boxes stood. He watched as those he cared most about came near him. When each one passed by, he handed each a box. Finally all fifteen people had their box. Harry gestured for them to open them. Hermione squealed in delight at the contents of the box. She and Ginny ran over and gave Harry a huge hug. The rest of the group all thanked Harry profusely for their gifts.

"What's in that box Harry?" asked Draco.

"Oh this is your last gift for this year," stated Harry.

He handed the Slytherin the box. When Draco opened the box, he gasped. Those that were standing around him all did the same. Draco slid the ring on his finger and stared in awe at the majesty of the ring. He looked at the other ring on his other hand.

"Harry," he choked. "These must have cost you a fortune."

"Price is not an issue for the richest man in Britain," chuckled Harry. "Please do not concern yourselves with the price. I wanted this Christmas to be special for each of you."

There were tears in the eyes of the surrounding people. They placed their gifts in front of Harry with a happy smile on their faces. Harry opened each of his gifts with delight. Once he had opened the entire pile, he sent Dobby and Winky with them up to his room to put them away. He turned to Petunia and Dudley.

"I have something very special for you two as well," he said.

He handed them the deed to the house with the keys and the keys to a brand new car to Dudley. He blood relatives stared in shock at what he handed them. Both hugged him tightly for his thoughtfulness.

Remus and Tonks were both delighted at Harry's gifts. They approached Harry with a delighted look on their faces.

"Harry," said Remus. "I have tested Tonks. She has the gift to travel the light as well. We have a very special gift for you this year. I will let Tonks give it to you."

Harry," she began. "I am pregnant. We would love for you to be godfather of our child when he or she is born."

Harry sat stunned for a moment. His brain was having trouble moving. All of a sudden he was standing and ran to Tonks and Remus. He threw his arms around both and held on for dear life.

"I accept," he said. "Thank you both so much for that wonderful gift. This has been a very, very good year for me."

Harry turned and sat down. Draco brought him a glass of juice and some food. Harry of course had forgotten to eat. The rest of the group started to laugh. From there the party was on. People danced all evening. Around Midnight, Harry raised his hands and the music slowed and then stopped.

"I am happy that you all had such a wonderful time," he said. "However, it is time for you all to return to your dorms. Some of you still have studying to do tomorrow. Homework will not be excused due to the ball. Chop, chop."

The students laughed and made their way to their dorms. Teachers were watching their maps to watch the progress of the students. When all the students had returned to their dorms, Harry and the rest of the adults had their own small party. Finally at about 2 in the morning the adults all bade each other goodnight and headed off for their own personally rooms. Remus and Tonks stayed the night in the castle. Albus escorted Molly and the rest from the orphanage home. Finally Harry stumbled into bed. Within moments he was asleep. Unfortunately, troubled dreams started to fill his head. After a few moments, Harry sat up with a scream. Draco was standing next to him with eyes wide in terror. Harry had not had a dream this bad since he moved into the room with him. He wondered briefly what could cause the fear in the bravest person he knew. Quickly he weaved light to the other runners. Within moments they were all surrounding the bed. Harry sat there white in the face and staring at nothing. Severus and Draco each sat on the side of Harry and grabbed an arm. Albus and Hermione sat as close as they could. The rest of the group stood around and waited. Tonks having never received a fearful message on the light before was a little shaken.

"Harry," said Albus in his soothing voice. "Harry please, come back to us."

Harry sat there for a minute. He took a deep breath and then looked around. He drew back slightly at the assembled runners around him. He steadied himself. Grabbing Draco and Severus' hands he gave a deep breath and steadied himself.

"What did you see?" asked Minerva while Poppy ran her wand over him checking him out.

"Danger," he said in a hoarse whisper. "Danger will be here sooner than we think."

With that Harry laid back down and within moments he was out.

"He went back to sleep," said an amazed Poppy.

"I think Severus and I will stay here tonight just in case," said Albus.

Draco gave a shaky nod. He let Harry's hand go long enough to get Dobby and Winky to fix up cots in the room for Albus and Severus. The rest of the runners gave Harry a soft pat on the cheek and left quietly. Each made the others staying, promise to call for them if it was needed. Albus quickly assured them they would indeed be called if needed. When all the others left, Severus gave a shaking Draco a small hug of encouragement and helped the younger man climb back into bed.

"That was quick thinking," said Severus. "I am glad you were here Draco."

Draco nodded quickly and lay next to Harry. He stared at the young man that had so much riding on his young shoulders.

"How does he do it?" whispered Draco quietly so as not to awaken Harry. "How does he stay so strong with so much riding on his shoulders? Were it me, I would have caved in by now."

"He does it because he doesn't want anyone else to have to," replied Albus. "I am more proud of him than words can describe."

"I am too," said Severus. "Lily and James would have been so proud of him."

Draco thought about this for a moment. He slowly nodded to himself. AS he made himself comfortable he made one last comment before he went to sleep.

"I am glad that Harry knows we love him," he said.

With those words he drifted off to sleep.

"I am glad he knows that as well," whispered Albus, tucking the covers around the young men.

Severus nodded his head, but did not comment.

Authors Note – I know I called this Tonk's revisited, but it was a chapter to let you all know more where things stood. The next chapter will be a lot more exciting than this one. I promise. I hope that I did not get to mushy in this chapter.

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