Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

Voldemort's Revenge

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Chapter 16 – Voldemort's Revenge

Harry slept restlessly for the rest of the night. Every little moan would either wake Draco up, or send Severus or Albus rushing to the bed. It was a long night for those that were on duty for Harry. Each knew that Harry would be horrified to know that they stayed up all night keeping vigil over him. It would embarrass him to know that something as simple as a dream would send his friends into a panic. However, those that kept watch through the night also knew that Harry had more on his plate than one person deserved to have. They also knew that if something that powerful could affect Harry, then it was best that he have all the help at his disposal that he could get in a moments notice. If all it took was to help him get a good night sleep by watching over him, then they would do it. Each knew that without Harry, there was little that could be done to stop Voldemort, his powerful allies, and his growing army.

Dawn came and went and those that stood watch snoozed here and there. When Harry awoke, he looked around. Sighing to himself, he untangled himself from under Draco's ever assuring arms and got up out of the bed. He made his way to the bathroom to clean himself up. As he looked into the mirror, he remembered all to well what had happened the night before. What he didn't understand was how he went back to sleep. With everything that he saw, he should have stayed awake. Maybe he was so shocked by what he saw that his mind just went to sleep to protect itself. As he looked in the mirror, Severus came into the room behind him. With a nod, Harry turned and walked over to his friend.

"Did you guys get any rest at all last night?" he asked.

"We took turns," replied Severus. "It was needed. Do you want to talk about it?"

"Yes, but I want to tell every one of our group," said Harry. "So I guess we will all meet this evening after dinner. Now go wake Albus and go get yourselves a couple hours of decent sleep. I am sure that I will be fine."

Severus chuckled and left the bathroom. He passed by Albus and woke the older wizard. Albus looked alertly around and then got up. When he saw Harry shooing him out of the room, he left with Severus. Harry walked down the stairs to his office and sat at his desk.

"So much has happened so fast," he whispered to the room at large.

"You are very correct in that assessment," said the portrait of Armando Dippet. "In all the years I was Head Master, I never witnessed half the goings on that I have seen in just 2 years."

"Thank you Armando," said Harry. "I wasn't really expecting a response."

"Well when you talk to the room at large you get one," said a familiar voice behind Harry.

Turning Harry watched a fully dressed Draco come down the stairs. Harry still marveled at the grace of the other man.

"Thanks for helping me last night Dragon," said Harry. "I am not really sure what happened when I went back to sleep, but I am thankful that you were there to keep watch over me."

"Phoenix," said Draco. "I care about you to much to let you go through this alone. We all care about you that much. We will be here for you. Now go get dressed. It is time for breakfast."

Smiling Harry stood and in a flash went upstairs to change. When he was done he and Draco made their way out of the office and headed to the Great Hall. Harry paused to let a few students pass him and continued on his walk. He was in no hurry. Draco sensing that he was lost in thought, kept silent next to him. He knew that Harry would talk when he was ready. Together they made their way to their places at the staff table. Harry sat and did not pick up anything to eat. As was his custom, he waited for the rest of the students and teachers to arrive and seat themselves before he ate anything. Draco watched Harry carefully. He was hoping that Harry would eat period. When he looked around, he noticed that he was not the only one. Other runners were looking at Harry as well. Finally all the students and teachers arrived and sat at their places. Draco was relieved when Harry picked up his fork and started filling his plate with food. He was not the only one. Harry being lost in his thoughts did not notice the looks that were passed around.

When breakfast was finished, the students started leaving in groups. It was a Hogsmeade day, so the third years and above that had permission to go met at the entrance. Mrs. Figg was there checking them off her list as usual. Those staff members that had things to do left for their rooms. Finally those that were left were runners. They all sat there and waited. Harry coming out of his thoughts looked around in amusement.

"I guess you all want to know what happened last night," he said with a sigh.

There were collective nods all around.

"I suggest we go to my office then," said Harry. "This way we won't get over heard by ears that are not supposed to know too much."

The rest of the staff all understood that to mean that what Harry was going to tell them was severely important. They all stood and followed Harry out of the Great Hall and up to his office. Once they were all inside, Harry and Draco quickly conjured chairs for all to seat themselves.

"Well I was hit in my sleep by Voldemort," Harry began. "He can now weave the light."

There were gasps all around at this bit of information. Harry quickly silenced them with a weary wave of his hand. He stood up and went to the window. He felt it was necessary to have as much power behind his next weave as possible. Grabbing the light, he quickly wove the patterns of his colors to every available runner. Being the Master runner that he was, Harry reached all the way to the Ministry of Magic and grabbed Alastor and Amelia as well. From there he traveled to the orphanage where he grabbed Molly. When he had them and those in front of him, he flung out the onyx, jet, ruby and topaz that were Voldemort's colors. He also wove in the colors of the stranger that had been hitting Harry and breaking into Harry's weavings. The onyx, jet, carnelian, and garnet flooded everyone with the pattern. Harry wanted to make sure that everyone knew this pattern as well. This was a dangerous person that was affecting their lives. When he was sure that everyone had the patterns, he pulled back and disentangled the weave. When he saw that everyone was ok, he went back and sat behind his desk. He waited while everyone adjusted themselves. He knew they were still thinking about what they witnessed. It was one thing to be a part of a weaving, but it was entirely something all together powerful when Harry insisted they know something on the light. The power that Harry possessed with the ability of light was amazing to even those that had 5 colors of their own. The strength that Harry possessed was amazing. Add in the factor that Harry was the only one that they knew of that had 6 colors and you have a weaver that can flatten you in a single weave. However they knew that Harry was being hit by more than one person in a weave. Even the power that Harry had would not be able to help him against a group of people when they were weaving against him.

"What did V-Voldemort want with you last night?" asked Hermione in a shaky voice. "How did he break into your sleep with weaving? I did not know that was even possible."

"It is possible," said Harry. "I did not divulge that because I feel it is an invasion of ones privacy. Also, I choose not to invade your sleep in that fashion. Unlike Voldemort, I have respect for you all. Besides, he was not alone. This stranger was with him. Forgive me for not telling you all sooner that this could be done. I should not have kept that a secret from you all. I was wrong."

"Wait," said Ginny. "You mean that at any time any one of us can break into someone's sleep using the light?"

"No," said Harry. "Only those people that have 4 or more colors can do so. Take Luna for example. She could try and weave to a sleeping person and it will not affect that person in the slightest. I could cause serious fright on the light to even someone who is passed out drunk."

"Oh," said Ginny. "I am glad that those of us on the light side have scruples then."

"Exactly," said Albus. "We have respect for a person's privacy. I am sure that in an emergency we would not care at all that we were woken up on the light. For the record Harry, I also knew that it could be done. I felt the same way that you do. So the fault is also with me for not informing you all."

There were nods at this. Everyone knew that Harry would never as much as bother a bee much less a person if he didn't have to.

"There is no need to apologize," said Severus. "We know that there are many things that Harry can do that others can't. We also know that you are not far behind him in that power Albus."

"So what did happen on the light last night?" interupted Pomona. "I can tell you right now that Draco was beside himself with fear."

"That is difficult to explain," said Harry. "I am not so sure that I should say what he told me anyway."

"Just spit it out Harry," said Ron a little irritated. "We are all in this together. If it affects you, then it affects us."

"Well said Mr. Weasley," said Minerva. "Harry you have to tell us. It doesn't matter if it is to frightening or painful for us to hear. We need to know. We have a right to know."

Harry looked at each person in the room. Remus and Tonks were sitting together holding hands. Hagrid was sitting next to Poppy, looking a little out of place. Neville was sitting next to Ginny. Luna was in her own zone, but she was no doubt listening. Ron was sitting next to Hermione. His eyes moved to Pomona, Minerva, Albus, Severus, and then Draco. He tried to speak and his throat closed up on his. Tears started falling. He could not help it. He was feeling the agony from the night before. It was as if someone was taking a knife and cutting off a part of him. Draco and Severus were at his side in a flash. Each man grabbed him and held him for a moment. When Harry calmed down enough to talk, they let him go.

"Voldemort told me that he was going to take one of you from me," said Harry through his tears. "He said that I would not know when or how. He also told me that I would not know who. One of you sitting before me will be taken and killed."

Harry broke down crying again. Draco and Severus reached out to grab him. Everyone else sat there with a horrified look on their face. The portraits of the former Head Masters were all muttering angrily as well.

"Well," said Minerva after a moment. "Then I guess that it is time for us to make sure that he can not get to us. I think it is time to start training the DA and SFG harder than before."

"I think that is a good idea," said Hermione. "I would also like to add that maybe we should start moving around the grounds together in pairs or more. The more of us that are together the less chance we have that one of us can be taken and hurt."

"Agreed," said Albus. "Harry we are only as strong as we are a team. We will get through this just like we always do. He has never been able to win before. He will not do so now."

"I can ask Moody to be stationed here at the castle," said Tonks. "That way Remus and I are close."

"Harry I am sure that you can create some new wards on the castle to stop people from getting into the castle using the light," said Hermione.

Harry sat and listened as each person spoke what they thought. He knew that he would go out of his way to protect each and every one of the people present.

After the meeting the group dispersed to get what they needed done. Classes started the following day; therefore the teachers had to get their lessons prepared. When they were gone, Harry sat looking out of the window into the sun. He pondered what he was going to do to help keep every member of the Light Runners safe. He pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote a letter to Amelia.

Dear Minister,

I received word from Voldemort that he will be kidnapping and killing one of our Light Runners. I think that it is prudent that we raise the security around you. There are enough Aurors that can run on the light to accommodate this. I feel it is in your best interest to have Moody not far from you at all times. We do not know who he will take. We just know that he will take someone. Please head my warning. I have sent you and the others the colors of both Voldemort and this mysterious stranger that is in league with him. Also know that he has an army of minotaurs in his service. Let me know if there is anything that I can do. I was wondering if you have a few Aurors that you can spare to help patrol the grounds of Hogwarts.


Harry Potter

Head Master of Hogwarts

Harry quickly sealed the parchment and gave it to Hedwig. She gave him an assuring hoot and flew out the window to deliver his letter to the Minister. Harry sat back at his desk. He was lost as to what to do with himself today. He was too tired to really give much thought as an activity for the day. He glanced at his clock and noticed that it was time for lunch. He went down to the Great Hall. He was not really hungry, but he wanted to keep an eye on his friends and loved ones as well as the rest of the students. Winky and Dobby never strayed far from Harry. They were as worried about him as everyone else was. The love that they held for Harry was only rivaled by those that were closest to him.

The day went by slowly for Harry. He wandered the halls until late in the evening. The prefects that were making their rounds nodded to him, but hurried about their rounds. Harry was not a strict person, but it was clear to see that he was troubled by something.

Somewhere around midnight, Harry was standing by the window in his office. He had just finished going over the paperwork that was necessary for the running of the school. He was facing the portrait of Armando Dippet when out of the corner of his eye he saw a light flash outside. Turning for a closer look he was stunned to see that Hagrid's hut was on fire. He quickly wove the light to the other runners and when Draco appeared, he grabbed the blond and apparated them to the grounds. Together they started casting the Aguamenti Charm to put out the flames. Harry searched around for a sign of Hagrid. When he found none, he quickly wove the light. Racing away on the moonbeams, Harry searched the general vicinity. He noticed that there were minotaurs leaving the forest. He thought for a moment about going after them, but Hagrid was not with them. Therefore, he must have been apparated away. By this time the rest of the Light Runners were there. They looked in horror at the devastation of Hagrid's hut. They spotted Harry still walking around. They knew he was weaving the light by the look on his face. Unlike most of them, Harry could weave the light and do other things in conjunction with one another. Albus and Severus approached Harry, but they were blocked by Draco.

"No," said Draco. "Let him be for a moment. The Dark Lord took Hagrid. Harry is trying to find him on the light."

The two older wizards gathered the rest of the Light Runners together and gave them Draco's explanation. Without even discussing it, they all decided to help Harry. They all linked up together and flung themselves at Harry. Draco realizing what they were doing grabbed onto the weave and entered himself. Harry felt the weave coming to him and gathered up the lines of power. He rewove them into the pattern he needed and together the group flew out into the night searching for their friend. When they got a few miles out from the school, Harry separated the weave into groups of two and gave them each a direction to follow. Together with Draco they headed for the remains of the Riddle house. They were approaching the grounds, when they found a familiar, but offensive color pattern. Harry and Draco repeatedly tried to get around it. Nothing they did however would make the pattern that was Voldemort move. It took Harry a moment to realize that Voldemort was being boosted by several other Dark Runners.

"Go back Potter," said the voice of the Voldemort. "I have your oaf of a friend. You will not find him. What a great gift of magic this moonlight running is. I thank you for it because I will soon be able to beat you Potter. Even when you sleep you are not protected from me. I will beat you one way or another. It is too late for your half giant friend. I have him and you will not be able to find him in time."

Harry gathered up the strands of light and directed a brilliant white searing light at the pattern that was Voldemort. Before it could reach him however a beam that was dark hit it and stopped Harry's attack.

"Yes Potter," said Voldemort. "The heirs of Morgan Le Fey will be a match for you. We WILL beat you and the castle will be mine."

With a mocking laugh, Voldemort's colors vanished. Harry called the rest of the group back to the grounds of Hogwarts. He made sure that each person was alright. He knew without a doubt that they had to find Hagrid. He also knew that Voldemort told the truth. He had found the heirs of Morgan Le Fey. The new battles would begin all too soon.

Author's Note – I will end this chapter here. I know that I am leaving a lot of cliff hangers. This is to make the suspense better. I hope that you enjoy this Chapter. Please keep those amazing reviews coming in. Thanks for the support.

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