Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

Death of a Hero

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Chapter 17 – Death of a Hero

The battle lines were drawn. Those that were part of the Dark Runner group had taken its first hostage. Harry and those that styled themselves as the Light Runners, made their way back up to the castle so that they could figure out what they could do about getting Hagrid back. The group met in Harry's office. They sat for hours discussing possible locations and ideal spots that Voldemort could and would be hiding Hagrid. It was decided that the team would break off into pairs and go in search of Hagrid. Remus and Tonks would search the forbidden forest. Albus and Hermione would search Greater London including the cave where Voldemort hid his horcrux. Minerva and Severus would search Hogsmeade and the surrounding area. Pomona and Ron would search Godric's Hollow. Ginny, Luna, Neville, and the rest of the DA would stay and protect the castle. Harry and Draco would go to Little Hangleton. Molly, Poppy and Aurors from the Ministry of Magic would help guard the school. Once the search was done, each party would head back to Hogwarts immediately in case this was a ploy to get the Light Runners out of the school. Any information found would be directly sent on the sunlight to the other parties. Thus the battle lines were drawn and the plans were made. Within the hour all was set and the teams all headed out.

Meanwhile, Voldemort was in his hiding spot. He was torturing Hagrid. Every so often he would put the Cruciatus Curse on him. When Hagrid would pass out from the pain, Voldemort would bring him around again and start the torture all over again. As it stood, Hagrid had already lost 4 fingers. Voldemort used a severing charm and removed them.

"Tell me what I want to know you filthy half breed," snarled Voldemort. "How is it that Harry Potter is so powerful? Where did he find Slytherin's wand? What did he do with it? Where did he learn all these very interesting gifts?

"I'm telling ya, I don't ruddy well know," roared Hagrid. "They don't tell me everything ya know."

"Very well," sneered Voldemort. "Hold out his hand again. DIFFINDO!"

Hagrid screamed as another finger was severed off his hand. By now he lost all the fingers of his wand hand. He would never hold another wand again. Hagrid cried and wrenched his hand away from his captives. Holding it tight to his chest he rocked back and forth in pain.

"You are running out of fingers," said Voldemort. "Answer my questions and the pain will stop. Let's break it down into smaller questions shall we? Where is Slytherin's wand being hidden?"

Hagrid moaned in pain, but decided to answer.

"It ain't hidden nowhere," he said. "He doesn't have it anymore."

Voldemort stopped and looked at Hagrid in surprise.

"He let a gift like that go?" he asked. "Who did he give it to?"

"I wasn't in the meeting when he gave the wands away," cried Hagrid.

"LIAR," screamed Voldemort. "I can see it in your puny mind where the wand is. You can NOT lie to Lord Voldemort. Hold him!

NOOOO!" pleaded Hagrid as Voldemort henchmen grabbed and held out Hagrid's other hand.

"Too late Hagrid," said Voldemort pointing his wand at Hagrid's hand. "SectumSempra!"

With a spurt of blood, Hagrid's hand was dissected from his body. He screamed in agony. Voldemort listened to him for a few moments longer and cast a silencing charm on him. Tired of the sport, He used Legilimency on Hagrid. He got he answers to some of his questions, but not others.

"So Lucius' son has Slytherin's wand," he mused. "No matter I will have it soon enough. All I have to do is locate him and take it from him. It seems this great oaf was telling the truth about not knowing where Harry got his power from. Either that or he wasn't paying attention and did not hear it or learn it. No matter. In the end I will destroy Potter and Malfoy and take what I want."

"Do not forget my Lord," said a mysterious voice. "We get Merlin's body and his possessions. If you go back on your end of the deal, then we will no longer be allies. You do not scare us. We are as powerful as you are."

"I have not forgotten," said Voldemort. "You shall have what you seek. I have no wish to sever our alliance as I did this mongrel's limbs."

Secretly Voldemort did not enjoy sharing the power. When he was done with Potter and his rag tag army, he would deal with the Dark Runners as well. There was only room for one Dark Lord in this world, and he intended to make sure that he stayed at the top. It may be true that Dumbledore and Potter destroyed all of his horcruxes, but there were other ways of making oneself immortal. He would find a way. Right now though, he knew that he needed these heirs of Morgan Le Fey if he was going to beat Harry Potter. He had lost just about all of his original Death Eaters to Potter. He would get revenge on Potter if it was the last thing he did.

"Lock this mess up in a cell," Voldemort ordered his underlings. "The stench of him is making me sick."

"Yes Master," said the hooded Death Eater.

Bowing the Death Eaters grabbed Hagrid and dragged him from the room. Others cleaned up the blood with a cleansing charm. The newly recruited Death Eaters were nervous about the heirs of Morgan Le Fey. The heirs scared them as much as the Dark Lord did. It was bad enough with the one Dark Lord. Now there were others with power to match him. No good would ever come from this.

Back in the Forbidden Forest, Tonks and Remus made a thorough search of the forest. They talked with the centaurs as well as Aragog. Both the centaurs and the acromantulas all agreed to help search for Hagrid. When the discussion was over, Remus and Tonks finished searching the forest. When they found nothing, they made their way back to the castle.

In Godric's Hollow, Pomona and Ron also ran into a dead end. They found nothing. However they talked too many of the residents and had them all keep a lookout for any signs of Hagrid. After getting many promises that they too would let Harry or Amelia know if they saw or heard anything, Pomona and Ron made their way back to the castle.

Minerva and Severus were having the same problem as the rest of them. They knew that the Dark Lord would never hide Hagrid anywhere near the school. However, Harry had asked them to search and search they did. Aberforth and Rosmerta were on the lookout for anything unusual. Minerva and Severus checked the cave that Sirius had hidden in as well as the Shrieking Shack. When they uncovered nothing, they returned to the castle.

Albus and Hermione traveled to the cave that Voldemort had hidden his locket horcrux. Together they went in and searched the cave and its hidden area. After a quick battle with some left over inferi, they found nothing else in the cave. They searched all over Greater London and came up empty handed. With a dejected sigh, they too returned o the castle.

Harry and Draco went to the Riddle House. Upon getting to the Gaunt cottage, they stopped and hid for a bit. Harry, using the sunlight, traveled near the Riddle House. He did not get to close in case there were and Dark Runners in the vicinity. Harry's main priority was to see if Hagrid was there. He would fight if he had too, but he was just trying to get Hagrid out safely. Harry noticed that a muggle repelling charm had been placed upon the grounds making it difficult for muggles to get a clear look at the house and grounds. Harry wondered if there was some kind of alarm in the spell that would trigger if someone passed into it. Harry was not a muggle however. In fact Harry was not your typical wizard either. Harry saw nothing out of the ordinary at first. Movement behind the Riddle House caught his attention. When he scanned that area, he saw the Minotaurs. Harry knew right then, that Hagrid was somewhere on the grounds. He pulled back quickly to where he and Draco were hidden.

"Dragon I am going to weave the sunlight to the castle," he said. "The minotaurs are here. So Hagrid must be here as well. There seems to be some kind of muggle repelling charm around the area. I'm going to see if I can find Albus and Hermione. Cover me ok?"

Sure Harry," he replied. "I have got you covered there. I'll leave a trickle open for you to latch on to if you need it. I will keep watch on the light over the house. Harry, please hurry. We need to get Hagrid back. I have a feeling we are running on borrowed time."

Harry nodded in agreement and turned in the direction he knew the castle would be. He quickly wove the light and flew to the castle. When he got there he noticed the rest of the teams had all returned. Quickly he launched his colors at all present and told them what they found and suspected. Albus sent a reply that He, Severus, Minerva, Ron, and Hermione would be there shortly. Harry let them loose from the weave and hurried back to Draco.

Draco looked at him for a moment. He had seen Harry before when he was angry. He even saw Harry when he was terrified. The look now on Harry's face made him pause for a second and take s step back. The look of deep loathing was etched on Harry's face. Harry, noticing the horrified expression on Draco's face eased his features. He gave the blond a quick squeeze on the arm and smile at him to ease his comfort.

"It is not you Dragon," he said. "Hagrid has been my friend since the night I tuned 11. He was the one that explained to me about Hogwarts and magic and such. He is a wonderful friend. I am furious that I did not think to wards the grounds against Minotaurs."

"I know Harry," said Draco. "I would like to think that you would have the same look on your face if it was me V-Voldemort had."

Harry faced Draco and looked him square in the eyes.

"Draco," he said. "I would be crushed if it were you in there. It would hurt if ANY of my friends were in there. You have made such an impact in my life over the last 2 years that if anything were to happen to you, I am not sure how I would deal with it."

Draco gave Harry a smile. Harry could see the relief in the blue eyes of his friend. Forgotten were the days when Harry and Draco were bitter enemies. Harry was no longer the arrogant Gryffindor and Draco was no longer the jerk of Hogwarts. They were now Dragon and Phoenix.

Harry came up with a start after that thought.

"That's it," he exclaimed. "When the rest get here, I will use my Animagus form and go look. I forgot that I am a multi Animagus. I can turn into a badger, snake, eagle, lion, and a phoenix. I can slip past the Minotaurs and go see if Hagrid is in the house."

"That is a brilliant idea Harry," said Albus coming around the corner. "I think it wise to not fight yet. Let us see if Hagrid is there first. If he is we can devise a battle plan to get him out."

Hermione and Ron were both nodding at this statement.

"I will be right back then," said Harry.

Quickly Harry transformed into an eagle and flew across the grounds to the Riddle House. When he got near enough he landed and quickly turned into a snake and entered a hole in the side of the house. Harry could adjust his size, so he went as a small snake so that he could have access to more places without being seen. He went to the deepest part of the house first. He checked room after room. Finally he came to a cell that was in the back of the cellar. It was magically sealed from entry. Harry raised his head and gave a quick look around. When he noticed no one was there, he quickly transformed back into his human form. He looked into the room. Hagrid was unconscious, but still alive. Harry quickly examined the magical lock on the door. He raised his wand to unlock it when he heard a sound behind him. Turning he looked into the snake like eyes of Voldemort.

"Well, Well Potter," said Voldemort. "It looks like we meet again. It also looks like you were foolish enough to come alone. What would possess you to do something so foolish? Does this half breed mean that much to you?"

"Tom Riddle," sneered Harry sarcastically. "I may be alone, but you are no match for me. The answer to your questions is YES. Hagrid does mean that much to me."

"I may not be a match to you alone Potter," said Voldemort reluctantly. "However you are mistaken if you think that I am alone.

Voldemort raised his wand and cancelled the spell. Harry looked around and saw that there were 20 Death Eaters and 10 Minotaurs in front of him. Quickly he tallied the count in his head. Just to prove to Voldemort that he was not scared, he smiled and waited.

Voldemort was not expecting this reaction from Harry. When he recovered he raised his wand and pointed it at Harry.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" screamed Voldemort.

"One would have thought by now, that you would know you can not kill me with that spell," said Harry from behind the group.

"How did you do that?" asked Voldemort trying to get another shot at Harry.

"The secret is in the blood," said Harry with a laugh. "I hate to break up this little party, but I must be going for now. Just know that I will be back in a few moments with the rest of my group. The Light Runners are here and we will be taking our friend back."

Harry made an obscene gesture at Voldemort and apparated back to the Gaunt cottage. He quickly told the rest of the group what he saw. He also told them what he did to Voldemort.

"It will be a fight," said Harry with a sad look on his face. "Hagrid is hurt pretty badly. One of his hands I missing."

"SectumSempra," muttered Severus with a dark look.

"It would seem so my friend," Harry replied. "Did you bring Excalibur?"

"No," said Severus. "I did not think I would need it."

"No matter," said Harry. "Where is it?"

"Hidden behind my fireplace in my rooms," said Severus. "Why do you ask?"

"I'm going to go get it and Godric's sword," he replied. "If we have to fight, let us fight with every thing we can."

Severus nodded his head in agreement and told Harry exactly where to find the hidden compartment. Harry grinned and told Severus, that he already knew about it. With a quick turn on the spot, he disappeared. In 3 minutes, he was back holding out Excalibur to Severus and holding Godric's sword in the other hand. He quickly wove the light and showed them the entire outline of the house down to where Hagrid was being kept hostage. He gave a nod to Ron to start some strategy as to how to get Hagrid out of the house alive. When all saw what Harry had to show them, he untangled the weave. Ron and Severus sat together and went over option and ideas. Albus and Hermione sat and went over the charms and incantations they could use on a Minotaur.

Harry was standing with the group in a patch of light when they felt the unsteady nudge of someone weaving on the light. Harry quickly gathered the strands and raced to answer. He pulled the rest of the group with him as he went. It was Hagrid. His colors were weak and he was barely able to hold the weave. Harry gathered some energy and flung it to Hagrid.

"Harry," said Hagrid weakly. "I am not going ter make it. I have lost too much blood. I came ter warn ye that the Dark Runners are laying a trap fer ye. You mustn't come back into the house. They er talkin 'bout tryin ter get you shadow lost."

"We have to get you out of there," said a horrified Harry.

He felt the others nod their agreement in the weave.

"No Harry," whispered Hagrid getting weaker. "It is to late fer me. Save yerself. And Harry, please take care of Grawpie fer me."

Harry felt Hagrid's colors getting weaker by the moment. His anger and rage started to build. The others were just as angry as he was. They were about to pour more power into Hagrid, when Voldemort's colors infiltrated the weave.

"Ah Potter," he said. "I see you have the key members of your group with you. This will make it all the more fun for me. Watch this. I have something I want to show you."

Harry and the group watched in spite of themselves. Voldemort turned and pointed his wand at Hagrid.

"AVADA KEDAVRA," screamed Voldemort.

"NO!" screamed Harry.

The weave of light that was Hagrid went out. Harry and the rest of the Light Runners felt the loss of one of their own. Hatred burned in Harry's mind. He looked around at the rest of the group. They were a little dazed at Harry's abrupt ending of the weave, but they all understood why he did it. None of them wanted to see any more than they already had.

"I will have Riddle's head for this," said Harry through tears and clenched teeth.

"We will help you Harry," said Hermione. "Now is not the time."

She turned and pointed her wand at the Riddle House.

"Accio, Hagrid's body," she intoned.

Within moments a crash could be heard and Hagrid's body landed in a bloody heap at her feet. Albus quickly waved his wand and sent Hagrid's body back to Hogwarts.

"OK," said Harry. "Draco loan me your wand for a moment please. When I am done with what I am about to do, Albus I want you to get us out of here."

Draco looked at Harry cautiously, but handed him his wand. The wand that was his own Hawthorne and unicorn tail combined with Slytherin's Yew and Basilisk venom was passed into Harry waiting hand. Albus was about to ask what Harry had in mind and then changed his mind. He watched as Harry brought forth his own combined wands of Holly and Phoenix tail feather and Merlin's, Oak and Gryphon feather. Harry gave a tight smile to both Albus and Draco and turned to face the Riddle House. He raised both wands and pointed them at the House.

"INCENDIO!" Harry screamed.

Fire flew from both wand tips and headed straight for the house. The power of the incantation was so great that each of the people present in the clearing felt the heat as it poured from Harry. Harry gave the spell every ounce of power that he had. Albus however was watching closely. He noticed that even as strong as the spell was, that Harry was directing it where he wanted it to go. He started at the bottom of the house and held the incantation until the flames could not be put out in time to save it. Minerva, Severus, and the rest of the group all pulled out their wands. If there was to be a battle, they would be ready. They could hear the screams from the Death Eaters. However, none of the Death Eaters could get near enough to the flame to extinguish it. Harry's power was too much for even Voldemort to try and save the house. Voldemort quickly scanned the area trying to locate Harry's position. By then it was too late to save the house. He wanted to do harm to Harry. When he finally located Harry he cast a spell at him. Harry quickly sent the flames at the spell and negated it. Once the house was totally engulfed in flames, Harry lowered the wands. He looked around at Albus and then slowly hit the ground in a dead faint. Draco and Severus both rushed over to Harry. Albus quickly created a portkey and everyone grabbed hold just as Voldemort came to where they were standing. With a jerk behind their navels, the group landed in Harry's office.

"Get Poppy in here immediately," said Albus as he and Draco laid Harry on his bed.

Author-s Note - AAHHH Another cliff hanger. I apologize to you all for the loss of Hagrid. He was the obvious choice in the matter. Everyone else was too watched over and Hagrid's hut was on the grounds and not in the castle. For his death it saddens me as much as it does you. However Harry will get his revenge. Visit my next chapter and see the battle of all battles.

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