Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

Slytherin to Slytherin Showdown

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Chapter 18 - Slytherin to Slytherin Showdown

Minerva and Hermione ran from the room in search of the school nurse. A few minutes later the three women came running in. Poppy pushed everyone aside and quickly ran a diagnostic over Harry.

"There is nothing wrong with him that I can see," she said flabbergasted. "It appears that he just passed out."

There was a collective sigh throughout the room. All of those present dropped wearily into chairs. They were worried that Harry had dome damage to himself. After all, that was quite a lot of power that he poured into the spell.

"I have Hagrid's body prepared for burial," said Poppy to the room at large. "I think it would be appropriate for him to be buried on the edge of the Forbidden Forest."

"I agree with you," said Albus. "However the choice is not up to us. Harry is the only one who can make that call."

"I happen to think that it is a brilliant idea," said Harry startling everyone in the room. "Hagrid spent his whole life here on the grounds. It is only fitting that we bury him where he had family and friends. I have a few things I need to get done. Draco I would appreciate your assistance."

"You are not going anywhere yet Potter," Poppy said sharply. "You just passed out and we want to make sure that you are ok."

"Poppy," he said. "I appreciate your concern, but I am fine. My emotions just got the best of me. That is all. I really have to get things started. Albus get the SFG and the DA ready for battle. It will be a few days until Voldemort is here. Ron I need you to get a strategy going. Hermione and Minerva, I need you to get Tonks and Remus and fill them in on what is going on. I want our students protected. Severus, get the prefects and the Head Boys and Girls to double their patrols."

Everyone present nodded and left the room. Harry looked at Draco and held out his hands. Draco looked at him sadly, but grabbed his hands. Harry gave a slight shift and apparated them to the edge of the Forbidden Forest. He quickly outlined to Draco what he had in mind for the tomb of Hagrid. Together they raised their wands and got to work. An hour later, the tomb was ready to receive the friendly half giant who would forever lie in it. On it, Harry used a permanent sticking charm to put Hagrid's pink umbrella that held the broken pieces of his wand over the door. From there Harry and Draco entered the Forbidden Forest. They made their way to Grawp's cave. Harry sat the giant down and told him what had happened. The giant bellowed his anger at the death of his brother. Harry told the giant that he would get revenge on the person that killed him. Grawp nodded his head and returned to his cave. Sobs could be heard from inside. Harry and Draco set out from there to locate Ronan and Bane. When he found the centaur herd, Harry quickly told them what had happened.

"We are sorry to hear about the loss of one we considered a friend," said Ronan. "We will do our part to protect the forest. You have the full support of the centaur herd."

"Thank you Ronan," replied Harry. "That means a lot to me. I too, will miss Hagrid. He was my first friend. He was the one that introduced me to this world."

"You have much on your shoulders young one," said Magorian. "Everything will happen as it is supposed to. Time is fleeting in the world and we are right along side of it."

"That is only to true my friend," said Harry. "I have a few other things to do. For now, I will take my leave. Thank you again for your support."

Harry and Draco bowed to the centaurs and left. They headed deeper into the forest than Draco had ever been before. Harry knew the way. He and Ron had been here before in their second year. It was not long before they could here the click of the acromantulas that lived in the glen.

Aragog," Harry called out loudly. "I need to speak with you. It is very important that I get safe passage to and from you."

"You have it Harry Potter," called Aragog. "What is it that is so important?"

"Voldemort murdered Hagrid," said Harry with tears forming in his eyes.

The anger could be heard and felt as the giant spiders grew agitated. Harry could not blame them. He was just as angry as they were. Hagrid was loved by many things in the forest.

"What are you planning Harry Potter?" asked Aragog when he calmed down.

"Voldemort plans on bringing and army of Minotaurs into the forest to attack the castle," Harry stated. "I am going to all of Hagrid's friends and asking them to help us eliminate this threat. We have the special trained groups at the school who are ready. The centaurs will do their part by protecting the forest. Grawp will be at the school to help with any giants that Voldemort brings. I am thinking that your family can attack the Minotaurs and start bringing them in. They would make an excellent meal for your family. I personally am going after the abomination that killed Hagrid. I will have his head this time."

"That is an acceptable plan," stated Aragog. "My family owes a lot to Hagrid. We will help you avenge his death. You may count us in."

"I wanted to tell you," continued Harry. "That I own the forbidden forest. As long as I am alive, you and your family will be protected by me. I vow the same friendship to you that you had with Hagrid."

"Thank you Harry Potter," said Aragog. "Hagrid was correct about you. You are indeed a rare human. In turn I vow that no one in my family will harm you or the one standing next to you."

Harry looked over at Draco. He had forgotten the blond was there for a moment. With a bow to Aragog he grabbed Draco's arm and they left the glen. Together they made their way back to Hagrid's hut. They entered the hut and stood by the bed that held Hagrid's body. Both young men were openly crying by this time. They were so lost in their thoughts, that they did not hear the door open. Albus entered followed by Severus. Each of the older wizards walked up to a younger one and held them.

"We shall all miss him," said Albus. "Harry, I have taken the liberty of inviting Madam Maxime to the funeral. I hope that is ok with you."

"I think Hagrid would have liked that," said Harry nodding at Albus. "I went and talked with the centaurs, Grawp, and Aragog. All will help us in the battle coming soon."

"The prefects and Head Boys and Girls are already in the process of doubling and even tripling the patrols of the school," said Severus.

"The DA and SFG are also ready," stated Albus.

"The Ministry of Magic has been notified as well," said Minerva entering the room and joining the group near Hagrid.

"Tonks and Remus are ready as well," said Hermione entering and joining them.

"I have the battle plan all ready set up," said Ron walking in with Ginny.

Together they stood with the group who all linked their arms together and stood. Each was remembering their times with Hagrid.

"Remember those awful flobber worms?" asked Ron.

The other former students of Hagrid all chuckled at this.

"Goodness," said Harry. "Remember him trying to raise Norbert here in the hut?"

"That one caused us no amount of trouble," said Draco. "I think most of us lost points and got detentions for that one."

"The nifflers were fun though," said Ron.

"I'm sorry I missed that class," said Hermione.

"I remember him trying to wrestle with trolls in the forest when he was a student," said Albus with a small smile on his face. "Also I remember the time he was trying to raise werewolf cubs in his dorm room. That was a fiasco."

The group all laughed. They each took turns remembering some crazy thing that Hagrid had done. Others came and went in the hut. Harry never left Hagrid's side. Dobby and Winky brought him food at the hut.

Two days later the sky was full of flying horses as Madam Maxime arrived in her powder blue carriage. Albus went out to greet her as she and a couple of her graduate students got her horses in a paddock and set up. Harry came out of Hagrid's hut and approached her. She smiled down at him and he led her to where Hagrid was lying. Before they went inside, Harry pointed out to her, where Hagrid would be laid to rest. She nodded her approval and went inside. Harry quietly shut the door behind her giving her the privacy she needed. An hour later she came out. Her eyes were red and puffy. She walked up to Harry and together they made their way to the castle.

The students were all subdued. Many, like Harry and Hermione, loved Hagrid. Most of the students would miss the friendly atmosphere that Hagrid had brought to their lives. Albus had taken it upon himself to bring Professor Grubbly-Plank in to replace Hagrid for classes. Harry gave her a pat on the arm as he passed by her. Harry led Madam Maxime to Hagrid's chair and left her to approach the podium.

"Times are dark once again," he began. "Voldemort is on the move. It will be a few days before he arrives, but he is coming. He will bring with him anything he can. Our biggest concern is the Minotaurs that he recruited from Greece. Last time I looked, he had close to 300 of them. We do not want you all to panic however. Hagrid had many friends in the Forbidden Forest. We have those friends that will help up to avenge the death of our beloved Care of Magical Creatures professor. I will ask that each student remain in the castle for the next few days. Herbology classes and Care of Magical Creatures classes are cancelled until the attack is over. I want each of you to write to your parents and let them know what has happened. Many were friends of Hagrid's as well. They will want to know and some may want to come to the castle to help us fight. All Hogsmeade trips are hereby cancelled until further notice. Also all Quidditch matches and training are hereby cancelled. This is for your own safety. We have already lost one we loved dearly. I do not want us to lose anyone else. Members of the DA and the SFG are to assist the prefects and Heads to patrol the corridors. All Heads of House are to make sure that all students are in their dorms no later than 9:00."

When Harry was finished he sat down. From there the tables filled with food. Harry was not really hungry, but he picked at his food so that he would not hurt Winky and Dobby's feelings. The rest of the staff members were in the same mind thought as Harry.

The next morning Harry and the rest of the Light Runners with Madam Maxime by their side laid Hagrid to rest and sealed his tomb. It was a somber affair. The centaurs came out of the forest and paid their respects. The unicorns also came out. The lead male stallion placed his horn to Hagrid's tomb. When he lifted it, there was a glowing diamond there. When the glowing stopped, a type of shell encased the tomb. This ensured that they body would never decay.

Three days later, Harry was sitting with all the Light Runners that lived and taught in the castle. The Ministry of Magic was on alert. Aurors that could and even couldn't run on the light were patrolling the grounds of the castle. Moody stayed near Amelia at all times. Scrimgeour was the one that was in charge of all Aurors at Hogwarts. Tonks was his second in command. They were the only two Aurors that did not leave the castle. Members of the DA and the SFG were approaching Rufus with questions about tactics and interests in the Auror program. He answered all of their questions as politely as he could, but his thoughts were of protecting them and getting them through this battle. He referred all the strategy of defending the castle to Ron. During the meeting that night, Harry was just about to make his statement, when he stood up. Those that could run on the light knew exactly what was going on. The look on Harry's face said that he was caught in a weave. Harry was no ordinary light runner. He could weave and move about at the same time. He could also talk to others while weaving. However, they also knew that Harry would never reveal that information to the enemy. So they waited patiently for the weaving to end. When Harry came to, he raised his hands and sent green sparks to every room in the castle. The forces of Voldemort were seen in the forest not more than 10 miles from the castle. Albus raised his wand and sent patronuses to Hogsmeade to inform key members that the attack would begin soon. All around the castle, activity could be seen and heard. Harry sent a patronus to Aragog informing him that the enemy had been spotted. Severus wove the light and when he found the centaurs sent them the same message. Within an hour, the first line of Minotaurs could be heard approaching the castle. Grawp and Madam Maxime were on the grounds. Harry and the rest of the Light Runners got into their positions. Harry, Draco, and Hermione formed one team. Severus, Minerva, and Ginny formed another. Albus, Neville and Pomona formed a third. Each group stood about 50 yards from the other. They all faced the forest and waited.

They did not have to wait long. Minotaurs that ranged from 7 to 9 feet tall entered the clearing behind Voldemort. They spread out and formed a functional fighting unit. Each minotaur carried a battle axe. Harry held the sword of Gryffindor and Severus carried Excalibur.

"I think you have something that belongs to me traitor," said Voldemort to Draco. "I want Slytherin's wand. It is rightfully mine. You have no business carrying it or using it.

"Actually Tom," said Harry sarcastically. "The wand is MINE and I said he can carry and use it. If you want to take it from him, you have to go through me to get it. Let us be realistic Tom, you don't stand a chance of getting past me."

"We shall see Potter," said Voldemort with a sneer. "MINOTAURS ATTACK"

The half bull, half men creatures rushed into the clearing. The Hogwarts defenders were ready for them however. Whenever a minotaur would slash at one of the Light Runners, they would disappear only to reappear somewhere else. Every now and again a minotaur would actually find the group, only to be brought down by Harry, Severus, or Albus. From the forest, angry grunts could be heard as the occasional minotaur would disappear into the tree tops or get dragged away. Harry had eyes for one being and one being only. He watched as Voldemort gave orders to his army and directed them to the best places for attack. He could not personally come near the castle, as Harry's wards still prevented him from doing so.

"Let us end this POTTER," screamed Voldemort. "Let it be just you and I. Come out and face me."

"Music to my ears Tom," Harry replied. "Why don't you try turning around?"

Voldemort whirled around and stared in shock. Harry was standing there with a wand in one hand and the sword of Godric Gryffindor in the other. Harry did not even bat an eyelash as he sent the stunning spell at Voldemort.

Voldemort screamed in fury as he deflected the spell. As he was about to summon a few minotaurs to come to his aid, he noticed that a force field was forming around Harry and himself. When he looked around a second time he could see Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin all standing at a corner holding out their hands to each other. The force field comprised of Godric's red, Helga's yellow, Rowena's blue, and Salazar's green. The flow surrounded the combatants. Those on the outside stopped fighting and turned to watch what was going on. Even the minotaurs stopped and despite themselves turned to watch the conflict between the two in the center of the clearing. Occasionally a grunt of pain could be heard as a minotaur here and there would disappear to become food for Aragog's family. Out of the 300 minotaurs that Voldemort started with, he had about 175 left. Harry was not that surprised to see the founders standing there.

"Why are you not helping me?" Voldemort asked Salazar. "I am your descendant. I am your only descendant. You should be helping me, not Potter."

"You are NOT my only descendant," replied Salazar. "Harry is also my descendant. You are something that I am ashamed of. Let this be the final battle between you."

Salazar said no more after that. He and the rest of the founders continued to form the barrier around the two combatants.

"Voldemort snarled and turned to Harry.

"You think you have it all," he said. "You are nothing. I will crush you like I should have done when you were a baby. I will be immortal and I will kill you."

"How?" asked Harry. "Your horcruxes are destroyed. The unicorns refuse to go near you. Nicholas Flamel is deceased and Albus surely won't give you the recipe for the elixir of life."

"There are other ways Potter," Voldemort said. "Once you are dead, I will take the castle and it will be my personal research lab."

"That is a problem for you then Tom," said Harry conversationally. "I do not intend to die tonight or anytime soon. I will not be the one who is defeated this night."

'Enough chatter Potter," came the reply. "This time we duel to the finish."

"Agreed," said Harry.

The two heirs of Slytherin circled each other for a moment.

"AVADA KEDAVRA" said Voldemort.

Harry did not respond. He merely flicked the sword of Gryffindor to intercept the spell.

Voldemort ground his teeth in frustration

"IMPERIO" he screamed.

Harry just stood there. He was one of the few people that the spell had no affect upon. Again he did nothing to retaliate.

"CRUCIO," said Voldemort.

Harry merely shrugged his shoulders. Bellatrix had tried this spell on him with unsatisfactory results.

"INCENDIO," said Voldemort getting desperate.

This time Harry decided to act. As the fire spell flew towards him, he raised his own wand.

"Aguamenti," he said calmly watching as his water spell extinguished the fire.

Voldemort was getting really furious by this time. Every spell he threw at Harry, Harry would either dodge or counter. Finally Harry had enough.

"EXPELLIARMUS, CONFRINGO, PETRIFICUS TOTALUS," he shouted in rapid succession.

Harry watched as Voldemort's wand flew into the air. Voldemort was able to dodge the blasting curse, but in doing so, he walked into the full body bind. Fear now crossed his face for the first time in his life. He knew that Harry had beaten him. Harry walked over to Voldemort and used the levitation charm so that Voldemort could be standing as he watched. He grabbed Voldemort's wand and with a quick gesture, snapped it in two pieces. From there he raised the sword of Godric Gryffindor. He looked over at Godric who nodded. From there he looked to Helga who also gave a nod. Rowena gave her approval as well. Harry turned Voldemort to each of the founders as he waited for their approval. Last, but not least, Harry turned Voldemort so that he was facing Salazar.

"You are the last founder," said Harry. "You are also our descendant. Is it your wish that I destroy this evil person from harming anyone else near the school that you helped to build?"

"Once before I told you that Tom is no longer my descendant," replied Salazar. " I am in agreement with the other founders. End this once and for all Harry."

Harry turned to Voldemort. Tears were falling from his eyes.

"I am sorry that this has to happen," he said. "You took my mom and dad from me. On your orders Sirius was killed. On your orders, countless others died. Last but not least, you killed Hagrid as I watched. For this crime as well as the others, I am your trial, jury, and executioner."

Voldemort's eyes grew wide as Harry once again lifted the sword of Godric Gryffindor and swung it with all his might. All those on the outside of the circle watched as the sword whistled through the air and severed the head off of Voldemort. Harry then raised his hand and summoned his dropped wand.

"INCENDIO," he screamed pointing his wand at Voldemort's body.

The founders dropped their hands and the force field surrounding him lifted. Albus and the rest of the group approached Harry. In the back ground, the few remaining minotaurs shook their heads as the spell that had been cast upon them was lifted. They looked around at the scene before them and each dropped their axe and dropped to one knee.

"SONORUS," said Harry. "Aragog call your family back. The battle is won. Ronan and Bane please pull back your forces. For you minotaurs that are left, I suggest that you leave as quickly as you can. For you only have my protection for the next two hours. Any of you that are left after the end of those two hours are open season for Aragog and his family to eat. Now go before I change my mind. QUIETUS."

Harry stood there and watched as Voldemort's body burned. Albus, Draco, and Severus all stood next to him.

"Harry we have only a couple of casualties on our side," said Albus quietly. "Rufus Scrimgeour is dead. Remus is hurt, but he will pull through. Minerva is hurt as well, but it is minor. Severus has a broken arm, but he is getting patched up by Poppy as we speak."

"Why did I have the weakness to cry?" asked Harry. "Right before I killed him, I started to cry."

"That is because of the kind nature of your heart," said Rowena. "The compassion that you have for all living creatures good and evil marks you as a caring and loving individual. The fact that you can feel pain even at the death of your enemy makes you the person that everyone loves so much."

"We are sorry that you had to go through all of that," said Helga coming to stand beside her. "If we could have taken and done this task for you, we would have."

"You were the only one that could defeat him Harry," said Godric coming to stand with the others. "We knew what we were setting you up for, but there was no other way. It was Helga that gave Sybil Trelawney the prophecy that stated you were the one."

"We did what we could to help you through this Harry," said Salazar at last. "We gave all of those that could assist you the proper tools to do it with. Then when you were about to come of age, we gave you all the knowledge we had built up over the last 1000 years."

"Yet it is not over for me," said Harry sadly. "Now I have to deal with the enemies of Merlin. Will it ever end for me?"

"Sadly Harry," said Helga. "It will not end for awhile. I promise you that one day it will end, but your hardships are not going to end any time soon. You may lose more of those you care about. Those you thought of as friends may turn out to be enemies. However, it will end one day."

Pomona, Draco, Ginny, and Hermione all came forward. In their hands, each held two wands. One was theirs and the other was a founder's. Harry reached out and took the wands and pocketed them. He would create an unbreakable display case so that they could be safely shown and not locked away. Slowly the rest of the Light Runners approached. Harry opened his arms, and the group all stood together in a hug. When Harry looked around, the four founders were still standing there. When they noticed that Harry was watching them, they all gave him a bow of deepest respect and faded from view.

The following days saw Harry and the rest of the castle getting things back to normal. Amelia had awarded Harry with another Order of Merlin 1st class. Of the 300 minotaurs that had attacked the school, 122 made it safely out of the forest and was currently heading back home.

Harry was standing in the window of his office. He sighed to himself. He wondered when the Dark Runners would strike and where. He also wondered who would take Voldemort's place.

Author's note – I have been using Harry Potter Lexicon to make sure I have names and spells correctly spelled. I wanted to make sure that the battle was interesting, but I wanted it to happen quickly. Here in my home, we are saddened by the loss of Hagrid. I know he is a crowd favorite. He was always one of mine. I look forward to typing up the next chapter for you all.

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