Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

Flight of the Phoenix

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Chapter 19 – Flight of the Phoenix

The school settled down after the Battle of the Slytherins. Harry was amused at the name. He did not think it was common knowledge that he was an heir of Slytherin. Many families sent gifts of affection for finally getting rid of the Dark Lord. Quite a few of the envelopes had marriage proposals in them. Harry and Draco would chuckle at these. Harry would then sit and send a polite letter to the proposer declining. Harry knew that the lead Dark Runner was building up his forces. He also knew that eventually they would strike and hit the group fondly called the Light Runners. Harry wondered what to do about the situation. He had yet to sit down with the rest of the Runners and ask their opinions about what should happen. Harry was fairly certain that no one but the Light Runners knew about his ability with a sixth gem color. He was fairly able to keep that hidden from sight.

"What are you thinking about Phoenix?" asked Draco fondly.

"Do you even have to ask?" replied Harry. "I just wonder where they are and what they are planning. I hate not knowing if one of you will be next on their list to try and take over this castle and get to the remains of Merlin. It's not like they can harm us if they desecrate his body. At least with Voldemort, I could use the link to see what he was doing. I can't with these Dark Runners."

"I know what you mean," said Draco. "That is a mystery to me as well. Maybe we should call a meeting of the Light Runners and discuss our options. I tell you what. Why don't you transform into your phoenix form and go flying. I'll go talk to Albus and Severus for you. I'll set up a meeting for this evening around seven.

"That is an excellent idea Dragon," said Harry. "I have not gone on a leisure flight in over a year. Nor have I ever used my phoenix form. I think that Apollo, Artemis, and Fawkes would enjoy the flight as well."

"Good thinking," replied Draco. "Now go and relax. I will take care of everything. I'll see you later."

Harry stood near the phoenixes for a moment deep in conversation with them. When he looked up, he concentrated on their agile bodies and with a small pop, he transformed into a phoenix himself. Draco stood there with a gasp on his lips and surprise on his face.

"Transform back," said Draco excitedly.

Confused Harry popped back into his human form and looked over at the blond that was running for the fireplace. The twin phoenixes were trilling happily at something that Harry could not understand.

"What is wrong with you Dragon?" asked Harry. "What happened that has you so excited like this?"

Draco waved him quiet and proceeded to call Albus and Severus in the fire. Draco quickly called all of the Light Runners that lived in the castle and told them to hurry to the Head Master's office. It was about five minutes later that every Light Runner in the castle was breathing hard, but had appeared in the office.

"What is going on?" demanded Minerva breathing hard.

"Yeah," chimed in Ron holding a stitch in his side. "You scared us half to death. We thought that Harry or the castle or someone was under attack."

"I think you had better explain yourself Draco," said Severus walking up to him.

By this time Draco was all but jumping up and down with excitement. Albus was one of the few that was not mumbling something angry about the abrupt summons. This was mainly due to the fact that Harry was standing there with the most confused expression on his face.

"You all just HAVE to see this," he bubbled. "Albus call Fawkes."

Albus looked a little confused, but complied. It was highly unusual to see Draco in this frame of mind. With a flash of fire, Fawkes appeared in the room and flew to perch on Dumbledore's shoulder. Draco went over to the double perch and had Apollo and Artemis perch on each of his shoulders. When this was done, he turned to Harry.

"Ok Harry," he said quickly. "Transform back into your phoenix form."

Harry concentrated on his phoenix form and with a small pop and flew to perch on the desk. He stood there looking at the rest of the group. In this form he could feel their emotions as well as see their Runner colors. He looked at all of the shocked or otherwise dumbfounded expressions on their faces. Quickly he launched into the air and with a pop transformed back into his human form.

"Would someone mind telling me what is going on," he stated. "This is getting weird. Why are you all so shocked? It's not like others can't transform into a phoenix."

"That is true Harry," said Dumbledore recovering first. "However it seems that the laws of magic once again are different with you. Before I explain what we are so shocked about I want to ask you a question. What did you see when you were in your phoenix form?"

"Well I could see your colors more clearly," stated Harry becoming very worried and confused. "I could also sense your emotions as well. Why do you ask Albus?"

Albus did not answer immediately. Instead he turned to Minerva.

"Did you never make Harry transform into his phoenix before?" he asked her.

"No I didn't Albus," she replied. "He could transform into his eagle form and his lion form, so naturally I figured he could transform into the rest of his forms as well."

"Will someone please tell me what is gong on," demanded Harry getting a touch impatient.

"Harry, I would like you to only transform your arms this time," said Minerva. "Just concentrate on your arms becoming wings."

Harry frowned at his Animagus mentor, but complied. He closed his eyes and pictured the wings of the phoenix. With a small sensation, he knew he was successful. He looked down and finally saw what everyone else was seeing. He quickly shook his arms to transform them back into human ones. He walked over to Apollo and stared into the phoenix's eyes. Apollo trilled at him. Harry turned to the rest of the group.

"My whole body is the same isn't it?" he asked a little shocked.

"Yes Harry," said Albus. "Your phoenix Animagus form is indeed all silver."

"How is this possible Albus?" asked Harry. "I stand out enough already. Why would this happen on top of everything else?"

"As to that Harry, I do not know," admitted Albus. "I think that Miss Granger, Minerva, and I can start researching it for you if you like."

"Yes," said Harry sitting down at his desk. "I think that would be a good idea."

"You also mentioned that you could see our colors and feel our emotions Harry," prompted Severus.

"Yes I could Sev," replied Harry. "Your runner colors were as vivid to my phoenix eyes as if I were in a weave with you."

"I think that it is time for us to visit Merlin and see what he can tell us about this," said Albus.

"That will not be necessary," said a voice behind them.

Startled, everyone jumped and turned around quickly. Some were grabbing their wands in the process. The image of Merlin appeared in the room. When he was as solid, he walked over to stand beside Harry. Harry looked up from his shocked stare and gazed at his ancestor.

"Are you going to explain this?" asked Harry.

"Yes Harry," he replied. "Everyone have a seat. The explanation is fairly simple."

Albus and Minerva quickly conjured chairs for everyone. As they were sitting, Harry walked over to stand in the light of the sun that was streaming through the window. Apollo flew over and perched on his shoulder. Fawkes started singing a calming song, and Harry began to visibly relax. He smiled over at the older phoenix.

Merlin sat in Harry's chair behind the desk. He looked around the room and saw that everyone had their eyes fixed him.

"Animagus training is difficult," said Merlin. "I know that only a few of you can do it. Others of you have the potential, but have not gone through the training yet. For instance, Draco and Hermione have the potential to be Animagus. Minerva, Albus, Severus are already Animagus. Harry is unique in many ways. He is a multi Animagus. The rest of you are not. In the instance of Hermione and Draco, they will be what we call magical Animagus. This means that they will turn into a creature that has magic. For instance unicorns, dragons, phoenixes, gryphons, etc."

"This young lady is also unique," said Merlin pointing at Ginny. "Like Harry she will be a multi Animagus. However her forms will not be that of a magical creature. It will be something along the lines of a bird, cat, or dog. Are you all understanding what I am saying so far?"

Just about everyone in the room nodded their heads in understanding. Ginny, Hermione, and Draco all sat there with an excited look on their faces. Luna and Neville were a bit disappointed, but they hid the looks on their faces.

"Animagus that are creatures of magic will have other abilities that other regular Animagus will not," said Merlin. "Because they are Runners as well, they can see the colors of other runners. It will not matter if they are Light Runners are Dark Runners. Harry being such a powerful Runner is having a completely different effect. His color is not going to be right as well as his abilities as an Animagus will be stronger. I would also like to point out one more thing. Just because a person is a magical creature Animagus, does not mean they will have the same type of gifts that Harry, Draco, and Hermione does. You have to be a magical Animagus and Runner both to have those gifts."

"Well that would make sense," said Albus nodding his head in understanding. "It will be beneficial to us to have these three using their gifts to locate the Dark Runners. I assume that you taught Morgan Le Fey how to run with the light?"

Merlin nodded his head sadly in confirmation.

"Why do I always have to be different," complained Harry. "I just want to be normal."

Draco stood up and walked over to Harry. He placed his hands on Harry's arms and looked deep into his eyes.

"If you were any different Harry," he said. "You would never have been able to do what you have done for the rest of us. Were you not who and what you are, we may have fallen to the Dark by now. You have kept us alive and flourishing through all of this. We will be there to the end with you Harry. I promise you that we will always be there with you. We like you being unique. It makes us feel special because we are part of your family. We love you for you and not what you can do."

Harry smiled at Draco. HE glanced around the room and saw that everyone was nodding their heads at Draco's proclamation. Harry nodded his head and walked over and perched on the edge of his desk. Merlin made to get up, but Harry waved him back.

"This will actually be a blessing for us," said Harry. "With this ability I will be able to see who has Runner abilities. I can just fly to different locations and search for those that have the gift or the potential. It will help us in dealing with potential threats."

The rest of the group nodded at the impact of these words. Each person was thinking about how they could pinpoint who was a runner and where they were located.

"Draco, Hermione, and Ginny," stated Harry. "I think it is time to start your Animagus training. I know that a lot happened last year and you did not have much time, but it is imperative that you start your training now. We can use the advantage of having as many Animagus on our side as possible. Minerva, will you give them private lessons?"

"Of course Harry," said Minerva. "I think that Sundays for the next few months ought to be enough. You three will need to appear in my office around ten in the morning every Sunday until you can all transform. I will need three of those potions. Draco and Severus I think you have some left in your cupboard."

"We will make some," sated Draco. "I will be there for training Minerva."

"So will we," said Hermione and Ginny. "We want to learn this as well."

Merlin stood up and made his way out of the room. The rest of the group watched as he bowed low to Harry and then faded from sight.

"Does anyone else find it strange that he bows so low to me all the time?" asked Harry. "I feel like he knows more about me than he is telling."

"I am glad you mentioned that," said Albus. "I too get the feeling that there is more to you than he is letting on. However he was the greatest wizard to ever walk the planet, so like the rest of us, his council is his own. I am sure he will tell us, or rather you, when the tine is right."

Harry nodded his head in agreement. He looked at the three phoenixes and asked if they would enjoy going on a flight with him. All three birds trilled their agreement. Hedwig hooted her desire also. With a pop, Harry transformed into the silver phoenix and all five birds soared out of the window.

"Harry is a very remarkable person," commented Severus. "If we lose him, the wizarding world will never be the same."

"Lets not think about things like that," said Poppy, speaking for the first time. "We all love Harry and do not wish to lose him. With any amount of luck he will live to be twice as old as Albus."

The rest of the group all laughed at the joke. It was the first time in a long time, that anyone heard Madam Pomfrey crack a joke. The fact that the joke was on Albus was not lost on anyone. Albus laughed just as hard as the rest of the group. Draco, Hermione, and Ginny walked over to Minerva, and the quartet made their way down to the Transfiguration classroom. They could at least get the beginnings of explanation today. Severus made his way out and headed to the dungeons to begin making the potions required to see what the forms they would be.

Albus and the rest of the group made their way back to the parts of the castle they were in before they were called to Harry's office.

Author's note – I will end this chapter here. The next chapter will be the reveal. You will get to find out who the mysterious stranger is. You will also learn what Animagus form Hermione, Ginny, and Draco take. In the final chapter of this book you will learn what is going on with a few others that were not mentioned in quite some time. I hope you all enjoy.

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