Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

The New School Year,The woes of Hermione

Disclaimer – Harry Potter is property of JK Rowling. Most characters fall into this category.

Note – I had a brain fart and lost a whole month. I sat for the longest time trying to figure out why Harry's birthday was so close to the start of the new school year. I even went as far as to wonder if JK Rowling was having a moment. It hit me this morning that I forgot that August comes between July and September. So at the beginning of this chapter I will try and rectify that mistake. Happy reading.

Chapter 2 – The New School Year, The woes of Hermione

Harry sat at his desk basking in the wonderful birthday surprise the staff had given him. He watched as Winky and Dobby made room for his new robes as well as the new gadgets and devices that came from other professors. Watching as the elves worked, Harry had the inspiration to go flying. Grabbing his new broom, Harry opened a window of his office and flew out into the crisp evening air. The elves paused in their work long enough to give him a smile. The feel of the wind on his face made Harry feel invigorated. Remembering his days on the Quidditch team, Harry had to smile at the antics of the team. The fun and the worries that they all had. In first year, Harry became the youngest Seeker in the century. In second year, Professor Lockhart removed the bones from Harry's arm in attempt to fix it when a stray bludger that Dobby had enchanted broke the bones. In third year, Harry had fallen off his broom when the Dementors had attacked. In fourth year, Harry summoned his broom to help him retrieve the golden egg from a nesting dragon mother as part of the Tri Wizard Tournament. In fifth year, Harry remembered his ban from playing by Deloris Umbridge. Of course Harry had not flown since, as he was busy with teaching and now running the school. He thought for a moment about what to do with his original Firebolt. He thought about donating it to a member of the student body, but felt that would be showing favoritism. Harry could not afford to favor one student over the rest. He remembered fondly of Sirius when he looked at his Firebolt. From there he decided to just showcase it in the trophy room. It would be a memory for the school. "The first ever Firebolt to come into the school" would make a great saying on the plaque.

Pulling himself back to the present Harry circled the Forbidden Forest. He watched as the trainers in charge of the dragons worked with them. Harry was not certain when Voldemort would attack again, but he would be ready when he did. He smiled as he watched Hagrid working with Norberta. Hagrid loved dragons and thanks to Harry he now had the opportunity to work with them all the time.

Flying back into his study, he saw that Dobby and Winky had finished and moved on to other parts of the castle with their work. Sitting down at his desk Harry picked up the stack of papers that would tell him the class schedules and plans of the teaching staff. Harry picked up the first piece of parchment and began to read.

The month of August went by with alarming speed. Harry and the rest of the staff started getting anxious as they were so many staff appointments and such that needed to be called to attention. Finally the day arrived and Harry along with the rest of the staff waited as Hagrid brought in the first years. Minerva got the stool and the sorting hat ready. Severus and Hermione could be seen directing each year to their new tables. Finally when the older students sat, the sorting ceremony began. The rip in the brim of the hat opened up in song.

In my days when I was born

There lived four who worked along

They built this school for all to learn

Their place in history they did earn

All through the years, students come

And to each house I give some

For those who are brave and courageous

I will send you to Gryffindor

For those who are intelligent

I will send you to Ravenclaw

For those who have heart

I will send you to Hufflepuff

For those who are sly and cunning

I will send you to Slytherin

This year is different as you will see

The headmaster is young

He is bound by duty

Heir to the founders he has learned

His place in history he has earned

Things are changing you can bet on that

Now place me on your head for I'm the sorting hat.

The students applauded as the Sorting hat became silent. There were forty new students this year. Harry watched as the roll call went on. He applauded for each student. Hermione was there to escort each student to their table. When all the names were finally called, Harry stood up.

"Welcome" he began. "A new school year is upon us. I have a few announcements to make before we tuck in. To all students please note that the seating arrangement has been changed. No longer will the houses sit separate from one another. Also I would like to remind you all that the Forbidden Forest is off limits. I would also like to point out a few staff changes this year. First off Professor Hermione Granger will be taking over Charms. Professor Rubeus Hagrid will resume Care of Magical Creatures. Professor Remus Lupin, will be taking over Defense against the Dark Arts. Assistant Professor Draco Malfoy will be assisting in Potions. One last thing and then we can eat. Each house will have a Head Boy or Girl in it. Please show respect to these people. I know things are different from normal tradition, however times change and so do other things change to match it. For now however, please DIG IN"

With a wave of his hands all the tables filled with food. All the students tucked in and conversations broke out between the students. Each was determined to get along with the others. Gryffindor students could be seen chatting with Slytherin students. Harry was determined to weed out any feuds between the different houses. After awhile Harry could see the other professors relax as they too observed the companionship between the houses. After dinner was done and all the plates cleared, Harry stood up once more.

"As some of you know" he began. "We lost some of our students with the end of last year. We will now be training new people for the SFG as well as the DA. The students between fifth and seventh year will be allowed to sign up. Anyone below 5th year I ask you to indulge me. Training is more rigorous as you get older. However anyone from any year may sign up to join the DA. Also please remember that being out of your dorms after curfew will result in loss of house points. Getting caught to many times will result in detention. This year we are making things little more severe as it is our priorities to not only teach you, but to keep you safe. Thank you, that is all. It is time for bed. Prefects I will ask you to escort the younger students to their dorms. Good night to you all."

Turning, Harry swiftly conferred with Remus on a topic he had been meaning to address. After a moments thought, Remus nodded in affirmation, and they left the hall together and headed towards Harry's office. Severus and Minerva wondered what was going on. Apparently this was not the time for them to find out. Hours later their curiosity got the better of them. Together they made their way to Harry's office. Upon reaching the landing the door opened and Harry gestured for them to sit while they finished their work. Both senior staff members sat quietly and glanced at each other with a look that said "He is up to something".

"Eureka" said Harry.

Turning, he proudly handed both Severus and Minerva a piece of parchment. Severus knew at once what Harry was presenting him. Minerva, never having known about the marauders map, glanced at Harry with questioning eyes. Harry touched his wand to the parchment and said firmly "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Minerva watched in amazement as a finely detailed map spread out over the parchment. She got very excited when she saw where all the students were and such. She followed a couple of prefects as they made their rounds in the castle.

"I take it this is the secret of your mischief as a student?" she asked.

Harry laughed and nodded at her.

"I have the original" he said. "Remus, Peter, Sirius, and my dad made the original. I figured this way we could all keep an eye on the students. I have one for Hermione and Pomona as well. Only a handful of students know about this. Therefore we can assist the prefects and Head Boys and Girls by also keeping a lookout. I know that if I could get passed you all when I was a student so can others. Patterns of the prefects can be studied and such. This will help us keep the students in line as well as tell us if there are any trespassers on the grounds. Even if one is under an invisibility cloak it will tell us. Also it will help us keep an eye on the secret tunnels in and out of the school."

"This is ingenious" said Minerva. "It will definantly help out a lot. Oh look. Mr. Finnegan is heading to the kitchens."

"Sonorus" said Harry. "Five points from Gryffindor Mr. Finnegan. Please return to your dormitory immediately. Quietus."

Harry and the rest present watched as Seamus changed course and headed back to the Gryffindor common room. The rest of the school now knew that they were being watched. Harry would be surprised if anyone else tried that tactic this night.

Smiling the rest of the staff bade Harry a good evening and left. Harry himself made his way down to Hermione's room and knocked. At first he did not hear anything. Gradually he became aware of the sound of crying. Without waiting for an answer, Harry entered the room. Upon entering, Harry discovered Hermione sitting at her desk crying. When she realized Harry was there, she sat up quickly and tried to wipe away her tears.

"Hermione" asked Harry. "Why are you crying?"

"I had a run in with Terry Boot" she replied. "He told me that he doesn't like the fact that I am a teacher. He said you had no right to appoint me as such. He said that I am too young. Harry he was just rude about it. How am I going to be an effective teacher, when the students will not accept me as a teacher?"

"That is easy Hermione" he answered. "We will do it the same way that we did it when I first started teaching. I will be present for your first few classes and help to squash the negativity about you being a professor. If they do not like that we can always have Severus present. That will shut up most students with just that threat."

"Oh Harry" she said excitedly. "Would you do that for me? That would be so wonderful. I really think that it would help out a lot. I am also worried about Draco. As he is not teaching any but first year, I think he will be ok. However we might want to get Severus to make the same offer to him."

"Hermione" he said. "That statement is the very reason why I wanted you as teacher in the first place. Also let us not forget that Albus had a lot to do with your appointment as well. From here on out, it will be my duty. I miss him."

Hermione got up and gave Harry a hug.

"You are going to be just fine Harry" she said. "We all have faith in you. There is a reason for everything."

"Thanks Hermione" he said. "Now let us go to Ravenclaw tower. Before I forget, here is your own personal marauders map. It will help you to know when students are out of bed. It will keep Filch happy."

Hermione grinned at this statement. She led Harry out of her rooms and they went to Ravenclaw tower. As they approached the door, it opened and a harassed looking Luna Lovegood fell out.

"Oh" she exclaimed. "I was just on my way to get Professor Granger."

Harry helped to steady her and the trio made their way into the common room. Harry could see Terry Boot pale at once. All of Luna's belongings were thrown all over the floor.


Terry looked awed at the fury on Harry's face. He tried to come up with a defense and faltered. He tried again and failed a second time. Finally Harry cut him off. Harry strode over to the fireplace.

"Severus" he called. "Would you be so kind as to come to the Ravenclaw common room? I'll move aside for you to come through the fire."

Harry moved over and Severus entered. Severus took a glance around and looked at Harry questioningly.

"It would appear that Mr. Boot here has a problem with the new head of Ravenclaw house. He also appears to have a problem with Miss Lovegood. I am in need of your assistance."

"What do you need of me Harry?" he asked. "You know all you have to do is ask."

"Thanks Severus" he said. Turning to Terry Boot he continued. "You are hereby on detention. You will no longer be the Head Boy of Ravenclaw House. You will do a month's worth of detentions with Professor Snape in the dungeons. When you are done with that month, you will do a second month with Professor Granger. If I hear of you even missing one detention, or giving any type of negative feedback, you will serve a third month. Every time you even sneeze wrong you will get an extra week."

Terry Boot started to protest, but Severus cut him off.

"You will report to me at 7:00 sharp every evening" sneered Severus. "I promise you that you will never do this to another teacher or student again.

"Does anyone else have a problem with Professor Granger or Miss Lovegood?" asked Harry.

A collective shake of the head confirmed that no one else wanted the taste of Harry's wrath.

"Justin" continued Harry. "Pick two gentlemen to help you clear out the Head Boy's room of Mr. Boot's belongings. He will no longer need those rooms. Mr. Boot please report to your old dormitory."

Harry turned and pointed to three young ladies.

"You three will help Miss Lovegood clean up her belongings. When the boys are done you will move Miss Lovegood's belongings into the new Head Girl's room."

The three girls nodded and walked over to Luna. A quiet conversation of decorations for the room soon followed.

Harry turned to look at Hermione. "Is that ok with you Professor?" he asked.

Hermione smiled and nodded her agreement. Luna smiled at them and made her way to her belongings that were scattered all over the room.

"Luna" said Harry. "If you have any more trouble, please send a house elf to me at once. I will not tolerate bullying in this school."

Severus, Hermione, and Harry made their way out to the hallway. Hermione felt loads better after witnessing the fire that came from Harry. She knew immediately that the founders and Albus made the right choice. Severus congratulated Harry on his outstanding performance and made his way to his rooms in the dungeons. Harry and Hermione made their way to Pomona's rooms. After delivering the map to her and explaining how to use it, he and Hermione made their way back to Hermione's room.

"Thanks for supporting me Harry" she said. "I really appreciate the way you stood up for both me and Luna. You are such a nice guy. Just remind me to never get on your bad side."

Harry laughed and relaxed. After bidding her good night, he made his way to the kitchen. He entered the kitchen and looked around. Of Dobby and Winky there was no sign. He figured they were probably in his rooms doing something. Harry flagged down two house elves.

"Pinto and Rose right" he asked.

With a bow and a smile, both nodded yes.

"I have a special job for both of you. Pinto I need you to keep a special eye on Professor Granger for me. She ran into a bit of trouble with a student. Had I not needed to go to her rooms I would never have known. If she is having any trouble that she is not able to handle herself, I want you to come to me immediately. Rose I need you to do the same for Luna Lovegood in Ravenclaw Tower. Can I count on you to help me with that?"

Both elves gave another bow.

"We will do it for you Head Master" said Rose. "I is liking Mistress Lovegood. Mistress is always nice to Rose."

"Very good" said Harry. "I thank you both. Just remember if they can not handle it themselves, come get me immediately. I will not tolerate mistreatment of a living being in this school."

All the elves in the vicinity that were listening all applauded Harry for his kindness and care for all living souls. Harry made his way to his office. He had a letter to write to Terry Boot's parents. He wanted to get it done before he turned in. When he finished the letter, he sealed it and tied it to the leg of Hedwig. She gave him a loving nip on the finger and flew out the window.

Author's note – I will end this chapter here. I hope I was able to rectify my mistake from the previous chapter about the missing month of August. I hope that I am not losing your interest in this story. I still feel like an airhead about losing a whole month. Oh well call it summer timers. Summer timers by brain works summer timers it doesn't. Happy reading.

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