Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

The Secret Door

Disclaimer – Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling. Most Names mentioned are her property.

Note – Thanks to all, that have read this story so far. I have gone back over Guardian and I still found some mistakes. I am hopeful that there are few mistakes in this sequel. Also I went into Rowling's books and I am formatting conversations and sentence structure the same way that Rowling has hers. Therefore I am doing it with a more professional style. Also I noticed that I somehow changed the name of the phoenix that is Draco's bond bird. The name is Artemis. I also am working hard to give the correct spelling of teachers, Aurors, and spells. Thanks for your patience. Thanks again for reading.

Chapter 4 – The Secret Door

Harry got up from the cot and the rest of the staff stood with him. They had seen the stricken look on his face. Harry knew without a doubt what was hidden in that room. The question was; how did Riddle create the room. Furthermore, how did he acquire so many of the items that were hidden within? Albus and Severus both helped Harry steady himself. The alarm in both wizards' faces at the stricken look on Harry's face was evident to everyone else present.

"Severus," said Harry. "Send for Draco and Artemis please. The rest of you follow me."

As Severus sent a patronus to Draco asking for him and his phoenix to join them, the rest of the staff all rose and followed Harry out of his office. Within a few moments, a sleepy looking Draco with Artemis on his shoulder appeared in the entrance hall.

"What's going on Harry?" he asked.

"Just follow me and please stay alert," said Harry. "Albus we need to do a meld again. I want to strengthen the wards on the castle. Wormtail will be here shortly. This is one rodent I wish to capture for good."

With a nod Albus escorted the rest of the staff to the focal point of Harry's wards. Albus knew without looking that these were some powerful wards that Harry had erected around the school. The fact that certain people were recognized by these wards, made them more powerful than even Albus could have called up.

Harry walked to the spot and placed his hands carefully on the wall. He started quietly intoning the incantation to erect even more wards on the castle itself. The rest of the group watched in amazement as the castle responded to Harry's touch. Albus nodded to the rest of the group and he slowly drew them into the meld. Having melded with Minerva before, he knew her patterns. Hermione and Draco had done this before, so Albus sent the trickle of magic required to pull them in. Pomona and Severus stood for a moment wondering what to do, when all of a sudden they felt the equivalent of a magic knock on their shields. Looking around they saw the expressions on the faces of their comrades and immediately let the visitor in. When Albus had them all in the meld, he slowly sent the energy of the group to Harry. Harry carefully constructed the barrier around them and let the energy flow into his conjuration.

"Repellus intruders. Repellus Dark Mark. Repellus dark creature." 3 times Harry repeated this incantation. Slowly but steadily pulling on the energies of the others standing with him. Harry was careful this time to not pull so much that the others would collapse in the strain. What intrigued him the most was the feel of the two phoenixes. As Harry sent more energy into the spell, he could feel the two birds add their own power to the spell. Slowly Harry began to unravel the others from the meld. He started with Draco and Hermione. They being the youngest and least experienced, he felt their safety was a higher priority. Slowly he let Pomona and Severus out of the meld. He knew that they could withstand the longer amount of time in the magic. Last, he let Minerva and Albus out of the magical flow. Harry felt that the two phoenixes would let themselves out. It was with a soft flurry of feathers that the phoenixes left the meld. Without even wasting a thought, Harry ended the incantation. When they all looked around, they could see the flow of energy surrounding the castle. They stood there amazed at the flow of power that was circulating. Slowly Harry took a deep breath and turned to the others.

"We need to get to that secret door," he said.

The others all nodded and followed. Only Draco had a confused look on his face as he was the only one in the group that was not in Harry's office and therefore had never heard about the door. They made their way swiftly through the corridors to the third floor. Harry and Hermione led the way unerringly as they remembered where they were when the door came into view. As they approached the door, they could feel the wards on the castle give a twitch.

"Wormtail is here," said Harry.

Immediately Severus and Minerva departed to search for him. Pomona went to alert the other professors as to what was happening. Draco looked at Harry with a fierce look on his face.

"What is this door you are talking about?" he asked. "Also I thought that they caught Wormtail."

"During the summer," began Harry, "Hermione and I were walking together through this corridor when we spotted a green and silver door. Having wandered the halls since I was 11, I knew that this was something that I had not come upon before. Hermione and I could not get into the room beyond though. No spell we tried would open the door. At the time I had other things on my mind, or I would have thought to use parseltongue to open the door. Now that I have just come from the mind of Voldemort I know how to get into the room and I know what is inside. We should proceed there immediately. Oh and I forgot you do not know that Wormtail escaped the other day from prison. The ministry is trying to recapture him."

With that they set of for the door. Within a few moments, Harry and Hermione found the door. With a hiss and a click of his tongue, Harry commanded the door to open.

"You have to teach me to speak parseltongue," stated Draco.

The door opened and everyone present made their way into the room.

"Amazing," said Dumbledore. "I never knew that Tom had this kind of skill. Much less, him hiding this room from me in the way that he did. The amount of energy it must have cost him to shield this door and this room from being found by anyone. I wonder how he has been reinforcing the shields on it however. There must be a way into this castle that we do not know about. I think a thorough search of the castle would be prudent to find out how he has been getting in and out without notice. Having taught Tom I know is magic. This is not something that he would trust to anyone. His signature is all over this."

Harry stopped dead in his tracks at this thought. How was Voldemort getting into the castle? That was an interesting question indeed. With a murmur he lit the tip of his wand. The rest of the group did the same. When all the wands were lit they all gave a gasp. It was a nesting ground. What lay before them was nothing short of the deadliest miracle around. By this time Minerva, Severus, and Pomona had rejoined the group. With them were Remus and Hagrid. When they all entered the room and lit their wands as well, they too gave a gasp. Hundreds of eggs were in nests on the floor. Apollo and Artemis were thrilling nervously.

Albus and Remus approached an egg and bent to examine it. Albus looked over to Harry with the same expression on his face that Harry had when he came out of Voldemort's mind.

"Basilisk eggs," he stated with as much calm as he could. "These are not normal eggs though. There is something wrong with the embryos inside. They are magically altered. Seems Tom has been playing with the natural order of things again. It would appear that he no longer just wishes to rule the world. He now wants to play God."

With that statement the rest of the party looked dejected. Harry in particular looked furious. It was one thing to want power, but another to want to destroy innocent life. Albus stood and walked over to him. It was as if the older mage could read his thoughts.

"We can fix this Harry," he assured. "Everyone please use fire. We need to destroy these eggs."

Albus turned and sent a fireball at the nearest egg. With an exclamation of surprise, he ducked as the spell rebounded off the shell and flew right back at him.

"STOP!" he called as the others made to attempt to send the same spell.

"These eggs are spell protected," he said flatly. "Please give me a moment as I try to unravel what has been done here."

The others waited patiently as Dumbledore made a few wand movements and tried a few different means of destroying the eggs. Harry, who was standing next to the wall, leaned back and watched as the former headmaster worked. When he leaned against the wall, the warning came through to Harry immediately. It was as if the castle could feel what was going to happen.

"Everyone OUT," he suddenly yelled. "There is fixing to be a problem here."

The rest of the group did not doubt Harry in the least. They rushed out of the room. Harry stood in the doorway and watched. Slowly one of the eggs hatched. With a furious shriek, both phoenixes flew at the serpent and started to destroy it. Harry pulled out the wand of Slytherin and decided to try something small.

"STUPEFY," he called.

Slowly the second egg that had been starting to hatch stopped in mid hatch. It froze with just a moment to spare as the head of the serpent was starting to come out of the egg.

"Basic spells," he exclaimed. "Nothing at all difficult or advanced needs to be used. Voldemort did not think we would try something so first year. Let's try again. For now just stun them. Don't do anything else."

With that the group reentered the room and everyone started sending stunners at the eggs. When every egg was finally stunned and unable to finish hatching, Harry stood back for a moment and gave the situation a bit of thought.

He gave a small twitch of his wand and conjured a shovel. Walking over to the nearest egg, Harry brought the shovel down hard on the egg and it's hatching fiend. With a sickening crunch, the egg and embryo were smashed and destroyed. With a sigh he turned to the others.

"Well," he said. "If we can not destroy them with magic, we will just have to do it without magic. Hagrid, do not even think about stealing one of these eggs. I know exactly how many there are."

Hagrid blushed at this remark. Albus chuckled before turning to Harry.

"I would like to take one of these to the Ministry for observation and testing," he said.

Harry nodded his affirmation. With a wave of his wand, Dumbledore created a sack. Hagrid picked up the egg with a longing look them placed it in the sack. Albus tied the sack to his belt and proceeded to conjure shovels for everyone. As each member grabbed his or her shovel, they set to work destroying the eggs. Harry could feel Wormtail still trying to get inside the castle. He knew that if they did not hurry, then he would succeed in getting around the wards. He motioned to Severus, and the two men stood to the side. Hermione and Draco were disgusted at the loss of life as were the others, but they knew it had to be done. These were the most dangerous things they could have found in the castle.

"Severus we have to find that entrance," said Harry. "Wormtail is attempting to get inside the castle. I'll ask you to summon the rest of the staff as well as the DA and SFG. They can help."

Severus gave a nod of his head and made his way into the castle. Harry went back to work destroying the serpents. Within a few more moments, the rest of the eggs were destroyed. They were all tired from the physical work, but they looked decidedly content that they were finished with such a disgusting task. They all left the room, where Harry waved his wands and cleaned everyone up. Each gave a smile of thanks and went to sit on the window boxes to catch their breath.

"Gwen, Randal, Dinky," Harry called.

With a few small pops the three house elves appeared. Dobby and Winky appeared as well even though they were not called.

"What can we do for you Head Master?" asked Gwen.

"I need you to gather a dozen elves and clean this room," said Harry. "Hagrid when they are done, I need you to put Fluffy in this room. He ought to deter Voldemort for a bit. I do not want a student wandering into this room by mistake."

The elves and Hagrid all agreed. Hagrid left to go get Fluffy as nine more pops announced the arrival of the house elves. Harry watched the shocked expressions on their faces before they began to work.

"It was a necessary thing for us to do," said Harry.

"We is not knowing that these foul monsters were here Master," said Gwen. "For that we is sorry."

"This was NOT your fault," said Harry. "Even Albus did not know this was here. However we need to make sure that there are no more like this anywhere. When you are done here get the elves to search every section of the castle. There is also a secret entrance in this castle that we have been unable to locate."

Gwen looked thoughtful for a moment.

"We will get right on it as soon as we is finished here," she said.

"Thanks Gwen," said Harry. "Dobby I need you and Winky to make p a room for the Minister. He will be staying the night in the castle. I am sure it will be a long night."

"We is going to get right on it Harry," said Dobby.

As the house elves disapparated, Harry registered the fact that Dobby had finally called him Harry. Not Master. Not Harry Potter Sir. Just, Harry. He gave a smile at this. Finally the elves were starting to relax and consider themselves a part of his family. By this time Severus and the rest of the staff had assembled. Shortly there after, the DA and the SFG were there.

"Lets all go down to the Great Hall," said Harry. "We have some work to do."

With that everyone made their way downstairs to the Great Hall. As everyone entered, other house elves brought out light refreshments for them. Thanking the elves for their thoughtfulness, Harry started the discussion.

"There is a secret passage in this castle that we did not know about," he began. "We need to find it. Therefore I am enforcing the following. All prefects that are making their rounds will be escorted with at least one member of the SFG or DA. By now, most if not all the prefects are part of one or the other of those groups, but I need the security of the castle tightened. Next, those that are not on duty will take turns to search the floors and such for a secret passage that is somewhere on the premises. Somewhere in this castle there is a way that Voldemort is getting into our school. We need to find it. I want every where checked. I even want the green houses searched. I want all the teachers to pick a team and we will give it 2 hours this evening to search. If we do not find it this evening we will work on our free periods and search the castle. It is important that we find this secret passage. The team that will accompany me will be searching for Wormtail who is on the grounds at this moment trying to get in. We have just finished destroying some of Voldemort's pets. Now we want his spy caught so that he can not report back to him any time soon. With that being said, Ginny, Luna, and Draco, please come with me. The rest of you go with any professor that calls your name."

Harry got up and the 3 students made their way to his side. Harry led them out onto the grounds. Hagrid was walking up the way with Fluffy. As none of the other students present had ever seen the dog, they all stopped with wonder on their faces. Each wondered about the three headed dog.

As they made their way to the grounds, Hedwig flew to Harry's shoulder. Apollo made a welcoming noise that Hedwig returned. Looking at his owl, Harry had a sudden thought.

"Hedwig," said Harry. "Girl I need you to get the rest of the school owls to help us search for a rat that isn't a rat. Can you do that for me?"

Hedwig hooted a reply, nipped his ear affectionately and flew off into the sky in the direction of the Owlery. Harry watched her go with affection. Harry turned to Draco and looked at Artemis who was perched on Draco's shoulder.

"Artemis," he said. "I need you and Apollo to scout out the forbidden forest. We need to know if anyone is trying to get in that way as well."

Both phoenixes flew into the sky and headed towards the forest. About an hour later, Hedwig came back with a squirming rodent in her claws. Harry quickly stunned the rat and put him into a cage that would prevent him from transforming. Harry had no problem what so ever in identifying the rodent in the cage. This was the one person who caused Harry to lose his parents at such an early age.

"Thanks Hedwig," said Harry. "That was quick."

Hedwig hooted happily.

Harry was standing there with a surprised look on his face at the swiftness of his owl, when Hermione's silver otter Patronus appeared.

"Harry," it said in Hermione's voice. "Come quick to the Room of Requirement. We've found it."

Author's Note: I am getting good at these cliff hangers. I will stop this chapter here as I want to cover the passage in the next chapter.

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