Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

The Passage that was Unknown

Disclaimer – Harry Potter and the affiliates belong to JK Rowling. Unknown names are just fillers for the story.

Note – Thank you all for the wonderful feedback that I am getting with this sequel. Many who found problems I was having with Guardian have told me that I have improved a lot with Head Master. Thanks for the advice and help.

Chapter 5 – The Passage that was Unknown

Harry, Draco, Luna, and Ginny rushed to the seventh floor. Having spent most of their time in the Room of requirement when Umbridge was a professor, they had no trouble what so ever in getting there at top speed. As they approached the door, Hermione was standing there with an awed look on her face. The rest of the professors as well as Albus were approaching from different parts of the castle. They all gathered around the door. Some of the professors looked shocked at seeing the door. It was after all, not common knowledge that it even existed. Hermione opened the door and beckoned everyone in side. Upon entering she led them to a door that was not present when the DA was in the Room of Requirement training. Harry took in his surroundings and quickly formatted his plans.

"Ok,' said Harry. "This is what we will do. Albus, Severus, Remus, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Draco and I will go through the door and find out where it leads. Pomona, Minerva, Sybil, Hagrid, and the rest of the SFG will stay here and guard the door. I want the rest of the professors as well as the DA and all remaining prefects and Head Boys and Girls to patrol the corridors. Neville I want you to get one person from each house and get all students to the great hall. From there set up a watch over the students. Some of you professors can assist him in that. Are we all agreed?"

There were nods all around and professors and students alike all made their way to do what Harry asked of them. They all knew that if Harry was going to do something then the student body as well as the school needed to be defended.

"Alright then," said Harry. "Wands out I think. Please do not get separated from the group. Stick together until we can figure out where this door goes."

Albus paused for a moment long enough to send a patronus to the Ministry of Magic summoning Aurors to the castle to help defend it in case it was attacked while they were gone. Once he was done, he and the group proceeded carefully.

Hermione was the one to open the door. Albus and Harry stepped through first. They did this to make sure that they were the first ones to deal with trouble or unwanted persons before they got to their destination. The tunnel was long and dark. As each member of the party entered the tunnel they lit their wands. Dumbledore gave his wand a twirl and sent the light ahead of them by about ten feet. The tunnel seemed long, and traveled little. Apparently Voldemort did not come to the castle that often to check on his pets. There were however lots of rodent footprints in the dirt on the floor. This told them that Wormtail was the one that came into the castle more than Voldemort. With this bit of information, Harry and Albus led the group further down the tunnel. Hermione and Severus brought up the rear. After a few moments they could here the dragging of limbs as they encountered the inferi. Albus and Harry both sent streams of fire down the tunnel to incinerate the corpses. Apparently Voldemort did not want others in this tunnel if he could help it. After defeating the inferi, the group made their way cautiously down the tunnel. Within a few more feet, Harry was lifted upside down and hanging in the air in what seemed like a plastic bubble. Quickly Remus and Albus cast the counter charm that set Harry back on his feet. Giving them a grateful smile, Harry stood up and he began to move further down the tunnel. The next trap was the one Albus got caught in. As he stepped in a portion of the floor, a hole opened beneath his feet. Hermione quickly muttered "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA" and Albus slowly rose back to a place where the others could grab him and get him back on solid ground. After this episode Albus called a halt to the progress of the group. Three times they had either been ambushed, or almost had an accident. He started muttering charms and incantations. The rest of the group realizing what he was doing joined in. IN a matter of moments four more traps were discovered and the appropriate actions were taken to alleviate the threat.

As they neared the end of the tunnel, Harry saw another door that looked identical to the one from Hogwarts. They listened carefully for sound from the other side.

"Gather round," whispered Harry.

When everyone had approached the door he waved his wand in an oval pattern and put a disillusionment charm on everyone. When he was done, he gestured to Albus to open the door. Albus did so carefully. He did not want to alert anyone or anything on the other side of the door to his presence. When he finally had the door opened he looked around swiftly to get his bearings. When he saw no one he gestured everyone inside. When they all entered the room, each extinguished their wands. There was no need for the light. It looked as if they entered into an office. With quiet steps, Harry and Albus approached the office door and opened it. Their shock was evident on their faces. The others look questioningly at the other two and entered the hallway outside the door. As the party entered the hallway, Harry pointed at the name plate on the door. Gasps soon filled the air as they all read the name "Delores Umbridge".

"I knew she was a death eater," exclaimed Ron.

"Control yourself, Mr. Weasley," said Albus in a voice that slightly shook with anger. "As of yet we have no proof. However, we will get to the bottom of this soon enough."

Harry quickly muttered the countercharm for everyone to become visible again. There was no need for invisibility. They were in the Ministry of Magic. Here is where Dumbledore ruled. With that finished, Albus led the group to the Auror Office. There were still a couple dozen Aurors in there. Dumbledore made his way to Alastor Moody. Moody had come out of retirement to work as the Head Auror. Dumbledore bent over and whispered something into Moody's ear. With an outraged expression, Moody got up and motioned for about 10 Aurors to join him. Once gathered Dumbledore made a portkey and the group left. Within a few moments, they returned with a severely outraged Delores Umbridge.

"What is the meaning of this?" she screamed. "How dare you drag me out of my house and bring me here when I have done nothing wrong."

She looked around and saw Dumbledore standing there.

"You," she breathed. "What is the meaning of this Minister? Why am I being apprehended in such a manner?"

Albus nodded to a couple of Aurors who each took their place on either side of Delores.

"Madam Umbridge," he began. "It has come to my attention that you are not playing on the side of the law. You have allowed Death Eaters into the ministry. Also we have proof that you have let those same death eaters into Hogwarts. What have you to say for yourself?"

"I do not know what you are talking about Minister," she said. "I would never allow death eaters to come into the ministry much less allow them access to Hogwarts. I am afraid I do not understand what you are implying."

She tried her little girl laugh, but failed miserably. Sweat could be seen on her brow. She was also looking around as if looking for a means of escape. At a nod from Albus, Moody confiscated her wand.

"I am afraid that the evidence is against you Delores," said Albus. "Please follow us to your office and I will show you the proof of my allegations against you. Scrimgeour, would you please escort the remaining Aurors to the office of Madam Umbridge. I am going to need you all as witnesses of what I am saying. This way it can not be said that it is my word against hers."

Scrimgeour nodded his affirmation and began rounding up the Aurors into a tight functioning group. When he was done, Albus turned and he and Harry led the groups back to the office of Umbridge. When they entered the room, the door was no where to be seen.

"See," said Delores. "I told you that this was inaccurate Minister. I demand that you release me at once. I will be protesting a formal complaint against you."

Albus looked sharply at her and she fell silent.

"Harry, if you would be so kind as to open the door," stated Dumbledore.

Harry walked up to the wall they had entered and knocked on it. He wanted to make sure that the others could see that he was not performing magic. This was so that no one could accuse him of creating the door himself. He rapped on the door three times. Slowly it opened to reveal Draco and Luna standing there.

"You have no proof that I created this," began Delores. "For all we know you could have put this here and tried to plant evidence against me. You have never liked me since I was almost Head Mistress of Hogwarts. Ever since then you have had it out for me Albus Dumbledore."

She turned to the gathered Aurors and pointed her finger at Albus.

"I demand that you arrest him on grounds of fraud and having me abducted from my house," she screamed. "This is an outrage. I have served the Ministry faithfully for years. Cornelius never accused me of such nonsense. I do not understand why you would Albus Dumbledore."

Albus finally had enough and his tempter came to the forefront. While he never raised his voice, the energy could be felt rolling off of him in waves. Everyone around them could feel the anger pouring off of him.

"If you are such and innocent individual Delores," he said. "Then you would not mind admitting your innocence under the influence of Veritaserum. If you are innocent then I will make a full public apology to you. Also if you are found innocent I will give you a promotion and move you to a better office. However, if you are found guilty I will arrange a trial and you will be sent to Azkaban. If you refuse the Veritaserum, then you will be held until your trial and you will have no choice but to do so for your trial. As to what you have done for the Cornelius I am sure I can find a dozen more laws that you have broken. Need I remind you that it was YOU who sent the Dementors to attack Harry Potter? Need I also remind you that it was you who that tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on Harry? It was the quick thinking of Professor Granger that saved Harry from that. So what will it be Delores? Will you cooperate or do I have to have you arrested and add more charges to your already growing list?"

"You can not make me take Veritaserum," she said. "It is against the law to force someone to take it. You would not want to get yourself into further trouble now would you Albus?"

Delores was still trying to make her case against Albus. Harry was tempted to use the silencing charm on her. However he did not want to interfere with the law.

"On the contrary Delores," replied Albus. "Under the law I have full right to use Veritaserum on you if you are suspected of illegal activities which possibly involves Voldemort. Now I suggest you cooperate or you will just hurt your own case. As it stands now, your refusal is leading us to believe that you have something to hide. If you continue to refuse you will be placed into the holding cell and a trial will be set up. At the trial you will have no choice in the matter. You WILL have to take the potion. The choice is yours Delores. Speak quickly."

"No," she said. "I will not subject myself to this unfair brutality. You have no right and no proof of these ridiculous allegations. You can not hold me."

"Actually Madam Umbridge," began Scrimgeour. "We can. You are now under arrest for the suspicion of dark activities. You will be placed in a holding cell until your trial. From there a jury of your peers will decide if you are guilty or not. There are 2 dozen witnesses here, as well as the Head Master and Staff from Hogwarts, which will testify to the whereabouts of this door. If I am not mistaken, from there you will be forced to take Veritaserum, whether you want to or not."

With a wave of his hand he indicated that Delores be placed under arrest. The Aurors immediately conjured manacles for her wrists and she was led away still professing her innocence.

Harry looked over at Albus. The old wizard gave him a warm smile.

"Harry," he began. "This means that each of you may have to attend the trial of Delores. I apologize for the inconvenience of this, but it is necessary. For the time being I think we can just have you, Miss Granger, and Severus testify. If we need the rest of the party to do so we will contact you. I will actually try and see if the jury will believe testimony from me and the Aurors present rather than disturb you at all. Also I will have this door under close observation and guarded heavily until the trial is over. I will see to it myself that the charms and such are placed by my hand so that Voldemort can not have access to this door or the entrance to Hogwarts again. Once the trial is over I will personally see to it that the tunnel and the door leading to Hogwarts is destroyed permanently."

"That would be great Albus," replied Harry. "The last thing I need right now is Voldemort having free reign to get into my school."

Albus nodded his agreement. He also smiled at Harry's usage of the words my school.

"I suggest that you all head back now," he said. "I will send an owl to you if I need you or anyone else for the trial."

Harry nodded his affirmation and headed back into the tunnel. The rest of the Hogwarts group followed him. As they entered the tunnel and lit their wands, they could hear Albus saying his incantations. With a bright light the door shifted and seemed to move. When Harry went back to the door he could not approach it. Nodding his relief, he turned and began walking back down the tunnel and made his way back to the castle.

Once they all returned safely to the castle, they were set upon by the waiting staff and students that were eager to hear what happened. Briefly Harry told them what had transpired on the other side of the tunnel. Gasps and shocks of outrage could be heard from those present.

"I need the heads of house to set up notices that anyone caught using the Room of Requirement will face detention and possible suspension from the school. From this point on we will not allow the student body to use the room without express permission from me personally," said Harry.

Severus, Hermione, Pomona, and Minerva all nodded their heads in agreement. From there Harry sent the students to their dorms and he and a couple of the other teachers made the rounds of the castles. After he was satisfied that the castle was safe he made his way to his office where Peter Pettigrew who was still in his rat form and in the enchanted cage was sitting on his desk.

"Dobby," he called.

"Yes Harry Potter?" asked the elf.

"I need you to take this to Albus for me if you would," he said. "Please make sure that nothing happens to this cage. We do not want this rodent to escape again."

"I is getting right on it," said Dobby.

With a small pop the elf disappeared. Within a few moments, Dobby reappeared.

"Harry Potter, I is handing the cage with the rat directly into the hands of the Minister," he said.

Harry walked over to the elf and gave him a hug.

"Thanks Dobby," he said.

With a smile the elf went back upstairs to Harry's library where it was obvious he was working before Harry called him. With a yawn and a stretch, Harry made his way to his bed. He laid down and was asleep immediately. Dobby gave Harry a smile and made his way to his new room. He enjoyed being able to sleep in a small room off of Harry's chambers. He hoped for Harry's sake that tomorrow would be an easier day for him. He loved Harry with every ounce of being his little body had. He did not like to see Harry so overworked or tired. He would make sure that Harry at least got enough to eat. Since becoming Head Master, Harry was eating three meals a day and he no longer looked so malnourished. The elf also noticed that Harry was no longer having nightmares. Those stopped when Harry had him set up quarters next to his chambers. Dobby wondered briefly what Harry would say if he asked to marry Winky. With that thought in his head the elf retired to his rooms to rest.

Authors Note: How was that for a plot and a twist? Please give me some feed back. I could use the information. Thank you all so much for reading. I hope that I am not losing anyone's interest. Also I am enjoying the special bond that Harry has with Winky and Dobby. I will work on a nice little elf wedding for them. However I am not sure how to quite put that to paper yet. Input on that would be awesome. Thanks for again reading folks.

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