Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

The Trial of Delores Jane Umbridge

Disclaimer – Harry Potter and its affiliates are the property of JK Rowling. I am not attempting to publish. Just merely writing fan fiction. In this Chapter there will be an insert from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Note – It was brought to my attention that I am being to formal in my conversations. For this I apologize. However, even in Rowling's books conversation with Dumbledore always sounded formal. Once again I apologize for the decorum of the style. I do have to say that I feel I am doing better with this story than I did with Guardian of Hogwarts. Thanks, to all my fans. I also want to thank the person that called it to my attention. Once again I apologize for my typos. I thought that I had caught them all, but I must have missed some. For those who are enjoying the story so far, here is the next chapter.

Chapter 7 – The Trial of Delores Jane Umbridge

The days went by swiftly for Harry and the rest of the Hogwarts staff. The students were as lively as one could imagine. Harry was especially proud of the students who had finally come around and accepted both Hermione and Draco as teachers in the school. Hermione was looking a lot less ragged now that the students were cooperating. Harry was sitting at his desk going over a few reports of some minor misdeeds of students when there was a tap on the window. Harry looked over and immediately recognized his beloved, snowy owl, Hedwig. He immediately got up and opened the window to let her in. She settled on his desk and waited patiently as he untied the letter attached to her leg. He gave her an owl treat and she hooted happily as she flew to her perch near the window that was nearest the picture of Albus. He sat happily and watched her for a moment and then opened his letter with a tap of his wand.

Dear Harry,

This is to inform you that you are required to be here at the Ministry of Magic at 10:00 am. Please inform Severus and Remus that their presence is also required. However you will be the main one to testify. Also due to other allegations that were made at the time, Professor Granger is in fact needed here at the Ministry for the trial. I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

With kind regards,

Albus Dumbledore

Minister of Magic

Harry rolled the letter back up and apparated to the dungeons. He would speak with Severus first. When he knocked on the door, there was a curt answer from the other side. Harry assumed that a student was feeling the displeasure of Severus at that moment. When Harry entered, Severus looked over and quickly gave him a warm smile. Harry once again marveled at the friendship that he had with the potions master.

"Pardon the intrusion Professor," said Harry. "However I have something important to tell you. Could I please have just a moment of your time?"

"Of course Head Master," said Severus.

Harry looked around at the stricken face of Neville and the melted cauldron in front of him. At once Harry knew the reason for Severus' displeasure. Even the new and friendly Severus had his limits when it came to students not following the directions in potion brewing.

"I received a letter today from Albus," said Harry. "We are to report to the ministry of magic at 10 in the morning."

"I will be ready Harry," said Severus. "I do not wish to rush you, but I need to get back inside. That potion has probably eaten through the table by now."

Harry gave a nod and a chuckle and apparated to Hermione's door. Harry knocked on the door. Hermione came forward red faced and angry. Harry took a step back in confusion. When he looked inside, he saw an immobile Terry Boot.

"Harry I want him out of my class permanently," raged Hermione. "I am so sick of his attitude. He jinxed me as I was reprimanding him for talking to another student while I was teaching."

"Not a problem," said Harry carefully. "I will take care of it at once. However I need you to be ready to leave at 10 tomorrow morning. We have to go to the Ministry for Umbridge's trial. So cancel your morning class."

Hermione looked stricken for a moment.

"I did not think that I had to be there at all," she said.

"Well the allegations of her almost using the Cruciatus Curse on me in our 5th year might have something to do with it," said Harry.

He pulled out the letter from Albus and handed it to her. She quickly scanned the parchment and handed it back to him with a nod.

"No problem Harry," she said. "I will leave a note on the door. As far as him, I have taken points, gave detentions, and he is just not understanding."

"Leave him to me," he replied. "I will take care of it. I promised you I would make sure you were alright and I meant it. Now breathe and go back to your class. I will take him with me now."

Harry quickly cast the countercharm. Terry Boot fell to the floor in a heap. Harry grabbed him by the collar of his robe and marched him forcibly to his next location. Harry made his way to the transfiguration department. Knocking on the open door, Minerva looked up and waved him in. Harry pointed to a chair near her desk and bade Terry to sit in it.

"Minerva," Harry began. "Tomorrow Severus, Remus, Hermione, and I have to go to the Ministry of Magic for Umbridge's trial. I will need you to keep and eye on the school for me while we are gone."

She nodded her head.

"What is going on with him?" she asked pointing at Terry Boot.

"Well, when I got to Hermione's door and knocked, she came out in a rage," he explained. "Apparently while she was teaching class, Mr. Boot here decided to no longer pay attention and start another conversation while she was teaching. When she went to discipline him, he jinxed her. I am thankful that it was nothing serious and nothing that she could not handle herself. However, she is adamant that she wants him out of her classes for good."

"Would you like me to deal with him?" Minerva asked angrily. She shot a glare that Harry knew well having been on the other side of it more than once.

"Yes please," said Harry. "I am also going to ask that he serve detention for the remainder of the year. Both at his regularly scheduled time in charms as well as after all other classes are done.

Tuning he gave a glare to Terry.

"You will serve your detentions with Professor McGonagall.," he instructed angrily. "You will also not be passing your N.E.W.T. in charms. I will be informing the committee of your actions. I have no doubt that they will agree with me. As you will be missing half the year, you would more than likely fail them anyway."

"You can't do that, claimed Terry Boot. "That isn't fair."

"Oh no?" countered Harry. "What isn't fair, is you disrupting Professor Granger's classes. What isn't fair, is you jinxing her when she was trying to reprimand you. What isn't fair, is that once again I am forced to come to the aid of a professor in this school because of people like you. You are actually lucky not to be expelled."

Terry shook his head in mute appeal. When he didn't get sympathy from either teacher or Head Master, he hung his head in shame.

"Furthermore," continued Harry. "You will write a 1000 word essay of apology to Professor Granger on top of the detentions you will be receiving from Professor McGonagall. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Sir," said Terry.

Harry turned to Minerva.

"He is all yours Professor," he said.

With a curt nod of her head, Harry turned and walked out the door. As he was leaving Harry could hear Minerva giving Terry Boot a piece of her mind. Harry was once again grateful that he was not on the receiving end of that lecture. Apparating quickly, he appeared outside of the Defense against the Dark Arts classroom, Harry knocked and received a warm welcome from the last remaining marauder. Harry smiled at him and the students, and quickly made his way to Remus.

"We have to be at the ministry at 10 for the trial," whispered Harry.

Remus gave him a nod and promised he would be ready. Harry once again gave him a warm smile and to the delight of the class, he turned on the spot and apparated out of the room.

The next morning came quickly for those that were due to be at the Ministry. All three professors ate breakfast with Harry in his office. When they were done eating, Harry walked over to the fireplace and threw and handful of powder into the fire.

"The Ministry of Magic," he exclaimed.

Within moments he and the rest of the group were standing in the ministry. Harry and his group were met by Albus. He led them to the elevators and down to the dungeons. They walked to courtroom ten and entered. Albus gestured to four chairs that were set up especially for them. Harry sat and remembered his day of trial here in this same courtroom. That was the day he was being tried for using magic in front of his cousin. How well he remembered the night he cast his patronus at the two Dementors that were attacking him and his cousin. That very act had almost gotten him expelled. Mrs. Figg and Albus had managed to get him off with a warning. Harry would still get angry when he remembered that it was Delores Umbridge that had sent the Dementors after him in the first place. She was trying to get Harry out of the picture. Now he knew why. She was in league with the Dark Lord. Harry and his party sat quietly waiting for the start of the trial. Albus made his way to the section that marked him as the prosecutor. There were no defense lawyers, as this trial was mainly for the sake of protocol. There were too many witnesses to this trial that saw the door in her office. There were too many that heard the allegations against her. They all heard her refuse the Veritaserum. This time she would have no choice but to either explain her actions, or be forced to take the potion. The door opened on the side of the room, and Harry jolted out of his thoughts. He watched as two Dementors escorted Umbridge to the chair. He watched as the chains lit up and snaked their way around her and bound her in it.

Amelia Bones entered the room. She would be the presiding judge at this trial. Behind her 50 members of the Wizengamot entered and took their places. At last everyone that was needed to be present was accounted for and the trial got underway.

"We are here today to give trial to Delores Jane Umbridge," began Madam Bones. "She is accused of being in league with He-Who- Must- Not- Be- Named. Further accusations are that she knowingly and willingly sent Dementors to Wisteria Lane to attack and administer a kiss to Harry James Potter, current Head Master of Hogwarts. She is also accused of willingly attempting to use an Unforgivable curse on Mr. Potter. She is also accused of using a dark item on students during her time as Professor at Hogwarts."

The jury gave audible gasps at the charges. Turning to the prisoner, Madam Bones continued.

"On the charge of using a blood quill on students at Hogwarts," she said. "Delores Jane Umbridge, how do you plead?"

"Not guilty," said Umbridge in a simpering manner.

"On the charge of sending Dementors to attack and administer the kiss to Harry Potter," continued Madam Bones. "How do you plead?"

"Not guilty," said Umbridge again.

"On the charge of attempting to use and Unforgivable curse on Harry Potter," continued Madam Bones. "How do you plead?"

"Not guilty," said Umbridge for a third time.

"On the final charge of being in league with the Dark Lord and allowing him into both the Ministry as well as Hogwarts," said Amelia a little disgusted. "How do you plead?"

"Not guilty," said Umbridge yet again.

"Very well," said Amelia. "We will take each of these four accusations one at a time. We would like to call to the stand, Harry James Potter."

Harry stood up and walked to the bench and stood waiting.

"Are you Harry James Potter, Head Master of Hogwarts?" asked Amelia.

"Yes I am," replied Harry.

"Do you have proof that a blood quill was used on you in school?" asked Amelia.

Harry raised his hand and showed Amelia and those sitting nearest her the back of it. The scars there still be visibly read "I must not tell lies"

Those sitting in the back stood up and all looked down at Harry's hand. Quite a few muttered in astonishment, while other spoke out in anger.

"There is no proof that it was anything that I did," simpered Delores.

Harry took out his wand and placed it to his temple. He pulled out a long silvery thread. He handed it to Amelia, who placed it into the pensive before her. With a wave of her own wand, she brought forth the memory. Sitting at the desk with his hand bleeding was Harry. As Harry looked around in the memory, the rest of the jury saw the garish kitten plates that currently hung in Delores' office. When Harry looked back at his parchment the words "I must not tell lies" were clearly written in blood. Amelia waved her wand and the memory sank back into the pensive.

Harry quickly scooped his memory out of the pensive and placed it back in his mind.

"Thank you Head Master," said Amelia. "That is all we wish to know. Next we call up Professor Hermione Granger."

Hermione got up and went to the bench. She stood and waited.

"You were the one that help prevent Madam Umbridge from using the Cruciatus Curse on Mr. Potter weren't you?" asked Amelia.

"Yes Ma'am I was," said Hermione.

She too pulled out her wand and extracted a memory from her head. She placed it into the Pensieve and once again Amelia waved her wand causing the memory to be shown to the whole room.

"you are forcing me, Potter….I do not want to," said Umbridge still moving restlessly on the spot," but sometimes circumstances justify the use… I am sure the Minister will understand that I had no choice…."

Malfoy was watching her with a hungry expression on his face.

"The Cruciatus Curse ought to loosen your tongue," said Umbridge quietly.

"No!" shrieked Hermione. "Professor Umbridge – it's illegal" –

"The Minister wouldn't want you to break the law, Professor Umbridge!" cried Hermione.

"What Cornelius doesn't know won't hurt him," said Umbridge…."

Amelia and the rest of the jury sat there with outraged looks on their faces. Hermione scooped up her memory and stored it back in her head.

"Thank you Professor Granger," said Amelia. "You may step down."

Hermione quickly took her place once more next to Harry and the others.

By this time Amelia was disgusted with everything she had seen so far. She turned to Delores who sat with a smug look on her face.

"After witnessing those two memories," she said. "We will now use Veritaserum on you. We want the truth of these matters and we want the answers now. Gerard, please administer the potion."

Gerard came up from his spot near the door and quickly administered the potion. Delores tried to spit out the potion, but Gerard held her nose and mouth closed until she swallowed. When he was sure that she had taken enough of the potion, he went back to his place near the door.

"We will now ask questions again," said Amelia. "Is your name Delores Jane Umbridge?"

"Yes," replied Delores angrily.

"Did you attempt to use the Cruciatus Curse on Head Master Potter?" she asked.

"Yes," said Delores. "The brat had it coming to him and more."

"Did you use a blood quill on Mr. Potter as well as other students in the school during your time as Professor?" asked Amelia.

"Yes," spit Delores.

"Did you send the Dementors to attack and administer the kiss to Harry Potter that night as he claimed?" asked Amelia.

"Yes," said Delores. "Someone needed to shut him up and no one would do anything about it. So I did."

"Are you in league with the Dark Lord?" asked Amelia. "Have you been allowing the Dark Lord access into the Ministry and then into Hogwarts, through the door in your office?"

"Yes!" shrieked Delores. "The Dark Lord will rise to power again and he will win this war."

"Why did you do it?" asked Amelia.

"Because Cornelius told me to," was the reply.

At this statement, pandemonium broke out in the courtroom. Delores sat there with a horrified expression on her toad face. She had just ousted the only man she had ever loved. She had just testified against the man she admired, Cornelius Fudge. With a few bangs from the end of his wand, Albus had order restored in the courtroom.

"On the charge of attempting to use an Unforgivable Curse on a student, all those in favor of conviction raise your hand" said Amelia.

Every hand on the jury rose.

"On the charge of using a dark item on students, all those in favor of conviction raise your hand" said Amelia a second time.

Again every hand on the jury rose.

"On the charge of sending Dementors to attack a student without permission, all those in favor of a conviction, raise your hand," said Amelia.

For a third time, every hand on the jury rose in the air.

"On the final charge of being in league with the Dark Lord and allowing him access to both the Ministry and Hogwarts, all those in favor of a conviction, raise your hand," said Amelia.

With a finality, that made Delores shudder, every hand on the jury rose in the air for a fourth time.

"First I would like to say to Harry Potter, that your record will be cleaned of that indiscretion," said Amelia. "As we now have proof that your story is both accurate and completely true we are hereby clearing your name. Also we will clear your name of the incident involving the floating pudding. Having spoken with the house elf in question, he admitted that it was his magic and not yours that cause the pudding to levitate and explode that night. Therefore it is with a happy note that you are hereby cleared of all charges that were marked on your record for the use of underage magic. Congratulations Mr. Potter."

Harry nodded and smiled. Hermione gave him a hug. Remus and Severus each gave him a pat on the back along with their congratulations.

"A formal apology as well as a written document will be sent to you," said Amelia. "Second, I would like you 6 Aurors to go and arrest Cornelius Fudge."

Turning she faced Delores.

"For the crime of using the blood quill, we herby sentence you to 50 years in Azkaban Prison," said Amelia. "For the crime of attempting to use an Unforgivable curse on a student we hereby sentence you to 50 years in Azkaban Prison. For attempting to have a student attacked and kissed by the Dementors, we sentence you to 75 years in Azkaban Prison. For being in league with the Dark Lord and allowing him entry to both the Ministry and Hogwarts, we hereby sentence you to 75 years in Azkaban for each location. May the pain you have caused on so many, be remedied by the pain that you will suffer in Azkaban. Take her away."

The two Dementors made their way to Harry. Everyone stood still in horror as they approached. Wands came out quickly and pointed at the Dementors. Harry however, was not disturbed. He watched as both Dementors bowed to him and made their way back to Delores. The chains loosened and they each grabbed an arm. As they left, they could hear Delores crying. She understood that she had just received 325 years in prison. She also knew that the Dementors at Azkaban would make her life even more miserable than they did to the other prisoners. Death would not be a welcome remedy to her problems now. Nor could she count on the Dark Lord to save her. Azkaban was even more protected now than when Sirius or the ten death eaters had escaped.

Albus walked over to the Hogwarts quartet and gave them a tired smile. The others all smiled in return. It was time to go back to the castle. The teachers had classes and Harry wanted to relax after a long ordeal that was finally over. With a quick smile and a nod at Albus, Harry grabbed two teachers, who in turn grabbed the third and apparated them back to the school. When they arrived each went their own way. Harry called over to Hermione to have her explain to the other teachers what had happened. When she nodded her affirmation, he went up to his rooms and went lay down for a nap. It had been a very tiring morning for Harry. Dobby placed some lunch on a tray for Harry and placed it on the bed next to him. Harry ate his meal in silence and went through everything he just witnessed. He wondered what would become of Cornelius Fudge. After all that Cornelius did to Albus, what would be the outcome of his trial be. Harry shrugged his thoughts back to the here and now. As he came out of his reverie, he noticed that look pass between his two elves. Smiling to himself, Harry got up and wrote a quick letter to Albus. Giving it to Hedwig, he watched her fly out the window. Harry returned to his meal and waited for the reply.

Authors Note:

Please remember that some of this chapter came from Rowling herself. I wanted my facts absolutely correct before I typed this. I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please come back for the next Chapter as I try my hand at a wedding. I want it very nice so please be patient with the length of time it will take me to write it. Thanks!

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