Harry Potter and The Head Master of Hogwarts

For Love of Winky

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Note – in the previous chapter I sued and exert from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I copied it word for word from the book. I am going to try something new in this chapter. In this Chapter I took some scripture from Dragon of Autumn Twilight. Thanks to TSR for use of the wedding between Goldmoon and Riverwind. Please bear with me as I am not used to doing things like this. For those who are enjoying the story so far, here is the next chapter.

Chapter 8 – For Love of Winky

For the next few days Harry watched silently, the love that Dobby and Winky had for each other grow. He was waiting on a response from Albus about the ability for two elves to get married. When he received a letter from Albus he was a bit disappointed. Albus had no answer to his question. Therefore he went to the only person he knew who could help him. At lunch that day, he approached Hermione.

"Mione'," he began. "I need some help and you are the only one that can do it. I know how much you love the library; therefore I need you to research something for me."

"What do you need me to look up Harry?" asked Hermione curiously.

"I need to know everything you can find out about elf weddings," he said. "I need history, as well as past elves who have gotten married. I also need the laws about how to go about getting two elves married."

Hermione sat back for a moment chewing on her lip as she so often did when she was deep in thought.

"Harry," she said. "I do not believe it has ever been done. However, I will look for you and check in a few places. I want to get this right. Who are you planning on marrying anyway?"

For an answer Harry pointed at a blushing Winky. When Hermione found the source of her blush a sudden inspiration filled her.

"Oh Harry!" she exclaimed. "How wonderful if we can start a tradition that allows elves to marry one another legally. With you as Head Master and Dumbledore as Minister of Magic, I am sure we can get this started. It would be great for the elves to know that people are actually interested in their well being. You can count on me to find out everything I can."

Without even finishing her breakfast, Hermione jumped up from the table. She made her way to Luna, who was sitting with Ginny, Ron and Neville. Hermione collected the quartet and they all left the Great Hall. Severus and Minerva looked at Harry with a curious look on their faces. Harry grinned at both before he finished his breakfast and left the hall. He knew he could count on Hermione.

"Rose and Taboo," called Harry. "May I have a word please?"

With small pops both elves appeared in front of Harry.

"Yes Master Harry?" said Rose. "What can we do for you?"

"Please bring some food to Professor Granger and the 4 students in the library," said Harry. "I know for a fact that none of them have eaten a decent meal. Also, if they are still there for lunch and dinner, please bring them something then also. Tell Madam Pince that I said it was ok for them to eat in the library. She should know by now that Hermione would never do anything to harm the books in the library. But just to be safe, I think it is best if we inform her that they have permission."

"We is taking care of it Master Harry," said Rose.

With two small pops the elves left. Harry made his way to Minerva's rooms. He knocked on her door. She answered and was a little surprised to see him there.

"Harry," she said. "What's wrong? Please tell me that we do not have another problem student to deal with."

"No Minerva," he replied. "It is nothing like that. Albus sent me a reply. So far he has found nothing on elf marriages. However, I have our best information finder on the case."

"Is that why Miss Granger left so quickly from breakfast?" she asked.

"Yep," he answered. "I have two house elves on call to make sure they eat. I also sent a message to Madam Pince to not be upset if she and the four students she grabbed eat in the library."

"Good thinking Harry," said Minerva. "The last thing we need is for Madam Pince to ban anyone from the library. That is after she has done them serious damage for having food near the books."

Harry chuckled at her remark. He remembered all to well the day that he and Ginny had chocolate eggs near the books. Madam Pince had used Harry's own school supplies to hit him and Ginny over the head all the way out of the library.

"I think it is time that you and I talk to Dobby and Winky," said Harry. "That is, if you have time. If not I can get Hermione to do it or even Pomona."

"I have time Harry," she replied. "Don't even think about denying me this. I can't remember the last time I was so excited about two individuals getting married. I am so fond of those two elves."

"Well that is settled then," said Harry. "Give me your arm. Knowing Dobby and Winky they are in my rooms cleaning things that don't need to be cleaned."

Minerva chucked as she held out her arm for Harry. He grabbed it and with a slight turn, apparated them to his office. When they appeared they were surprised to see Severus sitting there waiting for them patiently.

"Severus," said Harry. "What brings you here?"

"If you think you are leaving me out of this you are nuts Harry," said Severus. "I had a suspicion of what was going on when Miss Granger grabbed students and left the Hall. I also assume that since Minerva is here it is time to talk to the elves?"

"You would assume correctly," said a laughing Harry. "Dobby and Winky can you two please come down here?"

The two elves came in and saw the trio sitting there. Fright passed across both faces and Winky began to punish herself. Harry ran to prevent her from doing harm to herself, as Severus grabbed Dobby from doing the same.

"Would you two relax?" asked Harry. "Neither of you have done anything wrong. We want to talk to you about something else. Something wonderful that is making us all very happy. Please have a seat."

Dobby and Winky looked relieved and sat on the couch next to Minerva. Minerva smiled fondly at the two elves and looked to Harry.

"Something has come to our attention," began Harry. "It would seem that every time you two are near each other, one or both of you start to blush. It would also appear that when the other of you is not looking the first is watching with puppy dog eyes as well."

"We is sorry Harry," interrupted Dobby. "We is not meaning to cause problems for you."

Winky nodded her agreement as tears fell from both elves eyes. Both felt they were doing something wrong.

"Hey," said Harry. "We think it is great. Now I want you to listen carefully. Can you do that?"

Both elves looked up at Harry and nodded.

"The three of us in this room are only some of us that are VERY happy for you both," said Harry. "We have Professor Granger looking into the laws about elf marriages. She is taking that project very seriously. We want to assist you in getting married. You have all of our support as well a Dumbledore's. In fact I have something for both of you."

Harry reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a small box. He handed it to Winky who opened it. Inside the box lay two rings that were identical to each other. They were made to fit the elf fingers.

"I don't know how we can get you a suit and a dress without accidentally freeing you from service to me," said Harry. "I know that you two want to be bonded to me. If you know of a way that we can get you a suit and dress without breaking the bond please tell one of us. We want you to be happy. You know how much I care for you."

Winky got up and approached Harry. She bowed low to him and then turned to Minerva and Severus. She gave a second bow and started crying again. This time it was tears of happiness that was falling from her face. It was Dobby that gave them the answer they were looking for.

Master Harry," he began. "We know you is wanting to help us. Things are different with you than most wizards. We is not wanting to break the bond with you. Winky and I is wanting to get married. We knows how to do it. All you is having to do is gift us the dress and suit. It is not the same as we is getting paid and such. We is accepting the gifts and we can still be bonded to you."

"Dobby," said Minerva. "That is brilliant. Winky and I can go shopping for her dress this afternoon. Severus and Harry can go with Dobby to get his suit."

"That is fine with me Harry," said Severus. "I have nothing planned for today anyway. We can bring Draco with us. Miss Granger can go with Minerva and Winky."

Harry looked around the room with a happy smile on his face.

"Now we just need a date," said Harry. "I was thinking Easter would be a good time. What do you and Winky think?"

Both elves looked at each other and burst out crying. Both ran to Harry and each gave him a hug filled with happy tears.

"You is a wonderful wizard, Harry Potter Sir," sobbed Winky. "We is accepting that time."

"Great," said Harry, still holding both elves. "I will perform the ceremony. Draco and Severus can stand with Dobby, and Minerva and Hermione can stand with Winky. I think we will start a tradition here at Hogwarts with house elf weddings. I wonder if there are other elves here that are interested in getting married."

Winky nodded her head.

"There is two other couples that would like that as well," she replied. "I is thinking we can all get married at the same time. I can go ask them if you is wanting Harry Potter Sir."

"You do that and let me know immediately," said Harry.

With a small nod and a smaller pop, Winky left for the kitchens. Harry sat at his desk and wrote out the invitation to certain people outside of Hogwarts that he wished to attend the weddings. At the top of the list was Albus, Molly, the twins, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley. He added Bill and Charlie to that list.

"Minerva here is a small guest list," he said. "If you can think of anyone else who would appreciate what we are doing here add them to the list. I figure that most of the staff will be there if not all. Also I think a lot of the students would like to stay and see this as well."

A few small pops announced that Winky had come back with the other two couples. Harry quickly told them what they were planning and the other four elves were astonished at having someone care for them in this manner. They like Winky and Dobby cried and gave Harry heartfelt thanks. It was decided that the females would go with Winky and her party and the males would go with Dobby and his party.

Harry cast a quick patronus to Hermione. It was a matter of moments when she appeared.

"Harry," she stated. "I was on my way up when your patronus showed up. I have good news. There are no laws that state elves can NOT get married. It just wasn't something that was done. Most wizards do not think like we do and they never approved it. However there is no law saying that they can't get married."

Hermione took a breath and then looked around. She was embarrassed that she blurted all this out in front of a room full of people that she had not noticed in her hurry to tell Harry her news. Everyone in the room burst out laughing at the look on her face. She turned red and poked her tongue out at Harry and sat down in her chair.

"Hermione," said Harry. "If anyone could find that information out, it was you. All three of the elf couples will be getting married on Easter morning. You will be going with Minerva and Winky to pick out the three female elves' wedding dresses. Severus, Draco and I will be going with Dobby and these other two to get them suits."

"Oh Harry!" she exclaimed. "This is so exciting. We need to get the guest list going and the food decided and so many things. Do you realize that Easter is only three weeks away?"

Harry and the others started laughing again.

"Hermione the guest list is being handled by Minerva," said Harry. "We will leave you to discuss with the other elves about food. That is unless you want to hire caterers. I will pay for that of course. In fact I think that is a good idea. Let the rest of the elves come to the wedding as guests. Now I think it is time to collect Draco and all of us make a special trip to Diagon Alley. Severus, please inform Pomona and Remus that we are leaving for a few hours as you grab Draco. After that we will all meet in the entrance hall. Severus nodded and everyone left to get what they needed. Harry had all six elves stay with him. He went to the fireplace and called out to Gringotts.

"Griphook," he called. "Are you free?"

"Yes Harry Potter," came the reply. "What can I do for you?"

"There will be a ticket signed by Minerva McGonagall for three wedding dresses. Please take the money out of my account to pay for it when it arrives. I am giving her permission to sign my name to the ticket. Is that alright with you?"

"That will be fine Harry Potter," he said. "I will take care of it. May I ask who is getting married?"

"I will be having a wedding here on Easter morning for six of my house elves. You are more than welcome to attend if you wish," said Harry.

"Once again you mark yourself as a remarkable and unique wizard Harry Potter," Griphook said. "I will be there. Just have my invitation sent to the bank."

"No problem," said Harry. "I'll see to it personally."

With a quick flick of his wand, Harry conjured up a wedding invitation and passed it through the flames to the goblin. After a quick thank you, Harry and all six elves made their way to the entrance hall. By the time they arrived the rest of the party had made their way there as well. After a quick word, they all clasped hands and Harry apparated them to Diagon Alley. The ladies made for the Bridal shop as the men made heir way to Madam Malkin's.

The effect of so many people apparating with six elves did not seem to affect that many people. Apparently the sight of Harry Potter in the company of house elves was common knowledge for most and those that didn't know about it really didn't care. The results of Harry's efforts in the war against the Dark Lord had won their loyalty. Upon entering the shop, Madam Malkin herself came up to Harry and the group. When she was told what was happening, she lifted an eyebrow in surprise for a moment. However, she realized who was asking for this and knew that Harry was the one to make changes in the world. With a smile at the elves she began to take measurements. After about two hours she was finished. Each elf had a tuxedo in the color of black with a red shirt. Their corsages we silver with blue roses set in them. Each elf also had a cover robe with the Hogwarts emblem on the lapel. The robes were made to enhance the suit, not hide it. Finally the elves were all given shoes that would fit their feet. Harry went over and signed the ticket. He ordered a set of white robes for himself with the Hogwarts crest on it and arranged to have it sent to Hogwarts. He paid extra to have a rush put on it. He wanted to make sure that all was ready for the wedding. When the men were done, they all apparated back to Hogwarts to await the women. It was not long before small pops could be heard outside his office. Winky came in followed by the other elves and the rest of the staff. Quickly it was established that the gowns would be held in Minerva's room where the female elves would get ready. The men would get ready here in Harry's office. With that arrangement complete, the elves all bowed to the quintet and went back to work. Harry quickly drew his wand and conjured two more sets of rings for the other elves. With that being done all that was left was up to Minerva and Hermione. Severus would see to it that the Great Hall was decorated for the wedding. When everyone had their ideas written down and the arrangements started, they slowly started trickling out of Harry's office. Harry sat down with a smile on his face. To be able to make the lives of other living beings happy was a gift that he enjoyed giving.

Finally the day arrived. Many students had stayed to witness the event. After all it was not often that humans did something so spectacular for any other living being. There were many exceptions to this line of thought in the castle. Harry was grateful that a good portion of the SFG and the DA did not take the elves for granted. Many acted as ushers for the guests that were arriving. Albus arrived with about 30 members from the Ministry. Griphook and a date arrived and were sitting quietly talking with other people who had accounts at the bank. Madam Rosemerta brought the meade and butterbeer. The caterers had done a wonderful job under Severus and Hermione's instructions with regards to the food and such. Finally it was time to begin. Minerva in pale blue robes stood at the front alongside Hermione who was resplendent in pale turquoise robes. Draco stood beside Dobby in bottle green robes and Severus was next to the other elves in robes of navy blue. That in itself, made people look at him in wonder. Severus never wore anything other than black. To see him in any other color was a wonder. Harry stood at the front of the Great Hall in robes of white with silver and gold cuffs and with a black and blue collar. The doors to the Great Hall opened and Ron entered leading Winky. Following Ron was Neville who was leading Grace. Coming after, was Seamus who was leading Tiffany. All three female elves were wearing dresses of pale gold. All three were a marvel. Harry knew for a fact that Dobby was wearing the sock that had broken his enslavement to the Malfoys all those years ago. As the three female elves made it to where Harry was standing Ron, Neville and Seamus all went to their seats.

"Who gives these three females away?" he asked.

"I do," said Albus, to the astonishment of the crowd.

"Who stands for these three ladies?" asked Harry.

"We do," said Minerva, Hermione, and Luna.

"Who gives these three males away?" asked Harry.

"I do," said Moody.

"Who stands for these three men?" asked Harry.

"We do," said Severus, Draco, and Remus.

"Very well," said Harry. "Let us begin. The left hand is the hand of the heart. I ask each female to place her left hand in the left hand of her male spouse to be."

Harry watched as Dobby, Drew, and Randal grabbed the hands of Winky, Grace and Tiffany.

"We join left hands that the love in the hearts that these elves have to combine to form something greater as two streams join together to form a mighty river," said Harry. "The river flows through the land, branching off into tributaries, exploring new ways, yet ever drawn to the eternal sea. Receive their love, Merlin; bless it and grant them peace at least in the hearts, if there is no peace in this shattered land."

Turning to the males elves Harry smiled and then nodded to Severus, Draco and Remus to produce the rings. Turning to the female elves Harry smiled and then nodded to Minerva, Hermione, and Luna to produce their rings.

"Do you Dobby take Winky to be your wife?" asked Harry.

"I does," said Dobby.

"Do you Drew take Grace to be your wife?" asked Harry.

"I does," said Drew.

"Do you Randal take Tiffany to be your wife?" asked Harry.

"I does," said Randal.

Turning Harry looked to the female elves.

"Do you Winky take Dobby to be your husband?" he asked.

"I does," said Winky.

"Do you Grace take Drew to be your husband?" he asked.

"I does," said Grace.

"Do you Tiffany take Randal to be your husband?" asked Harry.

"I does Sir," said Tiffany.

"Dobby, Drew, and Randal place the ring on your lady's finger," said Harry.

Harry watched as all three male elves took their rings from the wizards and placed them on their lady's finger.

Winky, Grace, and Tiffany place the ring on your man's finger," said Harry.

Harry watched as all three female elves took their rings from the witches and placed them on their man's fingers.

"With the power invested in me," intoned Harry. "I now pronounce you married. You may now kiss your wife."

All three male elves grabbed their new spouse and kissed them gently. Harry raised his wand and shot images of phoenixes in the air.

The audience applauded as the elves were pronounced married. For the first time in history a witch or wizard took into consideration the feelings of an elf. Tears were shed as the guests happily congratulated the couples. Dobby and Winky had a special place in most people's hearts. As the party started people would occasionally approach one of the elf couples and shake their hands or kneel to give them a hug. The other house elves were a little uncomfortable about not being part of the work, but Harry assured them that they could do the clean up. This brightened the faces of the elves and soon the party was in full swing. Occasionally one could see an elf helping to serve food. At other times you could see elves bringing in their own flavorful foods to serve the guests. It was close to midnight when the reception ended. Harry personally saw most of the guest out and gave thanks to everyone who had come to the wedding. Molly and Petunia wanted to stay and help clean up, but the elves made it clear that they would handle all of it. With a smile to them the rest of the guests left. Harry had the three married couples take the night off and as a special gift the next day as well. Harry made his way to his rooms. He turned down his own bed and climbed in. He lay there for awhile and reviewed the highlights of the wedding. The elves looked wonderful. Also it was wonderful to see so many witches and wizards come and show their support. Finally Harry drifted off into a light sleep. With a smile on his face he drifted into pleasant dreams. Around the castle others were in the same state of euphoria that he was. Others were dreaming about their own weddings. Each wondered if Harry would preside over their wedding as well.

Authors note: I hope this was not to long or mushy. It was enjoyable to write however. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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