Harry Potter and the Guardian of Hogwarts

Giants, Inferi, and Death Eater Oh My

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Chapter 17 – Giants, Inferi, and Death Eater; Oh My

After Valentine's Day passed, Harry kept a portion of his thoughts on the Dark Lord. He knew that at anytime, Voldemort could attack. As February came to a close and March started, Harry began to wonder when the next attack was going to come. He knew that he could enter Voldemort's thoughts with no damage to himself, but he also did not want to do this unless Albus or Severus was present to help back him back to himself. Those forays into the Dark Lord's mind always left Harry aching and disgusted with what he saw. He always felt dirty and ashamed after each venture. It took all that Albus and Severus had to convince him each time that he was not going to turn into the next Dark Lord. Their ace in the hole in these ventures was Draco Malfoy. Both boys had developed a close relationship during the year. Harry had saved Draco from Voldemort, Lucius, Bellatrix, Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle. However his shining moment was when he saved Draco from himself. These days you could see the boys talking and laughing with one another, or else walking around school together each with a phoenix on their shoulder. So it was on the night of the Spring Equinox that Harry finally had Albus, Severus, Draco and the phoenix familiars sitting with him as he decided to go on another venture into Voldemort's mind. As he went in, he noticed from the start that something was not right. Voldemort was on the move again. Harry could tell as there were lots of mountains around him. He watched as Voldemort approached Golgomath. He heard Voldemort demand the services of the giants.

"Do you know who I am Golgomath?" asked Voldemort.

"Should I care who you are wizard?" came the reply.

"Oh I can assure you that by the end of the night you will remember who I am," said Voldemort. "For your very life will depend on it. I come this evening to accept the service of you and your giants into my army. I am working hard to destroy the Mudblood lover Dumbledore and of course bring about the destruction of Harry Potter."

"We don't care about any wizard war," declared Golgomath. "We just want to be left in peace. I suggest to you wizard, that you go away before we destroy you. We do not want to risk our lives so you can rule us. No one rules the giants except me."

Golgomath waved away Voldemort and turned back to his dinner. With a flash of green and a spurt of red, Golgomath's head was now lying in the dirt at Voldemort's feet.

"You will all obey me, or you will end up like this one," he said speaking loud and clearly.

He turned to the rest of the giants who had paused in their activities and were watching with something akin to fear. Voldemort scanned the crowd searching for one that he wanted. His eyes came to rest on a female giant with a ferocious look.

"You," he said pointing to Fridwolfa. "You are now in charge of the giants. You will report to me in the Forbidden Forest. If I have to come back to this place to remind you, there won't be a giant left alive when I am done."

With that being said, Voldemort apparated to his hideout in the Forbidden Forest. He supervised the rounding up of his army of inferi. He looked at Bellatrix, his last lieutenant that he trusted, and gave a growl of frustration. She had let him down. Due to her lack of imagination, he had lost the cup that contained his horcrux. With a look around, he saw Nagini trailing through the grass hunting for dinner. He left her in the care of Bellatrix with the notion that if anything happened to her that Bellatrix would pay for it with her life. He called the last of his Death Eaters to him so that he could give them their last set of orders before the attack on the castle in the following month. Voldemort knew that the giants would be arriving in about two weeks. Voldemort was wondering about the hush in the forest. It was rather quiet. He knew that the centaurs were around here somewhere. He also knew that, that great oaf Hagrid kept all sorts of strange creatures in the forest. He glanced around and saw that Nagini had left his line of sight. Calling out to her in parseltongue, he got no answer. Bellatrix looked fearfully at Voldemort and started to search for the snake. She knew that when he was around, that Nagini would be safe, but she remembered all to well the anger of Voldemort when she cost him the cup. The rest of the Death Eaters all joined the search.

An hour later Harry was still sitting there enjoying what he was seeing in his mind. Albus and Severus wondered what was so amusing that Harry would laugh out loud periodically. They began to get nervous when after the second hour Harry was still flittering into Voldemort's mind. As Albus made to bring Harry back, Apollo trilled and shot the old mage a plaintive look. Realizing what the phoenix was telling him, Albus sat back and kept his vigil. After just over 3 hours passed, Harry came to with a start. He looked around at all those people sitting there watching. He struggled to get himself under control, but he could not help himself. He burst out laughing. Finally after fifteen minutes of laughter, Harry sat up and looked at Albus and Severus.

"I think you should ask Hagrid, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Minerva, Filius, and Pomona to join us," said a chuckling Harry. "I have bad news, but I have the funniest story to tell you guys."

As Albus and Severus went to bring the rest of the people requested to Harry's room, Harry was finally able to bring him self under control. He had a plan forming in his head that he needed to call to the attention of the others. Ten minutes later, all the people requested were sitting around Harry's sitting room.

"Well," began Harry. "I have good news and bad news. The bad news first I think. Voldemort has finally succeeded in recruiting the giants. They will be in the Forbidden Forest in about two weeks. He currently has his Death Eaters posted there now. They are working on bringing his army of inferi to the starting point. He plans to attack Hogwarts on the third of April. He will launch an all out assault on the castle. He will throw just about everything he has against us. He is using Giants, inferi, death eaters, the remaining vampires and werewolves, not to mention the rest of the Dementors that are not currently under my control. I know it sounds bad. It sounds very bad."

Harry watched as the information sank in. He knew that it sounded bad. However, he did not want them to underestimate the danger that Voldemort posed. After waiting a few moments, he decided to give them the good news.

"The good news is as follows," said Harry. "He has no idea that the centaurs, that he is looking for, is currently abducting inferi here and there and destroying them. He has no idea that the dragons are posted around the forest. He also has no idea that the acromantulas are working with us."

Harry was overcome with a fit of laughter again. The rest of the group wondered what was so amusing to Harry. The odds of them surviving an attack with the giants and inferi alone were astounding. Not to mention when you throw in Death Eaters, vampires, werewolves, and Dementors. They were concerned that Harry had spent too much time in the Dark Lord's head.

"Harry," began Albus. "I think that we are missing something here. What is it that has you so amused? What did you see that has you in this state of merriment when the forces of Voldemort are so strong?"

"Oh yes I forgot to mention a few things' said Harry. "First off the centaurs are waiting to ambush from behind. Second, Voldemort is getting frustrated as more and more Dementors are leaving his ranks. Third, the werewolves are not interested in fighting us anymore. They are only attacking as it means their lives if they don't. Fourth, and this is the funniest, Aragog has eaten Nagini. Or at least someone in his family did. All they found was a dead snake with its neck ripped open. The last horcrux is dead. Voldemort can be killed now. There are no more horcruxes. Last but not least, he has been punishing his Death Eaters for awhile now since she was found dead. He can not locate the centaurs, spiders, or anything else. He is getting VERY upset."

At first no one said anything. They were all stunned to hear everything that Harry had said. Finally Minerva started to giggle. This was followed by a guffaw from Ron and Hagrid. Soon after, everyone was laughing at the problems that Voldemort was having with his army.

"Ok I have one more bit of bad news to give you" Harry stated.

This sobered everyone up immediately.

"Voldemort," Harry continued when everyone was looking, "has one more weapon that he thinks will be his key victory to winning this war. He has two basilisks in his army now. He will be using them to attempt to get to us."

There was shock all around the room. Each was thinking that the war was lost. Even with one basilisk, the odds were staggering. With two it seemed impossible. Harry however was not concerned.

"I know that it seems bad, but remember we have some weapons against them," said Harry firmly.

"What would those be Harry?" asked Hermione.

"Well for starters, I am a Parselmouth," he said. "Also we have three weapons against the basilisks that Voldemort doesn't know about. Fawkes, Apollo, and Artemis. The phoenixes are immune to the basilisk's glare. We can use them to attack the basilisks while I attempt to commune with them in Parseltongue. So therefore we will need the following things."

Severus I need you to make some more of those potions against our fanged and furry friends," he said turning to the Potions Master.

Severus nodded his head in understanding.

"We know they will not attempt the tunnels again as they were beaten so badly there before," he continued looking at Filius. "However we need the wards there reinforced just to be safe.

Filius accepted his job with a small smile and a nod of assurance.

Pomona I know you have mandrakes that are ready to be made into antidotes for petrification," said Harry turning next to the Herbology professor.

Pomona nodded her head at Harry.

"Minerva I need you and Hermione, to find a way of making glasses that are immune to the effects of the basilisk," said Harry. "We need that top priority. I think Apollo can help there."

Minerva looked delighted to be able to work with Hermione personally on a project.

"Draco and Ron I need you to research all forms of combat against the giants," said Harry

Both young men promised they would get right on it. Hermione volunteered to assist them as she knew the library better than anyone except Madam Pince.

Albus and Filius I need you guys to take over the DA and teach them how to combat the inferi and giants, said Harry turning to his mentors and friends.

Albus gave a wave of assurance and Filius looked delighted at being asked to participate in the training of the elite of Hogwarts.

"Hagrid I need you to tell Aragog to keep his family taking members from the Dark Lord," continued Harry turning to the one man that knew about every creature in the forest. "We need them to do so without the Dark Lord knowing. We need the centaurs to continue striking when they can at the flanks of the death eaters. We don't want them in a direct assault though. We need to get Charlie ready with his dragons. Hagrid, I need you in the air on the back of one and try to take down as many giants as you can. I do not think a giant is a match for a dragon. Just make sure that you do not get ganged up on."

Hagrid looked delighted at the prospect of being able to ride a dragon.

"I will reinforce the wards on the castle personally," said Harry to the room at large. "Ginny, Luna, and Neville can assist me there. We need to get a few dozen Aurors here. We also need to get the twins to make us some items that will slow down the death eaters and the dark army."

Everyone nodded and immediately began to get to work. Harry, Ginny, Luna, and Neville went down to reinforce the spells on the castle. It took the better part of an hour. With the aid of the house elves, they were all safely tucked into bed when they were finished. The drain on all four teenagers was high. Albus and the rest of the staff oversaw the preparations for the next attack. Filius reinforced the tunnels. Hermione was in her element once again in her books.

A few days later a lot of activity could be seen around the castle. Neville could be seen rubbing elbows with Professor Sprout dealing with the Mandrakes. Draco could be found working along side of Severus making the potions. Hermione could be seen working with Minerva creating the glasses that was requested. Even the student body was getting into the work. Students could be seen at all times working hard with their professors in preparing the castle for the monumental battle that approached. About a week before the battle, a powder blue carriage could be seen flying to Hogwarts. Madame Maxime, Fleur, and many of the Beauxbaton graduates could be seen hurrying around the castle assisting Hogwarts. Maxime decided that she too would ride a dragon into battle. After she and Hagrid trained for a week solid, they knew they were ready. Albus could be seen working with all three phoenixes.

Finally the day came when they knew the battle was to happen. Around dusk, Harry sent all students who were not going to be a part of the fight into the dungeons with Remus and Sybil. Poppy, Cho, Hannah, and Terry had all set themselves up in the great hall. The quidditch teams were ready to go. This time the Slytherin team was to be a part of the Air Strike Force. The snatch and grab team were ready to go. Other professors were stationed around the castle to prevent as much intrusion as possible from getting to the younger students.

Harry stood up from where he was seated and raised his wand into the sky and shot off red sparks. This was the signal that the dark army was approaching. Everyone made their way to their battle stations. Ron sat in the foyer with his glasses on and was watching the three dimensional castle sitting in front of him. The professors along with Hermione found a way for him to be able to see what was going on at all times around the castle. He was even able to direct the movements of the Army of Light. This was also fondly called "Potter's Army".

At last the trembles could be felt as the giants came into view. Walking along beneath them was the inferi. Shooting blue sparks into the air, the air teams started sending their spells at the giants. Hagrid, Charlie, and Madam Maxime, flew into the air on the backs of the dragons. Hagrid was shooting his own spells at the giants from his old pink umbrella. This finally confirmed to Harry, that the pieces of his wand were inside that umbrella. When the battle was over, Harry would see to it that Hagrid got a new wand. Shooting white sparks into the air, Harry signaled to the DA to start throwing fire power into the inferi. The battle raged on. As the night started to settle in the Death Eaters joined the ranks of dark creatures. The SFG were there to meet them. What Voldemort did not know was that the centaurs were also assisting where they could to stop a Death Eater. All at once Harry sent up gold sparks. Everyone immediately put on their protective glasses. They knew that Voldemort had sent in the basilisks. Within moments the two snakes could be seen. As they drew nearer Harry met them full force with the three phoenixes. Albus and Harry went after the first snake while the phoenixes went after the second one. Harry approached the first and spoke to it in Parseltongue. At first the basilisk refused to listen. It kept on unerringly heading towards where the two wizards stood. Finally when it looked like there was no hope for Albus and Harry something extraordinary happened. As Harry pulled out the wand of Salazar Slytherin, the basilisk, dropped down to the ground. It approached Harry, but it was not threatening the young wizard any longer. It waved back in forth as if waiting for instructions from Harry. Harry wasted no time in telling the giant snake what he wanted. After the basilisk left, Harry and Albus turned to the second to find that it was burning in flames. Apparently Fawkes flew into its mouth and had a burning time. Albus quickly bent to pick up the fledgling Fawkes and tucked him into his pocket. Returning to their posts, Harry and Albus waited for the Dementors. As they approached, silver patronuses could be seen flying around holding them back. The Death Eaters were having a hard time. Every now and again one would fall from an arrow in the back. No less than 22 others were petrified from the attacks on the basilisks. Of the 13 giants, only 4 were still standing. The werewolves were in full retreat, the vampires were trying to save the situation. They eventually killed one Auror before a very angry Harry went in and single handedly brought the body back. The strike and run team were doing and admirable job in bringing in the wounded of the light forces. Finally when most of the forces were fighting, one figure stood out in the battlefield. She had a triumphant smile on her face. Harry recognized her immediately. She was none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry approached her cautiously. She was a very talented witch. She was not above using anything in her arsenal to battle with. As Harry approached her, she laughed at him and pointed to the ground. Lying at her feet was none other than Arthur Weasley. He had joined the battle in attempt to bring her to justice. Harry noticed the bodies for three Aurors not far from Arthur. This was a battle that had gone on for some time. However they were no match for Bellatrix.

Harry looked over to her. She sneered back. With a quick wave of his wand, Harry sent the bodies back to the school.

"Let's finish this," he snarled.

"Oh is itsy bitsy baby Potter mad at wittle ole me?" she mocked.

"I am beyond angry Lestrange," he replied.

"CRUCIO," she shrieked.

Harry only laughed at her.

"CRUCIO," she screamed again. Frustration was etching into her face. For all the evil that was Bellatrix she was still a beautiful woman.

"It is not going to work on me Bella," said Harry. "Want to try something else?"

"Avada Kedavra," she screamed.

Harry just flicked his wand and sent his own spell to collide with it.

"EXPELLIARMUS," roared Harry.

To his delight he saw her shocked face as her wand soared into the air and then into Harry's outstretched hand.

"You will not win this night Bellatrix," stated Harry. "PETRIFICUS TOTALUS".

Bellatrix immediately froze up and Harry wrapped her in a fully body bind. He brought her back to the castle. As he did so he noticed that the Death Eaters were in full retreat. The last of the giants had fled. The few Dementors that were left flew into the night.

"Sonorus," said Harry. "I know you can hear me Riddle. Your forces are beaten. You will not be taking this castle tonight or ever. If you think you can beat me then come out and fight yourself. You just come out and we will settle this once and for all. Let it be just you and me. No one will interfere in this. I'll keep my forces back and you keep yours back. We can finish this once and for all. There are no more horcruxes. You are all that is left. I have Bellatrix and a good portion of your Death Eaters are either dead or petrified. The giants that came to help you are all dead. The werewolves and vampires no longer wish to assist you. So come on out and face me."

Silence could be heard at Harry's proclamation. Around the castle the snatch and grab team as well as the quidditch teams were rounding up the bodies as well as all those that were petrified. Finally the silence was broken.

"You may have won tonight Potter," said Voldemort. "We will meet again. I will take you up on your challenge. However, tonight is not the night. I will be back. Then we will finish this."

As the voice of Voldemort rang though the silence, everyone stopped what they were doing to listen. Harry knew that Voldemort was going to try to attempt something greater. He would be ready for him when he was. At the moment he had other things to worry about.

Molly Weasley could be seen coming up the trail from Hogsmeade. She was crying. Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Albus all went to her. She was led to the hospital wing so that she could be with the body of her beloved husband. When she asked, she was told what had happened to Arthur. She sobbed, yelled, and cried herself hoarse. Finally she calmed down enough to ask where the murderer of her husband was. When Harry explained that he had dueled Bellatrix and won, Molly seemed to glow with pleasure. Harry handed her Bellatrix's wand. Molly took one look at it and snapped it clean in half.

"Neither this wand nor that woman will ever hurt anyone again," she announced.

"We will see to it that Bellatrix is taken care of," began Harry. "She will NEVER hurt anyone again. You can count on that being the golden gospel."

Molly got up and hugged Harry. She loved him like another of her children. If he said it would be so, then she had no reason to doubt him.

All in all, after four hours of fighting, the castle of Hogwarts had won again. There were a few casualties in the army of the light. Among them were Arthur Weasley, Janet Rowan, Jennifer Gadebrook, and Dean Thomas. Thirty two other members were injured and were being cared for by Madame Pomfrey. There was mourning going on around the castle for those fallen victims. A monument was set up to honor them. The Weasleys could be seen being consoled by other classmates from time to time, as one or both would suddenly burst into tears at the loss of their father. The Weasley twins could be seen setting up a few booby traps for the future in case Voldemort sent more to attack. Hagrid could be seen burying the body of his mother on the edge of the forbidden forest. Madam Maxime could be seen with him. Fleur and the rest of the Beauxbaton school members were seen helping to repair the castle where it had suffered damage from the many things the giants had thrown at the walls. Members of the SFG could be seen putting things back into place that were either moved or broken from the battle. The DA members were seen patrolling with the prefects to keep the student body safe. Albus had gone to the Ministry of Magic to help find a temporary replacement for Arthur Weasley. Harry could be seen giving encouragement to anyone who looked like they needed it.

There was not much left to the school year, but all students and faculty knew that at last O.W.L.S. and N.E.W.T.S. were on them. They began working in earnest with the student of both fifth and seventh year to help them pass their exams.

Author's note:

I'll end this chapter here. I know you have a few questions regarding certain key points. I promise to answer those questions in the next chapter. This will include Bellatrix, the basilisk, a new minister of magic, and one or two other things.

Thanks for the support.

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