Harry Potter and the Guardian of Hogwarts

Ravenclaw to Ravenclaw

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Chapter 5 – Ravenclaw to Ravenclaw

As Harry was walking down the corridor making his was back to his rooms, a sapphire blue orb circled his head and dropped a blue sheet of parchment into his hands, being the seeker he was, he had no trouble catching the parchment before it hit the floor. As he read the parchment, he could hear a soft singing coming from the third floor corridor on the right hand side. Having known in first year that it held Fluffy, Hagrid's three headed dog, Harry wondered what was going on in there now. He summoned his Firebolt as he knew he was going to need it to get back up from the trap door. He could hear it whistling in the air as it made its way towards him. He entered the corridor and opened the door. Fluffy was no longer there. Harry briefly wondered where Hagrid had moved the animal. He quickly banished the thought as he knew he had more work to do. He thought briefly to what had happened with Godric's wand and wondered if the same was going to happen with Helga's as well. He also gave thought to what was going to happen with Rowena. As he dropped down through the trap door, he noticed that the Devil's Snare was no longer there. Apparently Professor Sprout had moved it somewhere else. He made his way along and found himself in the key room. The charm was still active on the keys, but the door was open. Harry saw that the key was still in the lock through it fluttered weakly. When he entered the room which held the chess set, all the pieces bowed to him and moved as they knew he was the one who had check mated the king in the last game. Harry was impressed with the way McGonagall kept up the spell on the chess board after all these years. He entered the room that previously held the troll and held his breath as the stench of the creature permeated his sense of smell. Hurrying along, he entered the room to find that the bottles that Severus had left were still there. Quickly he drew his wand and sent the bottles to Severus' office as a reminder that deadly poisons were still below where students could get to them. Lastly, he entered the room that once held the Mirror or Erised. Noticing that the mirror was gone, Harry quickly surveyed the room. The memories of the battle with Quirrell and Voldemort still rang in Harry's mind. He remembered the sacrifices that both Ron and Hermione had made to help him get this far. He briefly wondered how his two best friends were fairing. As he scanned the room, he noticed a door that was not noticeable the last time he was in this room.

"Obviously," he thought to himself. "I would not have noticed it anyway as I had more important things going on at that moment."

Snorting he headed towards the door and without flinching or being surprised, there was a portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw in the front of the door. With a wave, she opened up and he entered yet another set of rooms like the ones of Helga and Godric. Harry didn't even bother sitting this time. He headed straight to the bedroom and lay on the bed. Rowena came to him.

"I'm sure you know by now why you are here Harry," she stated.

Harry did not even bother to reply to her. Knowing that he would not, she began her tale.

"You are a descendant of mine through your mother's blood line," she said. "My grand daughter married a man by the name of Gawain Evans. They married muggles often in the blood line until the magic was thin in certain parts. Your mother Lily was the first witch or wizard to come with magical blood in over 200 years. She was very talented and very gifted. I was sorely disappointed that one of my blood was not in Ravenclaw House. As you know, in Ravenclaw we value intelligence and wisdom above all others."

When she finished speaking, she reached out and laid her hands upon Harry's brow. From here the tutorials began. When she lifted her hands, he was more knowledgeable at Divination, Charms, Herbology, and Astronomy. He had even more knowledge in History of Magic. With a smile he knew that if ever Hermione needed to know something about the castle or certain facts pertaining to the founders and such, the he was a walking book for her. Chuckling to himself, he wondered again why he was not sleepy at this time. He got up and decided he was going to go back upstairs. Without thinking as to how he was going to do it, Harry decided to try and apparate to another part of the castle. He had listened to Hermione's lecture about apparating, so he knew the basics. He turned on the spot and the next thing he knew he was in the Great Hall. With a huge smile on his face, he tried again. He decided to try different parts of the castle. He popped into Gryffindor Tower. He had always wanted to see Hufflepuff Tower, so he went there and then he went to Ravenclaw Tower. He had a great time looking around. He visited the kitchens, scaring the house elves in the process. After apologizing profusely, he asked for a light breakfast. As he sat at a small table, Winky brought him some of his favorite breakfast dishes. He noticed that her uniform had changed again.

Winky," he asked. "Why is it that every time I see you or Dobby, your uniform is a different color?"

Winky looked at Harry a little confused. She thought about it for a moment realizing that he did not understand.

"We is wearing Master's colors, Sir," she replied. "Gold is for your Gryffindor blood. Blue is for your Ravenclaw blood. Black is for your Hufflepuff blood."

Harry pondered this information for a moment and realized that what she said made sense. Elves had their own brand of magic and he knew that the uniform would match the house of the one they were bonded to. He rolled his eyes at her after a moment.

"I thought I asked you not to call me Master," he stated to her.

Winky, with tears in her eyes started to apologize. Harry realizing that he hurt her feelings and knowing she was going to punish herself, got up and knelt by the little elf. He wrapped her in his arms and gave her a big hug.

"It's ok I guess," said Harry grimacing at the words. "I will just have to get used to the idea that you guys are now my servants. I do not want you punishing yourself for my mistake."

He did not like having servants in the least. As Harry was patting Winky on the back, he happened to glance around the room at the other house elves that were in the kitchen. His eyes got huge as he noticed that every single elf present was dressed exactly like Winky and Dobby. With his eyes bulging, he stood up and ran from the kitchen. He made his way to the Head Master's office. When he got to the gargoyles, he gave pause, as he did not know the password to get past them. They did not ask for one and just moved to the side to allow him access to Dumbledore's office. Harry with his mouth open in wonder went up the stairs and knocked on the door to his mentor's office. The door was answered by a very alert Albus Dumbledore. Smiling at Harry he moved to the side and welcomed the young man into his office.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your company at this time of the morning Harry?" he asked kindly making his way to the chair behind his desk and gesturing to Harry to sit across from him.

Harry was still speechless for a moment. He made his way to the chair in front of Dumbledore's desk and sat down. Dumbledore, noticing the shocked look on Harry's face became alarmed immediately.

"What is it Harry?" he asked. "What has you so, for lack of a better word, shocked in this fashion?"

Harry looked at his mentor in a daze. He tried to speak and the words would not come out. He cleared his head and tried again.

"All of the house elves are wearing uniforms like the ones that Winky and Dobby are wearing," he said at last.

"What did you just say Harry?" Albus asked.

Dumbledore looked at Harry with a look of doubt on his face. Not that Harry was lying to him, but that he might have heard incorrectly. Harry seeing the look and understanding it correctly just nodded.

"Yes Albus," he said. "It's true. Every single house elf is wearing a uniform exactly like Winky and Dobby. Also I wanted to tell you that the gargoyles did not ask me for a password to get to your office. They just moved aside and let me up."

Dumbledore thought about that for a second. He certainly did not recall giving Harry the password. With a small sigh, he understood what was going on.

"I take it Harry, that you have been visited by another founder other than Godric?" he asked.

"Yes Albus," said Harry nodding. "I have been visited by Helga and Rowena. If I am not mistaken, before this night is through, I'll be visited by Salazar as well."

Dumbledore sat there with an awed look on his face. He quickly schooled his face into a pleasant look. He did not want to alarm Harry.

"I knew you were going to be visited by them after Godric appeared," he said. "I had no idea that the others would be so soon in coming however. Apparently you are the true heir to the founders of Hogwarts."

Harry looked at Albus with a look of relief on his face and nodded. Trust Dumbledore to know everything.

"So far Godric and Helga told me they are ancestors on my father's side," said Harry. "Rowena and I'm sure Salazar, are ancestors on my mother's side. I did not realize that I was this important Albus. Why now? Why after all this time am I being visited?"

By now Harry was agitated. He got up and started pacing. Albus made to answer him, but Harry not slowing for a moment went on.

"What am I supposed to do with all this knowledge?" he asked sitting down again. "You would be hard pressed to find anyone that has been told half of what I now know. PLUS, I still have one founder to go. What is he going to teach me Albus? Or do I really even need to ask?"

Albus tried once again to give an answer. Before he had the chance to respond, as if on cue the green orb appeared and dropped a green sheet of parchment into Harry's lap.

"I guess I better go answer this then Albus," said Harry sighing.

He stood up and apparated out of the room. Looking at the spot the boy just stood in, Albus got up quickly and went to the fireplace. He knelt down and threw some floo powder into the fire.

"Minerva, Severus," he called. "Could you two please join me in my office? It is very important that I speak with you both.

After he got affirmations from both he called into the fire again. This time he called the Burrow.

"Arthur, are you there?" he asked.

A few moments later a disheveled Arthur Weasley appeared with Molly by his side.

"Yes Albus, I am here," he replied. "What can I do for you?"

"We need to talk about Harry," said Albus. "Could you please come to my office with Molly and we will talk about it then?"

Arthur pulled his head out, mumbled to Molly, and then put his face back in the fire.

"Yes Albus," he said. "We can be there in a few moments."

Arthur and Molly hurried to get dressed. Within a few moments Arthur and Molly were stepping through the fire into his office. At the same time, Minerva and Severus were knocking on the door. Dumbledore waved his hand and it opened.

"What is it Albus?" asked Minerva.

"Please everyone, have a seat," he replied.

He pulled out his wand and conjured up comfortable chairs for everyone.

"It appears that Harry is even more special than we thought," he explained once they were seated. "I ask for your patience as we need to wait until I have the last facts from Harry himself. However, I can tell you now that he will not need tutoring in most of his subjects ever again. I could sit him down right now and he would pass every one of his N.E.W.T.S. Arthur, he will need an apparating license as he just apparated out of my office. How he managed that, I have no idea. I just ask for you all to wait for that last piece that I am sure Harry will give to us when he is done. It also seems that every house elf here at Hogwarts is now a servant of Harry."

Severus shifted uncomfortably in his seat for a few moments. He was not sure if he should say anything or not. Finally he decided that it was best if everyone knew all the facts.

"That is not all either," said Severus. "Look at what he has done for me."

Severus lifted his left sleeve and showed everyone his now bare left arm. Everyone assembled gasped.

"Harry visited me earlier this night as I was feeling the call from the Dark Lord," continued Severus. "Yes, Harry Potter has removed the Dark Mark from my arm. I do not know how, but he did. I for one am very grateful that he did so. Unfortunately Albus, that means you can no longer use me as a spy on the Dark Lord."

Albus nodded his head in silence. Molly looked like she wanted to say something, but could not put her words to voice. Finally she blurted out what she wanted to say.

"What does this mean Albus?" she asked. "Where is Harry learning to do all of this?"

"Alas Molly, I can not answer that until Harry comes back," he replied. "He should be back in a few moments unless I am much mistaken. We will all have to wait until then. Can I offer anyone breakfast while we wait?"

He called on the house elves to bring breakfast for the five adults. As two house elves walked in, they all noticed that they were wearing the same uniform. They had on gold shirts with black sleeves, and blue pants. All the adults took this in stride and said nothing. They picked at their food listlessly while waiting on Harry Potter.

Author's Note - Thank you, to all of you who have read my chapters. I have one more to go in this view line. From there we can get onto the thicker plot. I am working hard to correct mistakes and to stretch it out clean through seventh year.

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