Harry Potter and the Guardian of Hogwarts

In Diagon Alley

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Chapter 7 – In Diagon Alley

Harry and the elves popped into view on the steps of Gringotts. As they came into view, people rushed over to Harry and started asking questions. Harry quickly caught his bearings and scanned the crowd for Albus, Minerva, and Severus. When they came into view, Harry also noticed Rita Skeeter in the crowd attempting to push her way to Harry. Immediately Harry entered the bank and breathed a sigh of relief to be away from the reporters. As Albus and the other two professors entered, they approached Harry.

"Are you alright?" Albus asked.

Harry nodded and then looked around. Griphook came rushing forward to greet them.

"Mr. Potter," he greeted. "It is a pleasure to see you again. Please accompany me to my office. I have been given a promotion. I am now the sole goblin in charge of your accounts. Anything you need, I will personally see to."

"Thanks Griphook," said Harry smiling. "These are my professors. They will be accompanying me today. Will it be alright if they sat in this meeting with us?"

Griphook looked over Harry's shoulder and noticed the three professors standing there. He gave a low bow to Albus, Minerva, and Severus.

"Of course it is Mr. Potter. This way please," said the goblin ushering them all to his office. "Now Mr. Potter, you are here for a few reasons. First I will need you to place your finger here for verification of the vaults."

Harry complied and placed his finger in the contraption. As the reading came out, Griphook looked up at Harry in shock.

"It seems you are here for more than I thought Mr. Potter," he said. "Never mind, it will all be taken care of. Please excuse me for one moment. I have to get some files from my supervisor."

Griphook left the office and shortly came back with four very old and thick files which he added to the stack on the desk.

"Now Mr. Potter, as you are not an adult yet, we have to have a person that will represent you until your 16th birthday," said Griphook. "As it is just over a month away, I am sure we can get the Head Master to help you there if you so wish it."

Harry looked to Albus. Albus gave a slight nod. Both Harry and Albus looked back to Griphook and nodded in approval.

"Very well then," said Griphook with relief in his voice. "Mr. Potter you are now entitled to all the money in the Potter family vault."

He pulled out a piece of parchment from the filed labeled Potter and handed it to Harry. Harry scanned the parchment and gasped in surprise. He noted that in addition to the Potter Mansion, he also inherited close to 150 million galleons. He looked to Albus for confirmation. Albus read the parchment and merely rested his hand on Harry's shoulder in encouragement. Griphook placed another sheet of parchment on the desk in front of Harry.

"Mr. Potter, if you could please sign this piece of parchment, I will see to it that your personal vault is transferred to the Potter Family vault," instructed Griphook. "Head Master, if you could please sign as proxy, I would appreciate it."

Harry signed his name on the document and Albus signed his name underneath. Harry looked up at Dumbledore with a question in his eyes. Dumbledore merely pointed at Griphook and with a twinkle in his eyes, indicated that he should ask the goblin instead.

"Err. Griphook," Harry began. "I have something I would like to do with some of that money if it is not a problem for you to do so."

Griphook slowed down for a moment in surprise and looked at Harry.

"What would you like me to help you with Mr. Potter?" he asked.

"Well," Harry replied. "I would like to set up some accounts for a few people here if that is acceptable and I would be honored if you would handle these accounts as well as my own."

Griphook just sat there with an awed look upon his face at the wizard sitting in front of him.

"By all means Mr. Potter," he replied. "What can I do to help you?"

Well I would like a vault set up for Ronald Weasley in the amount of 10 million galleons," Harry began. "I would like another for Ginny Weasley also in the amount of 10 million galleons. I need a third set up for Remus Lupin in the amount of 10 million galleons. And lastly I need one set up for Hermione Granger also in the amount of 10 million galleons."

Griphook had a sheet of parchment out and was writing as fast as Harry was speaking, nodding the whole time.

Also," continued Harry. "I would like to set up a fund that will help new students of Hogwarts that come from poor families, to have the funds they need to buy their school supplies new instead of used. Can all that be taken care of?"

Minerva pulled out a handkerchief and was wiping her eyes as she was so taken by the generosity of this wonderful person sitting next to her. Severus patted her on the arm, but it was obvious that he too was having a hard time keeping a dry eye. Albus merely leaned over to whisper to Harry.

"Very noble Harry," he whispered. "I am very proud of you. I know that your parents would be proud of you as well."

Harry grinned at the Head Master and waited for Griphook to get everything in order. After filling out some forms, Griphook placed them in front of Harry and Dumbledore to sign.

"That is easily taken care of Mr. Potter," he said. "All you have to do is sign here and it will be immediately seen too."

Harry smiled and quickly signed the documents. Albus, with watery eyes, also signed the documents. Griphook gathered up all the documents and placed them in a folder.

"Next Mr. Potter," continued Griphook. "We need to discuss the will of Sirius Black. As he was the last of the Blacks, he made it pointedly clear that you were to inherit all of the Black fortune."

He pulled out a document from the folder labeled Black and handed it to Harry. Harry looked at it and immediately dropped it. If he thought his family was wealthy, he had a shock when it came to the Black family fortune. There were three houses listed on the parchment. He had inherited Kreacher. He also inherited No. 12 Grimmauld Place. Also on the parchment was a sum of 300 million galleons that was to be transferred into his vault. All Harry could do was hand Albus the document. When Albus looked at the list, he gave a small "oh" and handed the document back to Harry. Griphook handed Harry a second piece of parchment to sign. Harry and Dumbledore, both with shaking fingers signed the document. Griphook waited expectantly for Harry to give out a few wishes with this part of his inheritance.

"Ok," said Harry finally catching his breath. "That is a lot of money. I have some ideas of what I would like to do with that as well."

Griphook nodded and waited for Harry to continue. The goblin was still impressed with the level of maturity and generosity that this young man had. He also took into account the level of respect that Harry had for everyone.

"I would like a donation made to St. Mungo's in the amount of 20 million galleons," Harry continued with a sigh. "I would also like an orphanage built for young witches and wizards who, like me have lost their parents before they are of age. I know someone who I would like to head up the orphanage, but I want to talk with them first."

Griphook nodded as he fumbled through some documents until he came up with the ones he wanted. He quickly filled them out and placed them in front of Harry to sign. Both Harry and Albus signed the document and then sat back.

"I would like to give No. 12 Grimmauld Place to Albus Dumbledore," said Harry after a moment. "Albus you can continue to use it for the purposes that you are putting it into now."

"Thank you Harry," said Albus. "That is most kind of you. I am sure the Order of the Phoenix will appreciate the gesture."

Harry nodded and Griphook produced another document for both Harry and Albus to sign.

"Finally Mr. Potter," said Griphook when the rest of the papers were in order. "I have four things that need to be dealt with. As they are all in the same format, we can wrap each one up at the same times as the others."

Harry looked to Dumbledore who nodded.

"Never before has an ancestor of the four founders of Hogwarts come forth," continued Griphook. "I would like to tell you about your inheritance of the Founders of Hogwarts. First off, you inherit the castle. It is your home from now on. No one will be able to force you to leave the castle. Not even the Head Master. Next, you own all the lands surrounding the Forbidden Forest as well as all the land surrounding the lake. You own about half of the land in Hogsmeade as well as property in Godric's Hollow. You own all four ancestral homes of the founders. Into your account, a sum of 500 million galleons from each ancestor will be deposited into said account."

Harry fell off of his chair. He was now the richest man in the world and he knew it. He did not know what to do or to say. Severus helped him to stand and Minerva was looking in awe at Harry. Griphook was not finished. He still had a bit more information to overload Harry with.

"You also can claim the title of Head Master at any time your want Mr. Potter," the goblin continued undisturbed by Harry's reaction. "You are now in complete control of the entire goings on and the running of the castle. All the house elves of the castle are now yours. You have the ability to ask anyone to leave the castle at any given time for any given reason."

Griphook handed Harry the documents to sign. When Albus went to sign after him, Griphook waved him off.

"I am sorry Head Master," he said. "Harry is the only one that can sign these documents."

Albus just nodded and sat back in his chair. Harry quickly signed the documents. When he was finished, they glowed bright gold and then faded away. Harry looked to the others with a confused look on his face.

"I do not want this kind of power," he stated.

"Not to worry Harry," said Albus touching him on the arm. "We will help you through this. We will all be there for you."

Severus and Minerva nodded their agreement. Harry sat there watching them for a moment. His thoughts were a jumble. Finally he did as he usually did. He sighed with resignation and placed the burden on his shoulders.

"I need to pull some money out of my vault though," said Harry nodding and taking a deep breath. "I still have some shopping to do."

Griphook nodded and asked Harry how much he wanted to withdraw.

"I guess give me about 2000 galleons," he said. "If I need more I will send an owl if that is ok.

Griphook just nodded and handed Harry a leather sachet with the requested amount in it.

"Most stores will just let you sign the bill," explained Griphook. "You can have them send it to us and we will take care of the transactions for you Mr. Potter. It is easier for a lot of shoppers to not have to carry around that much money. Now if you have no further questions or concerns Mr. Potter, this concludes our meeting."

"Thank you for everything Griphook," said Harry as he stood up and shook the goblin's hand.

As he was leaving, Griphook handed him a copy of all the documents as well as the keys to all the vaults he set up. Harry pocketed everything and the he and the rest of the group exited the bank.

"Where to next Harry?" asked Albus.

"The Leaky Cauldron, I guess," he replied. "We said we would meet the Weasleys and Hermione there for lunch."

As soon as they walked into the Leaky Cauldron, Harry was set upon by a pretty girl with bushy hair.

"Harry," squealed Hermione. "How are you? We heard about what that horrible Uncle of yours did to you. Were you badly hurt? I hope he gets what he had coming to him."

Harry was trying to speak, but couldn't breathe. Hermione had him around the throat and was hugging him too tightly.

"Mione let him breathe," said red haired Ronald Weasley.

Hermione let Harry go only for her to be replaced by Ron who gave him a warm hug. Ginny waited her turn and she too reached up and hugged Harry. The adults all chuckled as they all got a table together. Harry looked a bit mischievously as he glanced at Ron, Hermione, and Ginny.

"I have a gift for each of you," he stated.

Harry handed each one of them a sheet of parchment as well as a golden key from Gringotts. All three looked at Harry in confusion until they each read their parchment. Silence hung in the air for a moment and then three shrieks erupted from them and they piled on Harry, hugging and kissing him. Molly looked at Albus in confusion. Albus silently handed the parchment to her. When she and Arthur finished reading the paper, they too screeched and ran to Harry. Laughter filled the air as Harry was hugged and kissed all around by everyone. After a bit, Minerva and Severus decided that it was probably best if they rescued Harry. So they helped get everyone calmed down and they all sat. Hedwig flew in and landed on Harry's shoulder. He thanked her and then gave her a drink from his goblet as well as some bread from the bread basket. He took the letter off her leg and it was then his turn to shriek as he ran and gave Arthur a hug.

"Thank you for these documents, Minister," said Harry cheekily. "I really appreciate them."

"What are they?" asked Hermione.

"They are my apparating license," he replied waving the papers at her. "Also, this is the document to tell me that my trace has been removed."

"I didn't know that you could apparate," said Ron

"Well I couldn't until yesterday," Harry responded. "I will tell you all about that later. Right now I am hungry. Let's get some food."

Tom the bar owner came around and put a lot of food on the table. Ginny who was looking curiously at Harry decided that she had to ask.

"Harry what is Dobby and Winky doing here?" she asked.

Harry looked around for the house elves and motioned them to sit next to him in the chairs provided by Albus.

"Now Hermione," he started hesitantly. "I don't want you to get mad, but they bonded to me. It helped them to be bonded to someone. So they are now my house elves. Just know that I will not treat them like servants. They do what all house elves do, but you know that I would never abuse them in any way."

Hermione looked to Harry and then at the smiling elves. She thought about Harry's statement for a moment then nodded.

"I know you won't Harry" she stated firmly.

"Err. That is not all," said Harry nervously. "All of the house elves of Hogwarts are mine as well. I sort of inherited them."

Hermione looked very angry at Harry for a moment. Harry knew it was going to happen so he waited.

"What do you mean, you inherited them Harry Potter?" she stormed at him. "How could you? You, of all people."

"Miss Granger that is quite enough," stated Albus a bit sharply.

Hermione subsided at once. Harry looked to Albus and smiled his thanks.

"What I am about to tell you goes no further than this table unless I say it is ok to tell someone," Harry said looking at his three friends.

Everyone nodded and looked interested in what Harry was about to say. Hermione was still a little upset after being admonished by the Head Master, but her curiosity won out and she decided to hear what Harry had to say.

"I am a direct descendant of all four founders of Hogwarts," Harry stated a little embarrassed. "I have inherited the castle and everything in it. That includes the elves. You guys know me. I did not ask for this and I would never abuse anyone."

Everyone including Hermione nodded with their mouths open in surprise.

"I am sorry Harry," said Hermione shamefaced. "I did not mean to yell at you. I know you did not ask for any of this and I know you would never abuse your elves."

"What is with what they are wearing?" asked Ginny in an amused tone.

Everyone looked at the elves and noticed the gold shirts with black sleeves and the silver pants with the blue stripe on them.

"Apparently the founders had their elves wear these when they were at Hogwarts," explained Harry. "The gold is for Gryffindor, the black is for Hufflepuff, the silver is for Slytherin and the blue is for Ravenclaw. I guess now the tradition is being passed on now that the heir has come to stake his claim."

"At least they get to wear something other than towels now," said Hermione smiling brightly.

"That is true," stated Harry. "Oh, also I have to tell you that Albus and I are related."

The other three students all gaped at Harry.

"Wow," said Ron in an awed voice.

Turning to Molly, Harry decided that while he was telling everything else he just as soon approach her about the orphanage.

"I have a very important question to ask you Molly," said Harry tentatively. "When we were at the bank, I inherited loads of money. One of the things I have done with some of it was to start and orphanage for children, who like me, lost their parents at an early age. I can't think of anyone better to run the place than you. It would mean a lot to me if you would do it."

Molly looked at Harry with tears in her eyes. She got up, moved to him, and gave him a big hug.

"You are one of the most unselfish people I have ever had the grace to come across Harry," she said. "I accept your offer. However, I have one stipulation."

Harry looked at her expectantly and nodded.

"I will accept the position only if you name it the Lily Potter Orphinarium," she declared.

Harry stood with tears falling from his eyes and hugged Molly tightly.

"I accept those terms," he whispered to her.

"We will set up all the details at a later date Molly," said Dumbledore smiling at her. "Now I suggest that we eat while the food is still hot."

Everyone laughed and began to eat. All around the table, students, professors, parents, and elves all had a wonderful meal together.

After the meal was over everyone went to Diagon Alley for a shopping trip that was the mother of all shopping trips. Everyone had such a wonderful time. Harry informed the other students that he had passed every single subject with the exception of History of Magic. He also told them that after the visits from the four founders, that he would be able to pass the test and get an "outstanding" on it.

After a bit, Albus stated that he needed to get back to Hogwarts. Molly and the kids went home to the Burrow. Minerva and Severus looked at Harry. They had nothing planned for the day and wanted to accompany him with the rest of his business in Diagon Alley.

Author's note – I have cut this chapter here as it is getting kind of long. Stay tuned for the rest of the trip to Diagon Alley in the next chapter. Thanks for the support.

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