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TAFC: Checkmate


Based on The Arrangement: Xavier Knight New Yorks bad boy billionaire loves to play the game of love. The whole of New York knew him except one girl the opposite of this fuck boy. Angela Carson is smart, nerdy, and sexy when she wants to be. They misunderstand each other and it causes a toil on the relationship they never build. will she manage to kill him with kindness or will the master of the chess game bat her/

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Love is sacrifice,
A euphoric feeling,
The ability to love a person with every fiber of your being is extraordinary because you kill for them, die for them, sacrifice for them but are you sure somebody is ready to do the same for you?
The game of love is a dangerous game that can drive one to insanity.

Angela’s Pov

“Will you get your legs off my walls Emily ″ I said sternly, my best friend of 10 years lay on the bed with her legs stretched out on the white walls of my bedroom. Her blue eyes stared back at me annoyed, she flipped her messy blonde hair to the side and sat straight in the middle of the bed. ″ Ugh Ann you could be such a clean freak you know″ she spoke as she took her phone and went on with whatever she was doing. I shifted uncomfortably she had such great posture, a body of pear, pearl white smooth skin as compared to me I was a simple skinny brunette with freckles in love with baggy clothes.

″ Oh my gosh″ she screamed ″ Oh my gosh I can’t believe it″ she said pacing around the room ″What happened″ I worriedly asked ″ Jungkook’s girlfriend just cheated on him″

″WHAT!″ a scream escaped my lips, we were in the small bedroom of my apartment it was not the fancy type but the type that clearly screamed affordable with a single bed and a wooden study desk paired with a chair and the fluffiest mat on the floor, when this traumatic news arrived. They were the cutest however I should admit I was a little happy we belonged together. ″ How could she do that to my Jungkook″ ″She was caught doing a threesome in a club with...″ she scrolled further reading the article. ″ It says she was caught with″ her eyes widened so big I was afraid it pop. she dramatically dropped her phone ″ she- she″ she stammered. ″She what? ″ I asked in anticipation. ″ She did it with Xavier Knight and his date from the met gala ″. I fell to my knees trying to process the words my best friend just told me; the room fell silent for a while when she broke the silence ″ That man-whore ruined his life″ and I shook my head aggressively in agreement. ″ I swear if I ever bump into him only the heavens know what I will do″ I swore and at that moment we comforted each other till god knows when.

Xavier’s Pov

I was heading back home after a hectic night from the met gala. I knew that my scandal with Jungkook’s girl will hit the headlines, or probably have well I had a reasonable explanation for that he does not satisfy her, so I needed to make her feel more like a woman. My phone was buzzing crazily and knew it was father he never gave it a fucken rest. ″ hello″ I answered fed up with his nuisance. ″ XAVIER! ″ He shouted my ears off ″What do you want from me Brad? Look I can’t talk right now okay″ I was about to hang up when he said something that made me come to a halt ″ I’m dying″.

″ You can rot in hell for all I care″ and I hung up. The pain in my heart was unbearable, his words kept ringing in my head over and over. I was angry and he knew why I can’t face death again not after what happened. ″ Stop″ I instructed the driver I was going mad, and I needed something to ease my current stress, I left the car and told him to be back the next day by six am. I walked into the nearby motel and checked in honestly it was not too bad it was more like a mini hotel with great aesthetic appeal. ″ I’d like to check in for the night″ I informed the receptionist. ″ sure″ she said and immediately began typing I noticed that she kept trying to make her move. She did silly tactics like making her boobs more visible, liking her lips seductively ″ You come with me ″ I said sternly ″ I can’t Mr. Knight ″ she smiled slyly I knew what she wanted money that is all she needed″ ten thousand dollars in your bank account now follow″ I ordered. she bit her bottom lip and nodded, cheap slut thirsty for a cock. We were in the room, and I had instructed her to get naked while I took a shower. I took the one-armed, leather, black chair and placed it in front of the bed sat and crossed my leg over the other″ pleasure yourself″ I commanded with lustful eyes. she laid on the comforter and stretched her legs wide open.

She pushed her middle finger in and began stroking it in and out as the other hand gripped her erect nipples. The room was filled with moans, which made me groan uncomfortably as I watched her “stop,” I instructed. “I can’t,” she gasped as I tightly held her hand and removed it from her pussy. She watched me remove my robe and stand naked in front of her, her eyes quickly falling to my huge hard cock, which widened. It made me grin since she had the same response as the others. Her respiration became more rapid, her chest heaved up and down, and she trembled in terror. ″ it’s too late to back out of this baby″

I drew her closer and positioned her in place, my hands firmly on her hips as I entered her, she gasped and sweat beads immediately formed on her forehead I began moving in and out violently “stop it’s hurting your too fast” she breathlessly spoke I needed to pleasure myself so fucken bad therefore I fucked the life out of her I quickly stopped and pulled out I didn’t want this slut carrying a child. She then went on all fours, and I fucked her viciously, my left hand holding her hip in place while my right bent her down for additional access. As I slid in and out, she began to move in time with me.

She moaned as I fucked harder, slapping her butt check left, right, and center, she was feeling weak and exhausted, her knees were trembling, I didn’t give a shit I needed it, so I gripped her waist so firmly it may have broken if she was too frail and sped up my movement. I was neared my climax when we both slumped, and I believe she passed out. I removed my dick, which was now covered in white slime, wiped it off, and smeared it all over her breast, as well as rubbed all the cum off her riverbed, pussy, and wiped it all over her face and vagina. This was customary for me; once a dog marks a spot it becomes their territory, as a used one and, hold on there I am not referring myself to a dog rather a beast.

The next day, I wore a baseball cap, a white shirt that clung to my muscles, black pants, black and white sneakers, a Rolex silver wristwatch, and silver diamond earrings. Before I left, I made sure to leave a stash of $20,000 in case she became pregnant and needed an abortion; I also checked to see if she was still breathing; I wasn’t in the mood to cause trouble today. Today was my appointment with my father to talk about everything before he went bye-bye.

My father was already waiting for us when we got to the golf course. “Father,”

“Son,” we greeted. “Father, I am not in the mood to address this subject with you, let us play and move on with our lives, maybe even get some fuck buddies”. he coughed and rubbed his chest in pain I quickly went to his aid ″Father are you okay? ″

″Son, I need you to fulfil one last wish swear on my grave that you will do it″. I knew this old man wouldn’t just die without being a pain in the ass. ″ Father can’t you not be a pain in the ass″.

″Son I am serious no jokes any more I need you to get married″

″Father what kind of will is this you know I don't do marriage you can't possibly be serious″

″I am serious you will marry the girl of Amelia’s choice″. when he mentioned her, I knew that he was being damn serious.

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