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Adam 12 Uncensored Uncut Raw Extended Stay


A Veteran Police Officer Is Reassigned To The Midwest He Finds Love There Eventually

Romance / Action
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Ambulance Ride Arrival At Hospital

I'm going to the hospital. I can't pass this kidney stone It's too big. I'm driving you to the hospital myself. You can't stay awake long enough to drive to the hospital yourself sweetheart. You're all banged up Pete. Are you sure you want to drive me to the hospital? I don't give a damn. I know I'm all banged up. Jenn you are my priority right now! Jim! Help me get Jenn in my car. I'm taking her to the hospital. She has a kidney stone she can't pass it's too big. It's causing her pain. No! I'm calling an ambulance for the both of you. Pete you're too hurt to drive you both to the hospital. Are you fucking serious? I can't believe you. I have a black fucking eye and a broken leg. What the fuck Jim? Pete calm down! You're too hurt to drive you and Jenn to the hospital.

Goddamnit Jim! I have a black fucking eye and a broken leg. I wasn't found unconscious like Jenn is. Calm the fuck down Pete. Your anger is relieving the pain you're about to be in when your anger wears off. You might have a concussion as well. And an ambulance ride won't be so bad. Jenn will be with you Pete. For fuck sake! I'm not in any fucking pain Jim! I hate ambulance rides you know that! Bullshit Pete! I just saw you fucking wince. You are in fucking pain. You know you'll never win an argument with me.

Shut up! Fuck you! You never learn. Do you Jim? Pete your anger is really incessant. Enough! I'm not in the mood for your shit. Jenn! Hang in there sweetheart. Are you okay Jenn? Pete is cranky. I found him first. He's been compassionate to me this entire time. He said a big kidney stone is impossible to pass on my own. Jenn you'll need medicine to break up that kidney stone.

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