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Caught Between Worlds (Eren x Reader)


Plummeting to earth as a shooting star, you find yourself in a dangerous world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. But the true mystery of your existence lies within the depths of your lost memories. Trapped behind these massive walls of containment, your way home seems to be futile. Will you accept the help from the Survey Corps or forever be trapped in the unknown?

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Part One of CBW

Seasons 1 - 3


Welcome to Caught Between Worlds!

This story is written in first person, present tense. I want to fully immerse you into the Attack on Titan world. This is your story and I want you to live in the moment. I also do not use (Y/N) or any of those labels. I will just be using ______ for your name and any other personal preferences.

I like to be as realistic as possible so the characters are going to act exactly as I imagine they would act in the actual story. Which means the romance between you and Eren is going to be a slow burn since there really isn’t any romance in the actual story. However, as your relationship grows, there will be intimate scenes between you two and I won’t give warnings to when they are.

The ages of the characters are going to be much older than in the actual manga. Everyone will be fifteen years or older when they begin training in the military, except for you because your age is unknown. So when they graduate after the three year timeskip, everyone will be eighteen and older.

The story follows the anime and the manga so expect spoilers. It follows the exact storyline, however, I will be adding onto it because your character comes from a completely different world.


This is Attack on Titan, so expect mature themes and strong language. This story will contain strong sexual themes, including sexual harassment and minor sexual assault. I won’t put when they are because I want to keep things immersive. I want you to expect the unexpected.

Also, expect long chapters.


All characters and credits to the original story go to Hajime Isayama.

All credits to your character goes to me. I seize all rights to the unknown side of her. You are coming from a completely different world that I made up.

Now, without further ado,


© 2022 by Ryu Mizuki

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