X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 2

Kitty was just a friend to Bobby. But, she was still just as close to him as Rogue was to both of them. And, they both knew that she wouldn’t last long under torture.

With the Sentinels hunting them down, jealousy was blown out the window.

With the Sentinels, it took convincing from Mystique for Rogue to finally reject her weekly X-Gene suppressant and ultimately decide to go back to the Xavier Institute to fight.

To make matters worse... The scientists of Weapon X were close to unlocking Kitty’s DNA in Professor X’s own house. And, if they did that... No mutant would be safe. Not even Rogue.

Even when Professor X and them came to save her... Kitty’s screams chilled the air.

When Magneto and Bobby came to get Kitty out of her restraints... Bobby tried to assure Kitty, “it’s ok. He’s with me.”

With all the powers she’s collected from fallen mutants... Rogue was holding off Sentinels to try to clear the way as best she can. She bittersweetly found Mystique’s wide range of fighting moves and Nightcrawler’s teleport powers to come handy over many months time.

Mystique’s own dying wish was for Rogue to take her powers. And, aside from the at times very annoying voice of Raven in her head... Her shapeshifting has been astoundingly useful in holding onto mutant powers longer.

Rogue spin hurled several blasted to pieces Sentinels into themselves.

The way seemed very clear for them all to get out.

Rogue looked very relieved to come out with no deaths this time.

But, sadly...it was Kitty who was killed behind them.

A few Sentinels blasted apart the floor under her while she wasn’t shifting.

Her last scream shook Rogue to the core. But, she ran with Bobby anyway: Because in the back of her mind, Raven pointed out she had no choice.

Magneto held up as much rubble as he could to block the Sentinels and their incoming fire. Bobby and Rogue ran to the X-jet.

Magneto soon caught up with them: Magnetically hurling far away a Sentinel trying to hitch a ride while a uneasy Storm blasted it to pieces.

Rogue broke down in tears in the back of the plane, even with Bobby trying to comfort her.

But, this was one time where she couldn’t even be at peace with it: Because this was the one time where she didn’t get to take her memories with her and protect her essence within her. Long enough to bring to Professor X to store in a Cerebro styled electronic brain, anyway.

It was the only thing that kept Rogue going: Even with all the deaths. And, she couldn’t even have that this time.

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