X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 3

Presently... Rogue lets Bobby and Logan explain their strategy.

Since Logan can better explain strategy than her and they’re like minded anyway, Logan puts two and two together fairly quick when Bobby has a uncomfortable pause over it.

Usually, the others try to go to town on the Sentinels and likely fail. But, Rogue stays in a room not far off from the fighting: Using a combination of her powers to spy on the fight and then time travel herself back with her own shapeshifting hands to destroy the Sentinels from behind.

Her shapeshifting hands are of course mostly of Mystique’s power, which hold onto mutant powers the longest: Even for eye beams and telekinesis.

No Sentinel has come back from her time travel related attacks. No Sentinel can report on it. But, by now...the scientists with what’s left of Trask Industries and Weapon X are beginning to calculate and map out that very possibility: With help from testing on mutants in the camps.

This time though... It’s Logan they’re sending back in time: All the way to 1973.

Rogue may be very powerful. But, even she can’t send herself back in time that far.

For one thing, it would be too much for the voices in her head. They’d revolt. And, who knows what personality Rogue would have then?

The other is that Rogue is simply younger: Too young to make the trip herself back to 1973 without turning into genetic blood soup.

She also flat out refused to take Logan’s powers or his memories. The war was already bad enough on her mental well being without Logan’s chilling memories of Weapon X and beyond in her mind...or the claws that would make her very blood chill every time she used them.

Professor X tries to suggest himself from the start.

But... Rogue comments, “sorry, Professor. You have no idea how thankful that would make me. Maybe you do. But, I’m more powerful than you now. And, even I don’t think you’ll survive that trip.”

Professor X, Magneto, and Logan faintly smile to themselves.

Rogue tries not to think of Magneto and more on what they’re about to try to do. But, the unease of being around him lingers: Even after months of both of them being on the run from Sentinels.

There was also Bobby’s idea from a month ago: For Rogue to take Logan’s powers so she could physically survive the trip herself and go back to the beginning of the war with the Sentinels to take them all out. No more running.

But, a chilling look from her was all it took to discourage him from it.

So, it was decided.

Though, even with all the voices and painful memories running through her of the past several years... Rogue went ahead and told them most of how Mystique came down her darker path and killed Trask.

Professor X knew this would help it be as easy for Rogue as it can be. So, he didn’t argue.

Rogue also adds somberly, “if she knew what it would do though... I’m sure she wouldn’t have killed him.”

Just about everyone there solemnly nods in silence, while Rogue goes deeper inside the complex to wipe her tears away. That was for the Mystique in her head’s sake.

She also didn’t want to appear vulnerable right now: Especially not to Logan. He was kind of her idol, after all.

Bobby follows her anyway though: Knowing she wouldn’t push him away.

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