X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 4

Not long after...

Logan is brought to the stone table, before all the mostly light red and green and yellow and blue lights around the place.

As Professor X and Magneto are explaining to him what his mission is... Bobby gently pulls Rogue aside.

Her eyes are teary. But, most of the tears are gone.

They pull each other close.

Ever since Rogue got Mystique’s powers, she ironically could use mutant power to hold back her own.

She could finally touch him without gloves and without giving up powers. But, as she often has asked him...at what cost?

Bobby checks, “you sure you’re ok?”

Rogue faintly nods. She insists, “not now. But...yeah. I will be. You know how much I wanted something like this: How much we all do.”

With some fingers in her hair... Bobby faintly smiles, “I do.”

He points out, “but, it’s not just Logan’s power that’ll be tested. I’ve seen what it can do to you afterwards. I just... I hope you come back.”

Rogue puts a comforting hand over one of his hands.

She says, “I do too. But, once it’s done... Does it really matter how well I am in this life when it all goes away?”

Bobby faintly nods with slight amusement.

He figures, “then I guess I hope to see you in the next life.”

Rogue briefly kisses him.

Bobby solemnly looks back at her with a faint nod.

Rogue then fast walks over to Logan, already on the table.

Logan figures, “ok. You know how she thinks, and you still don’t know where I can find her?”

Rogue is standing behind Logan: With other voices in her head tempted to punch him, and her own voice standing firm in that he means well.

Rogue comments, “well...you went looking for Jean. What do you think?”

Logan faintly chuckles. He goes, “fair point.”

Rogue admits solemnly, “I’ve wished it isn’t for so long. But, after this all works... It’s all going to come back. None of us dying. No more Cerebro knockoffs.”

Logan remarks, “yeah. Maybe. Or, we all die.”

Kind of sarcastically, Bobby adds from across the room, “always so helpful.”

Rogue looks back at her boyfriend. She adds almost scoldingly, “Bobby, be nice.”

Bobby insists casually, “I am. I just... I worry about you. And, about us.”

Rogue just faintly smiles, “I know.”

Logan deduces, “you must be feeling real good about this. Aren’t you, kid?”

Light sounding, Rogue comments, “for the first time in who knows how long.”

With a faint smile, Professor X adds knowingly, “you’re welcome.”

Rogue and Bobby smile.

Rogue is rubbing her hands together: Another mixed blessing of holding onto powers. It’s how she can keep powers resurfacing...and leading to her hands being more sensitive to cold than she imagined.

But, aside from Mystique’s powers, even the powers she’s got don’t last forever.

For all she knows, the time travel powers will only last one last time or fade mid-way through. But, Professor X’s calming presence seems to suggest it’ll last long enough.

Logan wonders, “so kid...how does this work?”

Rogue faintly chuckles. She hasn’t been called kid by him in a long time.

Rogue admits uncomfortably, “well... I’ve never done this before with someone else. But, it will work. You’ll be ok. After all, you’ve been through worse.”

Logan sarcastically comments, “yeah. Thanks.”

Feeling a little better... Rogue explains, “sure. Your body will be out while your head not so literally travels to the past. As long as you’re there, past and present will go on all at once. But, once you get up... Whatever you’ve done will be the past and present. And for everyone but you and the Professor...no one will actually know what we did.”

Logan figures solemnly, “got it. I’ll do what I can.”

Rogue concludes, “you always do.”

She sighs uneasily to herself.

But, before Logan can ask if she’s ok... Rogue goes, “ok, Logan. I need you to clear your head as well as you can...and to stay as ok as possible.”

Logan questions a little uneasily, “what do you mean?”

Rogue figures, “if your head is shaken too much... It will be harder for me to hold on, and you could lose yourself between past and future if I can’t. Coming from all of me, that’s a lot to say.”

Logan asks, “and what if I need to get a little rocky?”

Rogue faintly remarks, “find a bigger rock to throw?”

Logan comments back, “nice. Real nice, kid.”

Rogue finds it hard to not chuckle. But, it’s very short: Considering what they’re talking about.

Logan checks, “and is there anything of help you got on that annoying shapeshifter in your head?”

Rogue starts to stretch out her hands. They’re glowing in bright foggy light.

Rogue recalls uncomfortably, “not much. But, knowing her...”

Logan adds, “yeah?”

Rogue figures, “if she doesn’t want to be found by the Professor, she’ll go for Cerebro. Past or present.”

Logan faintly nods. He figures, “good. I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

Rogue adds, “good. I should tell you: This could sting.”

She waits a bit for Logan to close his eyes.

Then, she places her hands by the sides of his head...and she lets the foggy light of combined powers hit him.

He screams. The claws come out. But, he stays firmly there.

Even with some tears running down her face for Logan... Rogue ignores them with a smile: Hopeful of a better past and present to come as she keeps her hands by his head.

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