X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 5

Around the time the younger Erik and the younger Charles Xavier try to save Mystique... Erik tries to kill her. And, at one of the worst possible times...Logan is starting to slip from time.

His very image fades in and out, like a trapped ghost in a cloud of fog with claws. And, in the back of the younger Professor’s mind... There’s no doubt anymore that he’s indeed from the future.

In the present... He is starting to fade in and out in a growing cloud of fog.

Teary eyed... Rogue mumbles shakily as she tries to hold on, “no. Please, no.”

Bobby looks wide eyed. He’s not sure if he should go over to her to help...or if it’ll make the voices in her own head worse: Particularly now.

The present and past Logan both call out, “Stryker!”

Erik faintly smirks in Logan’s direction as he goes to take the tape reel from the projector with his powers. He knows this is as best a time as any to try to go after Mystique.

He breaks into a run before magnetically levitating himself down after her.

To a very confused past Logan... The younger Charles says, “you spent the last couple of days with us before coming from the future. I might have thought you were crazy before. But, I don’t now.”

While he talks to Logan and helps calms him down in the past... Logan is slashing like crazy in the present.

Even with Magneto’s metal restraints around his arms, he slashes them off.

Rogue reactively shapeshifts most of her body backwards away from a slash from his claws. But, they leave some big scratches in her side.

Rogue doesn’t even blink: Because in a way, it’s happened before. First time she came to the school, really.

But, even as she stands there, holding back the pain as best she can with closed eyes... Her hands start to slip.

Luckily, Professor X is there to freeze everyone else in place: Keeping Logan and a rushing over Bobby in place for a slowed minute.

It’s long enough for Rogue to grab some tissues from the floor to blot some of the blood before putting her hands back by his head.

Rogue faintly smiles thankfully to the Professor as time resumes back to normal for the others. Professor X solemnly nods back.

Bobby says, “oh no. That looks bad.”

Rogue kind of uneasily figures, “it’s ok, Bobby. Faint chuckle. I’ve been through worse. It just stings a little.”

Off to the side, behind some red and green lights...

Impressed sounding, Magneto comments, “she really has grown, Charles.”

Professor X faintly smiles. He says, “yes. Yes, she has. Let’s just hope it’s enough to set our fate away from a darker course.”

Magneto insists firmly, “it will. We’re out of options, Charles.” Professor X comments, “I know we are. That’s what worries me.”

Magneto faintly smirks to himself: Knowing his past self and Raven’s past self very well. Almost all too well.

They both felt they had no other options but to kill: Raven and Erik. And, mutantkind and humans alike have paid for it for years up until now.

Back at the table, where Logan is...

All of the fading and fog has gone away. His arms are back to his sides: Resting with his claws back in his hands.

With some mixed relief, Bobby figures, “okay. As long as you’re ok. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

Rogue solemnly nods. She adds, “I am. Still...thanks.”

With a faint smile, Bobby figures, “sure thing, Rogue.”

Swept in the moment, he kisses her.

They stay like that for a while...until they both hear Magneto and Professor X’s footsteps.

A little embarrassed... Rogue blushes a little.

Bobby moves away with a faint embarrassed smile. And, Rogue turns most of her attention back to her kind of aching hands: Keeping Logan between past and present.

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