X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 6

Around the time Logan wakes up in bed back at the school in the past...

Hank McCoy opens the door.

He awkwardly admits, “Raven was here. I screwed up.”

Logan practically tore through the wall with his claws.

He almost screams at him, “I told you she was going to go for Cerebro. I told you, and you just let her walk right in and smash it?!”

Hank McCoy nervously gulps.

He says, “you’re right. But, I have a good idea of where to look for her.”

Logan breathes a heavy sigh of mixed relief.

He figures, “that’s a start.”

Hank McCoy breathes a sigh of relief himself, looking very embarrassed.

As they start heading down to get Charles... Logan adds, “oh yeah. And sorry about your wall.”

Hank McCoy comments lightly, “it’s ok. I’m kind of still rebuilding mine.”

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