X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 7

Around the time Magneto sends the Sentinels after the humans at the White House reception... The Sentinels in the present are coming by the thousands.

The scientists up in the Sentinel Program expected a much bigger fight. So, they brought the wrath of all the Sentinels they got upon the one temple Blink, Magneto, Professor X, and all of them are making their final stand at for the future. They expected to go against Rogue.

In light of the sheer numbers, Magneto and Bobby both go out there to fight.

And, the Sentinels don’t have biology: They have their programming. So, Professor X can’t do a thing to them.

Rogue tries hard not to think of what that means. But, with all the voices in her head, it’s hard not to.

Faint tears build up in her eyes. And, Professor X just solemnly looks to her: Knowing nothing he can say or do will help them against the Sentinels this time.

Out there...

Storm brings the wrath of a storm upon the Sentinels. Iceman freeze glides his way around the clouds, freezing all the Sentinels he can.

They explode and drop like flies ten by ten. But, thousands keep coming.

Bishop, Blink, Storm, Colossus, Magneto, and Warpath fight with all they got. But, they all know it won’t be enough: They’re just buying time to change time.

But, Iceman doesn’t believe in just buying time. He stays up.

He freeze glides into a giant Sentinel coffin to freeze it solid before charging right through it.

He flies in the air, freezing left and right at the fifty Sentinels coming out of it.

But, in seconds... They all fall back far enough to fire fire into him.

His ice form melts.

He freeze blasts to pieces Sentinel after Sentinel. He draws in ice around himself from the water washing down on him to stay up again and again with more and more fire.

But, in a few minutes... Several Sentinels band together to fire fire all at once for Iceman.

Iceman screams in the storm...as he melts and falls for his death from miles in the sky.

Only Storm and Professor X can hear him scream. But, all it takes is a look for Rogue to realize through telepathy that Bobby is gone.

Rogue sobs. Her hands pulse in aching pain from staying there so long.

But, she still stands there with her hands by Logan’s head: Holding onto a faint hope from within that this will all work out, and that the present will give rise to a better time where he’s alive.

Storm...Bishop...Blink... They’re all beginning to die before the hundreds of Sentinels climbing up the side of the mountain.

Almost at a whisper... Professor X says uncomfortably, “I know it hurts. I know Erik almost tried to kill you once and that you never forgave him for it. But, if you don’t help him now... We’ll all going to die here before fate is changed.”

Teary eyed... Rogue shakily says, “but what about...?”

After driving millions of bits at the Sentinels from the X-Jet’s wreck... Magneto falls back for the entrance: Boarding it up with metal.

Professor X insists, “don’t worry about Logan. I’ll hold him here.”

Rogue takes in a heavy breath.

She firmly nods: Despite her shakiness.

Professor X freezes time for Logan with his powers...just long enough for Rogue to punch her way through the boarded up metal and yank Magneto through the hole.

Time begins to resume for Logan as Rogue quickly puts her hands back by Logan’s head.

Magneto breathes a mixed sigh of relief on the floor, facing Professor X. His body’s still pulsing a bit from the metal he just got pulled through.

Rogue closes her eyes: Pushing away her hatred for Magneto long enough to focus back on Logan...and trying her hardest to hold onto him as he begins to fade in and out again.

Professor X mumbles to himself, “oh dear god no.”

Logan’s claws are out again. But, this time...no slashes. Just heavy gasps.

Magneto, Professor X, and Rogue are all very shaken. But, all they can do is sit and stand around and wait.

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