X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut Recut

Act 9

In the new future...

Logan gets out of bed. So does Rogue, in the room across from him.

Rogue goes to knock on his door...only to find he’s now up and looking confused.

Rogue says casually, “hey. You ok, Logan?”

Logan faintly smiles. He insists, “yeah. Just a late start. Excuse me.”

Rogue looks a little confused as he passes him.

But, as she goes to check on Bobby across the hall... She pauses.

She hears the music left on in Logan’s room.

It’s replaying, “I thought the sun...”

And, all of a sudden... Faint flashes of her, Magneto, and Professor X almost dying at the hands of Sentinels go by in her head.

The lingering voice of Mystique, Bobby’s scream, the screams of hundreds of humans and mutants... They all echo in her head.

Rogue closes her eyes hard.

As soon as she opens them, it all goes away.

But, some faint tears fall from her face. And, she faintly knows all too well why.

Bobby rushes over to her.

With his hands in her hair... Bobby checks, “Rogue. You all right?”

In this timeline, Rogue is still taking the X-Gene suppressant. But, even through that, Bobby, Logan, and most of the X-Men have stuck by her anyway: With Professor X’s and Jean Grey’s help and support.

With a comforting hand on his... Rogue faintly nods.

She says, “yeah. I will be. But, I might visit the Professor first to see.”

With a faint smile, Bobby nods. He adds, “ok. Can I go with you?”

Rogue faintly smiles back: Almost embarrassingly.

She insists assuringly, “thanks, Bobby. But... I want to know how to tell you before I tell you. The Professor is the only one who can.”

Bobby figures, “sure. When you’re ready, I’ll be around.”

With a faint chuckle, Rogue adds, “thanks.”

She goes to see the Professor.

But, with a very thankful looking Logan at the door and Professor X talking to him about his history class... Rogue stays back a little in the hall.

She was about to leave them be...when she catches something.

In her head... Professor X says, “I know what you saw. I wish I didn’t, and I know you wish you didn’t either. I’ll see you shortly after I talk with Logan. But, we have plenty to discuss.”

Rogue looks a little shaken and teary eyed.

But still...she faintly smiles to herself as she walks down the hall.

The teary eyes dry as quickly as they came.

For, in the back of her mind... There’s a echo of a voice telling her it worked out. And, it’s her own: From a future long past and yet not.

The End

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