An Unexpected Beginning

To Change or Not to Change?

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Chapter 10: To Change or Not to Change?

As Naruto was walking toward the Hyuuga Compound he still wasn't sure what he was going to do. He kept to the shadows using every bit of stealth he had learned through the war. Naruto still wore at least a little orange throughout the whole war, and you better believe it takes a lot of skill to do that and survive.

Naruto made it to the Hyuuga compound within a few minutes, and hid himself outside the compound walls in the branches of a good size tree. Then he waited for when the Cloud ninja would try to run with Hinata. Now he had nothing to do but think, how would changing this effect the future? What would his futures Neji think about letting his father die to keep the future easier to know? Especially when he had saved his own Father which must have changed the future a lot more than this would. Not that Naruto was thinking about that at the time.

There was no more time to think now though, the Cloud ninja was jumping over the wall. Hinata was unconscious under his arm. Naruto didn't think, he saw that ninja putting HIS Hina-chan in danger and he started to get hot, it felt almost like his blood was starting to boil.


The Final battle would begin soon scouts had reported back that the enemy would be at Konoha's gates in only a few hours. Naruto had begged Tsunade to make Hinata go with the other civilians and Genin who were being evacuated. Hinata had refused when Naruto asked her, unwilling to leave his side. Naruto finally desperate enough told Tsunade why it was so important that Hinata not get caught in the fighting, he knew she was strong that wasn't it, she was 2 months pregnant.

Tsunade finally agreed and ordered Hinata to retreat, telling her teammates and everyone else it was due to a medical condition keeping the child a secret from any enemies' ears. Naruto had made sure to watch her and his unborn son go, so that he knew she had left. But he found out too late it wasn't enough.

Most everyone had fallen only a few of the rookie 9 still stood. Naruto was fighting Orochimaru, when he noticed Hinata fighting Kabuto not far off. Naruto felt instantly terrified only his quick reflexes saved him from losing his head to the Snake. She had come back after he had fought so hard to keep her safe. Now he couldn't get to her, couldn't help her, and if he didn't pay attention to his fight he wouldn't last long. All he could do is hope she would be okay.

That hope was short lived when he heard her scream out in pain. Hinata had taken her eyes off Kabuto for a second when she heard from about a mile away Akamaru yelp in pain as an attack hit him. She realized the mistake as soon as she made it but it was too late. In that second Kabuto had gotten in close, Hinata turned her head back around just in time to see his chakra scalpel enter her stomach. Instantly killing the unborn child and hitting internal organs causing her to bleed out.

Naruto saw red, he turned his back on the Snake not caring what he would do and charged with Kyuubi's power quickly growing behind him, Kabuto never stood a chance. He was literally ripped to shreds within a few seconds by Naruto's bare hands. Naruto walked over to Hinata shedding Kyuubi's power, she only had a few moments left. He knelt down and held her, "Naruto I'm sorry, I just couldn't leave you. I love you." A single tear ran down Hinata's face. Naruto kissed it away and whispered in her ear "Don't worry Hina-chan, I love you too always." With that he lightly kissed her lips, just after he felt her heart stop. He could hear Orochimaru laughing at the sight, the Snake would pay.

End Flashback

Naruto leapt in the Cloud ninja's blind spot, quickly pumping chakra into his small leg and kicking the Cloud ninja in the back of the neck knocking him out cold. Before the nin could hit the ground on top of Hinata, Naruto pulled her out from the nin's arm, and held her close to his chest bridal-style. Hinata was starting to wake up so Naruto walked over to the wall and sat Hinata against it holding her up with his hands on her shoulders.

Hinata opened her eyes to see the most beautiful deep blue eyes staring back at her. Then she remember him, he was the boy from her party, the Hokage's son, Naruto. "Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked sounding confused. Naruto just smiled at her and put his index finger up to his lips and whispered "Shh don't tell." Still smiling even with his finger held across his lips.

Naruto could feel them coming, her Father and a few others probably Hyuuga guards. He had to leave not thinking he kissed Hinata's forehead and left. Hinata didn't know why he did that but… it felt nice. Like she was safe. She blinked though and when she opened her eyes he was gone.

Within a few seconds Hinata saw her Father coming towards her, pausing by the Cloud ninja only long enough to be sure he was unconscious. Then he went straight to her and picked her up carefully checking for injuries. When he found none, he had the guards with him see who the masked ninja was and tie him up. Naruto watched from close by making sure they knew who he was so no one killed the Cloud nin ambassador and took hi prisoner instead.

As soon as they did Naruto sped towards his home making sure no one spotted him. Because when the Hyuugas noticed who that nin was the first thing that they would have to do is alert the Hokage. So Naruto made it back in record time, quickly finding the hole in the ANBU's defense around his room and slipped in unnoticed climbing back in to his bed. At that moment he didn't know if he should be grateful that the ANBU guarding his room were stupid bastards, or disappointed in the security of peace times.

Either way he was glad he had his answer about changing things. When you can do something that will stop something bad from happening you Should. There is no point in coming back if you don't change anything. Now that didn't mean he was going to be change everything but he was going to try and fix as much as possible, without endangering the future. Naruto would make sure the Hyuuga clan becomes one and that Neji doesn't believe he is trapped by fate.

Naruto's thoughts stopped when he heard his Dad get up, the ANBU no doubt telling him what happen. In a few seconds he could hear his Father opening the door to his room to check on him, Naruto lay still breathing slowly. He felt his Dad run a hand through his hair; then ordered two squads of ANBU to stay with him until he returned.

That night Naruto fell asleep happy knowing he had made the right choice, because even if the future changed he knew he had saved Neji's Dad. If he hadn't Naruto knew he would have regretted letting someone die on a possibility.

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